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On May 29, 2007, phballou (2 reviews) from Roslindale, MA

I ordered about 8 tomato (and 1 tomatillo) plants from this company in early spring. They arrived in mid-May just about when I started wondering where they were. They were securely packaged, although the plants were a little small. They had to sit through a long weekend of torrential rain before I could get their toes into the dirt, but they seemed pretty cheerful about the whole experience. I think I understand this company's need to insure the packages, but it added an additional step of my going to the post office when the slip appeared in my stack of mail one day. A bother, but I don't think I'm going to gumble too loudly about it, since the plants arrived alive and, while they are still getting their act together in the garden patch, they show every sign of planning to thrive. Unless the plants grow up to be total duds, which would shock me, I anticipate going with these folks again next year, and for a larger order. They have such an interesting diversity of tomato varieties, and I look forward to experimenting more next year.

On May 18, 2006, cjs3722 (1 reviews) from East Greenbush, NY

I was a little put off by your negative comments, but I had already placed my order. I e-mailed them to request sooner delivery as spring has come early here, and received a courteous, friendly reply. They said they were shipping all this week; I received my plants today. They were well-packaged and all but one look fine. I may be able to save that one too, its "iffy". They weren't pruned much, but I'd rather do that myself anyway. In all, I can't say anything negative about Krackin this time. My order was a small one, but I was treated as well as if I spent lots more money. cjs

On Jun 26, 2005, hts (8 reviews) from Sayre, PA

I ordered 19 pepper plants and received them well packed and in good condition. They were a little spindly but they all are doing well now. One variety was especially small - chiltepin- and I emailed my concern. I was told that this plant grows slowly and it will do well. It is doing very well to date although no flowers yet .

On May 19, 2005, darter1234 (1 reviews) from North Bend, OH

I ordered 11 heirloom tomato plants from Krackin in April. The prices were good as were the selections. After reading reviews here, I was a bit concerned that I made a mistake. I'm glad to report the plants arrived well boxed (ditto on the yard or two of tape). They were of decent size, healthy and green. My only complaint would be that they arrived a week or so later than I wanted, but I ordered rather late so that's understandable.

On Apr 19, 2005, fcusna75 (4 reviews) from Pensacola, FL

Very timely response to my on-line order. The plants were good size, packed securely and in good health. Very good labelling as I ordered numerous different tomato plants. A rewarding experience.

On Feb 7, 2005, Rosamaris (1 reviews) from Sandown, NH

I've had nothing but good luck with Krackin Premium plants, they arrived heathy and large, very securely packed (with a yard or two of tape even). Did so well in my garden last year I had a bumper crop of tomatoes, despite the extremely long, cold and wet spring.

On May 31, 2004, embalmer (3 reviews) from Adel, GA

I ordered six tomato plants from this company and waited for a month and a half to receive them. I emailed them asking the status of my shipment when they told me that it must have gotten lost in the mail. They asked if I would like another order to be shipped the next day or a refund. I told them I wanted my order and it arrived a few days later in good condition. I found the Gardener's Watchdog after I had placed my original and figured that I had been duped by a scam company but they made good on their promise so I have to give them credit for doing so in a timely and professional manner. Maybe they have changed their ways and more of us will feel better about using them.

On May 20, 2004, edsmed (1 reviews)

I ordered 24 Thai pepper plants that were packaged very nicely and the pepper plants were in wonderful condition.Good color,size and in good health.

On Jun 9, 2003, wildgeese (5 reviews)

Every negative comment already posted applies to the shipment I just received -- pathetic little seedlings, carelessly packed, half-dead, lables barely legible, 2-inch instead of 4-inch pots as ordered, no packing slip.....just awful. These guys need to go into a different business.

On Jun 2, 2003, mrspriss30 (2 reviews)

I just ran across this site looking for the phone number for Krackin Premium Plants, oh how I wish I had seen this before I had ordered from them!!! I placed my order back on May 10 and just recieved my order today and it was all wrong! I ordered all 4" pots and the ones I recieved were 2" pots a difference of $2 per pot and they omitted one of the tomato plants I ordered. I emailed them and got the auto response email informing me they are too busy to reply to my complaint at this time. I don't understand how a company can run this way, there is not even a phone number to be able to call for screwed up orders. I have to assume that they think that they are NEVER wrong so there will be no need to contact them, EVER! From reading the previous posts, I will have to assume that it will be like pulling teeth to get my correct order or my money back for the difference of their mistake. I hope all others head the advice given here - DO NOT ORDER FROM KRACKIN PREMIUM PLANTS!! They are not premium, they are substandard by my definition!!! I will research any company I order plants from in the future and hope I never have this problem again. To say I am disappointed would be an understatement.

