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On Mar 23, 2021, SueBondu (1 reviews) from Shawnee Mission, KS

I ordered a Cattleya orchid (Melinda Funk 'Ernie') from Hausermann's and about a year later entered it in a contest and was told that it had a virus and that I should destroy it immediately, which I did . The judge explained to me that the mottled color breaks were indicative of a virus. I then ordered the same orchid again and when it came, and opened about two weeks later, it too, also displayed the virus. I called them and requested a replacement orchid (a different variety of Cattleya) which they sent and when it opened it also had the same virus. I called them again and asked for a refund of the first two that I had to destroy and they said they would get back to me. Of course that was the last I heard from them and they did not send me a refund. They are destroying their one-time good reputation. Do not trust them to send you a healthy plant, but instead sick plants that could infect your whole orchid collection.

On Jan 22, 2021, bubba5433 (1 reviews) from Montgomery Village, MD

I have been ordering from Hausermann's for over 20 years. Recently, I began testing all new orchid acquisitions for viruses, including an order of 19 plants from Hausermann's. Five out of the 19 plants tested positive for either CymMV, ORSV, or both. I emailed the vendor, and they said they could not guarantee virus-free plants, but because I was a "valued customer," they would give me a one-time 50% store credit. They made it very clear they would not be giving any credit in the future. I told them there would be no future. To date, they have not responded or given any refund on the five plants that cost me $128! NOTE: I had a similar experience with another large vendor, but received a totally different response. They apologized and went out of their way to send replacement plants that they first tested to make sure they were negative for virus.

On Jun 2, 2019, FLWorkerBee (1 reviews) from Merritt Island, FL

Have ordered from Hausermann Orchids several times now, mostly with positive results. The only time that would be considered "neutral" was an orchid received had black rot. Since I knew how to deal with black rot, cut the leaves off, treated all orchids with the appropriate chemical to help prevent spreading (very rapid spreading if timely action is not taken). Sent an email informing Hausermann what happened, didn't receive a response, but if had not had the knowledge and chemicals on hand, this would have turned out differently. That said, would do business with them in the future. Having basic knowledge and orchid chemicals on hand is a necessity.

On Jul 22, 2017, Biscuits_Gravy (2 reviews) from Rockford, IL

My first order from this company was a Dtps. Kenneth Schubert 'Blue Star'. The plant was well packaged and in good shape. The medium was old and very dry but it had healthy roots. Interestingly, there was information about cattleya's sent with it, but it is the right plant. My second order was a phal. tetraspis. This plant had newer, moist medium and nice roots. The plant seems very healthy. With this plant they sent a paper telling me who specifically picked out a plant for me, which I thought was a nice touch. The only thing I wish Hausermann's did was send tracking information. I live fairly close to them so I've noticed that when they charge my card that the plant will arrive the next day. Even so, it would be nice to know for sure to make arrangements so that the plant doesn't have to be on the doorstep for long. I imagine this would be more important to people who live farther away. Otherwise, I've been very happy with the plants I have received.

On May 7, 2017, psychopsis (3 reviews) from Ann Arbor, MI

I decided to place a mail order because I wanted a specific orchid, but got drawn in by the range of inexpensive and interesting plants. I ended up ordering 6 orchids, and each plant arrived healthy and carefully packaged. Will have to try to visit their greenhouses next time I am in Illinois.

On Sep 23, 2016, burned1202 (1 reviews) from Moultonborough, NH

On my first order ever with this company, I received three plants. One immediately had a problem - all the roots were dead. I emailed the company, and didn't get a response after a few days so I called. I was told I would get a replacement. A couple weeks went by and nothing, so I called again and was told the replacement was sent BEFORE the original order even arrived which I pointed out. The woman on the phone said she would look up the tracking info and get back to me. Again, a week went by with no call. I was very displeased and felt like I was being lied to at that point. I sent another email to that effect. I got a call from the owner the following day and worked on a resolution. All the others of this species were sick, so I picked a different species that was supposed to be blooming size. They sent it and it initially looked good. A week later, I repotted the plant. I discovered that the "blooming size" plant was actually two divisions stuck in the same pot, each only with one mature and one immature psuedobulb. At this point, I've decided I'm never going to order from this particular company again. Today... I am repotting another plant I received in the original order. I had hesitated because it was in bud/bloom but the soil looked bad so I finally broke down. This plant is also two divisions stuck in one pot to make the plant look bigger than it is. I paid extra for this plant. At that point, I decided to actually write a review. I bought from Hausermann's with confidence - they had so many great reviews and folks on the forum I frequent adore them. I got burned. I had to badger them to make good on their promise. I then find they use deceptive practices to make plants look bigger than they are. Occasional negligence and sending a sick plant I can absolutely forgive. Lying about plant size and using deceptive practices? Never. They don't deserve my trust as a consumer.

