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posted on May 12, 2011



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On Jan 6, 2022, KPOB (1 reviews) from Dover, NH

DO NOT BUY FROM Bestnest.com On Oct 1st we ordered three Squirrel Buster bird feeders and a Squirrel Buster PLUS weather guard at a cost of $266.35. About a month or so later (late Nov/early Dec.?) when we got around to putting up the feeders we realized that the weather guard did not fit any of the feeders we bought. The unopened weather guard sat on a table through the holidays, you know how that goes. When we called today (Jan 6th) the nice woman informed us that we would have to pay return shipping which was fine, that was not a surprise AND….. “the cost of the original shipping to us” which she said would have been $16. Since this weather guard was only $24.95 I said I needed to know what part of the original $16 shipping they would charge us so I could calculate whether it was worth returning the item. (We actually realized after we hung up that we probably paid nothing for the shipping originally since it was over $75) The nice woman said she would have to ask “Him”. When she came back from speaking with “Him”, “Him” must have told her we would get nothing because it was over 30 days. So this item, which was unopened, which they would have no problem reselling, which we would have paid to return, is now a problem. So now I’m writing this bad review :-( Do not buy from this company

On Oct 29, 2019, pputman (1 reviews) from Griffin, GA

I purchased two glass hummingbird feeders from BestNest.com. 991302 Parasol Bloom Botanica. One was for my personal use, the other, intended as a gift. These feeders were hung via an inflexible wire wrapped around the glass. On filling my feeder, I noticed that it would not hang evenly. I attempted to adjust the wire holder, but again, this wire was not created for adjusting by the customer, as it is thick and inflexible. When I asked BestNest.com for a return shipping label, I was told that 1.) I should be able to adjust the wire holder and/or 2.) a replacement wire holder could be sent. I informed them that they must not know their product well, as what they suggested could not be done by the customer. Again, I requested a return shipping label. Again, I was denied. I spent $18.20 returning these defective feeders, UPS ground. When I requested reimbursement of this cost, I was denied. Of greater concern, why are there only positive results listed on their website, verified by BizRate??? Are the negative results filtered out???

On Dec 5, 2016, TabuandZipper (1 reviews) from Westerville, OH

I ordered a birdbath with fountain and it was faulty. The water sprayed out of the vessel and could not be remedied. First they would not accept a return because they said it has been used! How else would I have discovered the faulty fountain. After some time they agreed to take the item back as long as I had all the original packing material and I HAD TO PAY RETURN SHIPPING. I returned it packed even better than I received it to assure no issues in transit. When the finally gave me a refund THEY HAD ALSO DEDUCTED THE INITIAL SHIPPING COSTS. I am now out over $60.00 of shipping costs. I am retired and cannot afford this easily. I would NOT recommend shopping here as they do not stand behind their products and have poor business practices.

On Nov 17, 2016, thartge (1 reviews) from Farmington, MI

Junk from China. Didn't even get the bird feeder out of the box and the hinge broke. I won't buy from these people again. JUNK!

On Sep 25, 2014, Hallright (1 reviews) from Roseville, CA

I will never order from this company again. I ordered a birdhouse for around 27 bucks, plus tax and shipping. Came out to be close to $47. The birdhouse arrived in decent shape, but the walls were paper thin. Very cheaply made in China. I called them and told them I wanted to return it, they gave me return instructions. So I repacked it carefully in the same box I received it (I never used it) and paid $15 to the USPO to return it. Was I surprised to find out that when I received my credit card refund, I was refunded the exact price of the birdhouse, with no tax or shipping refunded. So I ended up out $21 for tax and THEIR shipping, plus $15 for MY shipping to return the damn thing. DONT ORDER FROM THEM UNLESS YOU ARE CERTAIN THAT YOU WILL KEEP WHAT YOU ORDERED!

