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B & T Grower Supply, Inc.

Mailing Address:
P.O. Box 608
Forest Hill, Louisiana 71430 (United States)

Phone: 1-800-748-6487

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This company offers a variety of gardening supplies.

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Positive Lucille44
Conroe, TX
(11 reviews)
February 18, 2014
Moved to my present house 2 years ago, microscopic back yard, and the good soil is not very deep for the veggies I wanted to grow back there and the tomatoes didn't do too well last year (the flowers are out front, they were naturally the first priority).
So I'm putting in a few raised beds and some pots, and I ordered some plastic pots on the 13th. There was a weekend and a holiday after that and they are HERE!!!
Being as how it is a wholesale biz I was prepared to wait, but nope, got 'em already:) And they sent me an email notification yesterday with a tracking #!(which was a holiday).
The prices are incredible. I wanted some large pots for the veggies and everything I saw was pretty expensive, so I did a search and found these guys and their low prices, and got TEN 24" pots, and big sturdy pots they are too.
I give them an A for effort, A for product, and A for price.
Positive tepesridge
Catoosa, OK
(10 reviews)
November 23, 2010
First time I ordered from them. Ordered on 11/16 order arrived 11/18, WOW! Unfortunately there were only 85 sheets of pots, there were supposed to be 100. I contacted the company, they come prepackaged from the manufacturer, so it was the manufacturer that messed up somewhere along the line. But, B&T gave me a credit of 15%. Which, even if they hadn't their prices are great. Hopefully next year when I order 100 sheets, they will all be there. Everyone that I spoke to at the company was friendly and helpful. And, yes, I will order from them again.
Positive SDCA
San Diego, CA
(20 reviews)
June 11, 2010
Posted on November 22, 2006, updated June 11, 2010
I've ordered twice now from this company over the last couple of years. All I can say is that their prices on blow molded pots including shipping to the west coast is better than the price for just pots on other websites. Everything comes quickly and effortlessly. I plan on making many orders from this company over the years.
On June 11th, 2010, SDCA added the following:

I feel a little out of place leaving this rating after reading the most recent reviews left for this company but here I go anyway. I recently ordered a bundle (77) of the blow molded full size gallon pots. Everything I did was through the website. No phone calls, no customer service. I received the correct amount of pots in about a week and a half. I believe this is my 4th order from B&T over the years and I've never had an issue with them. Maybe the trick is to just use the website and not trust the CS people to help you out. The price of the pots justified the risk to me as even with a $35 shipping charge the price per pot is cheaper than anywhere else I've found. Take it for what it's worth but this is my most recent experience with B&T.
Negative Horseshoe
Efland, NC (Zone 7a)
(21 reviews)
June 9, 2010
Posted on April 27, 2006, updated June 9, 2010
Well...I hate to be a wet blanket, being the first to post a negative comment but I'm afraid I can only offer my experience w/this company, and it certainly wasn't positive. I wish I could post a "neutral" but then I'd have to be one of those that simply accepts poor service, shrugs their shoulders and walks away.

For a company that posts they will "ship within 24-48 hrs" of placing an order I still wonder why it took 13 (business) days to receive mine. The reason I ordered from this company was due to their advertised one-day turn-around for the item I ordered (adhesive-back labels).

As for customer service, very poor. No one responded to my emails (2 of them)when I requested the order status. When I called them, twice, I was told (the first call) that someone would call me right back, however after waiting two days I ended up calling them again. The second call I spoke to someone who said their printer has been "out sick" the past few days. When I mentioned that the past few days should not have any bearing on my order that was placed 9 days earlier I was gruffly told "we can give you your money back!". I mentioned that I'd prefer to have the product and lets just wait a few more days.

Finally, my ordered arrived 16 days after I placed my order. (What is even more disturbing is that when I first placed my order I rec'd an email confirming my order and was emailed a link to track my order. When I checked the link there was no tracking information available and, as of this writing, still nothing to show my order is 'in progress', 'in transit' or 'completed'.

Very poor customer service; very long wait for a one-day turnaround order. However, on a good note, the item ordered is acceptable, not great, but acceptable.

I had really hoped to do more business w/this company in the future but at this time have my doubts about that. Perhaps at some point in time they will run more smoothly.
On June 9th, 2010, Horseshoe added the following:


Oh well, for some reason I decided to give B&T Grower Supply a second chance. I regret that decision.

