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On Apr 29, 2020, SpiritHartley (1 reviews) from Huntington, IN

The "Old Mother Earth News" was exceptional. It was a real treat to read it with my father when I was younger. Still very informative and a great read. Although over the years I have tried to subscribe numerous times. They always fail me. I get missed at least 2 issues and I have to constantly battle to get them. By the time I do...2 issues have past? Making it just much easier to buy at news stand when I want to pick one up. Which is very unsettling to me, and cost much more this way. A company this old should have their manure together by now. And only 6 issues a year is sad. Many other companies have them monthly with just as equally full of good information and some with better pictures and far less ads.

On Mar 19, 2014, jolen1 (1 reviews) from KUNKLETOWN, PA

First, let me say that I love Mother Earth News magazine! So much so that I bought all of the CDs they offered of their archived magazine issues several years ago. I recently tried to use the CDs to look up a topic I was interested in and found that all 4 of the CDs no longer work!! I wrote to customer service and they told me that Java version 7 or above, and/or Windows 8 effectively prevents the CDs from working. I complained and they offered me the 'opportunity' to re-purchase the complete set for 50.00!!!! When I complained that these are just simple, searchable databases and access to this data should not become obsolete just because universal programming software has upgraded, they offered me another opportunity to buy the set for 15.00. This is built-in obolesence - old data should be accessible by new programming otherwise every archived piece of information at every company and in every home would be worthless. In my opinion, these discs were specifically designed to fail in order to force re-purchase. I believe that a free replacement or some sort of software bridge should be offered to keep the purchase of the original set of CDs viable. Outrageous and unconscionable behavior on the part of a company I used to admire. Beware buying these CDs because they will probably become obsolete the next time Java or Windows is updated! Ogden should be ashamed!

On Dec 16, 2004, Windy (22 reviews) from Belleville , IL (Zone 6b)

I pick up this magazine when ever I am in a book store. I love it.

On Aug 14, 2003, autremike (20 reviews) from Ludlow, MA (Zone 5b)

This magazine covers just about everything I like to read about. I have read dozens of gardening books and a few magazines. Despite this, there always seems to be something new or seen from a different perspective. Sometimes, it reminds me why I garden. Whether it is how to manage animals, grow vegetables, or cook and preserve what you produce, it certainly covers the basics of environmentally responsible living.

On Aug 14, 2003, Joan (32 reviews) from Belfield, ND (Zone 4a)

This is probably my favorite garden magazine. I learn so much from each issue.

On Aug 14, 2003, dave719 (8 reviews) from Humansville, MO (Zone 6a)

I will renew my subscription I don't feel it is as good as it once was but has inproved greatly in the last two years or so I feel the value is there to continue getting it. they have good articles and give enough information to make it worth your time to read it

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