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Indiana Berry & Plant Co.

Mailing Address:
2811 Michigan Road
Plymouth, Indiana 46563 (United States)

Phone: 800-295-2226
Fax: 574-784-2468

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  Company Comment, posted on February 1, 2001:  
We are a company located in Plymouth Indiana originated to service the needs of producers of small fruits. This entire business has been developed to be a supplier, totally committed to servicing needs of the quality oriented small fruit growers for both the commercial grower and home gardener. As members of NASGA (North American Strawberry Growers Association) and NARBA (North American Raspberry/Blackberry Association) we keep up to date on the newest varieties available. Over the years we have expanded our varieties of currants and gooseberries. We also try to offer more types and varieties of small fruits and berry plants, including a large selection of Novelty fruit which include: Honeyberries, Paw Paws, Elderberries and Hardy Kiwi. We offer the same high quality plants whether you buy one or one thousand plants. The home gardener can feel confident that they are getting the same quality plant that the commercial growers are getting. We pride ourselves as providers of the BEST quality products. All of us want you to feel confident that when you place an order with Indiana Berry and Plant Co. you will receive top of the line plants as well as excellent customer service.

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Neutral esanita
Tyaskin, MD (Zone 7a)
(17 reviews)
April 3, 2021
Posted on March 26, 2021, updated April 3, 2021
Posted on May 16, 2014, updated March 26, 2021
Have order strawberries and blueberries from Indiana Berry for many years. They always arrive in great shape. I will continue ordering from them.
On March 26th, 2021, esanita changed the rating from positive to neutral and added the following:

I wavered between neutral and negative. I ordered one blueberry bush and 3 blackberries. The 18" blueberry was squeezed into a 12" long box, so one of the two stems was broken completely off. The 3 blackberries were in a plastic bag, bare root, and dry. I've planted all and will see how it goes. But, really -- an 18" plant stuffed into a 12" box!!
On April 3rd, 2021, esanita added the following:

I emailed Indiana Berry about the broken stem on the blueberry bush. They immediately sent me a replacement. Maybe you can guess the outcome -- the replacement was also stuffed into a small box and one of the stems was broken off! Enough said. I think I'll order from another company in the future.
Neutral NarrowWayFarm
Brookville, OH
(16 reviews)
January 2, 2021
Posted on April 14, 2020, updated January 2, 2021
Posted on April 3, 2020, updated April 14, 2020
Rude customer service. I wish I hadn't ordered from them. I hope our order arrives okay next week. If not, I will update with a negative.
On April 14th, 2020, NarrowWayFarm added the following:

My order arrived. It was decently packed (not the best, but good enough). The trees were planted with care. I will try to update once they leaf out, assuming that they will leaf out.
On January 2nd, 2021, NarrowWayFarm added the following:

It seems like the trees that I ordered are doing okay. One thing that I forgot to mention that I appreciated that they did was the fact that they sent tree protectors with their my order. I really think the type that they use (and sent) made a difference. I went ahead and ordered from them again, a larger order this time. If they get this right, I will update with a positive and just look past the rude behavior of the person who answered the phone (maybe they were just having a bad day).
Neutral bryana
Albany, NY
(72 reviews)
April 28, 2020
I ordered six bare root raspberry plants.
One had a decent sized cane but the other five were very thin.
The roots were small and had nothing to keep them moist - they were in a plastic bag. Other places included moist peat or something so they do not dry out during shipping. I gave them a good soaking and planted in soil with a lot of organic material.
Positive mylittletrees
Corning, OH
(20 reviews)
September 29, 2019
In spring 2019 my pappy ordered both red and black raspberry plants from Indiana Berry and we were very pleased. The quality of the plants was great. They were nice and sturdy. I think all of them lived, and most even had fruit in the summer and now fall. I picked nice looking fresh berries and was so impressed with how fast the plants kicked in and grew. We would order here again. Recommended!

