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On Nov 7, 2012, cannagirl (9 reviews) from DeRidder, LA (Zone 9a)

Carol, you and your plants are simply amazing!!! I order often,and have always got large, healthy plants and rhizomes. Carol no longer has a commercial nursery but if your looking for a special plant for your collection Carol will do her best to locate it. I'd like to add if your a hoya collector this is the lady to purchase from.

On Dec 17, 2010, anhstein (2 reviews) from San Diego, CA

I purchased my very first Hoya from Carol, Hoya tjadasmalangesis. It's a very strong and pretty plant. It continue to grow new leaves and now, flowers. I am very pleased. If you want good quality plants, Big Island is the place to buy. You will be pleased too. Carol is a great person. She is very knowledgable in the field of Hoyas and is willing to share it with us. Thank you Carol, for being there.

On Mar 26, 2010, Toni05 (61 reviews) from Brookfield, IL

I've been hunting for Hoya Macrophylla 'variegata' a long time. Except for one nursery that wants 60.00 for a 3.5" Macro, my search wasn't going anywhere. Until I was told about Carol, from Aloha Hoyas. I wrote, asking if she happened to have one..sure enough, she had one left. And I didn't have to pay a fortune for the same Hoya, potted in a 4" growing container, @ one-fourth the cost of the other nursery. The transaction went smooth. The Hoya was wrapped and packaged with care, and arrived less than a weeks time.. The H. Macro is very healthy, insect-free, and beautiful. Colors are vibrant. Carol is very sweet, responds to emails, questions about Hoyas, and quite patient. I can't wait to see which Hoyas she has available this summer. Toni

On Sep 23, 2009, treelover3 (16 reviews) from Minneapolis, MN (Zone 5a)

Wonderful experience ordering from Carol at Aloha Hoyas. Shipping is very reasonable and plants are extremely well packaged. Order with complete confidence. A very nice company and lady to deal with. tl³

On Jul 11, 2009, Greenpeter6 (16 reviews) from Astoria, NY

What wonderful plants, beautifuly packed and quickly shipped. I am amazed at the size of the plants I received, in excellent conditon, shipped from Hawaii to New York. If you want high-quality plants from a high-quality dealer, this hoya specialist is the place to buy them.

On Apr 14, 2009, Chantell (22 reviews) from Middle of, VA (Zone 7a)

Talk about the patience of a saint. Much to be said for the individual that not only tolerates but patiently answers my zillion...and ONE questions (thank you, Carol). Unlike a normal new hoya collector, I was overly specific in my wants (can we say FRAGRANT) - who knew there was more then one type of H. lacunosa AND that there were other Hoyas that were highly fragrant. Carol didn't bat an eye...continued answering my onslaught of questions...after a week of that...I placed my order. My well packed and marked hoyas arrived soon there after - healthy as can be!!! As if this wasn't enough...she sent me an additional box with yet another hoya cutting she describes as "most fragrant …like very good perfume." How sweet was that???

On Mar 28, 2009, paulashoya (2 reviews) from North Central, ID (Zone 6a)

I've ordered from Carol several times and have always received wonderfully grown plants. They almost all have had peduncles on them and bloom quickly. Excellent to order from, just a darling ! I WILL be ordering again.

On Feb 27, 2009, SRQHoyas (1 reviews) from York, PA (Zone 6b)

I have ordered more plants than I can count from Carol and am always ecstatic when I receive the box from Hawaii. Each plant has been grown with care and most have bloomed within the month after receiving them. The most generous and best hoyas on the web. Thanks Carol!

