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On Apr 29, 2005, jkghadley (1 reviews) from Hadley, MI

I was able to actually visit this company, as we have a vacation home in Franklin NC. I found the website while searching for an online source for African Violets, and emailed asking about a visit when we are in town. I got a reply with a request to call before visiting. I did that, and the greenhouse was open that day. The most important thing I want to mention here is that this company has recently been sold, and is under new ownership. I met the new owner and he is a very nice, helpful man. He is currenty working to make it his own, and get things in order so he can get into full swing. The new name is African Violets by D & G Greenhouses, Inc. I bought four standard size violets on that visit. There is a large selection, and I enjoyed browsing. One of my new babies is not faring well at all. I am not sure why. It seemed fine when I bought it, but soon after began to wilt badly. The other three are doing beautifully. I will go back for more violets and to see how things are progressing for the new owner.

On May 8, 2004, v2010 (1 reviews)

I ordered plants and supplies on Saturday and they arrived the following Friday. The company notified me by phone when the order was shipped. This was very nice as I knew when to expect their arrival. The plants were in excellent condition and beautiful. The staff was very helpful with questions when I placed my order. They have the most complete selection of supplies I have found on the web. I will be ordering from this company again soon.

On Oct 9, 2003, chotaling (5 reviews) from Cleveland, OH

I received my shipment of violets and I was very happy. I left it up to Frederick's to pick my substitutes if needed. I never would have picked the ones they sent according to their description. Their description did them no justice. They were beautiful. I will definitely be doing more business here. Violets and shipping were great. I also phoned in my order and the person I spoke to was very friendly and helpful. Great experience in every way. Thanks so much!

On Oct 4, 2003, ceebee (1 reviews)

I would definitely buy from Federick's again. I got fast service, they were very professional. I faxed my order and followed up with my payment by Pay Pal. They called me when they sent the package and included an extra gift violet. I got healthy plants, with no broken leaves and I even E-mailed them directly and complimented them on their great service. They are AVSA vendors. I have purchased from a number of vendors who advertise in the AVSA Magazine from New York, to Texas, NC, GA...They all do an excellent job of customer service.

On Jul 6, 2003, kyoko5 (1 reviews)

I ordered over a dozen african violets from Fredericks and they came neatly packaged with cushioned stuffing so there would be no damage. Some had flowers on them already, but all arrived in perfect condition, and are flourishing in their new home. I was extremely pleased and will be ordering more.

On Jun 8, 2003, LKC (1 reviews)

I recently purhased several violets from these great folks, and I am very happy with my order! The order was processed very quickly, and the plants were very well protected. These are healthy, great looking plants and a proud addition to my collection. I will be a repeat customer, and would recommend them to all! LKC in MI

On Apr 5, 2003, VioletLover (1 reviews)

I recently placed an order with this company, and am very impressed with their service. All the african violets were packaged carefully, with minimal leaf breakage. (The few leaves that were broken off I placed in vermiculite to start new plants)They even included a bonus violet with my order, which was a nice touch. I will definitely be a repeat customer!

On Mar 1, 2003, wildflower525 (2 reviews) from Richfield, UT (Zone 5b)

I am very happy with my order. The service was wonderful. I had a few questions and the OWNER was kind enough to contact me in person and settle my fears. I received my order with in the time she specified (with a phone call to let me know it was on its way)and the packaging was wonderful. Despite freezing weather the leaves arrived with no damage. I received a nice variety of healthy, bug free, large streptocarpus leaves. I even got 2 bonus leaves. :o) I will order from them again. Thanks!

On Dec 11, 2002, issac (3 reviews)

Yes indeed, their cataloge is beguiling with the vast variety and selection of African Violets that are offered by this firm. There is also a list of satisfied customers as well(!). This violet vendor clearly states a six week delivery period.My advice: proceed with EXTREME caution! My first small order with this vendor took over ten months before my order was delivered. I repeatedly called to find out what was happening with my order. I was given every excuse possible,which I believed, untill the excuses started conflicting with one another. I finally received the order; the packing was lacking and the plants were not at all up to the standards of any of the seven other mail order African Violet vendors that I have previously dealt with.There were many broken leaves on the very small plantlets. Well, like a trusting fool I again ordered from this firm thinking that what had happened before was just bad timeing. That has been nearly a year ago, and still no order! Same excuses this time around! No one in the two african violet groups that I belong to will order from this firm; they all have had the same experience! An african violet leaf takes about eight weeks to produce a marketable plant.A chimera,about twelve.I feel that if there is to be some sort of hold up like this, customers should be notified.I am surprised that this firm is still in buisness.I hope this company makes some real changes, as it stands, they have a well earned BAD reputation!

On Jul 1, 2002, dorothycusce (1 reviews)

Back in May of this year, I ordered three plants from this firm. I should have known better, because I had a bad experience with them many years ago. I thought that if they were still in business, they must have improved. I sent for three plants, 2 chimeras, and one with a well variegated leaf, their choice. I received the plants yesterday, nearly four months after I placed my order. I have never gotten such a bad lot of plants mail order or otherwise. When I inquired about a month ago as to what was holding up my plants, I was told that they were waiting for one chimera, Mauna Loa, to bloom so that they would be sure it would come true to type. I accepted the excuse, but sent another E mail 3 weeks later, as they told me my waiting time was 2 weeks, more or less. This was answered by a phone call, telling me that my plants were being shipped. I got them yesterday, but what a mess. Due to careless packing, one plant had lost about half of its leaves, and none of them were even in bud. As a matter of fact, the Chimera, Concord was little more than a rooted cutting. The others were also quite small, and I don't feel I got my money's worth, even if they did put in another small plant. Little more to be said, except that it comes as no surprise that I will never order from them again. It seems, that like the leopard, this firm never changed its spots.

On Jun 2, 2002, Gardenbear (1 reviews)

Very satisfied with both the plants and the service. Excellent and prompt communication after placing the order, they actually called me on the telephone to let me know that the order was being shipped (a very classy touch). The package arrived in two days (from NC to WA). Wonderful packing job . . . double-boxed, insulated, with an individual corrugated cardboard sleeve around each plant. The plants were very healthy (a few were on the small size, but still well-rooted and established), plus they through in a bonus plant. I'll be ordering again.

On May 4, 2002, NLM (1 reviews)

My plants arrived in perfect condition. The insulated box kept them safe even in cold weather. Fast courteous service! Wonderful selection! Top rating! A++++++++++++

On May 4, 2002, swaylee52 (1 reviews)

i have purchased violets and other things from fredricks for about three years now. i have always been very pleased with the courteousness of the people who take my order and have always recieved my orders in a timely fashion. the violets that i have ordered have been shipped with the best packing and have always been very healthy. the prices are great and the web site has helpful hints for those new growers who aren't sure about how to grow. i will continue shopping with fredricks and i recommend it to anyone who wants nice plants and all of the other things you need for happy growing. have a violety day connie shepard

On May 4, 2002, Molly51 (1 reviews)

I was impressed with their website. They offer so many varieties of African Violets --- many of the older ones. I ordered 8 different plants. When I received them, they were in good condition. A broken leaf, but that was all. I figured that was a bonus --- I can start another plant! I had requested their winter packaging, and they had all the plants wrapped so carefully and safely against the weather. I would recommend them highly. You get your money's worth, plus they are healthy plants --- no bugs or diseases. JLH Milwaukee, Wisconsin

On Apr 1, 2002, tmcpa (1 reviews)

I have sent two orders and twice contacted this company and have never received my orders. The first order will be one year old in May of 2002; the second order was in July 2001. What is this company's problem?

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