On Dec 22, 2015, trospero (20 reviews) from Corvallis, OR

Hausermann's does it right! They ship large plants for a very modest price, the plants are packed with great care, and everything I've received is beautiful and healthy. Top marks for Hausermann's! They've been in business for something like 80 years and its not hard to see why; they care about their plants AND their customers. Thank you.

On Jul 17, 2013, orchidman148 (2 reviews) from Westminster, MD

I have been purchasing orchids from Hausermann's since 1970. I have ordered many many plants, mainly Cattleya's. I have always received the best customer service and the quality of their plants have always been excellent. They have always been prompt to resolve any problem.I am a long time customer and will continue to be. You cannot go wrong ordering from this company. I reside in Westminster, Maryland.

On Jun 1, 2013, Afry (5 reviews) from Petaluma, CA

This is my first experience with this company and I could not be more pleased and impressed. I ordered a dozen plants mostly Cattleya's. They were extremely large, healthy and robust specimens. Many are in bud. I also ordered a sale plant Cattelya "Jose Marti" that has 3 flower spikes for $25.00. This plant is enormous and a great value! Additionally, lovely bonus plants were included. Thank you.

On Mar 6, 2012, crazy4brugs (18 reviews) from Kansasville, WI (Zone 5a)

Every year I have tried to go to their open house, traveling over 160 miles each year. It is a wonderful experience to see all the orchids in bloom. The Hauserman family are so pleasant and willing to help. This year I left with 3 large boxes of plants and had seen the packing person put the bags of bark on the bottom of other peoples boxes, so when I got to my car I just put the boxes in the back and did not look into them. After arriving home I found that the bags of bark were not there. I called on Sunday morning and explained the situation. The lady I talked to was very helpful and resolved everything, and they are sending me by bags of bark. I will go back next year to add to my collection.

On Mar 3, 2012, PinetopPlanter (24 reviews) from Auburn Four Corners, PA (Zone 5a)

Posted on April 3, 2009, updated March 3, 2012 Bravo! I hadn't ordered from this company (or any other Orchid company) in years, as I had been lucky enough in the past to be in close proximity to the Greater New York Orchid show and sale, but was reminded of them from this website. I went to their website to order two equitant oncidiums in bud. They came within a week. The shipping fee of $10 was definitely earned in this case. The box was carefully lined with paper, the buds surrounded with shredded waxed paper, each orchid was then wrapped and taped, and the whole, large box well cushioned with paper. The plants look great, with plenty of buds! I would definitely order from them again, and really like the "plants in bud" section of their website.

On March 3rd, 2012, PinetopPlanter added the following: Placed on order for a large Cattleya hybrid in bud, a smaller Cattleya hybrid, and a Neofinetia. All three are good healthy plants. The budded plant came in sheath with the buds just about to push out. It is now in bloom as I write this and incredibly beautiful (Blc. Chia Lin 'Shinsu #1'). All costs (the plants and the shipping) were more than warranted. Very happy with Hausermann's.

On Feb 19, 2012, XerosOrchid (1 reviews) from Scottsdale, AZ (Zone 9b)

