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Rich Farm Garden Supply

Mailing Address:
985 W. State Rd. 32
Winchester, Indiana 47394 (United States)

Phone: (765) 584-2500

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Negative karenmsmith7
Chicago, IL (Zone 5b)
(8 reviews)
March 6, 2019
Usually I check this web site before ordering from a company I have no history with, but neglected to do it it this time. Guess I've learned my lesson.

After reading the comments here, I can see that Rich's is back to some old tricks. I placed an order for seeds on Jan 25, and when I hadn't received them by Feb 15, I sent an email inquiry, and was told they were due to ship Feb 18. When they hadn't arrived by Feb 26 I asked about them again. I had no reply for 2 days, so on Feb 28 I requested a refund. As of March 6 I have received no seeds, no refund, and no reply. I have now escalated to Paypal in hopes that I can at least get my money back.
Negative Noidios
Anderson, SC
(1 review)
April 19, 2018
Ordered $112 worth of seed more than a month ago. No contact from seller. Item never shipped.
Neutral allicobra
Jamestown, NY
(4 reviews)
September 24, 2017
I got the same number of items as I ordered, and they came in a reasonable time frame.

I ordered Odawa Beans. I did not get the correct beans. The packets I got were labeled Odawa, but contained Jacob's Cattle. The company claims to sell both. Either they were mispacked or mislabeled, or they don't actually sell both and are passing off the cheaper and easier to find Jacob's Cattle as Odawa.

I ordered Nanticoke squash. They did not grow at all. Out of two packets I attempted to plant, all seed was dead and not a single one sprouted. Baker Creek and Experimental Farm Network squashes planted right next to them all sprouted and grew fantastically. The Nanticoke this company sent me was apparently old seed or was never viable.

I have a couple more varieties from them that I put in my drawer to be planted next year. I don't have high hopes for them, though.

Would not buy from them again. From these reviews, it appears I was lucky to get as much as I did.
Negative peachman
Cleveland, WI
(1 review)
July 10, 2017
I order 50 peach rootstocks on May 24, it is now July 10. E-mail them and called them, no reply. Called PayPal today, hope I get a refund. 50 rootstock=$152.90. I would NOT order from this company. They don't email or call you back ever. Wish I would of seen this web site before I order from this company.
Negative ckemp52
Johnston City, IL
(2 reviews)
December 29, 2016
Posted on December 29, 2016, updated December 29, 2016
I place an order for onions Jan 8th 2016 and I am still waiting on them I have tried several times to contact them I have left messages to return my calls and to this day I have had no satisfaction. I Paid $56.00 for these plants and all the did was seal my money. There should be some what to stop them from taking orders and your money if they are not going to deliver the product. All my gardening friends beware you may get what you ordered but more than likely you won't
On December 29th, 2016, ckemp52 added the following:

Here is a copy of my order also I paid with pay pal and like other customers I was out of the time frame for a refund. I was wrong about what I said I had paid it was not 56.00 but it was 53.70
Your purchase
Rich Sweet Yellow Exhibition Onion plants
Item #P60-0595205
Big Daddy Onion plants
Item #P60-4236
Ailsa Craig Onion plants
Item #P120-0056832
Red Torpedo Onion plants
Item #P60-571
Purchase total

Negative darinworden
Monroe, UT
(2 reviews)
August 22, 2016
In late April I ordered a specialty very hard to find corn seed from Agrich - and they are directly affiliated with Rich Farm Garden Supply - and you will note a common theme in my message below if you read most of the other reviews. Following their procedure (really stupid of me), I sent a check via regular mail which was cashed in 3 days. I waited 2 weeks for the seed to arrive, while my spring planting window was closing very quickly. I then sent multiple email and left multiple voice mail with no response. I contacted the local county prosecutors office with no help. I then went to the Central IN Better Business Bureau and filed a complaint. After they tried for 2 months to assist, they gave up and recommended I go to the IN Attorney General, so I did filing a 2nd complaint. Once Agrich knew that the AG's office was involved, low and behold, my seed showed up on 8/4/16. $425 worth of seed completely worthless to me for the 2016 growing season. I demanded a refund in full, and was told (and this was acceptable to the AG), that if I paid shipping, sent the seed back, they would return my money with a 15% restocking fee. Fat chance of that - send the seed back and then hope for a refund - right! Stay away. These guys are as crooked as they come. Don't be stupid like I was. Never send money through the mail! They should be shut down! This has been going on for over 10 years. The IN AG's office should be ashamed.
Negative sbauer83
(2 reviews)
August 18, 2015

