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American Nursery Products

Mailing Address:
P.O. Box 1075
Yankton, South Dakota 57078 (United States)

Phone: 1-866-716-8739
Fax: (605) 665-8130

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This company offers a variety of plants.

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Question Mark As of February 2009, American Nursery Products website is no longer working. If anyone has a status update on this company, please contact the Garden Watchdog editors.

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Negative ebircs
Walkerton, VA
(1 review)
October 4, 2005
I ordered over $200.00 in perennials from American Nursery Products, some of which were ordered through eBay and the remainder was purchased directly from the company using PayPal. The owner was congenial during the ordering process, which went on for a few days. Once the order was finalized, it was beyond frustrating trying to get this company to respond to email or answer their phone. To begin with, the owner sent me a delivery date that was contrary to the date we had agreed upon. I finally reached him after several weeks by typing "Emergency" in the subject line of my email. He was quite argumentative and took the attitude that he knew more about the weather and planting than I did, and he would therefore know the best time to ship the plants. I've been planting in Virginia for a very long time and, dare I say it, I understand our weather and I know when it's time to plant. This man said he'd change the date, but the plants did not arrive on schedule. Again, I had to try to reach the company. I had a family emergency and absolutely needed to get my plants in the ground so I could travel to another state if necessary. I had placed the original order in February and it was now mid-May. Someone finally answered the telephone at American Nursery Products, one of the seasonal workers. I told him the plants had not arrived on time as promised. The worker looked up the date on the computer and told me they were not due to arrive until the end of May. The owner had apparently completely ignored my request. I finally got the plants in mid-June. They were sent a month late. The packaging was disgraceful. The plants had clearly been thrown in the box without anything to stabilize them, and they had to be identified as tags were missing. The owner had told me, "You will love my plants, the root balls are as large as a baseballs." In reality, most of the plants were nothing more than "plugs." Five of the clematis had the crowns completely cut off and have therfore not grown at all; they are simply a root without any chance of survival. A massive number of Jouiniana Praecox are doing well, for which I give myself a pat on the back, since they were planted late and in intense heat (thanks to this argumentative and unresponsive person). American Nursery Products has or had a money back guarantee. I wrote to this man once again explaining that I had several failed clematis due to the crowns being neglectfully cut off prior to shipment, and I asked him to honor his "guarantee." Naturally, he once again has chosen to ignore one of his customers.
On January 30th, 2006, ebircs added the following:

BE FOREWARNED: American Nursery Products has changed their name on a popular auction site, and I think he has also changed his email address! However, they are located at the same street address in Yankton, SD. Considering his attitude, I am amazed by his total sales. I guess we the people see what appears to be a "great deal" and we lunge for it without regard for "negative feedback" or bad business practices. I received at least $50.00 of worthless plants from this company last year, and his guarantee is just as worthless! Once burned ... twice learned.
Positive hoa_rd
Chicago, IL
(4 reviews)
June 9, 2005
I won a bunch of ebay auctions 4 days ago, totalling 81-something.
Credit card payment (direct, not via Paypal) was a listed option, and I'd prefer to give my info over the phone. I've called many times and the phone just rings. No answer to e-mail asking when the best time to call is. I sent a fax today asking for them to call me to get CC info but no response.
I'd appreciate any tips on how to get in tough with these folks! Feel free to e-mail me . . . thanks!
On June 9th, 2005, hoa_rd added the following:

Update-- Joe returned my call today and took my info.
Seemed nice enough. He said the goods would go out by early next week. Fingers crossed.
On June 18th, 2005, hoa_rd added the following:

