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36 Littlejohn Glen
Greenville, South Carolina 29615 (United States)

Phone: 1-866-927-3422
Fax: (864) 288-9840

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This company offers a variety of gardening supplies.

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  Company Comment, posted on September 17, 2003: currently offers more than 20,000 products for your lawn, garden and outdoor decor!

We have been in business since 1999 (which is a dinosaur in the world of e-commerce) and take pride in being a customer service oriented company.

Happy Gardening,

Paul Ambrose - CYO (Crazed Yardiac on Staff)
[email protected]

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Negative AlCapone2
Tusculum, TN
(1 review)
April 20, 2012
If you want to find Mr Ambrose he is now the general manager of Park Seed/Jackson & Perkins Roses in Greenwood, SC. This company has also filed bankruptcy in the past.
Negative Gene68
Mchenry, IL
(1 review)
April 12, 2010
I have been ripped off also by and its owner Mr. Ambrose. I have complained to my bank but I waited to long they cannot help me. I trusted to treat me fairly…my mistake. I have complained to the BBB of SC they cannot help me they have no legal authority to help. I have complained to the SC Dept. of Consumer Affairs, they cannot help me. Why, because Mr. Ambrose sold his business and all its assets to a third party ( This apparently is a get out of jail free card for him. “I sold my business and all its assets” the Dept of Consumer Affairs told me the only hope I have is to take Mr. Ambrose to small claims court. I would have to fly to SC to do so. Oh, I also need his home address in order for the court to serve him notice. Maybe if I email Mr. Ambrose he will give me his home address…hahaha. I am going to try to complain to the Dept. of Consumer Affairs in PA where resides…I don’t know. Maybe will be legally obligated to refund my money Mr. Ambrose basically stole from me…yes I said stole! Mr. Ambrose is a criminal in my opinion…and yes I complained to the Internet Crime Complaints Center and the Federal Trade Commission…I don’t think it helped. Maybe if enough complaints pile up something could be done…I don’t know. For now it appears Mr. Ambrose found a way to legally steal from his customers just prior to his business being sold. BRAVO…Mr. Ambrose…excuse me while I go VOMIT on myself!
Negative sissy1919
Houston, TX
(1 review)
April 11, 2010
After receiving 3 SKU 504400 Mist and Power Sprayers paid for June 10--09 all three of which broke off at the neck threading. I notified them the first time (didn't answer phone)Jan 10, 2010 by letter and again on Feb. 2-22-10 by letter. I have had no response from Yardiac advising them I am prepared to file a complaint with the Internet Crime Complaint Center.
Negative SEHayes
Kent, WA
(1 review)
February 17, 2010
I, too, am having trouble with Yardiac honoring an "in-store credit". On July 2nd, I ordered a Coil hose basket and a metal Wisteria garden arbor. The basket arrived on July 28th, but no arbor. On August 25th, I emailed them about the missing arbor. They admitted the arbor was out of stock and was discontinued by manufacturer WET. They said to apply my purchase amount to another metal arbor, but I had my eye on a more expensive arbor and so took a while to "save" for it. Now that I'm trying to apply my "in-store credit", they have "disappeared". I've been trying to reach them for a month now. All administrative links on refer to and they claim they have no records prior to 12/2/09. I have filed a dispute, but Visa says that the likelihood of reversal on my card are far reduced when greater than 120 days from purchase date. So don't delay if you're having a problem! Personally, I think a shell game is being played. I believe if is taking over for, they are responsible for Yardiac's liabilities. I am filing with the Internet Crime Complaint Center as referenced above, but will also file a complaint with the Attorney General of Pennsylvania, the state in which resides. I'll keep you all posted.
Negative EddieWawa
Houston, TX
(1 review)
December 11, 2009
Posted on December 08, 2009, updated December 11, 2009
I am posting a 'neutral' rating right now because the experience is not ended. I ordered an expensive item on November 30. They billed my card on Dec 2. I have not received any form of tracking or even verification of shipment so I emailed for one. I got an automatic reply - no info. So today (Dec 8) I called. I got - not they gave me the number for yardiac. I got the message machine.
Something changed with the company on Dec 1.