no money
no product
no answer
Negative servant
Topeka, KS
(1 review)
April 29, 2015
I ordered 130.00 in 12 varieties of onion plants and 3 varieties of sweet potato slips {29.00}. The onions were shipped mid April they looked good on the outside but when I took the rubber band off there was globs of sticky gray clay inside and a moldy smell. Since they sell them by weight that determines the quantity. I can see why there was gray clay to add additional weight. I tried washing them but I am afraid to plant them as with the possibility of mold already present. There was also some rotten pieces. I emailed them 3 times then a 4th with threaten to post on every garden blog. Then owner refunded only my back order for the sweet potatoes. No phone call or apology or even a request to see a photo nothing. I had to file a claim with paypal.
Negative herbs5389
Cuyahoga Heights, OH
(1 review)
July 24, 2013
On June 1, 2013 I ordered 2 sets of leek plants from Rich
Garden Supply. It is now July 24 and still no word or sign of the plants and it is too late to plant them here in Ohio. I contacted them twice with no response and I don't expect a response at this point. I too wish I had read these posts before
ordering. When I found Rich Garden Supply I thought it was too good to be true as no one else had any leek plants left.
I now know that you take a risk from ordering them. I hope this review saves someone else a negative experience.
Positive Farmerdill
Augusta, GA (Zone 8a)
(23 reviews)
May 30, 2013
Apparently I lucked out. I ordered sweet potato plants ( a variety I could not find any where else) and they arrived at the end of May. While that is very late for my region, I had noted the Indianna address and did not expect miracles. Plants were in good shape.
Negative bmimna
Cartersville, GA
(1 review)
September 15, 2012
I ordered seeds from Rich Farm Garden Supply. I tried contacting them because I had not received my seeds. Finally after 6 weeks I got my seed but several items were on back order to this day I have never received them. My order was placed in May. I have sent them several letters and several emails asking for a refund with no response. I even contacted the paypal/billmelater for a refund. they refuse to give me a refund. I have filed a report with the governors office of consumer affairs in Indiana.. I seen the advertisement in a herbal magazine. I have sent them an email letting them no what kind of business Rich Farm Garden Supply does. I do hope that they take their advertisement out so that other people don't get ripped off.
Negative BillVBillV
Limington, ME
(1 review)
July 10, 2012
Sure wish I had come here BEFORE doing business with these people! Ordered black turtle beans, 2 lbs. I only received 12 oz - I even took a photo of the unopened package on a Postal scale. Tried emailing them. NO response at all. Here it is a year later, still emailing, still NO response. These people appear to be nothing short of ripoffs, and all these negative posts seem to bear that out. STAY AWAY FROM RICH FAMILY GARDEN SUPPLY - they will pocket your money, then forget you.
Negative ksteve
Baldwin City, KS
(2 reviews)
May 26, 2012
No communication. No plants. Refunded without comment when placed an inquiry.
Negative HopeSue
Laingsburg, MI
(2 reviews)
May 6, 2012
I did not have knowledge of this site before I ordered from Rich. I ordered several flower seeds and after hearing nothing for a couple of weeks, emailed them. No response again. A couple of weeks later I received the seeds but not near the amount that was advertised. I decided not to pursue it, and then a couple of weeks later a duplicate order appeared in my mail.
Neutral coopdvillefarms
Tucson, AZ
(1 review)
April 5, 2012
Posted on April 1, 2012, updated April 5, 2012
On August 11, 2011 I placed an order for onions and paid via PayPal. I expected to receive my order sometime this past winter (November/December is optimal planting time in my zone) and have never received it. I sent them an email on 1/24/12 and again in March, as well as tried to phone far all I have is "crickets"...and a hole in my pocket for $41.80! way to run a business..they could've had my business every year and now they'll lose mine and others if my review is heeded...STAY AWAY FROM THIS 'SUPPLIER' !!!...wish I'd known about Dave's Garden before I had ordered!
On April 5th, 2012, coopdvillefarms changed the rating from negative to neutral and added the following: it is 5 days later and the onions I ordered last August (for fall delivery) have magically appeared on my doorstep (most likely because of the email generated from this posting). It's too late to get any bulbs out of those 150 plants but I'll at least have some scallions. I'm changing my rating to neutral because it appears that this vendor isn't dishonest or out of business but just not a good communicator or skilled in organizing the business/orders! (unfortunately many farmers don't have business skills or the time to implement them). So, I'm giving Rich's a 'Neutral' rating because they came through and integrity...following through with what was contracted... is more important to me than the onions themselves! I don't know if I'll order from them again but I wish them the best and hope they can come up with a better way to handle their orders!
Neutral vac2die4
Fanwood, NJ
(1 review)
November 20, 2011
Posted on October 20, 2011, updated November 20, 2011
wish I would have checked out this company with you before paying. They took my money quickly, still waiting for my horseradish.
On November 20th, 2011, vac2die4 changed the rating from negative to neutral and added the following:

received my horseradish on November 18. they never got back to my requests for more information prior to the delivery. their communication is poor but they did ship me the product so I changed my rating to "neutral."
Negative steichch
Johnston, IA
(1 review)
July 15, 2011
Wish I would have checked them out before I ordered! I ordered two trees a month ago and have tried to check on there arrival but find the phone # goes to a voicemail that is always full. Emails are never returned either. Finally went to my credit card company and got reimbursed from them. They said they would be getting in touch with the company directly. I told them "good luck". Apparently though the cc company goes directly to the bank Rich's uses and gets them where it hurts. How can a company like this not get shut down by the law? This is theft is it not? But yet the posting by the Winchester Police captain on this site, if it is real, makes it seem like there is nothing they can do about it. I find that hard to believe. If I lived there and took money from my neighbor for the purchase of my vehicle, but never gave him my vehicle, even though he got a receipt, is there still nothing the law would be able to do?!
Negative MelissaF
Foxboro, MA
(1 review)
May 12, 2011
Last year (early spring 2010) I ordered some mugwort plants from Rich Farm Garden and Supply. I waited weeks and weeks for delivery and tried multiple times to contact the company via email and telephone to find out what was going on. I received no replies to my emails and when I called I got sent to an answering machine and never got a return call. I emailed into the void of no replies and told them not to bother shipping the plants because it was too late in the season by that time to even bother. Today, May 12, 2011, a box arrived in the mail from Rich Farm, containing a dead mugwort plant. Maybe it had been sitting in their shipping department for a year? The packing list said, "We value your business"--just a little irony!
Negative Marianthelibrarian
Rochester, NY (Zone 6a)
(5 reviews)
April 24, 2011
On March 18, 2010, I ordered 3 Atlantis Manuka Plants, Item# P3-3008. On March 26, 2010, I sent an e-mail requesting an estimated ship date, but had no response. I also tried contacting them by phone, but there is no way to reach an actual person. I tried calling the local Chamber of Commerce in Winchester, Indiana to obtain contact information, but Rich Farm Garden Supply is not a Chamber member and they couldn't help me.

On April 23, 2010, I opened a PayPal dispute requesting either a response about the expected shipping date or a full refund. On the SAME DAY, April 23, 2010, I received a full refund!

