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512 Memorial Highway
North Yarmouth, Maine 04097 (United States)
(207) 829-6814



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On Feb 15, 2009, njjpl (18 reviews) from Pequannock, NJ

I can't believe this publication is even listed here. My subscription suddenly stopped a few years ago without even a word that they were not in business. Now, I see this site and am astounded that they are still around. There was a TV show with this same name and affiliation, but that too has ceased to exist. Would not waste my time's a time warp...............nothing exists here. Jeff

On Jul 30, 2004, ownedbycats (31 reviews) from Southern, NH (Zone 5b)

I love this magazine. It for the New England (and upstate New York) gardener. The articles deal with plants that will actually grow here and survive our winters, people who live and garden here, and places that are a short road trip away. I only wish it came out every month rather than every other!

On Apr 3, 2004, lbitzer (1 reviews) from New London, NH

"People, Places and Plants" magazine is a MUST for the Northeast gardener. I found this publication about four years ago while attending a flower show in Maine, and it has become my favorite. Everything in this publication is for my area - no wasted articles.

On Mar 21, 2004, jungeoma (1 reviews) from Tularosa, NM (Zone 7b)

People, Places and Plants is a wonderful Magazine that is published in Maine and deals with the New England weather and growing season.The publication was recently expanded to include the mid-atlantic region.It is probably one of the best gardening magazines available today, and is well worth a subscription even if one does not live in the area.

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