Just wish we could figure out how to get rid of the Drosophila worms that gets in the berries.
Positive 12Thomasrg
Independence, MO
(2 reviews)
April 30, 2019
I've purchased from them multiple times. The blueberries bushes were 18" tall, rhubarb crowns were huge, strawberries were pretty average in size but I got a few more than I ordered. Gooseberry and currants starting leafing out within days of receiving them. Will be purchasing from them again and recommending to family and friends.
Positive tractormama
Dexter, MO
(1 review)
March 4, 2019
Last year (2018) I ordered several kinds of blackberry plants from Indiana Berry. They came promptly and were well packaged with clear instructions. The dormant bare root plants were large 2-year olds and took hold immediately. This was the third time I have ordered berries or asparagus from them and each experience has been very positive. On an order two years ago, the company replaced some plants that didn't break dormancy with no hassle. A very good company with excellent products. I forgot to send a review last year, so am doing so now when it's too cold to work in the garden.
Positive SanJoseFool
Canton, GA (Zone 7b)
(20 reviews)
July 30, 2018
Ordered elderberries, honeyberry, aronia, paw paw and some ribes from them late in the spring this year. Received order when they were supposed to come. Packed well. The plants were tiny and dormant but everything leafed out and is doing well for me. Very happy I ordered from them will be making another order for some caneberries next spring.
Negative Sharky80103
Byers, CO
(1 review)
May 27, 2018
Placed a $470 order +$60 shipping with Indiana Berry Co about a month ago.

Right from the start it was frustrating.
Indiana Berry Co insisted that the billing address I provided was incorrect for the credit card when in fact it was not!
When I consulted with my bank I was told that their system was not receiving a zipcode form the merchant.

& Now I Realize They Shipped An Incorrect Item!

Most of the berry plants received had good healthy root systems & were impressive.
I was impressed enough that I kind of forgot about the whole credit card processing frustration & the fact that Indiana Berry Co was insistent that it was my error.

Today I was stapling the Plant ID Tags to the invoice for the income tax file. The berries have been in the ground for a couple weeks now.

While stapling the tags to the invoice I found the error!


May not seem like a big deal but there is a BIG difference that extends beyond the berries shipped being cheaper than those ordered & ;paid for.

Floricane berries in my area tend to not produce very well as the April-May hailstorms tend to leave year-old cane tatered & torn.
On the other hand, Primocane Berries tend to produce quite well as they recover from the spring hail damage, grown good canes that produce in the fall.

As An Agri-Business Such An Error On The Part Of Indiana Berry Co Is Not Only Unacceptable But Also Costly That Goes Well Beyond The Cost Of The Brambles Themselves!!
Positive sheepwrecked
Lake Lynn, PA (Zone 6a)
(6 reviews)
May 19, 2018
As I looked over my latest raspberry planting, I realized that next year will mark 20 years I've been buying from Indiana Berry Company. In all that time I've never gotten a late shipment, a dead plant, a sick plant, a plant with bugs on it, or any plant that wasn't strong, healthy, and bigger than I expected. Everything I've gotten from them has grown and thrived on all the various places I've lived over the years. I can't think of any other company I've bought from with that 100% record.

When I started, I just bought a few plants for my own use; now I grow enough extra to sell some, but I'm not any kind of big grower or quantity buyer, and the plant quality has always been the same, whether I bought one berry bush or 20 at a time. You don't get this kind of consistent quality and service from very many companies, so, thank you, Indiana Berry Company.
Positive dirty_nails
Anderson, IN
(2 reviews)
May 8, 2018
Order placed in 2017.
I should say up front that I live in Indiana (a couple of hours from this location, but travel near there to visit a relative). This review does not reflect shipping experience because I picked up my order.
I purchased several raspberry canes of different varieties and I am very pleased to say that they were in good health and have survived the winter and returned this year. Looking forward to eating some and growing additional canes from these.
Positive GrampaGlenn
Humbird, WI
(1 review)
June 5, 2017
We raise certified organic strawberries in west central Wisconsin. Started ordering plants from Indiana Berry several years ago and can't say enough good things about this company. We've ordered several varities - the plants are always healthy, packed well, shipped quickly - one year we had about 100 that didn't grow - called them and received replacement plants within a few days. Any contact by phone has been friendly. Definitely would encourage you to purchase strawberry plants from Indiana Berry!