So, it isn't that they don't read or respond to their e-mails, it's just that they respond selectively.

There's a message here:

Unless you can drive to the place, see the plants you're buying, and take them home with you, don't send these people your money! If you must, use a service that will back you up, like a credit card or PayPal.
Negative Chris_Day
Madison, WI
(3 reviews)
August 31, 2010
Total disaster. They never respond to phone or e-mail. I ordered some pear trees and they never came but they were very prompt in taking my money.

Stupidly I just assumed they were back ordered but it's very clear now that they are not going to come (two years now).

Bunch of thieves in my opinion.
Negative lizday
(1 review)
June 25, 2010
Ordered and paid for Lacota pumpkin /winter squash seesd from Australia and TOLD them only to accept the order if they would put the Botanical Name on the packet (as required by importation laws). They did not do this, seeds sit in our Customs until I get an email or fax from them - that's all i need to get my seeds!!! Have sent > 50 emails and no answer, so I suppose I have lost my seeds. I am filing a complaint with paypal to recover my money!
Neutral DonFromNJ
Secaucus, NJ
(5 reviews)
June 1, 2010
I ordered three each of two varieties of pepper plants in mid-May 2010. It was planting season. The plants were ordered from the current catalog and I would have expected immediate fulfillment. I heard nothing from the company. One week later I emailed the company's shipping department regarding the order, asking for a refund if immediate shipment was not possible. I had no response from this email. One week later I initiated a dispute through PayPal, requesting a full refund. A few days later I received a message from PayPal acknowledging a resolution and a refund of my payment. I never directly heard from Rich from the time that the order was placed until the refund was made.
Negative sassy4u
Washington, UT
(4 reviews)
May 6, 2010
I did not research this company like I should have- I am learning! I bought a cherry tree from the company and I did not get a shipping invoice, so within 2 weeks I tried calling them and all I got was a full mailbox. I tried emailing but it comes up as a missing link- nonexisting. I called my bank, then winchester's chamber of comm. // (www.ic3gov/) I believe, and BBB but I am not getting through. I also called paypal to start my dispute since it has to be done within 45 days or so. Good Luck!!
Negative jerry_lavoie
Crawfordsville, IN
(3 reviews)
May 2, 2010
Posted on May 1, 2010, updated May 2, 2010
AVOID! AVOID! AVOID! RUN AWAY!!! Oh, how I wish I knew about Dave's Garden BEFORE I ordered from Rich Farm Garden Supply!!! I received a package 5 weeks after ordering it, well too late to plant the onion sets which I had already repurchased locally, and the box was missing half of the items. Some of the seeds (crimson clover) were in plain white paper envelopes which got totally wet by the onion sets, rendering them useless for my purposes, which was to save them for a winter cover crop. No reply to request for refund. Nothing I wanted happened... I wasted my money... I'll NEVER buy from anyone without checking their reputation first on Dave's Garden... lesson learned.
On May 2nd, 2010, jerry_lavoie added the following:

UPDATE: 02MAY2010; After I sent this seller a very polite request for a partial refund, the seller added me to his 'spammer' list, so I got a nasty auto-reply that says I can not send him any more email. What more did I need for PayPal to give me a full refund? Nothing... thankfulIy I got a refund from PayPal immediately after I forwarded the nasty spamblock email to them and called the PayPal customer support number. STAY AS FAR AWAY AS POSSIBLE FROM THIS SELLER!
Negative silvergarden
Rockton, IL
(1 review)
April 7, 2010
My story is much the same as the others. I ordered nine hard to find heritage seed varieties. Rich sent two varieties, said the rest were on back order. When the remaining seeds never came, I called the company; Someone picked up the phone, but "forwarded" my call by hanging up on me. Additional calls were not answered. Same story with emails. Not until I suggested, by email, that I would contact the local sheriff's office if I did not receive a refund did the company respond, and then only by sending a partial refund, less than what was owed me. Rich and Agrich, which are both the same operation, are definitely a dishonest & criminal operation. With all of the complaints that have been sent to the state of Indiana, BBB, and local authorities, it is beyond me why this outfit is able to continue to operate.
Negative mariposakate
Mariposa, CA
(1 review)
March 5, 2010
Last year ordered 2 hard to find trees during winter. Credit card was charged immediately. When trees didn't arrive by March I e mailed company and was told they would be shipped April 13th. When they still didn't arrive I e mailed again and got no response. I think what they're doing is saying they have obscure things in stock when they really don't (I was looking for Swamp Magnolia and Catalpa). This was the only website that had both, so I chose them. From what I've read here it sounds like I can stop waiting now.
Positive MarkP
Missoula, MT (Zone 4a)
(12 reviews)
January 17, 2010
Ordered seeds and onion sets. Seeds arrived in good time and won't need the onions for at least another 8 to 12 weeks. Be back to report on that.
Negative mygardenoasis
Georgetown, CA
(2 reviews)
June 13, 2009
On May 23, I too, got snookered. But being one not to dawdle when something doesn't arrive when I think it should, I emailed twice this week, June 7 & 10, no reply. Phoned twice today and only got an automated answer that there was no one available to take my call. That did it! I initiated a dispute through PayPal. And what was Rich's lame excuse? There was a "problem with my payment". No way, as payment was deducted from my chkg acct on May 26!

I demanded a refund and they responded that my order was packed and ready to mail, but was pulled. With that excuse, I started a claim with PayPal. Well, within a matter of 30 minutes PayPal emailed me that my money was refunded !

I filed a complaint into the IN AG's offic. Maybe someone could set up a website specifically to warn people about this phony company. I have seen this many times regarding other companies.
Negative gosranch
Hinton, IA
(1 review)
June 4, 2009
I ordered 2 hard to find apple trees via their web page. Paid using PayPal and received a receipt for my payment to RICH from PayPal right away.I still haven't received them after several weeks. I have tried e-mailing and calling as everyone else has and have had no response or human contact. I have filed my complaint within the 45 days required by PayPal, but after reading all of the complaints, I doubt that it will help, but that won't stop me. I have called the town of Winchester's Chamber of Commerce and will contact all of the other suggestions given-Internet Crime, Indiana's Attorney General, and such. Everyone needs to take a day and get this company shut down. The Chamber says that there is a nursery, but what they have in stock they don't know, but they have received so many complaints they can't keep track!
On June 4th, 2009, gosranch added the following:

I have to report good news for me, but I'm sure that it is only because I paid for my order with PayPal and filed a complaint with them before their 45 day limit was up. PayPal obviously took care of my total refund, as I received notice from them, not RICH.
I WILL NOT CHANGE MY RATING TO NEUTRAL because I only believe that my refund happened because of PayPal.
MOST GARDENERS order their items during the slow season, which is a real winter for me. We know that the items we have ordered will not arrive until spring or the correct planting time. Therefore, even if you pay with PayPal or the like, your grace period for reporting a problem will have expired. This company RICH and AGRICH, INC. are taking full advantage of gardeners knowing that our time will be up to report them, by the time we want to get planting.
REPORT THIS COMPANY! I reported them to the BBB of Indiana, the office of the Indiana Attorney General, Winchester Chamber of Commerce and Police Department, and the Internet Crime Department (