I would not order from this company unless you make verbal contact with them.
On December 11th, 2009, EddieWawa changed the rating from neutral to negative and added the following:

I am changing my rating since I have no update. I have filed with the BBB of Greenville SC, filed to get my money back and filed with the Internet Crime Complaint Center at // . If you have lost your money, I suggest that you also file a complaint with the ICCC.

Goodbye Yardiac!
Negative hkeiner
Wapwallopen, PA (Zone 5b)
(1 review)
December 8, 2009
The company has changed hands and the new owners want nothing to do with any orders that took place before Dec 2, 2009. They refer you to an email address that does not get answered nor do they answer messages left on the 866 number. The new company may be better but who knows.
Negative LilyLady260
Gibsonia, PA
(1 review)
October 9, 2009
Just this past summer, I purchased 2 Rainbow Gothic Arbors. One for myself, and the other for my sisters' 50th Birthday gift. I installed mine. Installation was tricky. There are many metal, black tubing parts. Instructions were easy, but is was very flimsy and kept falling apart, when trying to stand it up (to eye it up on its new location). Then you pound a bar into the ground, to slip the four legs of the arbor into, making sure that all four legs were level and squared (lotsa measuring every which way). Finally, all finished, and landscaped around it, and am proud to say that it does look very nice...though, an all day job. Now!!! my sister goes to put hers up, and there is a MISSING leg pole. Needless to say...I am embarrassed! So, I called and called, and left messages, with NO call backs, and emailed with NO reply backs!!! So now, hers is standing, with a broomstick handle as a leg! I feel so terrible. NEVER AGAIN!!!!! I agree...there is NO ONE THERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Negative Beastie
Lehi, UT
(1 review)
October 3, 2009
Just like the other people here, I ordered an expensive product from Yardiac. They claimed to have issued me a credit, and even sent me a confirmation that looked pretty official. I called my bank, and they sent me a letter that the credit had never been issued, just in case. I then emailed [email protected] with a statement that I was going to file an official complaint with the FBI internet crimes division, and FINALLY, they sent my money back. I was prepared to file the claim, and if you don't get your refund, go to this link and report them. //
Negative jdb2919
Victor, NY
(1 review)
September 17, 2009
PLEASE CONSIDER AVOIDING THIS COMPANY. I don't know how any informed person could consider doing business with Yardiac. My ordeal is strikingly similar to everyone else's it seems, but at any rate, here goes...

Ordered 7/7/09. Credit card immediately charged, despite item not shipping. Told by a third-party supplier on 7/15/09 my item was backordered and would arrive by 8/15/09. Called Yardiac 8/25/09, was told the item was still backordered and delivery date was now 9/15/09. Asked them to cancel my order. Received email 8/26/09 acknowledging cancellation and promising my account would be credited in 10-15 business days. Told them via email on 9/12/09 that I would authorize my credit card company to perform a charge back and I would contact the BBB if I did not hear from them in three business days. No word. 9/17/09 --NO CREDIT. Absolutely zero communication from Yardiac throughout the whole ordeal. I just loaned this company $400 for 2+ months at zero percent interest. Terrible way to do business! FU Yardiac!
Negative rawillow
Atlanta, GA
(1 review)
August 17, 2009
If I could give a negative 1000 rating, I would.

Made my order mid-June for 3 outdoor rugs - more than $600 worth. Didn't get any confirmation, so 3 days later I contacted them, and got the same "we need to verify your address for your credit info". I verified my address with them (which was the same as on my credit card - just as everyone else here). I was told my products should ship out on June 24th. Called several more times for a month, and was told computer glitches and such were an issue. Finally snooped up the contact information for Paul Ambrose, head of the company, and contacted him on the 24th. They never had the product and he offered an exchange for another product. I agreed, and everything was supposed to ship on 7/31, as well as my credit issued to my account. NEVER HAPPENED. I notified Paul Ambrose - he said he would look into it. NEVER HAPPENED. Now he is ignoring me and will not respond to my emails.

