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Shoal Creek Succulents

Elgin, Illinois 60123
(United States)

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This company offers a variety of plants.

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Closed Per a note from the owner, this company is closed.

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Under new ownership in 2008 :}

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Positive FlowerPotTipper
Richland, WA (Zone 7a)
(4 reviews)
December 10, 2014
Awesome, awesome place to order succulents from. I really love that you get exactly what's on the pictures on ebay, so there won't be disappointment. I really hate not expecting what size of plant you'll get. I usually get disappointed when I order from other places a 4 inch plant and get what looks like it came straight out of a plug and shoved in a 4 inch pot right before shipment.

Their shipping is very quick after ordering! I always get my plants within three days of ordering, which is great when you have no patience like me lol. And the plant is packed securely in a big box with tons of news paper and the pot wrapped in a baggie to help keep the dirt in...which it usually loses some anyways, but that's fine with me cause I always repot right away into the type if pots I use with my personal fast draining soil. But the box they come in almost seem overkill in size but they're protected very wonderfully so that's good with me.

So far the two plants I ordered are doing great, they are very healthy and grown wonderfully, but I always stress after receiving new plants for the first month, I know sensitive plants can get upset with the shipping and repotting and make a turn for the worse but I don't complain if they do....I think that's a chance you take when ordering new plants online, and unless they come already in bad shape from the growers, then it's just a chance we take from ordering online. But Shoals Creek do a great job in trying to make sure that doesn't happen. You can tell they are a company that cares about their plants!!
Positive alyssa226
Palatine, IL
(1 review)
August 15, 2014
Love this seller. Visited her nursery in Elgin and she was very accommodating as I wandered around, marveling at everything, before I actually bought anything!

Great plants and an even more impressive personal collection. Very good service.
Positive wormfood
Lecanto, FL (Zone 9a)
(5 reviews)
July 17, 2013
Ordered 3 plants a month ago, excellent shipping and packing and I haven't killed them yet. Which means they were healthy plants to begin with. Getting another order ready.
Positive Toni05
Brookfield, IL
(61 reviews)
October 5, 2011
Posted on April 19, 2011, updated October 5, 2011
Posted on April 19, 2011, updated April 19, 2011
Posted on November 15, 2010, updated April 19, 2011
Posted on November 15, 2010, updated November 15, 2010
Posted on September 30, 2010, updated November 15, 2010
Posted on August 29, 2010, updated September 30, 2010
Posted on October 11, 2007, updated August 29, 2010
I ordered two different Pachypodiums. I was a bit worried about one since it arrived a semi-wilted..I emailed Shoalcreek asking their advice..They replied the same day, very helpful. I did as he suggested..The following day, after repotting, the semi-wilted Pachy perked up and is doing fine.
Though Pachy's are succulents, the first thing I did was set in a cup of water since roots looked a tad dry.

For those of you who like succulents, now is a great time to order from SCS's..they're having a 20% sale, prices are fanastic..I'm thinking of adding a few more to my collection..Toni

On March 6th, 2009, Toni05 added the following:

Ordered a large shipment, Sunday, March 1, 2009. The packaged arrived today, March 6, 2009.
Talk about fast shipping!

Plants/Succulents are very, very healthy, pest-free, and many, much larger than expected. I'm in heaven.. :)

A good number of Shoalcreeks succulents are deemed rare, prices are more than reasonable.
Since 70% of my plants were purchased online, and via browsing, I keep track of plant costs. So I can honestly say SC's prices are GREAT!

Their new website is incredible. The new owner is very nice, patient, and answers emails promptly.
There are no hidden shipping fees either, which is a rarity these days. 'When one orders a bare-root, 4" succulent, (no soil or mediums) charged 8.99 for shipping, plus the cost of plant, there is something really wrong with this picture.'
Again, Shoal Creek hasn't any hidden shipping fees. They charge the exact shipping cost.
I was notified today, I overpaid shipping. They are going to reimburse this extra fee whichever method I choose..example, Paypal, etc. How many company's would admit and offer to reimburse?

I plan on ordering again in the future. Thanks Shoal Creek, Toni

On September 24th, 2009, Toni05 added the following:

This is my second order with Shoal Creek Succulents.
Plants are very healthy, colorful, and large in size.
Plants are well-rooted.
Shipping was exceptionally fast.

Those of you who enjoy growing succulents, including rarer types, give Shoal Creek a'll be glad you did..Toni

On August 29th, 2010, Toni05 added the following:

Ordered several succulents from SCS. All arrived healthy and pest-free. Prices are more than reasonable, especially considering plants' sizes.