SHUT THEM DOWN should be our motto!
Negative starsnut1
Altenburg, MO
(1 review)
May 27, 2009
I along with apparently many other people got ripped off by rich. I paid with paypal. when I filled a dispute it automaticly closed it because it was beyond 45 days. I was "waiting" for my live plants to be shipped "in Season". I refused to accept this and phoned paypal. The service agent told me sorry too late talk to my Bank. I explained that my bank didnt assist the fraud, that they did. Sorry nothing we can do.... I asked for the manager and explained that as far as I was concerned they were just as guilty as rich, because they allowed a scheme that delayed beyond thier time limit, and then allowed him to rip me off. and I was sure that there were plenty of other complaints about this guy and that They needed to take care of this. Also that sorry was not an acceptable answer. Guess what.... they refunded me the money for the plants and split the difference on the shipping charges. PUT PRESSURE ON THE FINANCIAL INSTITUTIONS WHO ARE MAKING THIS scam POSSIBLE FOR HIM!!!!!!!
Negative Rellik
Morrice, MI
(1 review)
May 26, 2009
Ordered Simba Marigolds on 4/11/09, they billed me immediatly havent heard from since! I've e-mailed them 3 times no reply, no seeds nothing. I've tried calling their # but all it will do is let you order more stuff they wont answer the # for other things. Anybody want to go visit them? I have two pitch forks, anyone got tar and feathers?
Neutral wulfpak
Nebraska City, NE
(3 reviews)
May 13, 2009
I placed an order on April 17, 2009 for several varieties of tomatoes and later (after a couple tries) added a pepper plant to the order. I was charged immediately. Haven't heard anything from them in terms of shipping even after sending them an email a week ago. I sent them another message today asking again. After reading these reviews, I changed my mind and requested cancellation via email. I even tried calling, but the number isn't working. Their customer service is non-existent.
On May 17th, 2009, wulfpak changed the rating from negative to neutral and added the following:

Within a couple days of requesting cancellation and a refund, my account was credited. While I appreciated that, there was still no correspondence from the company whatsovever. I changed my rating to neutral.
Negative blueridgegal
Eggleston, VA
(1 review)
March 30, 2009
On October 11, 2008, I ordered 3 boysenberry plants via the Internet (I wanted to plant them that fall). I used a debit card through PayPal to pay $32.95 for them. When I had not received the plants after a month, I e-mailed the company. I also called and left a message. I received no response. I e-mailed and called a second time. No response. I called again and left a somewhat angry message, requesting a response. Nothing. So I did nothing until this spring. In February I tried calling and e-mailing again. Still no response. I complained to PayPal and was informed that it was too late to get my money back through them. I also complained to my bank, and they also said it was too late to put in a claim on my checking account. Next, I called the Chamber of Commerce in Winchester, Indiana, and was told that they knew very little about the company and no business license is required to operate out of the county Rich is located in. They suggested that I file a complaint with the local police department. I did so, and discovered that this company has had MANY MANY complaints against it. The officer I spoke with described it as an apparently fraudulent business operated out of a ramshackle old farm house with not much in the way of visible plant production facilities anywhere on the property. The company is under investigation and one disgruntled customer apparently is gathering names for a class-action suit. I questioned why they have not been shut down way before now, but it seems that with no business license required and the Internet available to anyone and everyone with no policing, scam artists have free reign. So I left one final message on their answering machine informing them that I had filed complaints against the company with various entities. Lo and behold, on March 28 (6 months after ordering) I received my (I assume) boysenberry plants. No planting instructions with them, of course. To say that I have been frustrated is a huge understatement. I cannot believe ANYONE reading the comments on this site and elsewhere on the Internet would ever order anything from this company.
Negative OrganicOhio
Columbus, OH (Zone 5b)
(3 reviews)
February 20, 2009
OH how I wish I had seen these reviews before Christmas! Based off of my Christmas list, my spouse ordered me 6 heritage red raspberry plants and two Blue Himalayan Poppy be shipped at proper planting time here in Columbus, Ohio (Not that far from Rich Farm Garden, actually). Yesterday, February 19...with rock-hard frozen ground and 21 degree weather, my package came....well PART of it came. The raspberry plants were in the box, but NOT DORMANT! They have leaf buds and some leaves open! The Poppy plants did not come at all. The packing slip does not say they were back ordered. There we no planting instructions either. I called, but of course, got the phone message thing. I emailed, and so far no response. After reading these other posts, I feel lucky that I got anything at all...but the Poppy plants are incredibly hard to find or obtain and that was what I was REALLY looking for (just not in the dead of winter). Hopefully, they'll still come...but it doesn't look to promising. They get a negative review from me for not being available to their customers, partial shipping while implying that it's a full shipment, no instructions, and poor shipping dates for plants. I will not order from them again.
Positive jjberman
Colorado Springs, CO
(2 reviews)
February 12, 2009
I ordered weekend of 2/7/2009. I received most of the order thursday 2/12/2009 .Since I ordered over 50 items, I find this normal. I also received an order confirmation 24 hrs after I asked for one. I was concerned for a bit, as I read the feedback AFTER I ordered.
So far, so good. No complaints here.
Negative poppy108
Lance Creek, WY
(1 review)
December 19, 2008
I placed an order with this company without reading any reviews. I did not receive an email confirmation, but I didn't think anything of it at the time, then one week later I still had not received the item so I emailed them to check on my order but I had no response so I emailed again to another address on the site and still no response, that is when I found the Dave's garden site and saw all the negative reviews. I went to paypal to issue a complaint/dispute and made several calls to the company itself, but was only able to leave messages in the general delivery box. Finally I received a message from paypal that my money had been refunded. One plus I have to say is that they did refund the money quickly, but I won't order from their company again.
Positive Mike_NJ
Sussex, NJ
(2 reviews)
December 1, 2008
I recently ordered 3 Crape Myrtles from the company even with all of the negative reviews. It was my first time using the company. I received a timely email response back regarding my order, advising me that 2 of the Crapes are out of stock & would be mailed to me this Spring. The other Crape in stock (Catawba) would be mailed to me in "approximately 2 weeks". I received my Crape in 3 weeks & 1 day and I am very pleased with it. It's a good 18 inches and very healthy looking. So far, I have no complaints.
Neutral CaptCottrellWPD
Winchester, IN
(1 review)
November 2, 2007