Nenn Stuve for Grampa Glenn's Certified Organic Strawberries
Positive Bigtoad78
Evansville, IN
(1 review)
April 28, 2017
After searching around for some berry plants online, I went with Indiana Berry due to the prices being reasonable, and they had the varieties I was looking for.
I ordered two blueberry varieties and two rasberries a couple months ago, and placed the order to ship when appropriate for my planting zone. I received an e-mail a couple days before getting the package delivered that they were on the way.
The dormant plants were packed very well, and the planting instructions were great and updated with the newest planting science that I have seen available. (I can't believe how many nurseries still provide completely outdated planting information with their plants... not Indiana Berry)
Got them all potted up on the day they arrived about 3 weeks ago, and all plants are now lush with new growth.
Wonderful experience with this company!
Positive DavidPutty
Arlington, VA
(4 reviews)
April 26, 2017
I ordered a handful of currants and gooseberries this year and they all came alive and looking well. They are all quite small, 8" or less, and for the price seem reasonable. The plants came promptly and without issue. My only complaint about them is that I wish they would state on their website how large the plants are that you are ordering are.
Positive Express128
Mansfield, TX
(21 reviews)
March 7, 2017
Ordered some raspberry plants in April 2016, they were good sized and priced well. Shipping was fast and customer service was great. With the temps warming up they are beginning to green. I recommend this company for raspberry and blueberry plants.
Negative Garden631
Medford, NY
(1 review)
July 20, 2016
Very dissapointed with Indiana Berry and Plant Co. I had placed an order for 100 Jersey supreme asparagus crowns. Having waited patiently for two years after planting, with only one more year to wait to harvest, i have just learned that the variety that i recieved was not a Jersey variety at all. I was unaware that the pretty red berries in my asparagus bed indicate female plants. Jersey Supreme are all male. I now know that they sent me the Mary Washington variety. They are not as good, more succeptable to disease and the females have shorter life span. Half of my bed is female and i am heartbroken to read suggestions to pull out the females and replace with male varieties is commonly done. In addition to having to wait years only to find out my waiting is somewhat in vain, the cultivar is also less expensive than what i had paid for. Asparagus crowns are relatively inexpensive, its the years of waiting that is so costly. I will not recommend Indian Berry. Additionally, this year i had ordered strawberry plants from them and one variety was short ten plants. They apoligized and sent the missing plants at their expense. Now, i wonder what strawberry cultivars they had sent as well. After some research, i see that they are owned by Nourse Farms. Ill pass on them as well.
Positive garlicguyII
Devils Tower, WY
(2 reviews)
May 10, 2016
I've been gardening and ordering seeds and plants for more than half a century, and this year was the first time I ever ordered from Indiana Berry. The three types of bare root berry plants I ordered were very healthy, with vigorous roots, and delivered on schedule. I was impressed enough that I turned around and ordered grapevines. Before I placed my first order with Indiana Berry, I had ordered asparagus plants from another well known vendor, but that company failed to deliver. After several delays, I cancelled that order, and ordered my asparagus from Indiana. I'm not a big customer, but they treated me like I was their only customer. Great products and customer service.
Positive debbymck
Racine, OH
(7 reviews)
May 1, 2016
Out of 100 strawberry plants, 3 grape, and 1 rhubarb, everything we bought is growing. The plants are going great so far. Will order again.
Positive jsgal
San Diego, CA
(1 review)
April 19, 2016
I ordered a raspberry and planted it when it arrived. Several weeks later, the raspberry hadn't begun to grow. I contacted the company and they immediately sent me a replacement plant which already has green shoots. I am very happy now!
Positive cbandpb
Ronda, NC
(10 reviews)
March 12, 2016
This was my first experience with Indiana Berry. I ordered blackberries, some elderberries and strawberries. Plants arrived on time, but the packing was a bit below standard. Although individual plants were well packed, the box was half empty, with no packing materials added. Elderberries and blackberries were in good shape. The strawberries were well packed, but were not of uniform quality. About 20% were quite small, and in my mind, qualified as “seconds”. I would generally recommend them, but would use another company for strawberries.
Positive mfsgroi
Marion, IA
(1 review)
October 27, 2015