Plants are securely-wrapped, and orders shipped quick.

The new owner has done a tremendous job improving Shoal Creek Succulents.
She has numerous varieties of succulents: I wish I had one of each. lol. Great Job.

On September 30th, 2010, Toni05 added the following:

Ordered a Bowiea volubilis bulb. I was sent, one extra large bulb or two mid-size.
Bulb was shipped with care, package arrived quickly. Toni
On November 15th, 2010, Toni05 added the following:

Ordered 3 more succulents before winters' arrival..
Graptoveria 'Silver Star' a very compact plant, well-rooted.
Crassula perforata variegata...This plant is huge, over 12" tall. It's adorable.
Monadenium trinerve. Another tall plant. Its leaves have beautitul pink and green colors.

Plants are pest-free, healthy and very very pretty.

Plants were carefully wrapped. No broken stems. Shipped fast.
Emails are promptly answered. Toni
On November 15th, 2010, Toni05 added the following:

Ordered 3 more succulents before winters' arrival..
Graptoveria 'Silver Star' a very compact plant, well-rooted.
Crassula perforata variegata...This plant is huge, over 12" tall. It's adorable.
Monadenium trinerve. Another tall plant. Its leaves have beautitul pink and green colors.

Plants are pest-free, healthy and very very pretty.

Plants were carefully wrapped. No broken stems. Shipped fast.
Emails are promptly answered. Toni
On April 19th, 2011, Toni05 added the following:

Receieved two, 'huge' 'gorgeous, succulents from ShoalCreek..

Brighamia 'insignis,'...Stands 21" not counting roots. Trunks diameter is 8.5".
Sans, 'Moonlight,' Very full, 11 leaves, the largest, a little taller than 1'.

Plants were carefully wrapped, and shipped to my house less than a week after order was placed.

Thanks have the lovliest plants..Toni

On April 19th, 2011, Toni05 added the following:

Receieved two, 'huge' 'gorgeous, succulents from ShoalCreek..

Brighamia 'insignis,'...Stands 21" not counting roots. Trunks diameter is 8.5".
Sans, 'Moonlight,' Very full, 11 leaves, the largest, a little taller than 1'.

Plants were carefully wrapped, and shipped to my house less than a week after order was placed.

Thanks have the lovliest plants..Toni

On October 5th, 2011, Toni05 added the following:

Ordered four plants from ShoalCreek.

T. fluminensis, Callisia navicularis, K lateritia and K eriophylla.

Plants were shipped bare-root..all well-rooted, large sections.

Each plant, individually wrapped.

Emails are always answered promptly.

Lisa knows I adore variegated plants, so she added a small but gorgeous Haworthia as a bonus.

Shipment arrived quick. Thanks, Toni

Positive lakesidecallas
(Zone 6a)
(20 reviews)
June 22, 2011
Awesome plants and unbelievable (cheap!) prices. The owner allowed me to stop by pick up my plants, since I was going to be passing by (they normally aren't open to the public). That was really nice of her- she works a "real job" in addition to running the nursery.
I was completely amazed by their greenhouse, completely spotless, plants labeled and in perfect order, no bugs, or flaws whatsoever. I have a good-sized greenhouse with lots of plants, so I know how much work it must take to keep it looking like that, and the plants clean and healthy. I ended up buying even more plants. Bought an Echinopsis that has flowered 4 times in the month I've had it. Bought a huge Echinocereus rigiddissimus, which was the first cactus I ever had.
I wanted to buy one of everything she had- and there is an extensive list of plants, both rare and well-known.
I can't recommend SCS highly enough- this is my second year buying plants from them and I will continue to buy more!
Positive NancySLAZ
Sun Lakes, AZ (Zone 9a)
(3 reviews)
June 12, 2011
I ordered 5 cacti: Parodia microsperma (P. sanguiniflora),
Gymnocalycium andreae, Gymnocalycium megalothelos,
Parodia concinna (N. amiguetti), Parodia ottonis var. Aigua for $ 6.00 each. The arrived as promised and I was very pleased with the size and health of the plants. They are in beautiful condition and I could not ask for anything more. The company was also very diligent about informing me as to the order and its arrival.
Positive tkrettler
Hoffman Estates, IL
(1 review)
February 24, 2011
only good things to say, and very willing to provide tips to a newbie like me
Positive SDCA
San Diego, CA
(20 reviews)
November 30, 2010
I recently ordered some winter growing bulbs from SCS. Other than the fact that I never got an answer to an email I sent I'm pleased with the transaction. The bulbs were well packed with a heat pack and I received everything in a more than reasonable time frame. I won't hesitate to buy again if they have something I want.