Hausermann has been in business for almost thirty years (maybe more). My husband used to order orchids from them back when I was still in grade school and green behind the ears. Finally, over thirty years later, my husband was able to get back into orchid culture after losing his first greenhouse in a divorce. The first thing he did was go on the internet and attempt to locate the orchid growers he had excellent experience with so many years ago. Housermann was one of the few left. We placed several orders and they not only arrived ahead of time, but the plants were in absolute phenomenal condition. On one plant (which was shipped with others in an extremely well-packed box) we found cold-burn on two leaves where those leaves had touched the side of the box. It was clearly damage that had occurred in transit and none of Hausermann's fault. This sort of thing happens when you have a very narrow window of transport limited to certain months of the year. In our case, the state of origin is still in deep, freezing winter, while we are already pushing our temperatures into the 80's on a good day. Soon, we'll be hitting the 100's while the state of origin is still pushing for highs in the 70's. The quality of the plants, the precise labeling, the outstanding packaging as well as the prompt delivery were the hallmarks of a well-established and well-reputed company. The only thing we could have wished for was a tracking notification that would have alerted us to when the plants would be expected to arrive at our location -- that way one of us could have arranged to be present to receive the package rather than having the shipper leave the package at the doorstep (which is not good, but at the current temperatures we can get away with it). Glitches happen even in the best of companies. Life isn't perfect. Maybe there's an employee who's doesn't take his job seriously. We know that maybe one day we'll get hit with a glitch, and we'll be unhappy with a shipment. But that won't deter us from returning to a company whose general performance can be described no less than excellent.

On Nov 28, 2011, tipink12 (1 reviews) from Wynot, NE

I ordered from them in September. My order was a phal and a paph, the paph came in good condition and is doing well... the phal is a different story. I bought it in spike, which was for 30 dollars and then 15 dollar shipping on top of it... that orchid was the reason for my order ( the paph was just a cheap experement to see if I could grow one:) . Upon recieving the order I opened up the box, wich was well packed. The first thing i did was pull the phal out of its pot to check the roots. What I saw amazed me, and not in a good way. I saw dying roots in sphag, cracked, blackened and dead in many places. This was shipped also in a six inch pot, wich had almost no roots for the size of the pot, (very overpotted) wich I paid a very good chunk of change for! I ended up repotting int into a smaller pot, after cleaning up the root zone (removal of half the roots or more due to decay), and now it is in the process of either loosing leaves (hopefully) or simply dying. I emailed the company, no reply. (within a week mind you or getting my order) Their service seems to be quite lacking. They will respond to my emails about questions about a certain plant or such, but not to a probematic order. To the contrary of this story the paph i did recieve is doing very well. I have no complaint whatsoever about it. I very much enjoy it as it is a very cute plant and easy to take care of. I cannot wait for it to bloom!!! That will be in a year or two though... keeping hopes high :)

On Sep 24, 2011, RHODRIDGEBACK (5 reviews) from Lexington, KY (Zone 6b)

Posted on February 20, 2011, updated September 24, 2011 I was wondering if it is possible to put in a rating higher than positive? I mean that just does not explain how beautiful these plants are. I ordered 2 Stanhopea,a wardii,and a oculata, a red-form foxtail, a Brassavola nodosa, and a Aerangis biloba(small), and a Trichopilia tortilis(small). Amazing! The service was fast, one week from order to delivery. Everything was well labeled, and obviously was well grown. This company cares very much about the product they put out and the service they perform. I would very much recommend this company to anyone that loves to grow orchids. I will be ordering from them again. Thank You

On September 24th, 2011, RHODRIDGEBACK added the following: I love this company, this is my third order and as always everything was perfect. I ordered angraecum sesquipedale,didieri and leonis,a dendrobium unicum and pierardii and aerangis rhodisticta.the rhodisticta while very small was perfectly grown,as are all the plants i received. but the special treat was opening the pierardii, this is one of the most beautiful orchids i have ever seen. it goes without saying i will be order again. thank you, and keep up the good work.

On May 6, 2011, engineeringman (1 reviews) from Lubbock, TX

Posted on May 5, 2011, updated May 6, 2011 Paid $15 for a Trichopilia tortilis, and got something that's probably about 4 years away from blooming. I was dissappointed with the very small size (see attachment). I was expecting at least an "NBS" size but instead got something I place firmly in the seedling category. I would have just grumbled a bit, but when dismounting this orchid, I closely inpected the place on the plant where the leading growth should be, and found it had been snapped off. Perhaps I got the "tail end" of a division - the tiny starter bulbs. T. tortilis is not an endangered species, so I dont see why I should pay this to get a seedling, when I can get a blooming size orchid for that same price elsewhere. But that's not nearly as important as the fact that there was absolutely no indication of the size of the plant listed on the website. I emailed them about this two weeks ago, and have not recieved a reply.

