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On Dec 13, 2010, azureozma (1 reviews) from Republic, MO

I'm very fortunate to live within 30 miles of Hilltop Farms and have been buying from them for several years. I have met both Oscar and his wife Amy, found them very attentive, knowledgeable and friendly. They have a wonderful selection of plants and offer wooden "nickels" on purchases to be used later. Their plant quality is exceptional - I've have very few problems with the ones I've purchased & most of those problems have been my own fault. (Amy told me to wait to plant but no, impatience won out and the poor plant lost!) I've never had a bad experience visiting their greenhouses & open houses. You can purchase a Gold Card for discounts through the growing season that are well worth the minimal cost. Hilltop Farm is the first place my neighbour & I head for our plants in the spring! We highly recommend Hilltop for great plants & friendly owners. (Ask them about their brownie recipe.........definitely death by chocolate but what a way to go!)

On Apr 4, 2009, CannaDon (1 reviews) from Saint Charles, MO

Hilltop Farms was one of the many vendors at this years 2008 American Hosta Society convention here in the St. Louis Metro area. Although many of the other hosta vendors were better known by many - I was simply amazed that Hilltop Farms had the best hostas, hands down, of any of the vendors there. One of the hostas I bought was Brother Stephan. A piece of living sculpture. My yard is done to look "tropical", and this one fits right in. I would remind you that their prices include shipping. At this time they are only shipping hostas, unless you are a returning customer. If I order hostas online -THIS- is my vendor. Two thumbs up. Don in St. Charles, Missouri

On Aug 8, 2008, naal (8 reviews) from Fairfax, VA

Just received my first hosta order from Hilltop and they are huge, healthy and multi eyed. Packaging was great, prices were in line with what I'd pay here at local nurseries (if not less) for mature specimens. Communications were excellent from Amy, one of the owners, calling me the day they were shipped. Definitely would order from them again. Note: They do not have an online ordering system, so you either have to call or email. They are very busy and it might be easier to just email for inquiry about what plants you want. If you do email, give them a few days to respond.

On Oct 28, 2007, trinityadams (2 reviews) from Buffalo, MO

Well, although I am sure that ordering from hilltop online is a great experience, being there in person can be not so great. The female owner was very rude to me when I was in there. She called me a liar to my face after my son had put a "Employees only" rope back up. It was not up when we went in there but the owner lied and said she saw me take it down. Impossible since I didn't. We had even apologized for going in there. How you call someone a liar in front of their 8 year old son....when YOU are the one lieing...is beyond me. This is not a plant experience as much as a person to person one........but it ends the same....I won't ever spend a penny there. Neither will any of my friends that I have told this story too. Oh, by the way, the male owner seemed VERY nice.

On November 1st, 2007, trinityadams added the following: I needed to add to this story, Or maybe tell the story so you know exactly what happened. We drove about 1 1/2 hours or so to get to this place. I had been waiting all winter and early spring for them to open and was so excited. We got there and I was in awe. They had some awesome stuff. We wandered from greenhouse to greenhouse and I was having so much fun filling my wagon with a few things. We got to one greenhouse that had some smaller plants. We went in and wandered around, as we were coming out I noticed an "Employees only" sign and as I came out with my one little prize, I asked the owner (Male) how much it was and if that greenhouse was supposed to be closed. He said it was closed because they had sprayed herbicide in there (I wouldn't have taken my 8 year old son in there if I had known). I asked him if I should put the plant back and he said no......that's fine. So we went on to the other greenhouses. Towards the end of out visit I was having trouble figuring out prices on a few things. I asked the owner (Woman) how the prices worked. She pointed to a sign that couldn't have been much closer to me and I laughed, apologized and said thanks. As she walked away she started telling me the prices of things in my wagon. She was being polite enough until she got to the one from the "closed" greenhouse where she then said "And this one that you got out of the greenhouse that was closed is such and such price" VERY rudely I might add. I said that at the time I didn't know it was closed but would put the plant back. Not that big of a deal to me. She said that she saw me put the "Employees only" sign back up. I said "That's impossible since I didn't" and she laughed at me. WHAT??? This is the point where my 8 year old walked up and said "Mom, I put it up". He is eight, he plays with things he shouldn't. I hadn't seen it. I figured okay, that solves that. Things are good now. They weren't. For some reason this was not good enough for her. She continued to be rude to me like I was still lieing. Ya, my 8 year old is lieing about something so stupid!!! As a mother I was getting very mad. I am not entirely sure what words went back and forth at this point but then we decided we were going to leave. The owner(male) jumped in and said that they just didn't want people in there for health reasons. I said that is perfectly understandable and I wouldn't have gone in there had I known. I even offered to leave the plant twice. I said "This is your second day open (it might have been the first). If this is how you do business on a day where customers are new then wow. " There was a little more after that and then we left. I am sorry but as a customer I expect to be appreciated. I am a very polite person and did nothing to deserve any of this. I spend a lot of money (too much) at the nurseries that I love and all the other ones around here that I frequent I have made friends with the owners. Should this impact whether you purchase from hilltop? No. I don't think so. They have great plants, good prices, and others have had good experiences. I just wanted to tell my story since that is what this website is for. Without an apology from her I will never spend a penny there. In person or online.
On November 1st, 2007, trinityadams added the following: The employees only sign was hanging on the ground....forgot to add.