Positive davidmk
Austin, TX (Zone 8b)
(7 reviews)
April 21, 2008
I just received my order of mostly cactus and a few other succulents. The order was shipped quickly and the plants are beautiful and healthy! They are a good size, too. I am very pleased.
Negative virgil_
San Diego, CA
(1 review)
October 24, 2007
ordered about $80 worth of plants from this company. they cashed the check on the 19th of september. i sent them 2 emails asking for the status of the shipment and as of today, oct 23, they havent responded yet. i understand they're closing or selling the company. i hope that they either ship the plants or refund my money.
On October 25th, 2007, virgil_ added the following:

They never e-mailed me back as the company rep said. My name and mailing address were in the follow up e-mail I sent.

On October 25th, 2007, virgil_ added the following:

Additionally, if they don't have my name, how could he claim he filled my order on the 22nd of October?
On October 26th, 2007, virgil_ added the following:

the company cashed the check on sep 19. they shipped on the oct 22. they can keep track of the money but not the order? they keep saying they responded to my emails which i never received. i'm not the first one who commented on their lack of customer service, at least 2 other people have complained about this company's inability to respond to e-mails in a timely manner. this could have been easily resolved if they only keep good records and respond to emails. i received the plants yesterday, oct 24. i will not order anymore from this company, nor will i post anymore replies after this. i wish them luck on the sale of their company.
Company representative comment on October 25, 2007:

On Oct 24, 2007 3:17 PM, Shoal Creek Succulents added:

I responded to all of these emails. Clearly there is a problem with him being able to receive them. In addition, the content of our first two replies was basically 'what is your name?' as he had not given us any info with which to look up his order, not even a name. At any rate, his order was filled and shipped 10-22

On Oct 25, 2007 9:13 AM, Shoal Creek Succulents added:

I won't get sucked into petty argumentation here. We did originally look for his order under the name virgil, which was the only info we had. Nothing came up in the records, so we assumed he either used a different name when ordering or some similar situation (which happens fairly regularly). At that time we responded to his email requesting clarification, and then again after his second email. We discovered his order when we got to packing the orders we received by mail. Had the customer simply sent a mail saying "I sent you an order via mail, my name is virgil *****, what is the status of my order?", there wouldn't have been a problem. Although, given that he never received any of our responses anyway, perhaps even that wouldn't have helped.

Positive Bec_No_Va
Huntsville, AL (Zone 7b)
(39 reviews)
September 29, 2007
Nice plants - nice size - :-)
Positive rockminer
Scott Bar, CA (Zone 6a)
(2 reviews)
May 14, 2007
After receiving my second order from Shoal Creek I am happy to report that the service is excellent and the plants are large, healthy and well packed. I talked to the owner, Ryan, and found him knowledgeable, friendly, helpful and very personable. Highly recommended.

Positive daveman
Johnson City, TN
(12 reviews)
December 12, 2006
This company has a great selection of succulents and caudiciforms. I just placed an order and there was an error in shipping calculation that I totally overlooked, but I immediately recieved an email from them and everything's in order. I'll look here first for any caudiciform seeds I'd like to try out.
Neutral jessmerritt
(Zone 7b)
(35 reviews)
May 28, 2006
I ordered during their 50% off sale before their move. I ordered about 20 plants or so that just couldn't be found anywhere else. It was a mix really. Some things were decent sized and some things were really small cuttings, much smaller than I would consider trading to someone. Some things croaked almost imediately while others flourished. I'm leaving a neutral becuase I feel like I got my money's worth. If I had paid full price for some of the really small cuttings I probably would be upset.
Positive InnerLightPhoto
Brooklyn, NY
(6 reviews)
May 26, 2006
Easy company to deal with and the plants are or good to excellent quality. If you have problems trying to locate the huernia, stapelias, etc., chances are they have them. Emails are answered quickly and they are relatively easy to deal with. 1 of 4 nurserys that I will only deal with sight unseen and via mail order.
Positive BeauClark
Littleton, CO
(1 review)
May 4, 2006
Over a month ago I order some plants from shoal creek succulents, I have yet to recieve my order though my card was imediately charged. I am not so worried about the fact that I haven't recieved my plants yet, as I can see that this is most likely a very busy time for them. However after sending them repeated emails from different sources to both their "inquire" email adress and "order" email address I am getting concerned. They haven't answered any of my e-mails and though they said it might take longer than their qouted 1-7 days to recieve plants in the spring, they also said that they would notify anyone if they thought that the wait would be signifigantly longer. I am thinking that this is probably just a technical error, or maybe I am just being impatient. I take online classes and buy lots of plant material online and I have never had to wait very long for an email response, so this is a curious situation for me. I am marking my comment as positive simply becuase I don't know the circumstances surrounding the sites reluctance to send return e-mails.
On May 9th, 2006, BeauClark added the following:

