Bushnell Gardens Nursery

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5255 Douglas Blvd.
Granite Bay, 95746 (United States)



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On Jul 13, 2007, SarahKodi (1 reviews) from Granite Bay, CA

We just moved here from San Rafael (north of San Francisco). Our favorite place to go was West End Nursery, a family run business for many, many years that has beautiful plants and really nice gift items for the house and yard. Bushnell's is like West End Nursery times TEN! We found the staff incredibly helpful, courteous, friendly and the variety of plants and flowers in unbelievable. The inside area with garden gift items and even some things for your kitchen is incredible. The whole place is well thought out and planned and we will be back many times. My guess is that the holidays there will be filled with fun gift ideas for house and home, too, just like our old favorite West End in San Rafael.

On May 22, 2007, milanitaly (1 reviews) from Granite Bay, CA (Zone 9a)

I live near this nursery, and have given it a couple of chances to win me over. However, it has always been a disappointment. Their prices are inflated, and their staff is not helpful. I felt as if I was bothering a sales associate when I asked her a question--very poor service.

On Sep 16, 2006, vespavanti (1 reviews) from Folsom, CA (Zone 9a)

I really enjoyed Bushnells, the employees were present but not hovering. The grounds are well designed and easy to explore on your own. Plant information and prices were well marked. The displays were stunning. This place is a gem!

On Jun 9, 2006, shoman100 (1 reviews) from Orangevale, CA

Poor service. No one around to help. I went to the counter to buy some items and ask a few questions. I was told "I am too busy wrapping this stuff, might be awhile, please go to the outside counter". I did, stood there for about 10 minutes with a handful of items, employees walking around the whole time. No one ever asked me if I needed help or came over to ring me up. Worst experience I have ever had in any nursery. I drove a 1 mile to Sierra Nursery & Rock and got the total opposite treatment. They were very kind and helpful there. Looks like they might have a good selection, for whatever that is worth. I advise to not waste your time here. There are other nurseries nearby that will provide better service.

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