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On Mar 14, 2019, EmmaA (2 reviews) from Madison, WI

Ordered the cuttings on the 13 th. I was not sent a tracking number and only got the package in time because I was expecting another delivery. Both the cuttings are yellow. One of them has black spots and the cuttings do not look like the photos posted. I whis I would have researched the feedback before purchasing from this company. I’ve purchased cutting before and wanted to support and different local businesses. It would be nice if we could post pictures here. BUYER BEWARE. Their shipping and return policy only allows returns for unopened items. It does say “defective” items can be returned as well but that is subjective. I will keep the photos for reference in case they pull through and as a reminder to check reviews. Overall all is well and what goes around will return to those who deal a shady hand.

On Jun 21, 2011, gma_maryt23 (1 reviews) from Waukesha, WI

I ordered in good faith from this vendor. The web site states the wait can be 4-6 weeks for delivery. They were contacted after the 6th week and responded with the order had been sent the week after payment. NO order confirmation was received by ME. The reply from this vendor was to say I did not contact them soon enough to track the package and it was too late, making ME responsible for not getting the package? NOT ACCEPTABLE. The vendor them offered to send my order with payment of 1/2 the price of the original cost and here is my PP link! RUDE! But ....they were to be out of town for the next week and would send it when returning?! NOT ACCEPTABLE. I suggest if the choice is made to do business with this vendor you make sure prior to ordering you are able to retreive your funds when the order does not arrive after the 4-6 delivery time the vendor states may happen.

On Feb 28, 2009, Tall_Shadow (7 reviews)

I ordered three hoya cuttings in October '08. Shipping was timely, and the cuttings were generous. Of all the cuttings I started in the fall - these are among the most vigorous. I will shop with them again.

On Jan 13, 2006, Alfie7 (4 reviews) from Blairsville, PA

Good communication prior to ordering & prior to shipment. One large, very expensive hoya arrived - well rooted and well packed. However . . . lots of spider mites!

On Apr 4, 2004, Hoyamoyen (3 reviews) from Aarschot,
Belgium (Zone 3a)

The owner don't respect his promises.

On Apr 2, 2004, BlueMind (2 reviews)

I ordered a Plant (hoya) and received a Cutting with an extremely poor root system. It had 3 hair like roots and the plant was yellowing hope it makes it!

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