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On May 12, 2013, ARAGORN38 (1 reviews) from Cornville, ME

I was discouraged at first by the unavailabilty of items I had ordered, but received a prompt phone call, to explain, why I wouldn't be receiving certain varieties, and was offered a decent replacement/substitution. The lady did a wonderful job explaining to me what had occurred. Apparently, all of their seed is sent to Florida every winter and samples are grown out in the field to test for virus, and disease. If they failed, then they aren't allowed to import them, or export them to customers, under law. I had no idea, it was that complicated. The customer/company interaction was very personal, and I appreciated that. Often companies get too large, and I end up talking to a facilitator or impersonal talking head, that seems to only tell me what they have been informed to say. I had a personal conversation, with the person actually responsible for pulling my order, and getting me the most top quality seed, at an amazingly decent price. I was greatly impressed, and when the pallet arrived, I was well notified it had shipped, there was damage to some of the produce. One call directly to the warehouse, a short conversation, and I was UPS'ed the damaged replacements. I will order with Moose again, absolutely, for sure. They are small enough that you can get through to the people actually running the warehouse, and have shipments go out as smoothly as possible. GIANT FAN,of them, and their sister company OGS!

On May 21, 2012, hamptonmeadow (3 reviews) from Lakeville, MN

Moose tubers is part of the Fedco co-op. If you want to know how wonderful this supplier is, go to Fedco trees or Fedco seeds and look at their astoundingly positive reviews. I ordered some seed pots, seeds and other tools. They arrived promptly and did everything they were asked to do. Very innovative. Lots of seedlings for me and not too much space taken or work to manage them. They (Fedco) have a catalog that is the most informative and fun to read! I LOVE this co-op which buys its plants, seeds and stuff from local growers. So I get to support local farmers and get better plants, service and results than with anyone else! And for way less money.

On Mar 30, 2005, sderemer (7 reviews) from Monticello, WI

Outstanding selection of seed potatoes and great quality. Informative write-ups on each variety in the catalog. Prices are competetive. Allison is great to work with if you need a variety and they don't list it.

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