Keeping it neutral for now . . .
The order went out that same Friday, and I received it on Tuesday evening (would have cut a day off travel time if it had gone out on Monday, but oh well).
The order was correct-- 23 plants total; each wrapped in paper, most in 3" potsl, with a handwritten note from packing lady Betty wishing me well and exprssing her love of clematis.
Most of them arrived in very poor condition, with either dried out leaves (as if they'd been pressed in a book) or black rotten leaves; most had foliage only 3-4" in length, although the Nelly Moser had a vine about 2 feet long (it's now the only one that appears completely dead although I'm wondering about some of the others).
There's a lot I don't know about plants and shipping, but try as I may, I just can't fathom how all but one or two of these could have been in decent condition prior to shipping.
I'm going to stay neutral for now, and see what kind of growth/regrowth I get over the next few weeks and report back.
At the moment I'd say I would have been better off buying 4 healthy clematis at the most expensive nursery in Chicago than making this purchase . . . but let's see how things shape up.

On June 22nd, 2005, hoa_rd added the following:

Sent the following today:
Hi Joe,
Thanks for getting my order out so quickly!
Not sure why but the plants arrived in pretty poor shape for the most part-- some wet and rotting and others dried out-- even though they were only in shipping for 3 days. I went ahead and planted all of them and I've been taking care hoping they'll resprout . . . nothing yet though-- at least three appear to be completely dead.
Just wondering if you have any willingness to provide replacements for the 2 or 3 fatalities that I'm saddest about-- I can provide details and pics if you like.
Thanks for your consideration!

Will keep the GW posted . . .
On June 26th, 2005, hoa_rd added the following:

no response . . .
On August 18th, 2005, hoa_rd changed the rating from neutral to positive and added the following:

Never did receive any sort of response from them, and they became unregistered on eBay for whatever reason. . . but my plants are doing well, many blooms, only one of the hagley hybrids is truly MIA.
So I think I got my money's worth at this point and I'll change my response to positive (not like that's goingto tip the scales).
FWIW I think they were mostly labeled correctly, in contrast to another reviewer's situation.
Positive specialangel
Redondo Beach, CA
(3 reviews)
May 31, 2005
I ordered multiple plants through ebay and received all but one item of coneflowers in a very timely manner. I received written notification that the coneflowers would be sent later with their apologies (per USPS coneflowers are on the way). I mistakenly overpaid shipping on my orders which they caught and immediately refunded. My experience with this seller was good.
Positive lilaclily
Lombard, IL (Zone 5a)
(34 reviews)
May 31, 2005
Ordered 3 sets of 10 daylilies last year off of eBay, they did very well for the rest of the summer and well into fall, bloomed their little hearts out and were true to name (nothing fancy). No complaints, surprisingly.
Neutral bed24
Denver, CO (Zone 5b)
(3 reviews)
May 23, 2005
Ordered five Clematis ternifolia (Sweet Autumn Clematis) two years ago. Was pleased with the speed of shipment and quality of the plants that I received for only about $6 plus shipping....however come to find out that as they have grown it's quite clear that only two of the five plants are actually C. ternifolia! I have no idea which variety the other three are. I'm glad I didn't spend any real money on this one.
Negative dollho
Reno, NV
(1 review)
May 20, 2005
I also found ANP through E-bay. Last summer I ordered seven times and received good plants with timely shipping each time.

This spring was a completely different story. At the end of March I purchased and paid for 2 orders of Shasta daisies. About a week later I purchased and paid for a flat of Victoria Louise Poppies.

The poppies arrived about two weeks later. They were in a small, flat box with no protection inside for the plants. Needless to say the box was smashed and the tiny plants were dried out. I tried a couple of times to contact them through e-mail and then called them directly. They responded and claimed that it was the fault of UPS. ANP stated that they had filed a claim with UPS, to keep watering the plants, and that UPS would come to look at the box. To my knowledge UPS has never been out to look at the box.