On Nov 16, 2008, kitsyt (2 reviews) from Ogden, UT

Carol is one of the most awesome hoya seller there is! She always sends healthy plants at an amazingly fast pace. Shipping charges are minimal. Products well packed. I love her and her hoyas! Kerri

On Dec 24, 2007, bettykastner (1 reviews) from Denver, CO

Thank Heaven's for [email protected] I am brand new to Hoyas and I signed up for a Hoya forum in which I had been given incorrect information and by acident looking at Hoya pictures. She has been a God send if not for her many of my Hoyas (only 4) would have been named improperly. And the new plants I was trying to buy and I would have been disapointed because mis named I would have got the wrong Hoyas. She is a remarkable person she had so much time and patience with me, And I had not even bought a plant from her. Nore give her any indication that I would tell we chatted for week. I would like to adopt 2 or 3 more And I will buy from Carol the support is wonderful. She also recomended a site called Myhoyas.com by far the best sight out there from pictures to detailes about each plant and links to many other site so I am refering people to it all the time. Thank You to the person myhoyas.com I have learned so much from that site. Us newbies need alot more like those two. And I've learned to staying away from the forums at least till I have some experience. And can maybe lead them to were they can be properly informed. I'm sure people mean well and probably been misinformed them self I was just fortunite to run across Carol Thanks Carol Betty Kastner e-mail [email protected]

On Nov 5, 2007, duncanji (1 reviews) from Plano, TX (Zone 8a)

I placed an order for the first time from Aloha Hoyas about a month ago. This was only my second time ordering hoyas online, and I must say I was much more pleased with the condition of the hoyas I received from Aloha than from the last vendor I used. She was very helpful and answered any questions or concerns I had through email. I was personally notified when the package was sent out, and sent a link to track the package. The plants arrived without a wilting leaf or broken stem, securely wrapped and each one tagged. They had a large, healthy root system and glorious foliage. The cv. Sunrise I got even has a new peduncle forming! Another perk to this vendor is the broad inventory of plants that is offered. There are just so many to choose from, and each catalog item is accompanied by beautiful photographs of foliage and blooms. Also, each plant has an informative description and brief care instructions. I must say I am very pleased with Aloha Hoya's and will definitely be ordering again!

On Sep 10, 2007, winterhaven (6 reviews) from Alamogordo, NM (Zone 7b)

I have ordered a LOT of hoyas from this vendor for many, many years now. She always sends out beautiful, healthy, generous sized plants and many times they are in bloom. What an added bonus! : -) They are packed beautifully and she also sends out a tracking number and ships them out right away. She has a large variety of hoyas and they can come in several sizes to fit your budget. I have always been VERY pleased with my purchases. You grow Carol! Teresita

On Aug 2, 2007, lourdes49 (3 reviews) from Austin, TX (Zone 8b)

Great plants lot better than I expected. Ready to order again. Thank you Carol!!!

On Jun 2, 2007, hawaiiroses (12 reviews) from Honolulu, HI

I ordered two specimen plants. Both arrived quickly, well packed, and very large and healthy. The seller offered the cheapest shipping method possible. There were no additional "handling" charges. Communication by email was easy, and the seller was generous with advice about which plants would suit my needs and about growing information. I highly recommend this company.

On May 18, 2007, horsewoman (2 reviews) from Aberdeen, NC

I am always pleased with my orders from Aloha Hoyas. I have been ordering from Carol for several years and always get incredible healthy plants and fast shipping. Last fall I placed an order for hoyas and Carol grew them out for me. I just received my shipment of hoyas and I really like the way it worked out. Carol held the plants for me until it was warm enough for me to leave them outside. My plants grew for close to 6 months in the warm Hawaiian temps. and you know how well hoyas grow in Hawaii. What I received were healthy, large plants. The size that I ordered last fall was what I paid for but I got hoyas that had grown a whole lot more. I plan on putting in another fall order and letting Carol grow them out for me. This is a nice way to purchase hoyas. I have never been disappointed in an order from Carol.

On May 17, 2007, TammyPie (2 reviews) from Laguna Niguel, CA

Carol Noel is AWESOME! I have purchased several Hoyas from Aloha Hoyas and received beautiful plants in a very prompt manner. I am planning on buying from her in the future. Carol, you ROCK!

On May 4, 2007, Hoya_24 (3 reviews) from Waterville, VT (Zone 4b)

I am very happy with my experience in ordering from Carol at Aloha Hoyas. The plants were shipped very quickly, and I was able to track my shipment easily every step of the way. The plants were large and beautiful and I will definitely buy from her again. Now it is up to me, and hopefully I will be able to grow them successfully.