I finally contacted the BBB in South Carolina over a week ago - Nothing from them either, and in addition I reversed the charges on my credit card. I reported for FRAUD.

I don't know how anyone can keep a business open this way.

On September 3rd, 2009, rawillow added the following:


More recent activity added:

A couple of weeks ago, I got an email that a partial refund has been issued. This did not happen. No product shipped. Nothing. When I responded that there had been no refund, Yardiac would not answer or respond in any way.

I got an email Monday from the Greenville BBB saying that Yardiac had responded to my complaint and claimed they had issued a full refund now. I called my credit card company to verify this - they said it never happened. Yardiac did not issue a refund. This is yet another stall tactic.

The BBB has sent my denial of the resolution to Yardiac, and yet again, no response.

So, after ordering my stuff in June, it's now September and no money, no product - all I'm getting from them is lies.

Meanwhile, I was happy to see that at least the BBB has modified Yardiac's status, and they are being investigated due to numerous recent complaints.
On October 5th, 2009, rawillow added the following:

I finally got my money back after almost three months, thanks to assistance from the Better Business Bureau's complaint department. I was also happy to see that the Better Business Bureau has gone from rating Yardiac as an "A" company, to having completely revoked endorsement of Yardiac because of the same issues everyone here is complaining about.

I just hope more people search for the scoop on before purchasing from them instead of after.

Thanks to everyone who has posted and/or complained to the BBB.
Negative gmc_60
Washington, DC
(1 review)
August 3, 2009
My story is the same as all the other negative postings ... I wonder ... has ANYBODY ever received their credit after canceling an order??

Like others, I've talked with Jeff, Emily and Leah, and all have said that they will check with Bill - who is a VERY busy man and in meetings all the time taking care of the exciting things developing at Yardiac - and they will personally have him credit my account ... I also recently got the comment that "Bill often does these credits over the weekend from home because he is so busy during the week, so you may see the email notification of your credit over the weekend." Never happened ... I dutifully waited the 5-10 business days to see the credit and it has not appeared ... It is now business day #15.