At this time I also sent 2 e-mails inquiring about the Shasta daisies. These were never answered and I proceeded to file a claim with PayPAl. ANP immediately sent me a shipping number. This was the shipping number for the poppies. The packing slip clearly indicated that there were only poppies in this shipment. I pointed this out through e-mail and offered to fax them the packing ship and to my BIG SURPRISE got no response. Other inquiries were responded to by telling me that it was too rainy to go and dig the daisies for shipping. First I get told they have been shipped. Next I get told that they can't be dug. When I left negative feedback ANP responded stating that he was tired of idiots leaving feedback like this. Well............if sending someone your money and expecting a product makes me an idiot then I certainly am.
When I again inquired about the poppies,ANP responded that they had not heard from UPS but had sent an order to their greenhouse for a replacement because that "is simply what we do." I inquired 2 more times about shipping times (e-mails ignored again)and waited several more weeks before leaving negative feedback again. ANP responded that they were still waiting on UPS. It seems that no matter how hard you try to work with this guy he gives you excuses and more than one story.

If anything, you should read ANP's entertaining, yet unprofessional and even crude, responses to negative E-Bay feedback that people have left. He told one person that he would cut off his nut before he sold to her again.

Don't buy from this guy. There are many reputable mail-order nurseries out there. This isn't one of them. I
Negative Witch
Taylor, TX (Zone 8b)
(1 review)
May 8, 2005
My past experience with them was great!
This time...I ordered plants 3 months ago to ship in Spring. They started shipping when they said they would, but I didn't get mine. I waited and waited, figuring since I live in Texas 8b I would get mine soon. I emailed and emailed. They told me they were shipping 100's of orders a day. Apparently, in no particular order, since I saw feedback from people get their orders in 4 days.
On April 23rd, I was promised: "Your order will be dug this weekend and we will send you 20 Royal Wedding, 10 Black Hollyhocks and the 15 White Liatris. The extra plants will be free of charge." I did finally receive an order, the hollyhocks were not there, 15 poppies and the liatris. There was a note on the invoice that the rest of my order would ship within 2 weeks! I emailed them last week telling them a substitute for the hollyhocks I ordered would be fine, I just want my plants in the ground. The entire time I have been telling them "I just want my plants."
Finally had to leave neg. feedback on the hollyhocks as it has been 3 months today. No longer able to leave feedback on the poppies, it's been too long. Left neutral on the liatris, only b/c they were healthy.
What a shame; I really love their plants and they have healthy plants, it seems like they just can't keep on top of their orders. If they could, everything would've be great.
On May 8th, 2005, Witch added the following:

Wow, my honest yet polite feedback was not appreciated and I even got a nasty response to it. I was never nasty to them. BRING IT ON, THEN!

3 months, many emails and still no hollyhocks. Very disappointing.
Reply by americannurseryproducts: If a 100 customers send us 10 emails a day that is 1,000 emails per day????

I did receive these, after almost 3 months and many emails. Healthy.
Reply by americannurseryproducts: 3 months ago it was -50 degree's here in SD ... can you learn to buy? Hope so! May-08-05 17:06

From their page: Offering's will be listed in our store with SPRING 2005 delivery. According to your planting condition's. We basically will start shipping plants to the southern states mid March - early April.

I am in Texas. So I expected my plants around that time. Not the first week in May. And ignore what the temps were for them. They started shipping long before I got my partial order.

I would say more but I won't curse on Dave's Garden.

Funny they answer their feedback but not their email.

I wish I never ordered from them!
Positive Chamelle
Springfield, OR (Zone 8b)
(1 review)
April 19, 2005
Boy, I guess I got lucky on this one! I bought 10 sweet autumn clematis plants from ANP off ebay. I was a little apprehensive, because the feedback for this company is kind of sketchy, but decided to take a chance because they were listed as two year old plants and they were SOO cheap! I figured at the price, even if they didn't all make it, it was still a bargain. THEN I found their listing here on DG and I was REALLY nervous.

I paid via paypal on Teusday and got the plants on the following Monday. The plants are gorgeous! They were well packed and wrapped in wet fabric and were all still moist, with TONS of well developed roots. The smallest is probably 12 inches or so with the largest over 24 inches long. Only two plants have just one vine and the rest have at least three, with as many as five vines.

I'm not quite ready to put them in the ground, so in to pots they went.