On June 2nd, 2003, mrspriss30 changed the rating from neutral to negative and added the following: I want to add, my plants were also small and weak looking, I have seen better plants at wal-mart, unfortunately they do not carry heirloom tomatoes. Live and Learn! Well, I received an email from the sales department at Krackin and this is what it said: We were all out of 4" pots so we subbed the 2" before those were gone too. We felt we had better disappoint you a little than a whole lot. We do owe you a refund and we will be processing that soon. Happy gardening! Thank you, KPP Sales Team I guess I will wait and see how long it takes to get my money back. This is still an unacceptable way of doing business, they should have emailed me and asked if this was an option I would have wanted. I probably would have asked for my money back and ordered from another source, which I suspect they knew would happen. Even though they responded quickly and have agreed to refund the difference, I am still disappointed with the quality of the plants I did receive and will really have to baby them to get decent results.

On Jun 1, 2003, JKM (1 reviews)

I just got my plants from Krackin, and they were exactly as described by the negative comments: small, spindly, immature, not well-packed, and definitely not "pruned" as their email to me stated. I ordered only six plants, and two of the plants were dead. Also, the website says they will ship the plants as soon as the danger from frost is over. I received the plants a few days ago at the end of May, six weeks after I ordered, them--way beyond the point where frost was likely to damage them here in the midwest. I also got a snippy email upon shipping which seemed to be designed to ward off complaints. I believe a reputable company would limit the number of plants they sell by their ability to provide quality, sufficiently mature plants, in a timely fashion, and not take orders past this point just because they can. JKM

On Jun 1, 2003, bermes (1 reviews)

Having discovered this website after placing my first order to Krackin (for 32 plants, tomatos, peppers, eggplant and tomatillos), I was greatly concerned about what it was that would be showing up in the mail. My order arrived in two parts over two days and my concerns were unfounded. The quality of the plants overall conformed to my expections from past orders from other vendors and some of the plants were of an even higher quality. I would have liked to have had them available for planting 10 days ago, but that is a minor issue and the weather can be a factor in when plants can be harvested and shipped. Obviously the proof will be in the production which is months away but my opinion is that we are off to a good start. In addition, I was greatly impressed by the variety of varieties available from Krackin.

On May 12, 2003, Kitsune (7 reviews)

I wish I had known about Garden Watchdog before I ordered my chili pepper plants from Krackin Premium Plants. The plants arrived as stated in the previous commentary, and were really puny and spindly. I think that I could have started better seedlings myself. I received an email notifying me that the plants had shipped that was very unprofessionally worded and somewhat snippy, which I thought was odd. That set off my warning bells. Then, I found this sight and saw the negative review and the warning bells went into overdrive. The email told me that the plants had been pruned to lessen the shock of transportation and transplanting. I carefully examined them and they show absolutely no sign of having been pruned down. They are simply weak, poorly propogated, very young specimens. I am not going to order from this company again, and will tell any gardeners I know who are thinking of ordering from here to avoid the pain and go elsewhere.

On Mar 13, 2003, tdwdc (4 reviews)

Do your self a favor, LOOK ELSEWHERE!! The selection is the only thing descent about this company. The plants arrived in small cell packs taped inside US priority mail boxes with tape to hold the root ball somewhat intact. The plants themselves were puny. I later received tomatoes seedlings from another company that where twice as tall and much healthier. My order was incomplete with no mention as to when the rest would arrive. If you complain about their lack of service you can be sure to get a scathing reply from the owner Devin.

On May 22nd, 2003, tdwdc added the following: Alright, I thought anyone interested may want to see for themselves what they can expect from Kracken. Devin's rebuttle to my negative review is a good indication to what you can expect. But I thought this amazing! "Sorry about the delay in response to your self-inflicted problem. Your poor judgement doesn't constitute an emergency on our part. All customers are treated on a first in first out basis. Your order had been filled with the exception of an item which you had been notified about and another order was placed moving you to the end of the line. As much as it may dismay you, you have no priority over our other customers. Frankly implying that you may have such importance actually places you in a position where we prefer not to have you as a customer. We do not take phone orders. Adding two and two together you will come up with why we do not have phone support. We take online, mail and local orders only. That is the way it is and the way it will stay. Have a nice weekend. Sales" The following is my "very rude email" that prompted the above response. At Friday, 24 May 2002, you wrote: >Ok, Why did it take three days toget a reply? 5/21 I advised you that I had >a problem and needed assistance. I still have not recieved my complete >order, I was short tomatillo and a german johnson. The second order was for >a freind. Please send the phone # so I can talk to someone live. >
Company representative comment on April 3, 2003:
Your plants were exactly as stated on our website. We recommend shipping Insured USPS Priority Mail. We appologize for over-protective packaging but there is little care given at times during shipping thus resulting in damage which we must try to prevent.

Your email to us (yes we know who you are, we only have received 2 complaints in 4 years) was very rude to our employees which I do not tolerate as anyone should not. I believe in treating those due respect with the respect due. Your complaint was answered with the response you deserved as you truly know. Just because you are now forced to look elsewhere for your plants, it isn't at all fair to give such a recommendation to others due to a problem you had generated where a much better solution could have and should have been attained.

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