On Jun 28, 2014, TitusTheDog (1 reviews) from Pleasant Hill, CA

BestNest.com is a total RipOff! I recently ordered a 50-lb bag of Medium Sunflower Chips from Bestnest.com, cost $119.99. I received a shipment from BestNest.com, which my husband opened. He opened the very heavy bag of birdseed that was shipped and filled feeders. I quickly noticed the birds were not eating the seed, and that it looked different. I checked the bag and found that BestNest.com did not ship the Sunflower Chips I ordered, but rather shipped a 50-lb bag of SAFFLOWER Seed. My wild birds will not eat it. I immediately contacted BestNest.com and emailed them everything they asked for: a photo of the packing slip (which clearly show that a 50-lb bag of Medium SUNFLOWER chips was supposed to be shipped to me), my receipt showing that I ordered a 50-lb bag of Medium Sunflower Chips and was charged $119.99 for it; a photo of the wrongly shipped Safflower birdseed; a photo of the UPS shipping label; and 2 photos of writing on the shipping cardboard box. I offered to return the birdseed I received; BestNest.com refused. They have also refused to send the 50-lb bag of Medium Sunflower Chips that I ordered, and for which I paid $119.99. They also have not refunded the $119.99 birdseed price to me, the price for the Medium Sunflower Chips I did not receive. To make matters worse, the 50-lb Safflower Birdseed is $30 less ($89.99) than the 50-lb Medium Sunflower Chips. So even if wanted to keep the Safflower Seed (which I do not and did not order), BestNest.com would be overcharging me $30! This is theft from BestNest.com on so many levels. I have lodged a dispute with American Express regarding stopping payment for this item, and also with the Cincinnati BBB. I no longer want the Sunflower Seeds; I want the $119.99 purchase price refunded.

On Mar 11, 2013, photorobinson (1 reviews) from Albany, CA

My merchandise arrived damaged, due to faulty packaging. The company first suggested I buy some Rustoleum and treat the scrapes myself. I declined. They were willing to accept the product back for an exchange, but refused to cover the mailing costs. They did suggest I might want to keep the damaged goods for a "generous discount," but would not tell me what the discount was. Instead, they asked me to suggest a reasonable discount for their review. I was not interested in paying any costs for damage caused by their poor packaging, nor did I want to try and negotiate a reduced price for damaged goods. The suggestion that I cover up the damage myself was amazing-not my idea of 100% customer satisfaction. I will not use this company again.

On Sep 19, 2012, Joseph_Cincy (13 reviews) from Cincinnati, OH (Zone 6a)

BestNest has excellent prices and a wide inventory, and I have ordered from them several times for birding, "batting," and pond supplies. One must order online, but they do allow for local pickup. So, I have been to their warehouse many times. The staff has always been friendly, and the operation seemed pretty efficient.

On Mar 9, 2012, ump69 (1 reviews) from Raymond, ME

I ordered a "squirrel stumper' bird feeder, expecting that it would at least slow down the squirrels from emptying the feeder. It does not in any way "stump" squirrels. Within a half hour of my filling and hanging this feeder, there were 2 fat squirrels hanging on it and feeding away. Very disappointing.

On Jul 25, 2011, jad2011 (1 reviews) from West Bradenton, FL

I am in the wrong business, as BestNest is a true Racket - bought some trellis that arrived in the most beat up box imaginable, trellis not what was advertised and then had to PAY shipping to return, plus my FREE shipping was deducted from my credit card, so a $200 purchase with FREE shipping cost me nearly $150 to return the items - then the "helpful" service manager told me simply to donate the stuff and get a tax deduction...of all the nerve - a completely crappy company and experience - DO NOT BUY FROM THEM!

On Mar 13, 2010, bjplack (9 reviews) from Benton County, AR (Zone 6b)

My first purchase with BestNest with no complaints. I recieved a Trellis/Planter in 4 days of ordering. It was packed well, and is ready for Clematis.

On Aug 13, 2009, henryr10 (9 reviews) from Cincinnati, OH (Zone 6b)

First off I am in no way affiliated w/ this company. Today was my first experience w/ them. And I can't speak to the quality of anything but pond supplies. Bought a pond liner and filter. Both at about 15% less than the other sources and free shipping. Both were exactly as advertised. I checked w/ another Dave's Member and they also had a positive experience. They ordered by 12 noon... delivered next day. I do though have a bit of an edge. The company is located minutes away from my house. Rather than wait for shipping we just picked up our order. I found out from the employees they had recently moved to this location from a smaller facility across town. The warehouse was clean, orderly and has plenty of room for expansion. Here's hoping they have many years of success.

On Jun 24, 2009, jplittle (1 reviews) from West Palm Beach, FL

I ordered a bird feeder from this company. It arrived fast. However the quality was lacking and I returned it to them. Now they are playing games with me as to refund. I simply want a refund less the shipping to me. They want to give me some form of gift certificate. This is worthless to me as I will not be buying from them again. I would sugges that you be quite sure about them before you order anything here.

On Mar 20, 2009, PREYNOLDS (1 reviews) from Grapevine, TX

I ordered a birdbath and received the wrong one. After 10 days of back and forth, my correct item still has not been shipped. They finally said they e-mailed me a return label and that until I send the wrong item back, the correct item will not be shipped. I am cancelling my order. As a 1st time user, I realize mistakes happen. You are judged on how you handle those mistakes.