I typically do not provide reviews but I am so pleased with Indiana Berry that I decided to share our experience with others. This past spring, my husband and I ordered several different types of plants from Indiana Berry. All of the plants came out of dormancy quickly and have been growing vigorously. The quality of their plants as well as their pricing is excellent. This nursery has now become our first choice when ordering plants. And we've advised friends and family to consider this nursery for their plant needs as well.
Positive Lysie
Waldron, IN
(3 reviews)
May 25, 2015
I ordered in January and I was given a delivery date in April, which was the correct time to plant these things. I ordered rhubarb, blueberries, honeyberries, aronia. I received a very nice order confirmation. I called later and added another piece and they were able to add that without raising the postage. The items arrived one day early. They were in beautiful condition. When I put the rhubarb in the ground, it seemed like it had leaves in no time at all, like overnight almost. The Aronia and honeyberries are growing great as well, with the Aronia having berries growing this first season. The blueberries from last year are doing wonderful, as well as the new one I ordered this year. I ordered last year and this year and I am so pleased with the plants and with their sweet people on the phone. Their catalog has great information in it and it is very pretty to look at.
Positive treeguy_NY
Clarence, NY (Zone 6a)
(19 reviews)
May 17, 2015
I ordered 4 thornless blackberries, 1 purple raspberry, and 1 black raspberry, and 1 black currant plant from Indiana Berry Co. This was my first time ordering from them. All plants were well packed, were shipped/arrived quickly, and had good root systems. They were just starting to bud out. Plants were shipped bare-root with roots wrapped in moist shredded newsprint. Overall a good experience, and I am happy with the plants I received!
Positive webchemist
Vista, CA
(8 reviews)
April 3, 2015
Placed my first order for 2 Prime Freedom Blackberry & 2 Royalty Raspberry bare roots, and was very happy with the plants I received. I was planning to put one of the raspberries in temporary 5 gallon pot to give to a friend, and the both the raspberry roots were so HUGE I had to go with 15 gallon pots. The blackberries were kind of small but have taken off vigorously in the week I've had them. I only wish I had found them sooner before they sold out for the season of a few other raspberries I wanted to try.
Positive SunsetLakeFarm
Akron, OH
(1 review)
May 31, 2014
We bought raspberry plants (50 each of Caroline and Nantahala) from Indiana Berry Farm in April 2013. Plants arrived quickly and in good shape. We had beds prepared - rototilled multiple times to wipe out the existing weeds, with slightly elevated rows to plant the berries into made of about a 50/50 mix of commercial topsoil and well-rotted horse manure from a local stable. Rows are about five feet apart. Plants took well - probably lost a couple, but new sprouts made up for the difference in short order. Fertilized with an organic fertilizer a couple times during summer 2013 (I prefer organic fertilizer because I have a tendency to kill things by overfertilizing with non-organics :-) and no additional water provided (it was a wet summer here in northern Ohio last year). Plants grew and resprouted well, bloomed and produced a moderate crop in fall 2013. Cleaned out old canes in late winter/early spring 2014, and spring regrowth was very good to phenomenal. Caroline's came back well, but the Nantahala's have been amazing - thick, heavy stand of strong plants. Have weeded a couple times - raspberries do *not* like competition and will be crowded out by just about anything - and have rototilled between the rows once to wipe out the weeds between the rows and to keep the berries from spreading too thickly into the inter-row areas. Have fertilized once and will be providing them with drip irrigation this summer. Pleased with quality of supplied plants and survival over a *very* bitter winter this year (colder than normal - many nights below zero - more nights below -10 than I ever remember). Overall very pleased with results. Will be moving blackberries to new bed shortly so we can put in more raspberries, which we will order from Indiana Berry.
Positive bubbacat1
Berthoud, CO
(1 review)
April 30, 2014
I received incredibly good service from this company & will do more business with them in the future. What I really appreciated was the fact they addressed my wishes for a ship date. We were going to be out of town & I informed them of my concern. They immediately wrote me back & asked about a specific alternative date. All my new plants arrived packed with care & in great shape. These folks get an A+++ from me!
Positive NAndover31
North Andover, MA
(3 reviews)
April 23, 2014
I received my order today. All items (9 raspberries, 3 blackberries, 6 blueberries) are accounted for, alive, viable and in appearance healthy. This is my first order with Indiana Berry and I'm impressed with the quality and condition of the plants I received. All the plants appear healthy, have good root systems, all have buds. I'm satisfied. I received everything I ordered and all the plants are alive and healthy..