On Jan 30, 2007, tfc930 (1 reviews) from New York, NY

After receiving half-dead twigs from other companies, it was a great to receive for my first order these oversized and healthy plants packed with the upmost care. I have purchased a few dozen more plants from Aloha and I'm happy each and every time I open my package. There is also a personal touch that you will not find very often...almost as if you are receiving a package from a friend rather than a company. The selection of Hoyas available is very impressive and for rooted plants the price is reasonable...especially for those hoyas that are hard to root on your own.

On Dec 14, 2006, bbinnj (21 reviews) from West Orange, NJ (Zone 6a)

I can't believe I didn't do this sooner. Late summer I ordered a dwarf cordyline I was drooling over. To my great surprise, not only did the dwarf cordyline cutting come, but a lovely larger cutting of another variety as well. The larger one is doing very well; the dwarf one never took off for me. When I e-mailed Carol about it, she replied right away that come spring she'll send me a new rooted cutting. This is excellent customer service.

On Dec 14, 2006, plantladylin (7 reviews) from (Zone 1)

I am new to Hoya's so I only ordered 2 little small plants to try and I received 3! A freebie ... what a nice surprise! The cv 'Sunrise' is even blooming, and it smells heavenly! Great packaging and FAST shipping! I am very pleased, and will definately be making more purchases from Aloha Hoya's! Thanks so much Carol!

On Dec 4, 2006, TurtleChi (3 reviews) from Danville, VA (Zone 7a)

Hello Carol... What can I say except that your Hoya's are wonderful... I cant believe how big they are... I have one here at home from a place around here and it is itty bitty compaired to yours... I will be back... This lady is the best ... she sells great Hoya's.. Susan51

On Nov 11, 2006, Mairzee_dotes (1 reviews) from Long Beach, CA

I have ordered a LOT of hoyas from this wonderful seller, and wish to add my praise too. (I just discovered this feedback section). The plants came packaged beautifully and well protected. Even the blooms on some of them survived the trip. Yes, many of the plants came large and with blooms already on them. Not many places that you can get hoyas this nice. They have always been healthy and well cared for, and I have never had any problems growing them. Prices and shipping costs are right too. This is indeed a 5 star place to get plants. Marcy

On October 25th, 2007, Mairzee_dotes added the following: Got more plants this fall from this wonderful hoya vendor. She is beyond generous. There just isn't a better place to order from on line. Much thanks again! Marcy

On Jul 4, 2006, Bec_No_Va (39 reviews) from Sequim, WA (Zone 8a)

Most excellent, received plant and cuttings and I am thrilled! Great communication and lots of awesome advice! I am placing the next order soon!!

On Jun 3, 2006, Lilypon (11 reviews) from Moose Jaw, SK (Zone 3b)

Fantastic experience!!! The plants I received are drop dead gorgeous and the packing was superb. Carol I will move heaven and earth so that I can order from you again!!! (I live in Canada so it is a little (lot) trickier to receive rooted plants from the States). Thank you........it felt like my birthday and Christmas combined to see such exquisite beauties!

On May 26, 2006, margie2u (1 reviews) from Shelton, WA

I have also bought from Aloha Hoya's and was extremely pleased with the quite large plants that I ordered. I bought Three beautiful plants and another was thrown in by Carol. I can't wait to order again as they have so very many beautiful, colorful and exotic ones to choose from. I am like some of the other people that wrote in, I don't really have the room to put the plants but when you are an addicted Hoya owner & Grower, What can you do ??? I want to get as many different kinds as I possible can and different colors. Good day to you all and Many Thanks To Aloha Hoya and Carol. Margie2u

On May 4, 2006, GreenGirl58 (3 reviews) from Omaha, NE (Zone 4b)

I just received my first order from Aloha Hoyas. I was reluctant to buy from them because their prices are - well, they're not cheap. But, after reading the reviews here, it sounded like a case of "you get what you pay for"... I ordered 4 plants and one "5-node cutting." My package arrived today and it knocked my socks off! All the plants were big, healthy, well packed... The cutting was actually TWO 5-node cuttings, a total of 20 leaves! I've already started my wish list for my next order - THAT's how impressed I am!

