9500 Brook Ranch Rd. E.
Ione, California 95640-9417 (United States)



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On Jan 12, 2022, Selsharesthan (1 reviews) from Cape Fair,
United States

I gave this place a bad review the first time I ordered because the owner took 16 days to answer me back about my order, and I had already spent my disability check on bills and medical expenses by then. Within 10 minutes of my review posting she responded and acted as if I were being unreasonable. I didn't want to be a total knob, so I had to borrow money from my family to complete the order and apologize to her on top of begging. After I received my cactus pads and discussed the matter with her I edited my review and gave her 5 stars. Well I take it all back now. I asked her about cactus pads a month ago and just got an answer back today. The customer service and response times of this company are a joke. She doesn't answer phone calls and messages in a timely manner unless you give her a bad review, and then she jumps to attention. It's really bad business to leave a customer hanging for that long. I won't be doing business with this company in the future.

On Feb 7, 2006, towers (16 reviews) from (Zone 6a)

a+ just got my order the other day . well order again

On Mar 31, 2002, WhatAlesMe (1 reviews)

A+A+A+ I recently orderd from K & L fantastic cactus great service !

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