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On Jun 14, 2009, claire25 (15 reviews) from Salisbury, MD

I love this company, and their plants. I have ordered seedling Paphs from them several times, and I have visited their greenhouse once. Their plants are always high quality, and they are good people to do business with (even if they don't immediately respond to queries, as some have noted.) Also, I have never received plants from any other nursery that were packaged as carefully as my orders from this company have been. I am looking forward to placing another order with them soon--though for now I guess I must be content to just continue to drool over the listings on their website!

On May 27, 2009, sniderj2 (9 reviews) from Morristown, TN

Have patience if you place an internet order because Bill doesn't get in a hurry to respond to emails or anything else. But these are very nice folks, and they have top quality crosses and plants that are unique and worth the wait. The plants I purchased were healthy and well packaged. They also sent a very nice bonus Phrag seedling. I will not hesitate to purchase from Woodstream again.

On Sep 25, 2005, cdezwarte (1 reviews) from Falls Church, VA

We called ahead and visited the greenhouse. The owners are very informative and helpful; the greenhouse was very organized. Our only concern was that we noticed many plants with mealy bugs. Because they had several plants we loved, we still purchased three plants. We kept them separate from our other orchids, and sure enough, the large dendrobium was covered with mealy bugs within a few days. We're intermediate-skill orchid growers, and were able to eliminate this problem within several weeks, but it took some time and diligence. I would be careful if you're a beginner and not comfortable dealing with possible bug infestations. Other than that, our experience was good. (We visited in May or June of 2005. In their defense, maybe that's just the time of year that _every_ greenhouse has to deal with bug infestations. We aren't experienced enough to know whether this is the case or not...)

On Oct 25, 2004, wildorkid (2 reviews)

I have ordered masdevallias, draculas and select cool growing orchids from Woodstream for the last four years and have found these folks to provide very high quality orchids at very good prices. I highly recommend this source for hard to find and unique species. Bill and Lynn are always a pleasure to speak with and ready to provide expert advise on all their plants. These folks attend shows on a regular basis so you should be a little patient as it is may take a little while to get back to you when they are out of town. This is to be expected... I have ordered hundreds of dollars worth of mail order orchids from countless sources and Woodstream is in my top two sources for orchids. They guarantee the quality of their plants-you can't go wrong!

On Oct 8, 2004, paph1977 (10 reviews) from Gwinn, MI

Very fustrating to deal with. They are extremely slow returning emails and confirming orders. I've heard that they have some of the best Paphs. available, so I'll keep trying.

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