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On May 31, 2012, kvj011756 (2 reviews) from Orleans, MA

Bought a flat of 105 impatiens plants - only 47 survived. The reds and pinks died first starting in the middle of the tray of 105 on the second day after being placed with all my other mail order plants in a warm sunny location. I called NCF to let them know about the problem and they said it was the way I handled the flat. The plants had a 45% survival rate by DAY 2 in my hands and it's my fault??? No offer of a refund or replacement. I won't being doing business with them again - which is too bad because the 50 geraniums I got the same day from them are quite nice. BUYER BEWARE!

On Apr 9, 2011, grollcat (6 reviews) from Virginia Beach, VA

I have to say that I was so excited about finding NC Farms that it was very difficult for me not to "go crazy" and order a thousand dollars worth of rooted plugs - it just made so much sense from a value perspective. I finally came to the realization that I am not currently, nor trying to become, a nursery, and that I am not in the position to finish that many rooted plugs. Plus, I knew nothing about NC Farms or their plants, so I settled on just a few plug trays of my favorites(they also have the option for unrooted cuttings that are super cheap, but I know my limitations and I just don't have the skills or patience for cuttings to have a happy ending). I ordered a 105 tray of trailing Bacopa, a 105 tray of purple Anglelonia and 50 of Cathedral Windows Heuchera at roughly 40 bucks a tray at the end of February. Within a few days, I received confirmation that my order would ship the week of 3/28. The Bacopa and Angelonia arrived on schedule. The Heurchera didn't make it, but I don't take issue with that since we are not talking about finished goods here - plants have a schedule of their own. I planted all of the plugs, 2 to a 4" pot, within 5 days of their arrival and placed them in my Grow Camp. So far, they all appear quite healthy. I already have a number of family and friends who, upon seeing my bounty, are offering to throw a few bucks my way to take any leftovers off my hands and I am thinking that these plugs could come close to paying for themselves. I will definitely purchase from NC Farms again. My overall positive experience, however, brings me back to my original dilemma - I am already dreaming about trays of phlox, calibrachoa, fuschia, coleus, double impatiens, lantana, bougainvillea and so many others...

On May 19, 2010, DreamersOasis (1 reviews) from Wakita, OK

We tried North Carolina Farms for cuttings and found the items shipped to us to be very inferior and small. Not enough stem with a couple of leaves to plant. When we informed Brad of this, supposedly they were going to make it right with us. To this day, 6 months later I am still waiting for an $82 refund. I plan to never do business with them. They did not even honor their response of refunding only the particular items we could not get to grow. We did the mist and had the heat, and all of our other stock from elsewhere did just fine. You can't make a 1/2" tip of a cutting to grow. I have tried on several occasions to resolve this with NCF but to no avail.

On Apr 19, 2010, mollymistsmith (10 reviews) from Valdosta, GA (Zone 8b)

I received some great coleus cuttings. Beautiful specimens.

On Aug 28, 2009, jgmdevlabs (1 reviews) from Redondo Beach, CA

I'm a startup 'micro' nursery growing for myself, friends, and to see if I can successfully market some of my product. I started with trays of plant plugs from NC Farms with a 100% success rate. Check their online availability list to see what is actually available before you try to place an order. Use any standard irrigation controller with spray heads to be sure of consistent, controlled watering. Follow their instructions, which is to water when you get the trays, let them recover from shipping for a few days, then transplant to 2"x2"x2" peat pots or to plastic 4" pots. I then decided to try cuttings, partly as a challenge and partly to reduce my production costs ($0.08 per cutting typical compared to about $0.48 per plug, plus shipping for each). First, I grew 200 cuttings in plug trays in clear plastic storage boxes, misted morning and evening by hand. That worked reasonably well but I did lose a few plants. In the mean time I ordered a Dig 5006-IP Propogation Controller, and set it up to mist every 5 minutes for about 5 seconds, with DIG mist heads. I grew 700 plants from cuttings with this system and after 2 weeks when the roots were reasonably developed, slowly switched over to daily irrigation. I had 100% success with this system and very happy, healthy plants. Using heating mats under the plug trays works even better by keeping the roots about 10 degrees warmer than the plant, which favors root development over leaf development. (I have a single tray mat but will install 4' wide heat mat for the next production cycle). If you have problems trying to grow from cuttings it is almost certainly because you don't have a propogation mist system and/or heat mats. They aren't very expensive and are easy to set up. Having a 100% success rate is very satisfying too! I also ordered 4 trays of assorted succulents, which got me all 19 varieties currently available. The succulents are almost impossible to kill! NC Farms has been great to work with, no problems at all. Only a couple of their plants are patented so you can take the next step and propogate from your own plants if you want. Although at about $0.08 per cutting ($8 per hundred) it is almost easier to let them maintain the master plants and provide you with the cuttings. And they have a huge variety.