Whew! I'm very pleased with my results, and can uncross my fingers now. Of course, I'm not sure what I will do with TEN vines, but I'll figure something out!
Negative TexasGardenGirl
Austin, TX
(2 reviews)
February 21, 2005
Glad I came here before I ordered anything on Ebay from them. From my reading of this, I wonder if they even HAVE the clematis they're advertising, as it appears no one has been happy ordering those plants from them

I've sent them three emails inquiring as to the size and age of the clematis plants they're selling. I received one reply, and it was that the plants are "large." They've ignored my follow-ups.

I've been very dissastisfied with my exhanges with them so far, and the feedback on this site seals the deal -- the no deal, that is!
Negative nckvilledude2
Kernersville, NC (Zone 7a)
(4 reviews)
January 20, 2005
Run like you never have before from this company. I see that they are listing clematis on eBay again this year like they did last year when I foolishly ordered from them. Shipping was to take place several months after the auction ended so I was unable to leave feedback once the problems arose. I kept contacting the company wanting to know when the clematis were going to arrive. I kept getting told any time now. One finally did arrive. The second one never did arrive even after several emails to the company and even my agreeing to switch to another clematis. I am out the money for the clematis I didn't receive and of course eBay and Paypals Buyers Guarantee were completely uneffective at getting my money back. STAY VERY FAR AWAY FROM THIS COMPANY.
Positive MsMaati
Newburgh, IN (Zone 6a)
(2 reviews)
October 11, 2004
I just received my order of 20 dwarf Irises and 5 bleeding hearts. They came quickly and are very nice plants. I will most likely order from them again.
Positive trifunov
Brandon, MS (Zone 8a)
(7 reviews)
September 30, 2004
I had a great experience with this company, their daylilies, in particular, were wonderful - freshly field dug, huge fans at a very, very low price. My order arrived in less than a week after I purchased on eBay. I'm surprised at all the negative feedback - perhaps they were going through a bad spell. I think I'll have to buy some more daylilies this week, even if it means creating a new daylily bed.
Negative adina72
Pennellville, NY (Zone 5a)
(14 reviews)
August 28, 2004
I wish I had read this forum before buying from them off eBay. There feedback on eBay was not too bad, but not perfect either. I understand that missunderstandings can happen and that sometimes people leave feedback without trying to work it out, so I proceeded with the auction. I paid the same day I won the auction and I received an e-mail saying they would ship in two weeks, then I got another e-mail that said they would ship a week earlier. Ok, great. So I get it and I could tell by the box that this was not going to be good because there was dry dirt coming out of it before I had even opened it. The hosta I ordered was wrapped in paper then inside a paper bag. It looked like it might have been wet at one time, but was completely dry now. I opened up the bag and saw that it appeared to be moldy and was nearly dried out. I immediately soaked it in water for an hour then planted it. I e-mailed the company three times with no response, so I finally left neutral feedback on eBay when I immediately get an e-mail from the "Owner" and what a nasty e-mail it was. Here it is:

Thanks for the feedback. First of all we sent you the wrong hosta in the first place and we were ready to correct the problem. But since you are in such a pissy mood and quick to judge. I will keep my hosta and you can do what you want with the hosta we sent you. I was ready to send you the
correct hosta on monday of next week but I don't think so. I actually look at the orders and help dig the plants.

Do what ever you want to do .. negative feedback has NEVER SOLVED A PROBLEM ...learn this soon. I bust my balls to grow all these plants, this is not a hobby, anyway you can expect a refund.

Owner, ANP

End Quote....

....well I won't be holding my breathe on the refund but I did respond and demand one....not that I will probably hear from him again. Hostas are tough, so I hope this one lives, even if it is not the right one. Buyer beware of this guy.
Negative rayviolets
Worcester, MA
(2 reviews)
August 8, 2004
They seem to never have anything you want.
Negative nanohead
Wyckoff, NJ
(2 reviews)
July 24, 2004
No plants, no response, no nothing. I like others here, have purchased lots of decent plant matter from Ebay, but these guys were basically MIA.