It is always so disappointing when you purchase in good faith and then get the run-around and flat out lies in response to questions and concerns ... I'd advise folks: DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH YARDIAC.COM
Negative fierogt
Newburgh, NY
(1 review)
July 30, 2009
I ordered a concrete bench via the internet and recieved an immediate order number and my credit card was charged. the confirmation stated it would be 5-7 days delivery.
After 9 days i began calling and got a run around. "I will check into this and email you right back" Well after five phone calls and several weeks I never recieved one email.
I told them I wanted to cancel my order and they told me they would have to check with the company that makes the bench too see if it was shipped first. Of course the bench was not shipped and they finally agreed to cancel my order. I was told they would credit my credit card and it would take a few days. Well weeks later and guess what! my card was never credited. They had the nerve to tell me they would rush it through finance and send me an email when it was done. Of course I'm still waiting for that email which i am sure will never come.
My belief is they have a great looking websight and no stockroom to speak of. It's probably a middle man working from a laptop at the local Barns and Noble. Stay far away from
Negative grillchaser
(1 review)
July 29, 2009
On July 3 2009 my VISA account was charged $400. for a gas grill I ordered from Yardiac. In the intervening three-plus weeks, I heard nothing from Yardiac about this shipment. Upon calling last week, July 24, I learned the gas grills are not in stock and have never been in stock. Since there was no reason to believe I'd ever receive my gas grill, I asked Jeff to credit my Visa account $400. On Jul 27, the credit had not happened. On that day, I learned from Leah that only one person, Bill Ambrose, can credit Visa cards. I left a message for Bill requesting him to do this. On Jul 28, I left three messages for Bill Ambrose (one of the three family members who own the company) again asking for a Visa refund. Today, Jul 29, I talked with Leah who said both Bill and Paul Ambrose are in a meeting with the third family member. Leah asked for the website on which all the negative reviews of Yardiac are posted. My credit has not been processed. Today, I left a message for Paul Ambrose asking for my Visa account to be credited. This is a scam company. I'm planning to call the South Carolina BBB next to report Yardiac.
Negative janeliz
(1 review)
July 28, 2009
I placed an order on the website, which displayed the incorrect postage for shipping to Hawaii. When they notified me of the huge postage charges, I immediately canceled the order. They charged the order to my VISA card anyway, and now, over a month and many emails later, I AM STILL TRYING TO GET THEM TO PROCESS MY REFUND. Just had to file a record of disputed charges with my credit card company. AVOID DOING BUSINESS WITH THESE PEOPLE - they are either super sloppy or criminal in their negligence.
Negative MNGal
Minneapolis, MN
(1 review)
July 11, 2009
On May 25 I ordered a copper thermometer. When it arrived, the pointer arm was detached and laying in the bottom of the box. I called Yardiac and was told they would send out a new one immediately. I was advised to keep the broken one for two weeks in case the shipper wanted to pick it up. On June 30, I called again and talked to Jeff. He said he would look into my order and email me. I never heard from him. On July 10, I called a third time and talked to Emily. She said she would check into my order and call me. When I told her the saga of calls to the company, she said, "I can't speak for others, but I will call you before I leave today." No call back. On July 11, I called again and got an answering machine to leave a message, which I did. So far, no response. Why can't they check the status of my order while I'm on the phone with them like other companies do? It appears that this is their established process to avoid having to replace merchandise or make refunds. Since three "customer service" representatives have lied to me, I would have to say this is a very unethical company.
Negative FormerLurker
Spokane, WA
(1 review)
June 23, 2009
Items listed on their web site as shipping within 48 hours. Order placed 3 months ago. Have been getting the run-around constantly with changing information (e.g., "the container is in port," "we got the wrong shipping information," etc.). Have been told four different times - only when I call to ask - that the order has been delayed but should "ship by the end of the week." Am still waiting on these items and on my fifth "should ship by the end of the week" line. AVOID THEM.
Negative BlissfulGarden
Baton Rouge, LA
(51 reviews)
June 18, 2009
On May 1, 2009, I placed an order for a piece of concrete yard art from this company. I received a confirmation of my order that day, and the next day I received a second confirmation saying my item would ship within 72-96 hours from their warehouse. My credit card was charged immediately. On June 1, I still had not received my item, so I attempted to contact the company via email... three times... with no response. On June 8, I contacted my credit card company to reverse the charges for non-performance by Yardiac, and on June 9, my credit card company credited my account the full amount. On June 17, I finally received an email from Yardiac... stating they had just mailed my item! It arrived today. Once I inspected my item, I contacted my credit card company to say my package had indeed finally arrived and I asked for instructions on how to proceed. The credit card company in essence reversed the reversal, taking the money out of my account again and crediting it to Yardiac. Bottom line, this company is a true HASSLE to deal with. They don't seem motivated to perform until you take the money away again, as they had surely received noticed of my protesting the charges several days before they sent the item. This company is uncommunicative, with slow performance at best... and the products are definitely not worth the grief. I will never do business with them again.
Negative bunnymoney
Toledo, OH
(1 review)
June 5, 2009
Ordered merchandise from on March 15th. My credit card was promptly debited. However, the merchandise had not shipped. Repeated visits to the webite showed shipping dates that continued to be delayed. After several phone calls and lots of patience, I cancelled the order on May 19th. I was advised by Jeff that this credit would take 7 business days to complete. After 7 business days I had not received a credit. I contacted Yardiac once again and spoke with Ellie who advised me that my "adjustment" was sent through on May 27th. It would be another 7 to 10 business days before I would see it. Today is the 10th day and NO credit. Once again, I contacted Yardiac and spoke with Jeff who told me that it would probably be done this weekend because his manager wasn't in and, typically, took care of these things on the weekend. When I asked why I was already told that the adjustment had been sent through, he did not answer the question.