On Aug 24, 2008, denisemb (5 reviews) from Ocala, FL (Zone 9a)

I've recently placed two orders with totally positive results. First order consisted of two vinyl combination trellis/planters which arrived within 3 days in perfect condition. Second order was another vinyl trellis, 3 pots and 4 hangers. Again, shipment was swift and complete. I found the prices favorable in comparison to other sources and was able to utilize their free shipping.

On Aug 22, 2008, paw25 (1 reviews) from Columbia, CT

I purchased a feeder that was damaged in shipment by their poor packaging, not by any fault of the shipper. BestNest refuses to accept responsibility for their mistake, but rather, is determined to blame the shipper for this mistake. I am still waiting for a replacement feeder. Customer service is a foreign concept to these people. Do yourselves a favor and find a different company to deal with...one that cares about their customers and strives to do the right thing. I will have to resort to using my credit card company to get this issue resolved.

On Jul 25, 2008, flygolf (1 reviews) from Young Harris, GA

I ordered a solar birdbath for my wife as a Mothers day gift. I t came, worked for a week, final after many phone calls they replaced the solar panel, worked for another week, then stopped. BestNest said they would not provde a refund or replace. Said to take our problem up with the manufacturer. DON'T buy from these folks.

On May 11, 2007, haskellama (1 reviews) from Colton, CA

I just had the WORST customer service experience with BestNest. I purchased a product, followed the enclosed instructions, and when the product did not work as promised, I called to request a return code. I was told by both the customer service agent and the manager that they will not accept returns on products if they have been used--even if they are broken. I have never had a problem returning any item to any store for any reason before. They were rude and unhelpful and I would NEVER recommend their business to anyone.

On Apr 26, 2007, Twonewfs (18 reviews) from Belgium, WI (Zone 5a)

I ordered some expandable willow fencing and a bird feeder. The shipping was very fast (as it should be from two states away), and the fencing was fine, but the bird feeder was a huge disappointment. It was described as "copper" and for $53 I would have thought it was, but turned out to be copper-colored plastic that was very cheap looking. The larger problem was that the top was very scratched. I e-mailed the company and was told they do not charge shipping retroactively (I was concerned because I had taken advantage of a free shipping over $75 deal and the fencing alone was $74.97). I was also told they could have the manufacturer ship me a new top for the feeder. Unfortuantely, I need a feeder now (the migratory birds are coming through within days) and didn't want to wait for parts. When I called to get a return authorization number (a hassle that took more than 20 minutes on the phone with them) I was told that in addition to them not paying for the return shipping back to them (as I have come to expect from mail order companies when dealing with a damaged item) I would have the amount of the original shipping deducted from my refund. I was told this amount was $9.50 and it didn't matter if the item was damaged. That also doesn't wash, since original shipping (that was waived with the deal) was $17.11, and shipping just for the fence (which I kept) would have been $14.57, a different of $2.43 NOT $9.50. Additionally I was told that all the feeders they had were scratched in a similar way, therefore they didn't feel the feeder was damaged. This tells me that they make a habit of sending out knowingly damaged merchandise. Other than offering to have the manufacturer send a new top, they made no attempt whatsoever to come to a resolution with me. Additional emails I have sent them to try to come to a resolution have been ignored. This is the single worst experience I've had with a mail order company in more than 15 years of doing LOTS of mail order shopping. I will never buy from them again, as they have bilked me out of almost $18 and tried to stick me with an overpriced, cheaply made product that they knew was defective when they mailed it. Stay away ... you can find almost every product they have somewhere else for a better or comparable price and it's not worth the chance you take dealing with a company like this.

On May 30th, 2007, Twonewfs added the following: Just wanted to update this and say that letters and emails complaining again regarding this have continued to go unanswered. This company claims to be a "christian-based" company. Apparently to them that means stealing from people and providing lousy quality products.
On February 28th, 2008, Twonewfs added the following: Please note that rather than address the problems mentioned on this Web site, as many other retailers do, BestNest chose instead to come up with a way to post so that they could give themselves a positive rating. Wow ... way to go BestNest, show those true colors.

On Feb 6, 2005, ceresone (12 reviews) from Willow Springs, MO (Zone 6b)

i've only sent one order, but for me, it was a large one--ordered the "wild bill's "bird feeder, that shocks squirels, or at least its supposed to, not real sure how happy i am with it, but one of my other feeders arrived without a feed port, i e-maled the company, and they answered right back, said they would contact the maker of the feeder, i didnt hear in a couple of weeks, e-mailed them again, and she agreed i should have had it by then, so she contacted the maker again, and in just a few days, it arrived. altogether, i believe everything was handled very professionaly, and i will order from them again

On Feb 5, 2005, mlm01 (16 reviews) from St. Louis, MO (Zone 5b)

My order shipped very fast and the correspondence was great! The web site is also very well organized. I will use this company again.

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