I purchased Achillea, Hosta, and some others. I was prepared for some cuttings, and with the prices, was ok to take my chances, even though they have a spotty track record.

But they just never appeared post transaction. Oh, well, back to the drawing board
On August 1st, 2004, nanohead added the following:

This is a follow up from several weeks later. These folks finally surfaced after 1 month of no response, and only when I triggered a Paypal investigation, which I have never done before. Heck, I've never even left negatve feedback for anyone... I always work it out.

Then all of a sudden, I get a shipment notice. But they decide to ship a week before we leave on summer vacation, and there will be no one here to either recieve or plant the plants. I will quote from someone named "Joe's" email to me "Plants are not to be treated as general merchandise, you should have exercised better judgment on this"

He scolded me because I asked him where my plants were. Fantastic..!! What could be better..:)

Negative abunnie
Pleasant Garden, NC
(1 review)
July 7, 2004
I purchased plants from ANP spending over $50.00 on my first order, shipping was pretty fast, and plants were healthy. That same week I spent another $50.00. I never received the plants, a refund or even an explanation. I sent many emails, I never received a response until the 5th one, that email stated merely “ WILL LOOK INTO THIS! Joe”. No Joe did not look into the matter. Nor was he even slightly kind, mush less polite on the phone. I tried calling several times the phones were either never answered or answered by someone “acting” like they had no clue as to what, where, when or how this company was being run, or was told that everybody was away at lunch for 2 hours. When I did speak with Joe, after no refund had posted 2 weeks later he was the rudest, most condescending unprofessional I have ever dealt with on eBay! Joe listed reason after excuse to me as to why this refund was not posted back to yet.
Another two weeks have past, no plants have ever been sent nor funds returned to me, I have placed my 4th call to Joe who still has a whole new set of excuses for this week! Joe actually said he did not respond to my emails because he did not read emails, and then had nothing to say when asked, “Why a person running an “internet” company would not bother to read emails?”
Buyers should consider not buying from eBay members who outright treat real people so badly when given ample opportunity to make things right!
I will report this company to all the authorities available.

Negative Collectbud
(2 reviews)
July 3, 2004
I ordered two daylily plants from ANP and when I recieved the package, there was only one daylily plant. I e-mailed them asking if there had been a mixup or if the other plant had not been sent yet. No answer. Eventually, after a couple of e-mails, they came back with a short, very unprofessional e-mail, advising it was out of stock and they would refund my money. I e-mailed them advising them to credit my account. Still no refund after another week. I e-mailed again and this time recieved an e-mail form the owner, advising he would check into this matter. I still have not heard back almost two weeks later. This all started on June 4, 2004 and I feel I have given them plenty of time to settle this. I have bought quite a few daylily plants, and other plants, over E-bay this spring, and there are so many great sellers, I wouldn't even begin to buy something from these people.
Negative SchnauzerOwned
Norfolk, VA
(3 reviews)
May 26, 2004
After reading all of the negative ratings about this company, I know I shouldn't have ordered - but they were the only source I could find for 2 canna China Doll that I didn't have to pay $10.00 each for. A package of 2 for $5.00 on ebay was a good deal!
I received the package pretty quickly but I wasn't impressed with the rhizomes. One was very questionable when I planted it and still has not made an appearance - the other one is doing great with many leaves.
So I emailed these people and of course I never heard from them. So I called. Was told that they just receive too many emails and cannot answer them.
When I explained the problem, I felt that I had a very disinterested person on the phone and he informed me that they were no longer available. Why was I not surprised? So he told me he would refund me $2.50 (no part of shipping).
Well, that was a week ago - no refund to my bank yet.
I have done business with may excellent companies that have extraordinary customer service and quality products - THIS IS NOT ONE!
Positive jodi_the_bold
(2 reviews)
May 21, 2004
i purchased two kinds of cannas from this firm on ebay. they delivered fairly promptly, with only minor shipping charge differences between the invoices and the actual ebay auction sites. the bulbs were just glorious - all of the cannas had multiple eyes and at least one in-progress shoot.
Negative mingalls74
(1 review)
May 20, 2004
I found this company also on Ebay. I have bought several different types of plants on Ebay in the past years from different sellers and have never had a problem until now.