Based on other reviews, I can only speculate, but think this company is having financial difficulty. I am concerned that they will be going out of business with my $800 in thier pocket.

I would NOT work with this company again.
Negative rrm151
Lititz, PA
(2 reviews)
June 3, 2009
April 24, 2009:
I placed an order for Robomower RL850. Yardiac charges my credit card.

Several days later
My order status was on "Verify" until I visit website for status and see this.
I call to ask why, and Yardiac claims that order is set to "Verify" until they
can verify that the ship to address is correct. But, ship to and bill to address
are the same, plus nobody from Yardiac contacted me. I had to contact

Several more days later
Status finally taken off "Verify". Shipment date set to May 15.

May 18, 2009
I call and ask a service rep about my order. She says she will call back
later the same day, after talking to the warehouse, with an answer.

May 19, 2009
Service rep finally calls back and leaves a voice mail message. She says
that she is sorry for the delay, but the mowers "did just arrive in our
warehouse". She says my order will ship today or tomorrow.
The web page status is updated to show 5/20 as the ship date.

May 21, 2009
Website still shows my order as not shipped. I call and get a new
service rep, who says she must check with the warehouse and then
call me back.
When she calls back, she says that Yardiac has been unable to get this
item from the manufacturer since December. Yardiac is going to switch to
LawnBott, maybe I want to buy one of those?

May 21, 2009 (Later that day ...)
I call and cancel my order.

May 27, 2009
My wife notices that our online credit card statement does not show a
credit for the mower.

May 28, 2009
I call and talk to another service rep. He seems concerned, and states
that he will talk to the credit manager immediately. He states on the
phone, and via email, that the credit refunded to my account today.

June 06, 2009
Just checked my credit card statement online. Still no refund to my
account. So tomorrow, it's back on the phone with Yardiac. What a
royal pain in the neck!

I would never recommend to any friend.
Negative vaveronica
Crozet, VA
(1 review)
May 29, 2009
Two items were ordered on 4/24/09 and my credit card was charged promptly. Expected ship date was 5/4/09. On 5/11/09 I was informed that the entire order was "on hold" because one of the two items was discontinued. I asked to cancel that part of the order. Several phone calls and emails later and it is now 5/29/09. I still have not received a refund for the canceled portion of the order or the item that was still on the order. Customer service will answer the phone or email and offers to get back to me with a reply but never does.
Negative tcsmith
Pottstown, PA
(1 review)
May 20, 2009
Yardiac personnel are polite and cheerful on the phone but communication with them is difficult. They do not seem to have access to one database, and they do not return phone calls or contacts effectively. I find that they have charged my credit card on April 24 for an item which they tell me today, 20 May, they will not be able to ship until 29 May. They provided no evidence that this shipping date is credible.
I understand that high demand items may sell out.
My objections are:
1) It is not appropriate to charge the card until the item is shipped; I did not agree or intend to provide a short term loan to this company using my credit card.
2) Customers should be informed in a predictable way generating a written record, such as via email, if a delay is anticipated so that they can determine whether they prefer to wait or to find a similar item elsewhere.
Positive RitaMueller
New Market, MD
(1 review)
May 20, 2009
We needed 36" plastic window box inserts. The ones we had could not be used any longer and we had to throw them away. But now they were nowhere to be found. We searched high and low, at all our local garden centers, chain stores, etc.- until we checked online. YARDIAC had them in stock, had an online secure webpage so to order them immediately. The shipping was reasonable, the price for the window boxes was very compatible and the delivery was within days with just normal shipping. We even got a 10% discount for ordering over a certain amount. Super nice!!
We had a very pleasant and reliable experience and we will order from YARDIAC any time again. Thanks to YARDIAC.COM we found our product online. No hassles with untrained personnel, no driving around for hours wasting gas and time, it was a pleasure.
Grateful New Market, Maryland Homeowners
Negative vandyne
(1 review)
January 29, 2009
For weeks I have been trying to redeem a gift certificate, but all calls to Yardiac go to a call center, not the company and the number they post on their website as direct dail also gets routed to the call center. So, in other words, you are not able to call the company directly. The worst in customer service!
Company representative comment on January 30, 2009:
On Jan 30, 2009 10:43 AM, responded with: prides itself on customer service. We have contacted vandyne, received his information and have processed his Gift Card request. Yardiac has it's own fully trained Gardening experts in customer service - however we do utilize a call center (trained but not the same) in the evenings, weekends, lunch hours, company meetings/training sessions.