On Apr 30, 2009, leebauch (1 reviews) from Miles City, MT (Zone 3b)

I highly recommend this Co. Ordered from them for the first time, received my order in a timley fashion, but had a problem with the cuttings. When I contacted them they offered a credit or replacement. I chose the replacement and instead of cuttings, they sent rooted plugs at no extra charge. I am very impressed with them and will order again.

On Mar 27, 2008, onewish1 (25 reviews) from Denville, NJ (Zone 6b)

here is my order COLSA 100 COLEUS SUN SERIES ASSORTED 42.00 PETA 100 PETUNIA TRAILING ASSORTED 44.00 SN 100 SNAPDRAGON TRAILING ASSORTED 50.00 COLU 100 Z-URC COLEUS TRAILING ASSORTED 8.00 IPATU 100 Z-URC IPOMOEA ASSORTED TIP 16.00 LOBWU 100 Z-URC LOBELIA TRAILING COMPACT WHITE 14.00 JAU 100 Z-URC WANDERING JEW ASSORTED 7.00 they sent an email almost a week in advance to get ready for my shipment and then a shipping conformation the day before... great packing and quality of plants photos posted here //

On February 26th, 2009, onewish1 changed the rating from positive to negative and added the following: had some problems this year with my order -- changing my rating -- after placing my order NC Farms contacted me to say there were a few of my choices not going to be available for shipment.. which I had no problem with.. I actually picked out another choice to replace the two things that they did not have... when the order was delivered they replaced three more of my choices with out telling me... and they would have been nothing I would have picked out ....why would they tell me about 2 things prior and not tell me about the other 3 ... I tried to email a few days after letting them know I was upset... I received no response ... I sent another email today informing them I am taking my business elsewhere next year, and changing my rating on here. I just think it's wrong that companies just want to make the sale and don't care about anything but making money. If they would have told me in advance I would have picked out something I liked they had in stock.
On February 26th, 2009, onewish1 changed the rating from negative to positive and added the following: After my second email I got a response saying that .. they did not receive my first email... and now offered me replacements for the ones I am not happy with or a refund. Glad to get a nice response and resolution.

On Mar 25, 2008, pbtxlady (14 reviews) from Garland, TX (Zone 8a)

We recently purchased 800 cuttings from NC Farms. We were very happy with the transaction. They notified us well in advance before the day the cuttings were shipped (overnight), so that we could be prepared. All the cuttings arrived in excellent condition. We have not had them long enough to know yet what our rooting success will be, but so far they all look great. We'll definitely order from NC Farms again.

On Jan 8, 2008, NYVOICES99 (4 reviews) from Corning, NY (Zone 5a)

Ordered from them in 2007, Very , Very Happy.I will order from them again, what a great company, I can't rate them as high as they should be, I recommend them highly.. Will buy from them again. :)Anita

On May 27, 2007, PlantMomto3 (24 reviews) from Nevada, MO (Zone 6a)

Very quick; excellently packaged; good communication. The cuttings were healthy and rooted very quickly for me. I was extremely pleased with the ease of rooting and the success rate and look forward to beds full of plants and flowers. I will definitely order with confidence from this company again.

On May 11, 2007, Melissa_Ohio (37 reviews) from Southwestern, OH (Zone 6b)

One of the few companies that you can order cuttings from! Their prices are great, and the cuttings did great for me! I ordered from them twice this year, and will order again next year.

On Apr 8, 2005, mystic (22 reviews) from Ewing, KY (Zone 6a)

This is my 2nd year ordering from them. The cuttings always look great. I have lost very few. Extras are always included to allow for that. This year I had a slight mishap with my order. But it was fixed ASAP. The customer service is wonderful (Thanks Mick) Not only did I get the rest of my order but an extra was included. I will continue to do business with them, and look forward to next years new releases. If you are not on the mailing list for a catalog get one you won't be sorry.If you are in wholesale you can't go wrong with them!

On Jan 24, 2005, Brugie (13 reviews) from Chariton, IA (Zone 5b)

I've purchased from this company two years now and I will go back again this year. They sell in large quantities, but still cheaper than buying just a few at the nursery and my friends can benefit this way. Good, healthy cuttings and plugs. Good service. Nice to work with.

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