I purchased 10 hardy hibiscus plants in April 2004 and it did take a while to ship them. When they did finally arrive they were very small "dormant" bareroot plants. Other words twigs. Several were moldy so I cleaned them, soaked the roots of them in water for about an hour and planted them in a large pot to keep inside for the time being. They were all planted within hours of there arrival. It has now been several weeks and 3 of the 10 are showing signs of life. Two of the three are barely alive with only one sprout of leaves coming out.

I contacted them in a very polite manner simply asking if the had a quality policy. I did not demand replacements or get nasty with them and still got no response at all. I then waited 2 weeks and emailed again and stated clearly my disappointment at the lack of customer service and total disregard for my emails. I asked for any kind of response to that email within 24 hours. Even if they had said we don't replace them it would of been better than ignoring a customer!

I feel like I was taken for a ride and didn't enjoy it at all!!! I really hope people will think twice about buying from these people unless they are buying daylilies. That seems to be the only thing they sell that is decent and there are even complaints about them.

Unless you have YEARS to wait for the DEAD (not Dormant) plants to be resurrected DO NOT BUY FROM THEM!!

Negative hemlady
Melvindale, MI (Zone 5a)
(16 reviews)
May 6, 2004
I ordered a daylily in the fall of 2003 on Ebay, Elegant Candy. They sent not just one fan but 3. I was pleased. The daylily went on to bloom before our first frost and is doing well.
On August 25th, 2004, hemlady changed the rating from positive to negative and added the following:

My second experience with this company was not a good one. I purchased 2 daylilies from them on Ebay. When they bloomed neither looked like the plant it was supposed to be. I emailed them at least 3 times and asked them if these were tissue cultured plants only to not have an answer from them. I am done purchasing from them.
Positive brokenbar
Cowley, WY
(4 reviews)
April 29, 2004
I have bought numerous plants from ANP over a 3 year period. I would guess that I have had a 95% or better success rate with the plants I have purchased. I know I have bought numerous daylilys, Clematis, babies breath, etc. and most,if not all have done well.
Getting plants to thrive here is a challenge what with the WIND, the alkaline soil, the late frosts and summer days that can start out at 25 and end up at over 100. ANP has allowed me to landscape a huge area economically, with varieties that will do well in my region. and I for one, am thoroughly satisfied and will continue to buy from them.
I am AMAZED at the number of negative reviews!
Positive gsutke387
(1 review)
April 28, 2004
I have ordered from ANP more than ten times andI have never received a bad order. The shipping is always fast and my products have always been packaged carefully and appropriately. I have ordered Hostas, Daylilies, Clematis, Hollyhocks, Cannas and Huskers. My plants have always come in extremely healthy and to my satisfaction andI am a picky person when it comes to my plants. One time I had some daylilies that were a little smaller than I prefer I e-mailed them got a response the same day and replacement plants within the week. I am extremely shocked at all of the negative feedback on a company that I feel to be great. I am an ANP customer and will be for a very long time in the future.
Neutral SowthEfrikan
Sulphur Springs, TX
(3 reviews)
April 24, 2004
Awful, awful experience, the only reason they get a neutral is because at least one set of daylilies roots were good.

Most of what I bought was horrible, the plants were mouldy, three have not survived.

To top it all, it took TWO months to get here.

Their ebay advertisement said they would begin shipping South in February but I think they were just kidding.

As for packaging: since when is it acceptable to put daylilies into a plastic bag - what were they thinking? - and throw it into a large box to bounce without so much as a single peanut or wad of newspaper for protection?

According to them they sent the biggest plants they had but if that is true it was a total waste of time, considering they were smashed when they got here.