I placed an order for more labels in early March, four weeks later I tried to check online status of the order, nothing. I called and spoke with someone who said "oh, we don't carry that item anymore". Sheesh, what courtesy, eh?

I asked him what other items would be similar and was told to go online and pick one, which I did, sent in the order via email and also called them to double-check they rec'd the order, have the items, and it "won't take long to get this order out".

Today, June 9th, 2010, 3 months after placing the order I haven't rec'd it, no emails, no phone calls, nada.

Beware, folks.
Negative forebryn
Redding, CA
(1 review)
May 16, 2010
I ordered and paid for 200 two gallon pots. I received 100 and waited two weeks before calling on the other 100. I talked to several people and promised call backs were not made. I finally made a paypal complaint and received 80 more pots. My complaint was closed by paypal because the seller provided tracking numbers. I am still short 20 pots. I will never do business again with these people.
Negative warrennj
Great Meadows, NJ
(9 reviews)
March 4, 2010
Posted on March 3, 2010, updated March 4, 2010
I ordered 25 16" Co-Co lined hanging baskets from them knowing that I needed 24 for a class and ordered the 25th so I could get the case price on the item. I received order confirmation for the 25 pots and thought all was fine. When I received my order there were only 14 pots and the email with the tracking information indicated that my order was now complete. When I called to clear up the situation I was told that they must have only had 14 pots so that is what I got. If I wanted the rest I would have to reorder the "missing" pots. Of course I now don't need an additional 25 pots and have to pay over $2 per pot more since I am not ordering a case of them. At no point was I informed that my order was changed or given the chance to try to get the item from some other supplier, they just changed the quantity and felt that it was an acceptable way to run a business. If they did not have the remaining 11 to ship me on Thursday why should I believe they will have them 4 days later. VERY unhappy with the attitude that "well, we will just take them back then", what good does that do at this point. Will definitely be avoiding this company with all of our University's business in the future.
On March 4th, 2010, warrennj added the following:

The idea that they tried to reach out to us is ridiculous! This is a University, with ALL telephone extensions having voice mail and there is such a thing as email. And yes, it is too late, and yes, I did hang up after being told "well we will take them back and you can try to find them from someone else". The attitude of the people in customer service is poor at best and it is funny that they told me that they "should have contacted me and they didn't know why I was not emailed or called" and now they are saying they tried to make contact.
Company representative comment on March 3, 2010:
On Mar 3, 2010 1:20 PM, B & T Grower Supply, Inc. responded with:

We tried to contact this customer to let him know that we only had 14 pots in stock and to find out if this would be okay. We were never able to get in touch with him so we just charged him for 14 baskets and sent 14 baskets. He called back and wondered why we had sent just 14 and we told him that was all that we had at the time and that was all he was charged for, he got irrate and when we told him that we would gladly refund his money he said "too late" and hung up.

Negative mgginva
New Castle, VA
(1 review)
May 19, 2009
I ordered a few things from this company recently. I ordered once in the past. The pots I received then were as advertised. The order I received today, however, contained an item that was in previously opened packaging. Probably a return. The item did not function correctly. When I called I was put on hold and the second person that I talked with was rude, pushy and abusive. When I said I was not happy about having to box, go to the PO and PAY the shipping he said, "fine I'll have it picked up - I don't want to listen to your crying". There was nothing about this person that was anything but hostile and nasty. From other comments it is obvious that this company does not value its customers at all. If a truck shows up to pick up this package tomorrow as promised I'll be shocked.
It is a shame that this company has people on staff that are sabotaging their business. I would be more forgiving except I don't know if that was the owner or what position the person holds.
I buy a lot of stuff online and have for years. I can say without hesitation that this was the worst I've ever been treated. I don't need to be insulted. I can also say that I was calm and never did anything that could in any way be mistaken for rudeness. This was just a nasty and belittling person that obviously uses his ability to hide behind a phone to take out his frustrations on others.
I wouldn't be as bothered by this if it were not for the fact that I have defended this company on other comment pages. The complaints about customer service sure are valid, however, as this was a truly odd "conversation".
I can only say that I sure would not want to do business with this company again on any larger orders that may affect my ability to get my plants out in time.
It is a real shame they don't understand that what they do now will come back and haunt them in the future.
Positive pirl
(Arlene) Southold, NY (Zone 7a)
(33 reviews)
May 3, 2009
We ordered greenhouse "Ground Cover" 3' x 300' and our order was promptly processed and shipped via UPS. It works great and we have no complaints at all.
Positive eickenho
Sugar Land, TX (Zone 9a)
(32 reviews)
February 27, 2009
Great prices on fungicides and quick delivery. I will order from B & T Grower again.
Positive henderson9
Camden, SC
(8 reviews)
February 16, 2009
Ordered muck shoes. Order was filled and shipped promptly. No problems. Would order again.
Negative gardengirl2005
Seattle, WA
(1 review)
February 5, 2009
I wanted to order about 500 nursery pots so I called them to ask a couple of the usual questions like how long it takes to receive their stuffs...etc. Both of times they hung up on me. Even the manager did the same. LOL.