Shoal Creek recently e-mailed me to apologize for and say that they where having technical problems with their e-mail which related to their move, and that Ryan was dealing with those problems right now.
Positive pennienh
Milford, NH
(1 review)
April 6, 2006
I have dealt with Shoal Creek and they have been very positive. On a scale of 1-10, I would give them 10+. They are quick to respond to email questions also. The plants that I order are as promised. They are a good company to deal with.

Pennie from NH
Positive gc2205
Seminole, FL
(1 review)
January 4, 2006
I've placed several orders with Shoal Creek and each time the plants have been big, healthy, reasonably priced, well packed and promptly delivered. They also charged a lot less for shipping than many others I've done business with.
Positive jll
Pendleton, OR
(32 reviews)
December 1, 2005
Orderd from the sale the pricing was great plants real nice size. looking forward to more orders
Positive Pixydish
Lakewood, WA (Zone 8a)
(13 reviews)
November 30, 2005
Placed a big order during their 50% off sale. It took awhile for them to process the order, but it was definitely worth the wait. Everything was well developed and well rooted.
Positive vossner
Richmond, TX (Zone 9a)
(113 reviews)
November 29, 2005
I also took advantage of their moving sale and obtained succulents I don't see locally. Plants were packed well and arrived within 2 weeks after placing order. Will buy from them again.
Positive PlantMomto3
Nevada, MO (Zone 6a)
(24 reviews)
November 15, 2005
I placed my first mail order with this company during its "moving sale." I knew about this vendor from the Kansas City Cactus and Succulent Society sale in 2004. They had wonderful plants and I bought many so I already knew they had quality plants. I tried again this year, but they were unfortunately unable to attend the sale.

I placed an order for about 11 plants. They all arrived in about 1 1/2 weeks even though I am sure they were handling many orders. The plants/cuttings were great and they even sent along an extra hoya cutting.

I would definitely recommend this vendor as a great source for unique plants and they will be sorely missed at future society sales. It just wasn't the same without them!
Positive MaryEv
Cincinnati, OH (Zone 6a)
(8 reviews)
November 13, 2005
I placed an order with Shoal Creek during their sale period prior to their move. I'm very happy with what I got. All the plants were good size. Some were rooted, some not, but all were healthy.

Also, they shipped the order very quickly and everything was well packed and labeled.

I will definately buy from them again.
On May 25th, 2006, MaryEv added the following:

True to my word, I ordered from them again. I received my order in less than a week. Everything was packaged very carefully and each was very generous in size. I'm really happy with what I got.
Positive senlarrs
Harrisburg, PA (Zone 6a)
(12 reviews)
November 3, 2005
Believe this is the second time that I ordered plants from this company. They are having a sale, excellent prices, plants and shipping. Will buy again from them!
Positive reidster
Slidell, LA
(1 review)
June 23, 2005
I just made my third purchase from this company and I expect to make others in the future. Bottom line: very good prices, excellent selection, and good shipping time.
Positive ooojen
Lewiston, MN
(10 reviews)
May 18, 2005
I've ordered from Shoal Creek several times over the last couple years, and I've been very pleased every time. Shoal Creek has a nice selection of both common and unusual plants, and there are always new things to see on the website.
The service has been prompt; I've always gotten my orders very quickly. The packaging and shipping have been good, and the plants themselves have been excellent! All were nice and healthy, and many were considerably larger than I'd expected.
On the few occasions when they've been out of a plant I ordered, they more than made it up to me from my possible substitutions list.
I've been happy with every aspect of my transactions with this company!
Positive nanher0
Albany, NY
(1 review)
May 12, 2005
I have purchased many times from this company and have always been very satisfied. If you have a question on any of the plants they have .They have been more than helpful with their advise. They go the extra mile to sell healthy plants to their customers. They are very reliable company to do business with. I highly recommend them. They also carry a wide variety of plants to choose from. You won`t be disappointed doing business with this company. I would rate them an A+++++++ all the way.
Positive raymondb
Pearland, TX
(3 reviews)
February 16, 2005
I received my two orders from last year today and I could not be happier. The plants were of good size and well packaged. Nice plants were substituted for those out of stock. Ryan is an honest person and I am already planning my next order.
Positive paiger77
Arlington, TX
(1 review)
February 9, 2005
Thank you Shoal Creek! This is the first time I have ordered from them and I must say I am very impressed. They have a very diverse inventory and the plants I received were good sized and very healthy. I especially like the fact that when I emailed them with questions, prior to my order, they were quick to respond and were very helpful. I also appreciated that they offer heat packs so my order could be shipped in cooler weather. I will definitely order again.
Negative srcoke
Oakland, CA
(1 review)
January 20, 2005
Beware -- these folks should be run out of business.
I placed a nearly $50 order from this company on Dec. 1, 2004 and paid immediately via credit card, receiving an automated response that my payment had been processed. I emailed on Dec. 11th to inquire about when my order would be shipped, explaining that I would be out of town from 12/20 - 1/4 and wished to receive my order before then so the plants would not freeze on my doorstep. I received a response from Ryan McNew that the plants would be shipped on 12/14. When I did not receive them by 12/20, I arranged for a neighbor to check my doorstep daily. Still no plants upon my return on 1/4. I again emailed on 1/5. No response. I sent yet another email on 1/12 asking them to either ship the plants or issue a refund, and I have still heard nothing from these folks! I've tried calling -- no response. These folks have had my full payment now for 51 days, over seven weeks, and I cannot even get the courtesy of a response from them! Because it seems clear to me now that they have absolutely no intention of either sending me the plants or issuing me a refund, I am pursuing a back charge with my credit card company (Thank God I didn't use a debit card). It angers me greatly to spend my time dealing with what amounts to thievery on behalf of this company. They don't deserve your business.
Company representative comment on January 22, 2005:
This was a mistake on our part and has been dealt with. We were out of town and closed for much of the period in question. SCS - Jan 22nd
Negative gowron
Athens, GA
(38 reviews)
January 18, 2005
I am not impressed with this company. The plants are good, but the "service" is terrible. I placed an order in early December. My credit card was charged on the spot (never a good sign), for the full amount of the order. I feel better about companies when they charge upon shipping. Anyway, one plant was out of stock so they sent me a credit voucher towards a future purchase (not a good policy either). Another plant was missing, even though I was charged for it. The plants that did arrive were of good quality. I emailed them informing them of the problem and offering to place a second order (that I would pay the shipping for and apply the credit voucher towards), asking them only to include the missing plant from the first order. Got no response. Emailed them again a few weeks later (late last week). No response to date. Mind you, we are talking of only a few bucks here, but I will never order from them again, and urge you to be vey wary. There are much better sources for cacti and succulents (e.g., Miles to Go, Living Stones and Mesa Garden).
On January 26th, 2005, gowron changed the rating from negative to neutral and added the following:

On Jan 23 I received a short acknowldegemenet of my complaint and a refund for the missing plant was posted to my credit card that same day. There was NO indication when I ordered that the nursery would be closed over the Holidays. When I sent my first email to them I received an automated response that they would be closed until Jan 10. My second email was after Jan 10. They did not respond until Jan 23 (perhaps after looking at this site?). I am changing my rating to "neutral" because they did respond, but I am not satisfied enough with their service to warrant a "positive".
On October 24th, 2007, gowron changed the rating from neutral to negative and added the following:

These clowns sold the nursery in the minutes that went between adding items to my cart and going to the checkout - I was not able to submit an order that I had spent quite a bit of time adding to. I'm not unhappy to see them out of business - hopefully the new owners will be more professional.
On October 26th, 2007, gowron added the following:

The way to proceed:

1. Agree with the buyers on a time when the transaction becomes effective.

2. Stipulate in the contract that the final price for the nursery will be adjusted according to the inventory at the time agreed upon in point 1.

3. Put a large announcement on the website stating that orders will be taken and filled only until the time designated in point 1.

The time can be as short as a day or two after you reached an agreement with the buyer - the crucial thing is to treat your customers with respect, and not as an afterthought.
Company representative comment on October 26, 2007:
Again, we were closed for the period in question, so email could not be returned. This was prominently noted in the shopping cart of the website, and also as a auto-reply on our email. I'm not sure what the reference to a credit voucher is, as we only use these for orders which have been paid by check (unless it refers to a voucher over a year old when we still used them). Our normal policy is now to issue a credit card refund for items which are out of stock. This streamlines order fulfillment. SCS- jan 22nd.
On Oct 25, 2007 9:21 AM, Shoal Creek Succulents added:

Obviously, once we sold the business it would have been unethical and dishonest to continue accepting orders, so we disabled the shopping cart. I do apologize if this was an inconvenience for you. Would you have done something different? And would it have been ethical?