On May 6th, 2011, engineeringman changed the rating from negative to neutral and added the following: I have now recieved a reply for my original email. They have updated the website to list the size for that particular plant. Mr. Hausermann had also offered to credit the shipping and offer a discount for the plant, which I declined.

On Apr 14, 2011, dirkheifert (1 reviews) from New Ringgold, PA

I compared many websites. This one was the best I found. Communication great-I sent questions and had replies within hours. Prices good. One of the few sites I found with cork bark mounted orchids. More selection in the future would be great! Website easy to navigate. Shipping time was excellent...less than a week to PA. Orchids arrived in good condition. Packaged with care. Plants in excellent condition. Healthy and green. They were as described. I was delighted to discover that there are two plants mounted as one on the bark. Can't say enough about the service. My purchasing experience was great and I will certainly buy from them again.

On Jan 4, 2011, ericapayne (6 reviews) from Bloomington, IN

I've been ordering orchids from this company since 1985 and have always received beautiful large plants in excellent health, usually in bud or bloom. I usually attend their spring open house and end up with much more than I intended or have room for. Their plants are beautiful and expertly grown and I will continue to patronize their greenhouses and order from their only website. This is my favorite place to acquire orchids.

On Nov 20, 2010, hunky1234 (3 reviews) from Pleasant Hill, CA

Posted on November 13, 2010, updated November 20, 2010 I placed 2 orders on a Sunday evening for 10 and 6 cattleya plants. They were shipped out the next morning and I was given the UPS tracking number immediately. All arrived safely and I have to admit, they were the best plants I have yet purchased from anywhere...no more Ebay crap!! Because they were out of 2, they substituted (I OK'd that) and threw in a very nice plant as a bonus. Three were in 10" pots and almost looked like shrubs they were so big. I will be able to divide each of those into at least 3 or 4 new plants. And all the plants I ordered were "special on sale" and even though it states they would not in bud or blooming, at least 7 have multiple sheaths. I cant say enough good about this company..they are FANTASTIC!!!!!.

On November 20th, 2010, hunky1234 added the following: I've had about 5 orders with Hausermann so far and I cannot believe the size (huge) and quality of their plants. I have not found any better. And at least half come in sheath even though they say not to expect it. I've ordered orchids from about 16 companies this year and none even come close to Hausermann's...

On Jun 25, 2010, alimnassar (12 reviews) from Ames, IA

Posted on June 17, 2010, updated June 25, 2010 I ordered two cattleya orchids. I have ordered from this company before on six separate occasions, during the past ten years with mixed results, but this delivery was the worst I have seen: I had ordered the largest size orchids, and the plants arrived with soaked and rotted "roots". From the media in the pots, it was apparent that these orchids had been repotted just before shipment from smaller pots into the larger pots that I paid for. This repotting practice is common (I visited the vendor several years ago and saw it being done), but usually the "roots" are healthy. I have been growing hundreds of cattleyas for more than a decade, and I know the difference between healthy orchids and crap. I am waiting to hear back from the vendor for an explanation regarding this lack of quality control, since I paid $128.68 for two orchids!

On June 25th, 2010, alimnassar changed the rating from negative to neutral and added the following: After I emailed the company with digital photos of the defective products, I received an email from Gene. He offered to ship replacement orchids. He also mentioned the negative posting in Garden Watchdog. So far, I have received one replacement orchid out of the two that I paid for and which were defective. The replacment orchid that I received is of much better quality, and it had not been recently repotted before shipment. I assume that my credit card was not charged for the replacement orchid. Perhaps the reason why that I was so upset over the poor quality of the orchids originally received was due to the fact that I endorsed this vendor in a recent article on orchids that was published in the Iowa Horticulturalist magazine (//www.iowahort.org/Winter%202010%20Horticulturist.pdf). I am very careful to select reputable vendors in my endorsements, so I hold them to a higher standard of quality and customer service. In my opinion, a response from a vendor is more likely if you can document defective products using a digital camera and email the pictures to the vendor.