I don't know whether their business is booming or not but no way to treat a customer or anyone that way. They sounded completely unprofessional, rude and dishonest. Something is not right with them.

I am so glad that I read the negative complaints against them from this website before making a mistake. I hope someone would find my bad experience with B & T Grower useful.

Do make a call before ordering anything from B & T Grower and you will see what I mean. They are really really bad.

Happy gardening to you all.

from Seattle
Negative BrazosGourd
Austin, TX
(1 review)
June 25, 2008
The pots I ordered from Grower Supply took so long to arrive I had nearly forgotten about them. When I opened the box, I found pots so thin and brittle they started to split when I took them out of the box, and so they are absolutely useless to me. I received no response to the three emails sent to the company. I called their customer service line, and was told they would niether return my money nor accept the product back and send me new pots. I asked if they would do anything to resolve the situation and was told 'no'. I asked if this is the way they always do business and was told 'yep'. I've ordered from this company before, and gotten acceptable results. With terrible quality and customer service like that, though, I won't be ordering from them again.
Negative miatoo
Savannah, GA
(1 review)
June 23, 2008
I have not ordered from this company, ever, but I receive their catalogs, three in the last 4 months. All three times I called them to be taken off their mailing list. The first two times I called I talked to a very rude man that refused to remove me. He even hung up on me the second time I called. Today I talked to a different man that informed me that it's impossible to be taken off the list, that I MUST of bought from them in the past (I have not), and that the catalogs are so expensive that it's impossible for me to have received three.

I don't know how they got my name (last name only on the mailing label), but if there was a "do not call" list for mail order I would definately report them.

After experiencing their "customer service" on the phone, if I was inclined to buy their type of item, I would NOT do business with this company.
Company representative comment on April 16, 2010:
On Apr 16, 2010 8:48 AM, B & T Grower Supply, Inc. responded with:

mixed us up with farmtek

Positive Spookycharles
Langley, WA (Zone 8b)
(29 reviews)
December 17, 2007
While my experience with this company was a positive one I do have to agree with some of the previous comments regarding a lack of customer communication.

I nearly didn’t order from B & T Grower Supply at all given that I never received a response to my shipping inquiry prior to placing my order. I was ordering a large number of large blow molded pots that I knew were going to require additional freight but given that there was no local retail supplier and I really needed the pots, a week after not hearing anything back I went ahead and placed the order to see what would happen. I’m extremely glad that I did.

They did of course contact me a couple days after the order was placed to tell me that there was going to be additional shipping charges. I had expected to receive some sort of reply saying that they’d received my go ahead to ship and after another week went by without hearing anything I became concerned that my response had not been received. However, the morning I was about to contact them about it I received the tracking information for the order.

I had at first been surprised at just how much extra shipping was but it was still by far a better deal than buying that quantity of pots locally and when I saw the two gigantic boxes sitting on my porch it was quite obvious as to why they had asked so much for shipping them.

Though the communication was iffy, the products and prices are great and the order processing was reasonably prompt. I would certainly order from B & T Grower Supply again in the future.
Positive garysc
Trenton, TX
(1 review)
October 20, 2007
First time order with B&T. I received the merchandise when they said I would and at a fantastic price over other internet vendors.

Yes, they called me to confirm the shipping charges - which I consider to be a plus in their favor!

I will certainly order from them again.

