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Update provided by the company in April 2004:

Thank you for visiting, the internet home of WorldWise Garden Seeds.

We would like to assure you that we are taking appropriate steps to better our company, but currently are not selling online. We are fortunate if we have you as a loyal customer. We appreciate your time and effort if you have invested in sharing your thoughts with us.

WorldWise Garden Seeds was founded way back in 1996. It was not until 2001 we ventured our ship into cyberspace. We made over 4000 friends and apparently a few enemies along the way. Whether jilted competition or internet hackers, we were hacked into and brought down last June, and our system was destroyed. Customer records deleted, product package files, years of research destroyed. We have since worked hard to get back on track but we lack the resources to continue our mission, at least for the time being.

We have since rebuilt 80% of what we had, but are still working to relaunch. Currently we are still intending on re-opening soon but we need to find help to do so. We were offered a "buyout" and refused to sell out our mission in a quest for cash. This has NEVER been our mission, and NEVER will be. We are incorporating as WorldWise Gardens, Inc. and will return with a vengence against those forces that seem bent on destroying this venture. There is too much at stake for us.

Please see our website for details.

posted on September 5, 2003



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On Jul 13, 2004, GardnGrGoldn (1 reviews)

Found this website after purchasing some Worldwise monarch butterfly rescue kit with garden seeds. Products were very well packaged and informative. Seeds growing fine. Got thier product at a local garden center.

On Feb 8, 2004, dbouwens (1 reviews)

In march of 2003 I ordered and my visa was charged $28.95 for seeds I ordered. I e-mailed over 20 times with no answers. I e-mailed different addresses that was posted on the site. No answer. In aug.2003 I did get one reply saying that there was a mix up and no one was paying attention to the address I was writing to and that they were very sorry for the mix-up. They said that they had moved and they were having financial difficulties and would I wait a bit and they would send my seeds!!!! I answered back that I just wanted my seeds and to send them... that was the last I ever heard from this company. I have tried probably another 20-30 times with no reply... I think that says it all. NEVER EVER TRUST THIS COMPANY!!!!!THEY ARE CROOKS AND HAVE NO INTENSION OF HONORING ANYTHING THEY PROMISE... it is really to bad, this was my first experience of ordering or planting heirloom seeds. My garden sits still empty. I hope I can find an honest company to help me with what was to become my new hobby. I was so excited to see what my daughter and I could grow... I guess we all learn hard lessons in life, too bad there are people like this, oh well...

On Nov 25, 2003, JamesNgu (2 reviews) from San Diego, CA

I ordered seeds from this company & did not receive them. They would not reply to numerous e-mails until I reported them to Yahoo shopping. Then I got an immediate response, thanks to Yahoo, who investigated. Thanks to Yahoo complaints department, I received my seeds along with a gift certificate. Then I received repetitive e-mails from Worldwise asking me to write a good letter to Yahoo. When I tried to redeem the gift certificate I only got half of the seeds - they said they were out of the rest. Thereafter they would not respond to my e-mails. As I did the first time, I sent e-mails to all addresses on their web site. All the seeds I received did not germinate, & they would not honor their seed germination warrantee. I found this company to be extremely dishonest & deceitful. Even if they would start selling again I would not trust or buy from them again. They lie, steal your money, and go on to to the same thing with the next unsuspecting patron. The last time I had problems with Worldwise so did many other people who complained to them. They quit selling during the winter, saying they were taking a much needed rest. After they came back I noticed the complaint posts on this site appeared. They take cooling off periods and come back the next year and still lie & steal patrons money.

On Sep 5, 2003, Michelle_cols_o (1 reviews) from Columbus, OH

I had ordered some seeds from this company in 2002 with good results. I placed another order on 6/3/2003 and have never received the seeds. I have filed a complaint with the Cleveland BBB. I have left e-mails, voicemails with no response. I tried to fax them today but the number is out of order. Why is the area code an AR area code for their fax if they are located in Cleveland OH? I cannot get a regular address for them to send them a certified letter informing them I am filing a VISA dispute. Luckily, I'm only out $25. I see others are out a lot more. Please don't risk $$ with this company!!! Michelle

On Sep 3, 2003, brandal (8 reviews)

I had ordered seeds early this year, paid $28.00 for seeds that I never received, when I e-mailed them about seven times, each time they came back with lies and lies, they always have problems, the phone company and than something else. Lied to me telling that I should have the seeds by now, a couple days later they admit that they have not send it yet but soon. What a buisness. I have a saying: "GOODNESS IS REWARDED AND SELFISHNESS IS PUNISHED IN THE FINAL COUNTING" Please don't trust this company.Thanks for letting me get this off my chest.