On Oct 26, 2007 11:34 AM, Shoal Creek Succulents added:

Yes, All of this was done as you explain. The only difference was that we stopped the sale and shut down the website as of the time of the agreement to sell the business. We pointed out that this would happen in the email you received when we started the 20% off sale, so there was an announcement of the situation. This action was necessary due to the incredibly high volume of sales we were experiencing at the time. Had we not done so, or had we waited a few days as you suggest, there literally might not have been a business left to sell. Again, I do apologize your order didn't make it in. I disabled the website late at night specifically so this wouldn't be an issue for anyone, and I'm sure the new owners will be happy to fill it once they re-open. If you have not logged out of the website or deleted your cookies, your order should show in the shopping cart once they reopen.

Positive rcookfish
Kansas City, KS
(1 review)
September 12, 2004
My wife and I ordered some plants from Shoals for the first time this year and were so happy with our plants, within 30 minutes we were at the computer making our next order. Our plants looked exactly like the photos on the website and were excellent plants. Within 30 days of getting our first order we had several plants bloom. We got our second order and was just as pleased as the first order and we will be doing more business with Shoal Creek and highly recommend them.
Positive Nan
SW, WI (Zone 4b)
(33 reviews)
August 31, 2004
Questions emailed before ordering were promptly answered.
Received my order of several plants within two weeks after paying by personal check.
Plants were packaged well (one had broken segments but they root easily!) were obviously very healthy and were loaded with good, healthy roots.
Nice sized plants for the price.
Will order again!
On August 1st, 2005, Nan added the following:

Another order, another satisfied (again!) customer!

Ordered 2 hoyas at very reasonable prices.
Received BIG healthy nicely rooted cuttings, packaged well.

Highly recommend!
Neutral dave12122
East Haddam, CT
(73 reviews)
July 8, 2004
I've ordered from this company twice and have been consistently "underwhelmed". The stapeliads that arrived this spring were extremely shriveled, bright red, and looked dead. Only one is making new growth, one died immediately and the other is in suspended animation. The Didiera was small and needed much TLC for it to establish and make growth (now, three months later, it is finally making new leaves...other specimens from different nurseries acclimated within a week or two). One Crassula was misidentified....corymbulosa should be tabularis...and the other Crassulas were small to extremely small. The bottom line appears to be that this nursery does not grow its plants very well. I got a credit memo for my first order of $18.00, but what I used it for seems lifeless and torpid..a colossal disappointment!
Positive Philly
Philadelphia, PA
(19 reviews)
April 26, 2004
This is my second time ordering from Shoal Creek. I really like the great selection of plants they offer and their prices are great. My first order was about a year ago and they are all doing great. This second order just arrived and I am very happy with it. Shipping was quick and all plants were healthy. There are some funky things to be discovered at this place and I will be back to order once I get this shipment established.
Positive gardengalca
(7 reviews)
January 18, 2004
This is a newer company, only a few years old, but I've been very impressed with them so far. I ordered from them three times last year and was pleased with the quality every time. The service is great and email replies are usually given the same day. This is the best place to buy stapeliads on the internet. The prices are a little high sometimes, but the vibrant condition of the plants makes it worth it. They also have, I think, the largest selection of Ceropegias in the US (if you're into those viney things, I'm not).
Neutral epistaxis
(4 reviews)
November 22, 2003
Ordered 9 specimens, arrived within a week. Two of the longer plants had segments broken off - large segments. Was issued a credit memo for 2 of the 9, would have much preferred and rather expected a credit to my account instead. I'm not certain the varieties were exactly the ones I ordered - but there can be some really subtle differences between types.
Neutral Happenstance
Northern California, CA
(18 reviews)
November 19, 2003
Placed a good sized order which was filled in a timely manner. Plants were very small and a couple in pretty bad shape. With some TLC they probably will survive.

Because I specified no substitutions and two items were out of stock, the company issued a credit slip. A more acceptable action would have been to credit my account for the difference. I will probably not use the credit because of the only average quality of the plant material I've seen from this company and the fact that shipping would probably be equal to the credit amount, making it less than economical.

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