Positive Miss_Mary
Miami, FL
(1 review)
May 4, 2007
I have used this company at least 10 times. I always get frustrated because they require me to reconfirm my order after adding additional shipping charges due to the fact that I am always ordering bulk. Even with the additional shipping, they beat our all the local prices for most of my gardening needs. Their service is quick and I have always gotten immediate responses to questions, complaints or comments. I wouldn't use anyone else. I do wish I would be given some coupons or special discounts every once in a while for all the business I give them!
Miss Mary
Positive abaktitus
Two Rivers, WI
(2 reviews)
March 17, 2007
This was my third year ordering from growers supply and as usual they had the best price for the pots I needed and I got them in a week.
Positive WayehMalamutes
Spring City, TN (Zone 7b)
(10 reviews)
October 19, 2006
Found what I needed at a great price, ordered it effortlessly, it arrived promptly, and I'm very happy all the way around -- these were 200 trade gallon blow-mold pots. I am very happy!
Positive mpoche
Alexandria, LA
(5 reviews)
June 27, 2006
Have ordered twice from this company. Fast service and quickly shipped. I ordered 5 gallon nursery pots (very good quality) and Citrus fertilizer (hard to find in my area). I will definitely order from them again. I would like to see more items available online to order in the future. The catalog I received in the mail after my order is huge!
Neutral btgrower
Forest Hill, LA
(1 review)
June 27, 2006
Please be aware that we are always confused with (Farmtek) if you call us for customer support you WILL get an answer. Alot of the time complaints that we get are for products that were not even ordered at our company but at We only have 1 "S" in our URL.
Negative unclejake
Mcpherson, KS
(1 review)
June 25, 2006
On 5/27/06 I placed an order with Grower Supply, Inc. On 5/30/06 I received an email stating that the product was out of stock and would ship in 5 - 7 business days. I waited and waited and finally emailed them. I received no response. A week later I emailed them again, still no reply. There was no customer service. No one responded to my emails (2 of them) when I requested the order status. It is now 6/25/06 and I still haven't received my order which was paid for on the day of the order through Paypal or any information about the status of my order. I suppose that I'm out the $127.50 that I spent. That's a very expensive lesson about dealing with Grower Supply, Inc. I will never do business with this company again.
Positive amorning1
Islamorada, FL
(6 reviews)
August 10, 2005
I will only use them. Extremely fast shippers & fair prices. I would reccomend them to anybody. They Rock!
Positive chickenman
Somerset, PA
(19 reviews)
June 25, 2005
I ordered a pair of Muck shoes from this company. They have a painless system for ordering, and super fast service.
Positive ahelms
Kannapolis, NC (Zone 7b)
(42 reviews)
March 22, 2005
I've ordered pots from this company three times. I've been very pleased with the price and quality of their pots. Very courteous and shipment is fast. I highly recommend.
Positive WUVIE
Hulbert, OK (Zone 7a)
(21 reviews)
February 24, 2005
I should have posted this positive remark last year, when I received my first order of their trade gallon containers. A mere 19 cents per gallon pot including shipping? Fits into my budget quite well!

Today I received a larger order than last time and feel very confident in planning on all future pot orders with this company.

VERY prompt service, courteous humans taking your order, invoice included with shipment and the shipping rates are not jacked up.

Thank you, B & T Grower Supply.

I will be back!
Positive KuntryKuttins
Pineville, LA (Zone 8b)
(16 reviews)
February 5, 2004
Ordered containers from this company and was very pleased with items, service, and speedy shipping. Very professional and great products. Will be ordering GH poly and landscape fabric for my new greenhouse within 2 or 3 weeks.
Positive mollis
Cleveland, OH
(22 reviews)
June 30, 2003
Hello everyone! Found this company under a search for large plant pots, Dec. 02.

I have ordered from them 3 times now and could not be more pleased with their containers and excellent service.
These are NOT "fancy pots", They are the kind you buy trees/plants/perennials etc. in at the garden center, and they are very inexpensive ando the shipping charges have been reduced for which I was/am very grateful.

They are black and will last forever and come in sizes from 1 up to 25 gallon, with drainage holes, also green azalea pots in many sizes. I am using the 25 and 15gal for dwarf fruit trees, roses, veggies, herbs, tomatoes etc...sort of instead of raised beds and just as easy to access. Keep in mind that when planted a 25gal pot is quite heavy and not impossible, but not easy to move, the 15gal are easy to move with a small hand truck.

This company also offers a large selection of greenhouse supplies. B&T Grower Supply is listed as a 5 star top service yahoo site.

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