On Aug 21, 2003, horseychick (6 reviews)

I orderered from them in the spring and had positive results. Now, that I ordered from them again in late June my check has cleared the bank and the seeds never arrived. I am having difficulties getting responses to my e-mail. The last e-mail I got said to be patient as seeds take 7-14 days to arrive, well it's been a lot longer than that since I have ordered the seeds. I am beginnig to think all they did was take my money and have no desire to make sure I recieve the seeds.

On August 25th, 2003, horseychick added the following: Well, today I got a response to my e-mail. They said there are sorry about the delay and my seeds should be arriving soon. We'll see. If they do arrive I will change my negative to a neutral but I probably would not order from them again after all the problems I've had with this order.
On September 12th, 2003, horseychick added the following: My seeds still have not arrived and they no longer respond to my e-mails. I told them they had a week to respond or I'd report them to the BBB. I have reported them to the BBB. I hope to get my order or a refund. I really couldn't afford to order but I ordered from them since they were so great when I had ordered before. Hopefully the BBB can get this problem solved.
On November 7th, 2003, horseychick added the following: I still have not recieved the seeds and I've found their website is no longer on-line. I guess I will never get the seeds or my money back:(

On Aug 3, 2003, nanasperfectangels (2 reviews)

I am very unhappy with this company. I ordered (and paid for) seeds from them on ebay which they never delivered, nor have they refunded my money. I have contacted them several times and they did acknowledge they had never sent the seeds. I trusted them to resolve the issue, but they did not do so during the time limit I had to resolve it on ebay. When I requested a refund, realizing they had no intention of sending my seeds, they stopped answering my emails. Now I am out the money and the seeds and cannot even leave feedback to warn others. However... if you are considering doing business with this company, check out their feedback on ebay as I am not the only one who has had this problem with them. I do hope that the Garden Watchdog will allow this report on this site as an alert to unsuspecting buyers, as, defined by Federal law, this is a fraudulent act. M. Becker

On Apr 25, 2003, Miguelito (2 reviews)

Good Day! Are you questioning the seed counts of WORLDWISE GARDEN SEEDS tomatoe seeds. Here's our Test results; 3 SAMPLES says minimum 25 seeds, but a seedcount revealed an additional 12 seeds for a total 37 seeds in the GREAT WHITE PACK. The SWEET Cherry Tomatoes had also 25 minimum on the pack but there were 65 seeds in the pack. On the other hand, the RARE COSMONAUT TOMATO, said minimum 20 seeds, ha! had 20 seeds. Guess that one is rarer. But we got 19 to germinate! WOW! They do impress with the germination rates that well EXCEED my expectations! According to thier website DONATE extra stock to "Herb'an Renewal" a Millennium Green Project and inner city community garden. The Worldwise Garden Seed company may only be only a few years old but have shown thier commitment to providing quality seeds, exceptional instructions and sent us COOL bonus seeds with EVERY order.

Note from the Garden Watchdog editors...

It is the policy of the Watchdog that companies cannot pose as customers in order to manipulate their rating. This comment was submitted from the same IP address as the company representative, and has been changed from positive to neutral so that it would not affect the overall rating given by customers.

On Mar 24, 2003, Niesers (8 reviews) from Seattle, WA (Zone 8a)

I've ordered from their website several times. I've started from seed their Amish Beefsteak Tomotoes, Cherry Tomotoes, Roma Tomatoes, California Wonder Sweet Bell Pepper and Catnip so far. I've had great success with everything but the Catnip. Fresh seeds, and great customer service. I highly recommend this company to anyone interested in Organic Gardening from seed. They're seeds are 100% Guaranteed Organic and Non-GMO.

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