On Apr 21, 2006, Alfie7 (4 reviews) from Blairsville, PA

Christmas in April here in PA! The complete order of 4 plants (and one gift) arrived. Well packed; all plants appear large & healthy. Good communication by the vendor. I won't hesitate to order again in the future.

On Oct 12, 2005, kabob (6 reviews) from Macon, IL (Zone 5b)

What a great experience with this company! The plants I ordered and received were large, healthy, and beautiful. I received the plants quickly AND the owner communicated with me directly to let me know when they would be shipped - a nice touch! The plants were packaged nicely with no damage. I will definitely order from this company again!

On December 9th, 2005, kabob added the following: 12/9/05 Another great experience with Aloha Hoya!! Beautiful, healthy plants, with a nice personal touch from the owner who found a way to ship these plants safely to cold Illinois in the winter!! Will do business with this company again...and again!
On April 21st, 2006, kabob added the following: April 20, 2006 What can I say - this is my absolute favorite place to get hoyas - beautiful, large, healthy plants, great communication with owner, fantastic selection. I highly recommend this vendor!!
On July 13th, 2006, kabob added the following: 7/13/06 Another fantastic experience - my plants are beautiful! They always come well-packaged and quick. I don't think I'll buy hoyas from any place else - these are always perfect....and often come with peduncles, blooms, and 'presents' in the form of an additional hoya! Thanks, AlohaHoyas!!
On January 4th, 2007, kabob added the following: And another fantastic experience!! The hoyas are amazing, well-packaged and healthy! I received them, as always, very promptly. Customer service is excellent, and the generousity of the owner is unbelievable. If you want excellent hoyas, at excellent prices and with very reasonable shipping costs, this will be your place for hoyas, too!! Thanks, AlohaHoyas!
On October 11th, 2007, kabob added the following: Another great order!!! Fantastic customer service, fantastic plants!!!
On April 24th, 2008, kabob added the following: Another great order with Aloha Hoya. Plants are, as always, healthy, beautiful and well-packaged. Communication is excellent with this vendor. Highly recommended!!

On Aug 19, 2005, jenlyn2 (1 reviews) from Newnan, GA

I'm VERY pleased with the package of hoyas I received from Aloha. Maybe it has to do with the favorable Hawaiian climate, but each of the plants is 3-4 times larger than what I normally receive for the same price, especially considering the hoyas I ordered are uncommon ones (imperialis and imbricata). Normally, I receive a plant with one or two leaf nodes at most-- these look as though they have been allowed to grow for a while before sale. I will definitely order from Aloha again (when space permits!!)

On April 23rd, 2007, jenlyn2 added the following: I ordered more rare hoyas, and am thrilled as before! Each plant is quite large and vigorous, and survived the shipping very well. Plus, I got some interesting reading materials about housing prices in Hilo;-) Thanks, Carol!

On Jul 26, 2005, MsKitty (2 reviews) from Chowchilla, CA (Zone 10a)

I received the hoya's that I ordered in absolutely perfect condition. In fact, the plants I received from Aloha Hoya are even fuller and more lush than what is depicted on the website! Carol was also very kind and helpful as I experienced ordering plants on-line for the first time. I will certainly be ordering from Aloha Hoya's again very soon (I just need to find more window space....)

