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On Aug 29, 2011, Brugbro (1 reviews) from Vancouver,

After reading the positive comments, I am disappointed and surprised by Liz and her partner's service. They do not return phone calls or emails. Liz picked up the phone when I called-then hung up and when I called again-her hub answered and said that she was not in. Very suspect in their way of handling customer service. The plants may be good but, the products do not co-incide with the people who represent them. Understandably, they may HAVE BEEN good in the past but, people do change as much as how they run their business. I must say they rate as POOR service overall.

On Jun 18, 2011, IMCANADIAN (4 reviews) from Moose Jaw, SK (Zone 3a)

Posted on September 25, 2004, updated June 18, 2011 Beautiful Plants! I placed an order in the spring of 2004, Liz the owner had great comunication via email, and shipped healthy plants after fear of frost was over. The brugmansia plants were well rooted cuttings that bloomed in the fall. The seeds were fresh and germinated well. This transaction was flawless.

On June 18th, 2011, IMCANADIAN changed the rating from positive to neutral and added the following: Have tried to order again and get no response.

On Jun 19, 2008, Teresa_in_BC (1 reviews) from Victoria, BC (Zone 8a)

Liz is AWESOME! She's always helpful and her brugs are wonderful!

On Jun 16, 2008, mike_in_nb (1 reviews) from fredericton,

I ordered 9 separate varieties or brugmansia from Liz. She is very personable in her emails as well as very helpful. The brugs were sent xpresspost, so were guaranteed to arrive in 2 days by Canada Post. Unfortunately the post office sent them on a scenic route and they did not arrive for 5 days. Even given the postal mishap, the large plants (12-14 inch average) arrived in good shape and had a great root ball. This was due to excellent packaging and care taken before they left BC. Her prices are excellent as well considering the quality product and service she provides. I hope to order more varieties within a month. If you are looking for brugs, look no further. You will be more than satisfied. If you have any other questions about my experience feel free to contact me. ([email protected]) Mike.

On Jun 28, 2006, WesternWilson (2 reviews) from Tsawwassen, BC (Zone 8b)

I was pleased to find this nursery not only in my province, but just across town! I discussed with Liz expanding my collection from my single Charles Grimaldi into different colours and forms, while making scent a priority. She made some suggestions and 5 more bruggies came home a few days ago. I was lucky to be able to tour her lovely terraced garden and view many of the plants in situ. Liz was very kind and extremely knowledgeable, and as her interest in collecting and hybridizing continues, I anticipate making repeat orders as new and interesting varieties are added to her catalogue.

On Jun 17, 2006, zarcanat (7 reviews) from Montreal, QC (Zone 4b)

The brugmansia I ordered arrived very healthy looking, had an excellent root system and was packed with care for shipping. Liz is very helpful-she has answered every question I've had and included a leaflet of instructions. I cannot wait to see my first bloom!

On Sep 29, 2004, uroboros (18 reviews) from Montreal, QC (Zone 5b)

Plants were received promptly after order. Good, friendly communication. The soil-less cuttings had a lot of roots, and one even had a bud. The large leaves had been stripped off, as should be done for brugs. We're really lucky to have a brug grower in Canada! Grand selection of cultivars.

On May 14, 2004, Ramnyc (31 reviews) from New York, NY

My Brugs arrived and are simply outstanding- large, healthy, strong, and well packaged. And, unlike some, what they list, they have in stock.

On May 14, 2004, yumiko (5 reviews) from Nanaimo, BC (Zone 7a)

Excellent! Liz is very nice to answer any question.She is very quick to give me respond. I dealt with her 2 times.She always told me if she received the cheques,when to ship plant etc. I reccomend very much.

On Jul 18, 2003, KL_travel (3 reviews) from London,

I ordered a brugmansia from Brugmansias Etc. and my whole experience was great. Liz is very helpful with questions, the plant came in great shape and is doing very well since I received it. The shipping was very quick and the plants roots were well established. I will be ordering from her again and very soon.

On Jun 19, 2003, Lilypon (11 reviews) from Moose Jaw, SK (Zone 3b)

I just received my order from Brugmansias etc. The plants were large, had an excellent root system and were packed with care for shipping. Liz is very helpful-she has answered every question I've had regarding the care of these gorgeous plants. Extremely knowledgeable! A four star company-sets the standards for the others.

On May 23rd, 2005, Lilypon added the following: Received my order from Liz on Thursday and was again very pleased with it. Plants were well rooted and packaged for shipping with care. Liz also contacted me prior to shipping to find out when I would like it to be shipped. Great communication and again a very pleasurable company to deal with.

On Apr 2, 2003, Dawn_BC (16 reviews)

Very pleasant to deal with. Great friendly emails & provided pictures. Brug was shipped quickly & with special attention to how it was packaged. Very happy with the size, root & health quality of plant. Awesome to have someone in Canada provide us with Brugs! Highly recommend!

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