On May 19, 2010, smackinsam (1 reviews) from Norman, OK

We placed an order with the company and were disappointed to receive several plants with flowers that did not match either the written description or the photos provided by Hausermanns. Nor did they match the colors of photos on web pages other than Hausermanns. We ordered two phals in bloom that are similar in color but received two of the same phal. One plant did not have a ID stake. I guess they thought we wouldn’t notice. Another plant arrived with several sunburned leaves and something white like bird droppings on it. I called the company, at MY expense -- they don't have a toll free number - and was told I'd have to call back because the guy who filled my order was not available. I called back later and was put on hold. Finally, a man who identified himself as Mr. Hausermann came on the line. Mr. Hausermann did not seem particularly interested in fixing the problems. In fact, he blamed the color problem on my computer monitor even though I told him that I’d researched the colors of the orchids on other web sites. He also said that they ‘never’ send out plants with damaged leaves or bird doo but later changed his statement that it 'sometimes' happens. He also repeatedly blamed the weather stating that the leaves probably got burned during transit even though the plants were shipped in early spring with mild temperatures. Also, there is a difference between sunburned leaves and leaves damaged from heat while sealed in a package. Mr. H treated me as though he was the ‘expert’ and I was an idiot with no orchid experience. This attitude was not appreciated. After 10 minutes of repeating that we weren’t happy with the order, I finally told him that we would never buy from the company again. Only then did Mr. H finally and reluctantly offer to take any action other than blaming color discrepancies among computers and being defensive about his company. The offer was miserly. He offered to replace the sunburned orchid, which was inexpensive because it was a mini and a very young plant. He did not offer to replace the more expensive blooming phals that were not the color represented by the company on the web site. After more discussion, Mr. H finally agreed to send another mini orchid of a different variety to ‘make up’ for the three more expensive mature & flowering phals that were not the colors represented by the company. He told me that the replacement mini was in bloom and was pink even though the color shown on their web site shows it as yellowish-green with a pink center lip. I told him that I dislike green and yellowish-green flowers and only wanted it if is truly pink. He said he was looking at the plant as we spoke and that it was definitely pink. The plant arrived looking exactly like the photo – yellowish-green with a small pink center – and I hate the color. I have to wonder about Mr. H’s color perception and about his intentions when he sent a plant knowing I wouldn’t like it. Mr. H’s attitude was disappointing. Customer satisfaction was clearly not a priority. Instead he was condescending and defensive about his company stating they never send out defective or dirty plants, and blaming the color problem on computers rather than accepting responsibility for incorrect photos and employees sending an incorrect plant without an ID tag. Apparently, others have had good luck with this company, but we did not. We ended up wasting more time and money trying to resolve the problems. We don’t trust Hausermanns to send the plants that are shown and described on their website.

On Jun 22, 2009, thetangodiva (1 reviews) from Dunedin, FL

I recently received a large order from Hausermann and am completely impressed. Such large, healthy plants! Incredible value. They also included a couple of gift plants (large and healthy), which was a great surprise. Shipping was incredibly fast. At the same time, I ordered another large order from a well reviewed company and the contrast (size, quality, value) was amazing. Hausermann beat them, hands down. Just placed another order with Hausermann and am eagerly awaiting it's arrival.

On Mar 30, 2009, haika (14 reviews) from Snohomish, WA

Although at least half of the plants I've received from this company over the years have been in great shape, this is the only company that has sent me insect infested (scale) or diseased plants. Each time I have e-mailed the company but have received no response. In mid February I thought I'd try once again, and received 3 Oncidium Alliance hybrids and 2 Phal hybrids in mid March. The Oncidium plants are in fine shape, but one of the Phals (in bud) dropped all buds within 48 hours of receipt and has yellowing, deeply pitted leaves. I should probably destroy this plant but put it in a different room in hopes of a rebound. The other Phal had a large waterly dark area on the most recent leaf so I had to remove the leaf. I've e-mailed the company twice since receipt of this order with no response. My last e-mail to them was 3/25 so I've given up on a response. I received an order from Carter & Holmes the day before this order which contained 2 Phals (etc.) and those are fine so I do not think it is my post-receipt care that caused the problem. I also have ~ 25 other Phals in the house that are doing fine (shrug). I will not order from this company again.