I will recommend them to others and most likely will order from them again.
Positive Mtucker
Zionsville, IN
(1 review)
April 14, 2014
An excellent box of berry plants arrived last week com Indiana Berry. Very impressive give the crazy spring weather these companies are having to navigate. I planted 3 currants, 5 gooseberries, and two blackberries yesterday. All the plants were carefully wrapped and arrived in excellent condition. The currants and the gooseberry plants were Impressive. Excellent root-balls. One blackberry plant looked a bit spent, but it is too early to tell. I was very happy with this order considering its size compared to giant orders from farmers. Thank you!
Negative rippedofftoday
Celina, TX
(2 reviews)
March 27, 2014
I certainly got a negative response when I called them today for assistance and they certainly did not fix my problem immediately. I ordered 350 strawberry plants that should have already been here. Maybe they only cater to customers that buy in bulk and not the average backyard gardener. I called them today and they said that UPS delivered them at 8:29 PM a week ago. My driveway is about a mile off the gravel county road and we have been home every night for the past 3 months. I had spinal surgery and we have not gone hardly any where and certainly not after dark. If someone drove all the way down our mile long driveway, we would have known it before they got out to "leave" them on the porch in the pitch dark of the night. My other deliveries from Gurney's and Territorial Seed Co. were delivered in the early afternoon and not in the pitch dark night. I called the company and the young clerk said she would get back with me. Then UPS called and said that their trucks have cameras and such and would get back with me in a week or so after they had completed all their investigations. I know a UPS manager in the next county and called him to verify the BS that the UPS rep had given me. No they don't have cameras in their vehicles like the rep said, the cameras they have are backup cameras like the cars have to assist in backing. What a joke. FOLKS this is strawberries, they don't last that long enclosed in a plastic bag thrown God only knows where. We drove up to the neighbors houses off the county road and checked with them but no such luck. So I called back and asked to talk to the supervisor or manager at Indiana Plant Co. She was as useless as UPS. I explained that it was necessary to get them into the ground ASAP as the heat in Texas would not be kind to them if we did not. I asked if they did not make it when they finally sent me more to plant later, were they going to reimburse me for dead plants and she said that we will cross that bridge when we get to it. So here I sit on my thumbs with the new raised beds we have built and the 5 yards of compost we paid to have delivered in; waiting on the strawberry plants that Indiana Plant Co. is stalling us on. I did not invest this much time and trouble into a berry patch to have this company screw up my hard work. I got out there and busted my butt even with the spinal surgery I had a few months ago. We wanted our strawberries going this year. Not next year; because if they keep screwing around, that is what it is going to wind up being, next year. Beware before you buy from them. Their customer service for the smaller customer like me stinks!