I spoke with the Indiana Attorney General's Office. I was advised that due to the nation wide complaints and alleged fraud and theft, alleged victims need to file a complaint. The above address is where you can complete the complaint form. The form is a PDF file and very simple to complete. I will be filing a complaint and I urge all who feel that they have been defrauded to file a complaint. Due to the "across state lines" situation the AG office said that they will investigate every complaint to its fullest. Good luck to all and if you have any problems or I can do any more for you please feel free to call or e-mail. The AG consumer protection # 800-382-5516 ask for Susan.


Capt. Bradley K. Cottrell
Winchester Police Department
Negative Jennayhj
Brooklyn, NY
(1 review)
November 1, 2007
A month ago, I ordered some platycodon seeds to be delivered to my mom over the phone and she still has not received them, even though they charged my credit card that day. I've called and left messages on the only number they list (765.584.2500) and no one has called me back. I've also emailed them several times and surprise - no response. I did a little search and found out that the manager is Charles Rich and his email is [email protected]. I just emailed him hoping that he'll respond but doubt it based on their track record. I plan on contacting Winchester County Police, the Better Business Bureau, Consumer Protection Division of Indiana and so on. The seeds weren't that expensive but what's upsetting me more is the way they're handling their business.
Neutral cabrlamo
Alexandria, IN (Zone 5a)
(2 reviews)
August 13, 2007
In the spring of 2005 I decided to purchase seeds from this company to attempt some landscaping at our new home. I wish I had seen this profile about Rich Farm Garden. I was excited that it was a local company. (less than an hour drive away) Even though I live in Indiana, the same state in which this company is located, it took over 5 weeks to receive the seeds I ordered. After numerous phone calls and emails, I did finally receive seed. A few were what I had ordered and the rest were substitutes, even though I had expressly stated that I did not want substitutes. Would I order from them again? Absolutely not. I just ordered seed from two other companies and received them within a week and they were both located out west, not even in the same state of Indiana. If you plan to order from them, then at least expect some delay and make sure you give yourself enough time for growing before transplanting.

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