On April 1st, 2009, haika changed the rating from negative to neutral and added the following: After posting this review, I received an e-mail from Hausermann on 3/31/09 telling me they would replace the damaged orchids. I need to note that I've grown orchids since the mid 70's so I'm not a novice. I will continue to consider Hausermann as a source especially for in-bud orchids from selected Alliances, but it would help if they sent an e-mail notification about shipment with a tracking number so that customers know the plants are in transit and can make appropriate arrangements. I had no clue the plants would arrive the day they arrived or that they were even in route. I had indicated that 'shipment when weather permits' was my preference so I was prepared to wait.
On April 6th, 2009, haika added the following: I should note that Hausermann suggested to me that the leaf damage on the Phals I received was due to low temperatures (they used the word 'freezing'), rather than disease. Since receipt one plant has lost 2 leaves (pitting, yellowing and drop) and the other has stabilized with pitting but no further deterioration. I should also note that the day temperature was well above freezing (in 40's) on the day I received the package.

On Oct 9, 2008, Bellemaise (1 reviews) from Plant City, FL

Thanksgiving, 2007 my family met at my brother's home in Chattanooga for the annual get together. The "house gift" I chose came from Hausermann orchids. I called the office and paid extra to have it shipped quickly and safely. They assured me it would arrive by Thanksgiving. On Tuesday, a huge box arrived. We waited until the evening to open the box. Slowly it was opened . White paper was securing the buds. I eased the plant out very carefully to find a very well wrapped and protected 8" orchid. Placing it gently on the table, we unwrapped the mass to find the most beautitul orchid we had ever seen. You should have seen my brother's eyes. You should have seen my eyes. The whites were wide and the blue even wider. That was the most gorgeious orchid. There were at least 8 beautiful buds which bloomed within 3 days. We were delighted. I cannot say enough good things about these people. They are wonderful. In fact, they called to make sure the plant had arrived on the Wednesday prior to Thanksgiving. That is service..... This year I am buying an antique orchid stand!

On Feb 3, 2007, udt (1 reviews) from Raeford, NC

My wife and I ordered orchids from Hauserman a year and a half ago as she was looking for a way to help to get my mind of my disabilitating illness and we were sent orchids that were in very poor condition and not the sizes we ordered.Several were in such bad shape that we immediately contacted them and was told there was nothing they would do.We took all of the orchids putchased from them to the N.C.S.U Lab for testing due to the feat that they could be infected with a virus.I was contacted in a week and told that infact the orchids we delivered to them from Housermans orchids infacted tested positive for virus' and it was recomended that they all be distroyed.We had contacted them first by phone and informed them of the poor condition of the orchids they shipped us along with the fact that the Angracieum Sesquipedial in spike was not shipped as ordered as was not the Vanillia Planifolia or the Neofinetia's we had ordered.Hauserman did tell me on the phone that the orchids were actually from Fox Valley Orchids and that they were not responsable.That was when we were told there was nothing they would do.After we recieved the information from the lab we contacted them again and again we were told that they were not going to do anything about refunding our money, replacing the plants and that they never shorted shipments I even faxed the reports from the lab to them on several occasions and was told that therefore we could forget recieving the missing plants from them.We have been growing orchids in my family for 40 years and never had such a problem with a grower or fellow orchidist before and we have contacted them on several occasions since but no replies to our problem. Chris Even though several times I had requested a replacement of the plants and had faxed the reports showing the palnts were infected a couple of times over the past 15 months . Gene Hauserman refused to replace them . So due to his virus we are out alot of time and plants. So by all means beware and do not trust his company.

Company representative comment on February 3, 2007:

On Feb 3, 2007 3:42 PM, Orchids by Hausermann added:

We here at Orchids by Hausermann are currently trying to resolve this issue with Mr Taylor. We are not quite sure why he waited 1 1/2 years to bring this to our attention, especially after he sent an email saying that he the plants originally arrived ok. We have been
in business over 80 years and value all of our customers, so issues like these are quite important to us. Mr. Taylor also contacted a couple of other orchid forums and the Forum moderators removed his post immediately at the request of forum members who
are familiar with our company and our reputation for service. We believe at this juncture, we are taking the high road and refunding Mr. Taylor's money for the full amount of the original order including shipping charges.