We have addressed this issue internally and apologize for the frustration. We look forward to serving all of your future gardening needs.

Positive ed8112
Charlotte, NC
(1 review)
November 8, 2008
I ordered a box of custom cut coco liner one day and it was delivered the next day. I had requested ground service. Granted, Yardiac in just one state away from me, but I was still so impressed with the service. Great job!
Positive kimmeredith
Thetford, VT
(1 review)
November 4, 2008
Debra at went the extra mile to make this customer happy and ensure a repeat order! She handled my call with unusual flexibility, making good on a sale price whose deadline I had missed and providing truly outstanding customer service in the process. I wish all of my mail order experiences were as good.
Positive gigi3450
Greensburg, PA
(1 review)
September 26, 2008
Positive rancho_bob
Stevens Point, WI
(1 review)
September 13, 2008
My porch heater needed new pilot light feeder tube. Unfortunately all we had was the credit card receipt. Some how I lost the manual and could not find the model number anywhere. I logged onto the Live Chat and worked with Emily. She was able to track down the order with my zipcode, look up the model number for the heater and get me the parts I needed. She also threw a new owners manual in the mail.
I usually like to shop local because I like personal service. It was surprising to me to get that sort of personalized service from web site. Service after the sale is hard enough in person, much less over the web.

Negative sharpetool
Laguna Beach, CA
(1 review)
August 22, 2008
I placed an order on the 8th and received an email on the 9th stating that the order would be shipped with 72 hours. When I had not heard from them and had not received my order by the 21st, I emailed to them to cancel my order. They ignored my request to cancel my order but did send an email on the 22nd stating that my order had been shipped.
Positive Roberts705
Ballwin, MO
(1 review)
July 17, 2008
We received a polywood glider and table this week that we ordered from Yardiac. This was by FAR the easiest assembly we have ever done (and we have done many over the years, from furniture to children's toys). The directions were clear and all predrilled holes actually matched up, which made the assembly a breeze!
Positive goodblkman
(1 review)
July 15, 2008

First of All, My Wife and I want to Thank you for the Exemplary Customer Service you ,Todd and Melissa -Supervisor -provided.

We thought we would have to go through an exhausting trial to get my Wife's New Favorite Hedge Trimmer we purchased replaced due to screws popping out of the Bottom casing after it was used.


It Todays Times you read about how so many Companies take Customers for granted and don't do what they say-You people at Yardiac are wonderful and do what you say and we certianly appreciate it.



God's Blessings and Kindest Regards to you and all who read this transmission

Negative cynthsmthrmn
Gilmer, TX (Zone 7b)
(8 reviews)
July 10, 2008
Last summer I purchased a hobby greenhouse from Yardiac with a ton of accessories. We assembled the greenhouse and attached it to the concrete slab that was poured specifically to floor it. The greenhouse leaked. Even after many applications of silicone, it leaked so profusely that a heating it became impossible. After a couple of storms, the plastic hinges tore and the windows blew off. Most of the remaining ones lost the panes as the glue didn’t hold them. This spring the door hinges broke and the doors no longer open and close. This was a very expensive lesson. We are left with a very expensive eyesore.
On March 16th, 2009, cynthsmthrmn added the following:

I finally sold the $3500 greenhouse and accessories for $200 just to get it out of the yard. Warranty? Yeah, good luck with that~
Negative ronaldiacocca
Carmel, IN
(1 review)
June 25, 2008
Communication from the company is extremely poor. I returned a product which did not live up to its advertisement. The yardiac return policy stated that if returned in its original condition, a full refund would be issued. Rather, they charged me a 20% return fee. I was very dissatisfied with the quality of the product, the quality of the service, and lack of communication that persisted throughout the entire interaction.
Positive DBO
Montgomery, AL
(1 review)
June 24, 2008
We ordered 2 of Yardiac's arched top garden arbors with gate. They arrived in 2 days! The finish is really a beautiful bronzed effect rather than just plain black. Easy to assemble. Look great. Can't wait for the climbing roses to cover the top. Thanks for the great experience!

Negative debra517
Royal Oak, MI
(1 review)
June 8, 2008
In early May of 2007 I ordered a cordless electric lawnmower from them. Shortly after they told emailed me and said it was backordered and would ship 'soon.' I checked my order status constantly over the summer, with no change. Repeated emails were sent and never responded to. FINALLY I received the lawnmower in late August. I am happy with the lawnmower, but I wouldn't order from them again after the poor communication.
Positive hovland4
Jewett City, CT
(1 review)
May 14, 2008
I ordered a Winchester Trellis on May 6, 2008. It was delivered to my home by May 9th in perfective condition. Thank you so much. The product and the service from Yardiac was above my expectations. I will definitely be back!
Your New Loyal Customer,
Positive NoahBuiltDeArk
San Antonio, TX
(1 review)
March 18, 2008
I asked this company a queston and they sent me a reply the same day I email them. I got a positive 2nd reply from them too. They answered my questons and I would order from them again.
Negative mgomez
Benicia, CA
(1 review)
November 1, 2007
I purchased two items and changed my mind on one. I told the representative to cancel one of the items and they would confirm the cancellation via email. I did receive the confirmation for the cancellation, but they charged my card anyway! I called to complain and it FOUR weeks for the refund! After finally getting my refund, I found my canceled item on my doorstep the next day, and found that they have charged my card again for the item!!! Somehow my canceled order got resubmitted as a new order. I called to inform them that i would return the order to refund back my card, and the told me that they would not refund me unless I returned the item at my expense! It was an awful experience. I simply had to dispute the charge with my credit card. Awful service. Mediocre products. Awful awful service. Overcharged on shipping. I would NEVER buy from Yardiac again.
Positive myrt67
Croydon, PA
(1 review)
August 10, 2007
I ordered two hayrack window planters on a Tuesday and had them the next day. I would order again for next year.
Negative klh03051
Hudson, NH
(1 review)
August 8, 2007
Placed an order on Jul 10 and received a confirmation email saying I'd receive another email letting me know the item shipped. Jul 27 have not received the promised email or the item so placed a call to Yardiac and was told they would get back to me. Aug 3 placed another call to Yardiac and was told again someone would get back to me. Aug 7 placed another call to Yardiac and again was told someone would get back to me (sigh). Aug 8 checked the order on-line (no call back from Yardiac yet) and my order has been given a UPS tracking #. Never again.
Positive donpet
Mildura Victoria,
(1 review)
May 17, 2007
We live in Australia and wanted to purchase a 36" cast iron American Bald Eagle plaque and a federal style personalised house plaque for our new home. You cannot purchase these items in Australia and after trawling through the internet, we finally found - who were willing to have these items made and shipped to us in Australia. We ordered and pre-paid by international bank check (understandably, they could not accept a credit card and risk the chance of cancellation after the personalised order was sent to the foundry). We were told that it would take 3-4 weeks and it was not long after that length of time that we received our items. The packaging was perfect, our items arrived without a scratch and the quality is excellent. We can't wait for our house to be completed so that we can hang the eagle plaque and house plaque. We now have a little bit of home "downunder" and something that won't be seen anywhere else (at least not in Mildura!!). Thanks for everything, Leah (at We would recommend to anyone and would gladly purchase from them again.

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