Company representative comment on March 28, 2014:
On Mar 28, 2014 7:29 AM, Indiana Berry & Plant Co. responded with:

I was so disappointed to read this review. I don't feel like this customer has given us or UPS a chance to resolve this issue. The customer notified us that they had not received their plants. We checked our records which indicated the plants were shipped on time and, according to UPS, delivered. I understand that the customer disputes the fact that they were delivered. We immediately called UPS and started the process of trying to determine what had happened. I do not understand how that makes us a bad company with poor customer service. I asked the customer to give us a day or two to look into this and I would expedite a new order the following week. I don't know what else we could have done.

Positive RobThomas
Readyville, TN
(20 reviews)
April 27, 2013
I ordered brambles- blackberries and raspberries. Prices are some of the best on the internet. I also like that you don't have to order in groups of five, like many others require. The root systems were good and all plants have leafed out.

The only real issue was the ship date. When I placed the order, their website indicated it would ship February 18th. The confirmation email confirmed that date. The 18th came and went with no shipment. I emailed them and the reply indicated the order wouldn't ship until March 20th.

Overall great prices and good plants, but I'd recommend getting the delivery confirmation issue worked out.
Company representative comment on June 11, 2013:
On Jun 11, 2013 3:36 PM, Indiana Berry & Plant Co. responded with:

We try to ship according to your hardiness zone so that you don't receive plants when the ground is still frozen. I have been unable to find an order for you so am unsure what state you live in so am assuming Feb. 18th was too early for your zone and March 20th was a better date for your area.

Positive CherryMN
Anoka, MN
(3 reviews)
March 10, 2013
A pleasure to do business with these folks! Online ordering was easy and secure, no issues. My plants arrived per my requested date. I had ordered raspberries: Nova Red and Anne Gold. My first observation was how extremely well developed the roots were, especially on the Anne Golds. Within days of planting 5 of the 6 plants had leafed out nicely. It took that sixth plant a little while, but it eventually caught up. I had at least two of the Anne Golds bear some fruit in late summer and into fall, quite delicious. All plants went into winter looking healthy. IMO the prices were already good, but for the value the prices were great. I would definitely buy from Indiana Berry again.
Positive Kydaylilylady
Waddy, KY
(3 reviews)
April 6, 2012
I've bought from these folks before and have been very pleased. Ordered 40 raspberries and 100 asparagus plants. The asparagus roots are fat and well grown. The raspberry plants look equally good. The folks were really nice on the phone and ordering early got me a 10% discount. They also e-mailed when the plants were shipped. That's always nice.
Positive goodgrowing
Dexter, MO
(4 reviews)
December 17, 2011
Last year I ordered bare root blueberries, blackberries & asparagus from several companies, including Indiana Berry & Plant. The plants had outstanding root systems. Wow, I was afraid if I got too close to them they would swallow me up before I could get them in the ground! All of them took immediately and thrived (despite our 20+ inches of rain in two days). The company packed them well, shipped when I requested and had great communication. I'll be back for more!
Positive timonsgirl
Mount Prospect, IL
(12 reviews)
May 5, 2011
I cannot recommended this company highly enough.

I ordered 50 strawberry plants and the strawberry pyramid. Many companies sell this pyramid but Indiana Berry has one of the lowest prices I've seen on it and they actually throw in another 50 strawberry plants with the pyramid for free. That's something I've not seen any other company do.

That in itself is outstanding but the plants are even better.

I received the dormant plants with huge, healthy root systems on them. Some of the roots were almost 8 inches long.

I kept them in the fridge for a few days until we could get the pyramid put up.

We planted them last Saturday and today, only 5 days later, almost every single plant already has fresh, green growth on them. I don't think I've ever seen dormant plants spring to life so vigorously.

Outstanding company and outstanding plants!
Positive ricebeagle
Sunbury, OH
(8 reviews)
January 10, 2011
This is one of the only companies that I will order live plants from.

In spring of 2010 I ordered 20 fall-bearing raspberries, 10 Autumn Bliss and 10 Caroline. They arrived in April as small sticks with roots. In September, we harvested dozens of huge berries from our 4-5ft tall plants. We couldn't ask for better first year results.

I've ordered other plants from them in the past, with similar results.
Positive George5008
Hartville, OH
(3 reviews)
May 12, 2010
Over the last year, I've ordered from Nourse, Indiana Berry, and Heartland blueberries, and have been very happy with all three.