On Aug 24, 2006, bbinnj (21 reviews) from West Orange, NJ (Zone 6a)

This was my first order from OBH. I read rave reviews on an orchid forum and decided to check them out. I ordered a phal on special and some supplies. They came in a timely fashion, but they were packaged in a box that was too large. Consequently, UPS crushed the box, so I refused it. I e-mailed Hausermann to advise him. His reply was that crushed boxes generally = plants in good condition. He wanted me to open the box but it was too late, I gave it back to UPS. He promised to reship. OK, fine. Hausermann e-mailed me when my refused shipment arrived and that he opened it and that everything was fine. He reshipped shortly. Today it came. It was a relatively large phal with roots all over the place stuffed into a 2 inch pot with curly paper confetti taped to it, no plastic bag to hold the moisture. I repotted it right away into presoaked phal mix and a slightly larger (2 1/2 inch) pot. I found that it was potted in what looked like potting soil, that several roots were broken from inadequate padding (once again the box too big), many roots were dried out or missing velamen, and some roots were stuck to the side of the pot. I expected a little more care in shipping; I suspect that this phal was on special because it needed repotting badly. Really not right to send it out in a pot that is so undersized. I also suspect that this plant made the trip twice, without water, because the medium was dry and the roots flattened and brittle. Really, what would it cost to water it a little and stick it in a plastic bag to hold the moisture? And taping the pink confetti to the pot and the plant, I have no idea what the point of it was. I won't be ordering from OBH anytime soon.

On August 27th, 2006, bbinnj changed the rating from neutral to positive and added the following: After receiving a personal e-mails from OBH (they read my post) and watching my orchid, I'm changing my rating to positive. The orchid is looking good; I am glad that I repotted it in new mix in a larger clear pot so I can watch the moisture levels and see the roots, and the humidity trays were a really good price, even with shipping. I will consider buying from OBH again (especially those trays) and hope that they take my comments about packing the orchids as helpful ones; even included some instructions like trimming some roots with sterile tools etc to help it along would be appreciated. Some of OBH's customers are novices and we aren't ready to commit a lot of money to orchids yet, so we look at your sale plants. I want OBH to know that I recommended someone to look at orchids from them too.

On May 24, 2006, ceciliaL (1 reviews) from Batesville, AR

My daughter bought me 11 orchids for Mothers Day. They advertized as not mature orchirds (which was fine with me as I had several at home in bloom) I just wanted to be able to add to my collection. Hausermann both e-mailed her and then called her to let her know that the orchids she ordered were not in bloom. She told them this is ok. I received 11 orchids all in excellent condition. One in full bloom. Hausermann had upgraded the one orchid at no extra. charge. Thanks Hauserman. We will always order from you.

On May 1, 2006, OrchidsNut (8 reviews) from San Diego, CA

We recently purchased 10 plants from OBH. Five of them had just been divided and repotted to pots that were far larger than the root systems justified. Soon after the sale the repotted plants began suffering root decay. Asking the salesperson about the problem it was clear that OBH policy is to deliver plants in this condition. They were not at all concerned. We feel the buyer should be informed prior to delivering plants in this condition, which can result in severe stress to the plant, failure to flower, or loss of flowers. The plants delivered were otherwise of excellent quality. The plants were extremely large compared to plants grown in southern areas where the weather is generally too warm and less than ideal for many intermediate orchids. The plants arrived well packed and in very good condition.

On Feb 19, 2006, wildflower8143 (7 reviews) from Norwalk, CT

I would do business with this company again in a heartbeat and would highly recommend them. I just ordered two orchids and received them very quickly. They were packaged very well, the plants were large and very healthy. One had a root-system that is "iffy," but the plants appear to be very healthy looking.

On Jul 22, 2005, cheribob (1 reviews) from Naperville, IL

I am lucky enough to live close to Hausermann's. I love to go there just to see all the beautiful orchids. I have spent an entire morning there attempting to select the one perfect orchid among the thousands of perfect orchids they have.

On Jun 4, 2005, nimela (1 reviews) from Indianapolis, IN

5 star shop.. have purchased many orchids from Hausermann's. Always arrive in great condition, they try hard to become aquainted with their customers. I often just call Lynn and tell her I am in the mood for a few more Catts and let her pick them out for me. I have "never" been disappointed. I have purchased from "other" houses in Florida with high prices. They do not stand behind their plants. Hausermanns always does.