On August 12th, 2005, MsKitty added the following: I was so pleased with my first order that I couldn't resist getting my greedy little hands on some more of Carol's Hoyas. My packaged arrived today with plants that looked absolutely georgeous and healthy - even though they had been in a box for two days. Not only did I get the big, healthy plants that I had ordered, but Carol put a little extra one in for me. By the way, I ordered my plants on Sunday and they arrived today (Thursday). Also, Carol is beginning to offer cuttings and the H. Siariae cutting Carol sent to me is nearly one & a half feet long, has six nodes, and a bloom spike. I've never ordered cuttings before but I certainly will order any others Carol offers! Needless to say, my experience this second order has certainly made me a fan of Aloha Hoya's (and Carol). She is friendly, answers questions about everything from shipping to hoya culture, and is quick to respond to all queries. So, in a nutshell, you won't be disappointed if you order from Aloha Hoya's. Ann Strahm
On August 25th, 2005, MsKitty added the following: As if I didn't have a crammed-up window already, I couldn't stop myself from ordering more of those beautiful Hoyas from Aloha Hoyas. My plants arrived today and I am absolutely thrilled!!! I remain amazed at how fresh, hearty, and healthy the plants look upon their arrival. Carol sends not only such lovely & healthy plants, but I am ever impressed with the size of them! They are large and well-established, some even have buds developing on bloom spikes (yes, you read correctly ... bloom spikes ... buds!). I have shopped around local specialty plant shops and their prices cannot compete with Aloha Hoyas for the size, health, and maturity of the plant (nor do they carry such gloriously exotic plants as Carol. Not only that, but the wealth of information she generously provides is very, very valuable. Finally, the transactions are delightful and friendly. As I have said before, I will certainly continue ordering from Aloha Hoyas. I'm sure I must have an open spot somewhere.......
On September 29th, 2005, MsKitty added the following: I just recieved my fourth order of plants from Aloha Hoyas. And, just as with the other three times, these plants and cuttings were stunning!! In fact, the cuttings were so large that I was able to clip them in half and double my rootings! Additionally, nearly everything that I ordered had bloom spikes on them (the H. erythrina even was in bloom). In fact, the generous little "extra" (that she always throws in) has bloom spikes on it too. This retailer provides the biggest "bang" for my "buck" and I am always so delighted when I open the shipping box. I don't care if my window space keeps getting smaller and smaller, I must have more! I continue to be extremely happy with Aloha Hoyas' plants. Thanks Carol! I wish more retailers were like you. Be on the lookout, I have a feeling my addiction has not yet been brought under control......
On October 26th, 2005, MsKitty added the following: Once again, Aloha Hoyas has blown me away with the absolute beauty and healthiest plants (one was even in full bloom!). It never ceases to amaze me that these plants, having been in a box for two to three days come out looking so amazing. I continue to be so pleased, beyond all my expectations, with Aloha Hoyas' plants. Of course, I will be ordering more!
On November 16th, 2005, MsKitty added the following: I just received my final order of the season from Aloha Hoyas. I will say it again - I cannot imagine ordering from any other retailer given the quality of plants I receive. Each plant is large, in excellent condition, and one even had georgeous intact blooms on it. Carol does a SPECTACULAR job with these plants and I have always been so very pleased with each order. I am only stopping my wild shopping spree's because it is getting too cold to ship here. Spring is just around the corner ... Thanks again Carol!! Ann
On January 15th, 2006, MsKitty added the following: Once again the plants that I order from Aloha Hoyas are stunning! This time three of the plants have little blooms just beginning to emerge. Everything is several times larger than the photographs that accompany the descriptions, and each plant has been verified as to its correct name via a pedigree that can be traced should one want to. Aloha Hoyas is an exceptional seller with an incredible amount of knowledge that she is willing to share. I truly enjoy my buying experience with Aloha Hoyas (as evidenced by the number of times I have purchased from her) and I will continue to buy from her until I have no more room in my home - then I'll get a greenhouse and get more. Thanks Carol at Aloha Hoyas!
On April 7th, 2006, MsKitty added the following: Well, here I go again. Spring is in the air and I need new plants. So, who do I turn to? Once again, I called upon the trusty Aloha Hoyas and once again I was blown away at the absolute perfection that arrived at my door today. All of the plants were lush, green, and quite large. Many of them had blooms spikes on them! This is the eighth time that I have ordered from Aloha Hoyas, and I still am thrilled at the quality of each order. I also appreciate the selection of plants available. Aloha Hoyas is always well stocked, and there is always something new. I simply cannot imagine buying from anyone else! As always, thanks Carol at Aloha Hoyas!!!
On April 29th, 2006, MsKitty added the following: Clearly I am the greediest person on this block. I have once again purchased from Aloha Hoyas, and I have once again been overcome with joy when I opened my box of plants! Carol's hoyas are worth their weight in gold!!! Thanks Aloha Hoyas!!!
On July 26th, 2006, MsKitty added the following: I have ordered again from Aloha Hoyas (I just can't stop myself). I have not found any better prices for the size and healthyness of the plants. As always, I thank Aloha Hoyas for such exceptional products!