I don't think that I'll order from any more of the big companies; have not been as impressed with them as with these companies.

In the spring rush this year, Indiana Berry's computer system had mislaid my order. I emailed them, and they promptly corrected the problem, and reduced shipping rates to me.

The plant came in good condition.
Neutral doctrtim
Salisbury, VT
(15 reviews)
May 3, 2009
Small but healthy blueberry bushes arrived in good shape.
On June 8th, 2009, doctrtim changed the rating from positive to neutral and added the following:

One of two blueberry plants is dead and the other is dwindling. Customer service rapidly sent a response to this situation and reports they will send replacements in Spring 2010. I must agree with an earlier posted comment that price and size of plants may be more appropriate for mass plantings than for home garden specimens. Three seaberry plants received are small but growing well.
Positive grayplmb
Indianapolis, IN
(1 review)
March 31, 2009
I have been wanting to set a 12'x60' area out with berries but wanted to get plants from a local grower. Lucked in and found Indiana Berry Company. Got 60 of the plants I ordered the day after they shipped and the 20 others the week after (backorder). All roots on the plants were very nice and well packed. Two weeks later (March 20th) and I have green leaves all over the sticks with roots I recieved. Very happy with this company and have recommend them to friends and family. The only down side with all the plants a ordered (80) I am missing one blueberry plant. Planning to order from Indiana Berry Company again next year.
Doug, in Indiana
Positive starlight1153
Seale, AL (Zone 8b)
(15 reviews)
March 13, 2009
On the recommendation of another master Dg fruit and veggie grower. I ordere d from this company an was very much surprised by what I received. I had expected small tiny rooted strawberry runenr plants and I got well developed plants with 6-8" roots, a growign guide and they were shipped right on time and I ordered just two days before I wante d them shipped.

I was impressed with company and wil be ordering more plants from them. Had ordered 100 strawberry plants and wish now I woudl have doubled them since the product was nice and healthy.
Positive Cambria
Hinckley, OH
(2 reviews)
January 2, 2009
I had to re-plant my raspberry patch this spring, May 2008, and did not expect to have a harvest this fall. I ordered 25 Heritage bare root raspberries, asparagus and rhubarb. The raspberry roots were much bigger than expected, and even had a woody base to prove to me they were second-year roots. There were live shoots on many of them, and I even separated them from the main roots and planted them. The plants that resulted were vigorous and health. I did mulch. My fall harvest was a total shock. It was a great year, and not only did I have enough from 25 plants to eat, I actually used some in making jelly. The asparagus also did well. The best result was my rhubarb. While most people have no trouble growing it, I have tried for four years with no luck. I ordered a variety that was said to grow well in heavy soil, and the plant has done excellent, and I even was able to harvest some this year. All in all, this was a better than average experience. I generally try to buy local when it comes to plants, but I would order from them again in a heartbeat.
Positive CO_Gardener
Broomfield, CO
(9 reviews)
May 26, 2008
5/11/08, I ordered 5 red and 3 gold raspberry and 25 strawberry plants. Indiana Berry ships (UPS) on Mondays so my plants shipped 5/19 and were received 5/22/08. I could have doubled the shipping cost and received the plants one day earlier. I am impressed with the packaging. All roots were moist upon arrival. I immediately planted. Although I ordered late, all plants seem to be doing well. The only concern I have is that the raspberries may have been incorrectly pulled - the batch of 5 is labeled 'Fall Gold' and the batch of 3 labeled 'Caroline'. I am hoping they were incorrectly labeled, but not a huge issue for me, as they all should divide soon enough. Selection is good, they had the plants in stock at the late date that I decided to order, shipping cost was reasonable and the plants look great. Although new to berry growing, I've read that smaller berry plants transplant better and these plants seem to be the perfect size. I'll definitely order from this company again but will keep in mind the proper planting times for my selected plants - which for berries is more like January (not May) for CO. If any of these plants die, I'll blame myself and not Indiana Berry.

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