On Aug 7, 2004, MsChris (1 reviews) from Oklahoma City, OK

I am a novice, but I think my new home has plenty of space for a variety of orchids so I signed up for their orchid every month. I didn't get a confirmation or shipping email, so I wasn't expecting to get my first one so soon. I just got a huge Cattleya with a fat bud on it that fits perfectly in a basket I happened to already have. I never could have got this locally - the packaging probably protected my plant very well, and I believe it was in much better shape than one that had been sitting on the shelf in a local store for too long. Really looking forward to future monthly shipments.

On Apr 8, 2004, KDePetrillo (15 reviews) from North Scituate, RI (Zone 6a)

Ordered just once from Hausermann's, and all (4?) orchids were in very good/excellent condition, well-packaged against the cold weather. Will use them again!

On Jan 17, 2004, tervherd (10 reviews) from Lima, OH

I have bought orchids from Hausermann's over a period of about 7 years both by mail and directly from their greenhouse's. I have always been pleased with the service and the plants. The ones ordered by mail were VERY well packed and arrived in excellent condition. The ONLY problem with their website is I'd like to see more pictures along with descriptions in their online catalog.

On Feb 24, 2003, uroboros (18 reviews) from Montreal, QC (Zone 5b)

I have visited hauserman's while in Chicago - it's heaven. On the down side, I bought a Phal which was mislabelled and which was carrying scale. I like Hauserman's for their extensive selection and Phal meristems.

On Feb 16, 2003, groovin (7 reviews) from Windom, MN (Zone 4b)

Very nice website. Well detailed care instructions, plant information, and beautiful orchids with excellent prices. Being a novice orchid buyer, I checked most of the positively rated Orchid sites listed here. This was the most informative and prices are much better than most. I actually feel as if I made an informed selection, thanks to them! Just placed my first order, and sent an email question, looking forward to good service and beautiful plants. Will update this review when I receive my plants.

On February 25th, 2003, groovin changed the rating from positive to neutral and added the following: Ok, I'm bummed, now. I sent an email, okay, 3 emails for information, beginning 2 weeks ago (tried different addresses on their website), and have yet to receive a response. I wanted an answer to my question, so emailed another company and got a response in less than 1 day. I'm probably going to cancel my order. Their website is still the best I've seen for information, though.
On February 26th, 2003, groovin changed the rating from neutral to positive and added the following: Heard from Hausermann's not once but twice since last posting. Everything seems to be a-ok. Will update when orchid arrives.

On Aug 28, 2002, TropicalMinnesota (6 reviews) from Saginaw, MN

Good orchids. I have been ordering from them for about 15 years and haven't been disappointed yet.

On Jan 25, 2002, AngelSong (6 reviews) from Victoria, TX (Zone 9b)

I ordered a phalaenopsis orchid from the website. Before I even ordered, I emailed, asking about shipping, and if they had the phal I wanted in bloom. I received response to this (and all other emails) within 24 hours. Due to the winter weather, I did not receive my orchid immediately after ordering, but instead, they waited until the weather was more favorable. I would only change two things about my purchase experience. #1 Give more species names on the website, that way I could match the tag that came with my orchid with a specific bloom (I have asked some friends, and they've said I did get what I asked for). #2 Email notification as the orchid was sent, that way I could have been closer to my home when the package arrived. Still, I had a very positive experience with this company, and would enjoy purchasing an orchid from them in the future.

On Feb 1, 2001, DavidWlos (4 reviews)

While I cannot attest to their mail-order service, I have been to their greenhouses in Illinois. Their growing complex is huge and top-notch. All their orchids are exceptionally well grown and impeccably healthy. I was most impressed with their facilities and plants.

On Nov 1, 2000, samavrett (1 reviews)

I've ordered orchids from three different on-line suppliers during the past six months, for friends and for myself. The orchids that I've gotten from Orchids by Hausermann were all, comparatively, in better health, larger, and less expensive than the orchids from other suppliers.

On May 1, 2000, terriharris (3 reviews)

I frequently order from Orchids by Hausermann. They have been an excellent supplier and my orchids from them have done better than most of those I purchased at other suppliers, and they are usually much less expensive to boot. The people are friendly and very helpful. In fact, I often just call and ask for the type and color of orchid I want and they send me a great plant (or actually several plants. I have trouble ordering just one.)

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