I once was a customer. I will never go back.
Neutral uofagirl
Orrville, OH (Zone 6a)
(3 reviews)
April 22, 2004
I bought 5 one year old plants of sweet autumn clematis from ANP thru ebay for $10 plus shipping because "Joe", has a 97% satisfaction score for his transactions. The next day, I looked @ the GW Watchdog and was appalled @ his ratings. I immediately found ANP email and # and let them know both ways of his terrible scores from the good people of GW and "I was sure he wanted to be aware of this and that, I knew he would only send me healthy live plants, with healthy roots," He said that in summary, he couldn't help for poor gardening skills. I said the the plants were said to be sent to the buyers dead and less than half lived. He said he would want the web address to GW watchdog to be able to leave feedback to the reponses. In summary, I received my 5 ~1/2 plug sized, live SAC just a few days after ordering, and they seemed to just be in transport shock, but mostly viable. Planted them right away, and we'll see how they fare. I may have just been lucky. BUT, they look very similar to the 4" pots of SAC you'll find @ lowes for 4.95 right now.
Negative downscale_babe
surfside beach, SC (Zone 8b)
(23 reviews)
April 15, 2004
A total waste of time and money.I was lucky to find and join DG before I wasted a whole lot of money with this company. I spent $136 and got about $50 worth of viable plants but it could have been alot worse. I'm not even going to waste more time complaining about the plants that came in dead, mismarked, moldy etc.etc because I know I'll only get a run around. There are so many wonderful suppliers out there that I have ordered from because of the members of DG so I'll just chalk this one up to a bad experience and hope that other people read the comments in garden watchdog.
Negative kaday99
Mooresville, NC
(2 reviews)
April 8, 2004
I ordered several hundred dollars worth of items from American Nursery Products, both through ebay and their website. Unfortunately, only about 10% of what was ordered and "won" every grew. When the packages arrived, many of the items had mold and were rotting, others were dry and appeared dead. I did contact the company, with no response. I went ahead an planted all of the plants just to see if they would grown. They didn't. I again contacted the company with no response. I then went to ebay to leave feedback that was negative. Then I heard from the company. They said they would work with me to make things right. Of course, I never heard from them again. I have made and cotinue to make attempts to contact them, with no luck.
Neutral Meig
Far Northwest 'burbs, IL (Zone 4b)
(13 reviews)
April 8, 2004
Won an auction from them on eBay for 10 Stella d'Oro daylily fans. They were shipped quickly and the packaging was so-so. I guess I am spoiled by winning other daylily auctions, but these fans were not impressive at all. They had very little greenery (I am used to a huge fan with at least an inch of green when I order bareroot fans) and while a few were decent-sized, most were very puny. They will probably live, but they will take a longer time to get to a decent size and might or might not bloom this year. These were NOT freshly dug up, field grown fans. They had probably been dug up in the fall and stored all winter.

All in all I was pretty disappointed and wouldn't order from them again. I can't give them a negative because the fans *were* alive and since they are Stellas will probably survive, but I certainly won't give them a positive.
Negative jus_gardens
Knoxville, TN (Zone 6b)
(3 reviews)
March 30, 2004
Found this company on eBay and decided to take a chance on five autumn clematis plants for $10.00 and 20 Happy Returns daylilies.

The clematis plants were totally dead with only one appearing as if it might be resurrected. I'm working carefully with it but the prognosis is not good. When I contacted American Nursery about this they responded that they didn't believe the plants were dead as they were members of the Clematis Society. Oh? They told me to return the plants to them and let them decide if they were dead or not and they would then decide what to do. I am a long time gardener and I know a dead plant with dead roots when I see it. I left only the second negative in 4 years of eBay.

Just planted the daylilies yesterday and am hoping for the best, though I don't believe the odds are in my favor.