On Jul 14, 2005, vanessa_throckm (1 reviews) from Gillette, WY

It was the best experience ever!!!! I am very, very happy with such pretty and healthy plants!!! They arrived in excellent condition, fast shipping, very well protected inside the shipping box, honest seller, wonderful and friendly communication!!! I highly recommend Aloha Hoyas!!

On Jul 1, 2005, green971 (1 reviews) from Great Falls, MT (Zone 4a)

Beautiful, beautiful plants. The hoyas were much larger than I expected them to be, and I also received a surprise bonus plant. I would order from Carol Noel again and again, and have recommended her to others.

On April 27th, 2007, green971 added the following: New box from Aloha Hoya today....as always it was much better than I anticipated! This is my 8th purchase from Aloha, and in 3 years of actively buying hoyas, I have never seen better! Bonus plant was a super surprise, and they just made my week! Always supportive, willing to answer questions, and very knowledgeable! The best!

On Jun 18, 2005, OldFlowerGirl (4 reviews) from Castlegar, BC (Zone 6b)

A friendly, knowledgeable lady, Carol has provided me with lovely healthy plants. A pleasure to do business with. Great website. Thanks for everything! Donna

On May 14, 2005, myhart (1 reviews) from Oak Point, TX (Zone 8a)

On the 4-18-05 I ordered two hoyas. I was skeptical about ordering from such a distance. That much for the plants. But I have to say I would recommend them to anyone. Plants were beautiful, much larger than I expected. One was even blooming when it arrived. I ordered two and received three. I love each and everyone. I will be ordering more as I find out more about them. I am reading and learning everything I can . I received one as a gift last Spring from a friend and then this Spring she presented me with a Hoya rope. And then I ordered from Carol. What did my friend start?

On Apr 15, 2005, dmichael619 (5 reviews) from Murrells Inlet, SC (Zone 8a)

I recently purchased 2 very nice plants from this seller and was rewarded with a bonus plant as well. Plants are large and very healthy.

On Mar 5, 2005, Plumeriagod (2 reviews) from Houston, TX (Zone 9a)

I've been dealing with Carol at Aloha Hoyas for over a year now and couldn't have asked for a superior quality hoya at a great price! I've been growing hoyas for around 10 years now and Aloha Hoyas has the best selection and healthiest plants I've ever seen! Carol is friendly, knowledgeable, and sells a VERY superior quality product! I rarely give any company a full 5 stars, but Aloha Hoyas is my exception to the rule!

On Mar 3, 2005, jll (32 reviews) from Pendleton, OR

Very very nice hoyas . Nice person to deal with. order came fast .

On August 31st, 2005, jll added the following: Many orders later. Couldnt be happier with plants. Carol as always is great. SOOOOO Carol thank you vicki
On July 27th, 2006, jll added the following: A few more orders later still HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY
On October 31st, 2006, jll added the following: A few more orders later and another on the way still looking forward to more great plants from a great person to deal with vicki
On March 27th, 2007, jll added the following: more great orders

On Jan 2, 2005, butterflybyrob (8 reviews) from Spring, TX

The hoya's from Aloha Hoya are the best I have ever seen; great selection everything is tagged correctly and verified by other top experts in the field. Large, healthy, carefully packed plants. Website is user friendly and one of the best in the category, always adding improvements. Carol is someone that loves what she does, and it shows.