On Aug 29, 2007, eickenho (32 reviews) from Sugar Land, TX (Zone 9a)

Great hostas; well packaged; very nice and helpful people to do business with. I would not hesitate to purchase more hostas from Hilltop Farm.

On Mar 30, 2007, Scoop48 (1 reviews) from Doylestown, OH

I received my first (but not my last!) order from Hilltop Farm yesterday, exactly one week after I placed it. The hostas I ordered were beautiful and they were beautifully packed. I'm very pleased.

On May 17, 2006, tsbccowboy (27 reviews) from Saint Paul, MN

I just received some beautiful Hostas. They couldn't have been packaged any better. I would highly recommend Hilltop Farms for your Hosta purchases. I couldn't be more pleased with the order. They are top-notch!

On May 15, 2006, eloi (1 reviews) from Paola, KS

I ordered for the first time from Hilltop Farm. I had planned to make the 2 1/2 hour trip to visit in person and pick up a special hosta for a Mother's Day gift, but was unable to. I phoned Monday morning the week before Mother's Day hoping to get something shipped on their regular days of Monday and Tuesday, but was told everything was already packed for those days. I just expressed my dismay at missing the date and the woman asked how far I lived from them. When she found out it was fairly close, she offered to try to ship them Wednesday if it wasn't too wet out. One hosta I had requested was sold out except for two small ones that she didn't feel comfortable selling. The price was low so I told her I wouldn't hold her responsible as I had looked for this variety awhile. I phoned Thursday to see if they had been able to get the order out. The man I spoke with said he had taken the priority mail package to the post office himself and I should see it Friday. It arrived Friday packed beautifully and once the hostas (5) had been removed from their packing they looked as if they had never been shipped. The size and quality were exceptional for the price and I will definitely buy from them again. The staff I spoke with were extremely helpful and friendly and very concerned about the quality. She did ship the small hosta she didn't want to sell, and it looked just fine! Thank you, thank you everyone at Hilltop Farm.

On May 3, 2005, gossws (1 reviews) from Smyrna, DE

For those hosta lover's, Hilltop Farm is a must for mail ordering. This is the second time I've order and my hosta's are absolutely beautiful. I've ordered from other's but nothing matches Hilltop's hosta size or packing. I love the fact that they are potted and pretty well established.

On Apr 29, 2005, JJsgarden (1 reviews) from Northern Piedmont, NC (Zone 7b)

I just received my first order and am VERY pleased!!! All I could say was WOW when I opened the box. The plants are so healthy and large! They were well packed, shipped in their own pots and arrived at the time promised. I am very pleased and would recommend this company to anyone. I will certainly be ordering again.

On Apr 24, 2005, Brugie (13 reviews) from Chariton, IA (Zone 5b)

I received an order of coleus from Hilltop Farm this week and they are exceptional plants. Very healthy and the size was a lot more than I expected. I would refer anyone to this business for the purchase of coleus.

On Apr 21, 2005, WaterlooLily (4 reviews) from Grass Lake, MI (Zone 5a)

Received my first order from there today. The coleus shipped were beautiful, nice healthy plants. I am really pleased, great prices and will order from again.

On May 14, 2004, newtohosta (9 reviews) from Clinton, OH

Just received my very first mail order from Hilltop Farm and I have to say that I'm very happy! I ordered 6 hostas (one, unfortunately was unavailable, but I do understand that can happen) and they were all very carefully packaged in one gallon sized pots. All five of the plants were mutli-eyed, big and beautiful! I will certainly not hesitate to order from this company again and I plan on emailing them and letting them know of my satisfaction.

On May 24th, 2006, newtohosta added the following: I ordered from Hilltop Farm again this year and received my order today. All my hostas were absolutely beautiful and huge! Multieyed plants and great packaging. Don't be afraid to order from this company. I've already emailed them to let them know how happy I am with my order. :)
On June 18th, 2007, newtohosta added the following: I ordered again this year from Hilltop and again I was extremely pleased with the plants I received. Very healthy looking and quite large! Order with confidence from them!

On Apr 20, 2004, DaisyPeach (22 reviews) from (Zone 7a)

Wow, I am totally amazed at the shipment I received. I received wonderful healthy multi-eyed hostas in full leaf and in gallon sized pots! They were carefully packed and sustained no breakage at all! Prices are excellent when you consider that shipping is included in the price of the hosta. Hats off to Hilltop Farm!

On May 22, 2003, sputz (3 reviews)

Got to visit the nursery in person; great selection, and made another mail order when I got home. Good quality hostas and nice service and appreciation. Rapid response with mail orders and again great quality. Thanks Hilltop.

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