(1 review)
February 14, 2004
I have started a landscape business so I try to get the best deals on plants. I buy from wholesalers, locally and sometimes from ebay. When I have bought from other ebay sellers I have received my plants within 10 days no matter what the season. After about 3 week decided to check on my order and explained that I didn't need to wait for their regular shipping. Was told I couldn't grow plant in green house which being a herb that I Ordered wasn't true, Also when I ask when the plant was to ship got vague anwser so until I actually get these plant am giving negative comment on their responsiveness to customers.
Negative juniorp
(1 review)
September 6, 2003
I purchased plants from ANP. Customer service, when it came to getting my money, was outstanding.
Our weather has been ideal for any sort of new plant this summer. I have transplanted all manner of plants this year. Two(2) of 25 plants lived, that I got from ANP. Thinking this a fluke I called and e-mailed. The email response said they would replace my losses. To date(three months) no replacement, or follow-up. Contact by phone is nearly futile. I feel very much as if I was robbed. This was a referencce from ebaY, AND I CONSIDER IT TO BE BAD BUSINESS AND A BAD PRECEDENT. Be careful, you could be next, and unless you live in Yankton, kiss your money goodbye. In fact I plan to file with the Ohio Consumer Fraud Division, just to give their name more publicity.
Positive grdnnkd
Duluth, MN
(6 reviews)
August 19, 2003
Excellent product & customer service. Had one slight hitch with the items I had received, but was rectified immediately. Can't wait until next spring to place another order.
Negative Serene222
Manns Harbor, NC
(7 reviews)
July 26, 2003
I also found these guys on e-bay and from there located their on-line store. Of the 65 plants ordered from them 28 have died (that does not count several that are pretty puny looking right now). That is a 43% death rate. And they do not replace unless the plant is dead when you get it in the mail. I ordered a geranium from them on e-bay and by the time they realized I had paid for it, it was no longer available from their supplier. Also I have not received a fern ordered from them on June 17th and it is now July 25th. Stay away from these guys and don't buy plants on e-bay.
Negative ruby42
Cape May Court House, NJ (Zone 7a)
(23 reviews)
July 20, 2003
I too found this place on e-bay, and ask several question's before bidding on some Hosta.

I have NEVER left negative feedback about any company but these people were just the WORST!!!!!!!

The auction said " 1 Plant" so I e-mailed them and asked if they were tc's or plug's or bareroot or what!!!!

The response I got from them was that the hosta they sell were (from their e-mail) " our offerings are divisions or 2-3 eyed field grown division's"!!!! It was also mentioned that they grow some plant's in their greenhouse!!!!!

The plant's I did recieve were BARELY HOSTA PLUG'S and NOT healthy at all !!!!! There were 2-3 LITTLE root's on them if that, and the leave's (2 of them had 1 leaf) were turning brown!!!!

They only sent half of my order because they said they had crop failure (which I understand) but they also state that they will offer other plant's of equal value if there was a problem with the order! I was NEVER offered this and in fact I never knew I wasn't getting my entire order until I recieved these sad little plant's!!! My credit card was credited but this took over 2 month's from the time I had paid!!!!

I would NEVER order from them again and would CAUTION anyone that is thinking about it!!! I thought that I asked the right question's but still ended up with the worst plant's I ever bought!!!!!!!
Positive Zuluqueen504
Monroe, LA (Zone 8a)
(4 reviews)
July 19, 2003
I've ordered twice from this company (daylilies and hostas). Plants were small but in excellent condition. I will definitely order from them in the future.
Positive Shelly221
Denver, CO (Zone 5b)
(13 reviews)
July 18, 2003
I also learned of this company through ebay. I have ordered MANY plants from them, and they all are exactly as described. Shipping time was great!
Positive bdoeden
Knoxville, TN
(1 review)
June 23, 2003
This company makes a lot of sales on Ebay where I found them. I ordered a package of 10 bareroot daylillys and a hydrangea in a 4" pot. Price was very reasonable and the plants arrived promptly in good condition. The plants were small but I knew that when ordering. So far I like the way they they do business and plan on ordering from them again.

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