On September 23rd, 2005, butterflybyrob added the following: As we are getting ready for hurricane Rita and bringing in all of the plants I am so amazed at my beautiful hoya collection that is only six months old and blooming. The vines are all so huge and healthy..I just wanted to say thanks..again

On Dec 4, 2004, Sodapopkid111 (1 reviews) from Dennisport, MA (Zone 5a)

The seller is a wonderful person who extends outstanding cutomer service! Each order is well packaged and labeled. Winter shipments arrive in a healthy condition. I highly recommend this vendor. I will continue to purchase from this vendor again and again. Satisfied Customer! David

On Nov 30, 2004, Missyinbama (37 reviews) from Wetumpka, AL (Zone 8a)

Well grown plants, excellent customer service! Will return to purchase from again.

On Nov 29, 2004, binky1972 (2 reviews) from TUCSON, AZ (Zone 9a)

I just ordered from Carol 5 new Hoyas Plants again. Nice big plants.Very healthy ! Great communication !! Let me know what was going on with my order. Will be ordering from them again. Mary (Binky) :))))))

On Nov 19, 2004, ACsAgapePlants (7 reviews) from Mesa, AZ (Zone 9a)

Have ordered hoyas several times from Aloha Hoya and have always been pleased. The service is fast and hoyas are healthy. Will order from again. Blessings, Awanda

On January 27th, 2005, ACsAgapePlants added the following: I recently placed and received another order and as always the plants are big, healthy and beautiful. Will continue to order from AlohaHoya!!

On Oct 31, 2004, raymondb (3 reviews) from Pearland, TX

Absolutely the best place to buy Hoyas. I have received two orders and my third one is on the way. The plants are great and the customer service is second to none. I would not buy plants from anyone else. Raymond S.

On January 20th, 2005, raymondb added the following: Just received another Hoya order from Carol. Thay are the best. No one has a better selection and quality of Hoyas. Fast shipping, excellent packing and beautiful plants makes for a very happy customer.

On Oct 18, 2004, Dianne492 (2 reviews) from New Iberia, LA

I have ordered from this grower and was so pleased I am awaiting another package.She will be my main source from now on! Very pleasent to deal with and knows a lot about hoya's! Dianne

On Oct 17, 2004, ricfl (1 reviews) from Saint Petersburg, FL (Zone 9b)

I have ordered from this hoya seller and have been very pleased. Healthy and good size.

On Aug 28, 2004, hbabcock (6 reviews) from Los Angeles, CA (Zone 9a)

Incredible customer service. Quick email responses. Very knowledgable and helpful. Plants received within one week. Much larger and grander than I could have imagined. Will and have already gone back to the site to order more plants. Will check with her first before ordering with anyone else.

On August 3rd, 2005, hbabcock added the following: Carol, is a saint, thank you for all of the bonus plants. They are all plants I didn't have!
On October 6th, 2005, hbabcock added the following: Just wanted to add, I have started receiving cuttings from Carol to add to my collection. They are HUGE! You can make a very nice sized plant with the amount of vine you get! Alohahoya, you rock!

On Jul 29, 2004, Nan (33 reviews) from SW, WI (Zone 4b)

Wow! Beautiful plants (with labels!) - and as stated by others much larger than expected....beautifully healthy! Seller is very prompt at answering emails, questions, etc...and shipped super fast with great packaging. Very impressive....will buy *more* in the future!

On August 31st, 2005, Nan added the following: Purchased 2 Dischidias, and again...much larger than expected, incredibly well-packaged - Fabulous!! My highest recommendation!!
On April 3rd, 2007, Nan added the following: An ABSOLUTE favorite seller - period! (Ü) Purchased 2 more Dischidia - beautiful, good-sized, well packaged and a kind and generous bonus.

On Jul 21, 2004, ooojen (10 reviews) from Lewiston, MN

I couldn't ask for better! The seller is so very nice and helpful, and the plants I got were beautiful, healthy, and much larger than I would have expected. I highly recommend Aloha Hoyas!

On Jul 18, 2004, NightBloomer54 (2 reviews) from League City, TX (Zone 9a)

Beautiful and healthy plants correctly named. I will do business with this vendor over and over again! A collector's paradise.....

On Jun 3, 2004, lovebug_blue (3 reviews)

Wonderful seller! Plants are large, healthy, correctly named and fair in price. What more could you ask for?! The seller is also prompt to reply to any inquiries and gets plants out to you FAST! I will be buying more soon!

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