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On Mar 3, 2016, SATXCactus (2 reviews) from San Antonio, TX

I recently ordered several Agave from this nursery. 80% or more of the plants arrived yellowed from what I suspect was either over-watering (the soil in the pots was sodden) or poor growing medium. I contacted the nursery and was told that I should move them to bigger pots, which seemed silly given that the condition was probably over-watering and systemic poor growing medium. Owner probably should have shipped bare-root. Owner was not concerned that I was disappointed with the plants he sent. Overall unattractive, poor plants. I wouldn't order from this nursery again.

On Feb 17, 2016, KX (5 reviews) from Calgary,

Posted on February 2, 2016, updated February 17, 2016 I had a very poor experience with my order. I ordered about a month before the shipping date as I had to drive down to the US to pick up the plants. I wanted to make sure that some of the plants would be in stock and to make sure the money order made it in time. I spent about $150 US on plants, plus I added another $15 to the cheque in case some of the other plants I wanted would be in stock by the shipping date. I was very disappointed in the quality of the plants, half the order were poor, stretched, leggy plants with a few leaves, and did not look at all like the pictures on the website. The rest were ok, but some were double the price for the same plant I ordered from another company. I even paid the premium for a extra large plant and ended in up with a very small plant. Also I did not receive any plants for the extra $15 I sent because he forgot. And when I expressed my disappointment over the phone and by email, he was quite abrasive and blamed the quality of the plants on shipping. It seems I am the only one here that had an awful experience (or no one else that had a bad experience has posted). Although I had a couple of great orders from other US companies, I would not recommend buying from here.

On February 17th, 2016, KX added the following: I thought I would add more details and facts in regards to the comments on my order made by another customer. -I called before I placed my order explained that I was from Canada and would have the plants shipped to a UPS store in Montana (not Canada as mentioned above), in a month or so. I wanted to make sure I got the plants I wanted and leave enough time to send the money order. At no point during the phone conversations or emails did he express concern over where it was being shipped, ordering early, nor temperatures for shipping in mid-late April. Most of the mail order companies I have dealt with accept orders in advance and then ship when safe to do so in spring, and Daniel said it was fine on our phone conversation. -I added an additional $15 to the money order (as that is the only payment he accepts so additional plants can't really be added at a later date) in the hopes that some of the other plants I wanted would be in stock by the shipping date, I included lots of alternatives in email correspondence (these emails can be read in the link at the bottom). Only after I received my order without any plants for that $15 did he have a problem with me placing the order in March and sending more money for more plants. -I placed the order after our phone conversation on March 20th, with a pickup date in Montana on April 24 or 25th (not an excessive delay, and it was not winter as indicated above). I had no control over when he sent the shipment, I thought he was sending it too early but relied on his experience. (again, the emails can be read at the link). The temperature in that area was mild in mid-late April, I looked up the history for that area (see link) and highs were 52-73 F. And the package was held in a heated office (UPS store). In addition Daniel did not express concern at any point about shipping plants in mid-late april. It was Only after I complained about the leggy unattractive plants that he blamed their condition on cold temperatures. -I also ordered succulents from two other companies in March for pick up at the same address on the same date in April. The plants I received from those other companies, were beautiful specimens and did not have ANY cold or shipping damage. Those vendors were very helpful, took my order in March and were very accommodating for my April pick up date. They were also much more reasonably priced. But I was willing to spend a little extra with Daniel's in the expectation I would receive all nice specimens. - I requested some refund and he never responded to those emails. I finally called again and he agreed to only refund me the $15, but he would not mail the refund to me in Canada. So I gave him a friend's address in the US but it must have gotten lost in the mail because I never got the $15. I didn't pursue it further as I decided it wasn't worth any further stress or disappointment. Understandably I don't have records of our phone conversations, but I do have proof of my version of events with pictures and emails. Here is the link that shows the plants I was unhappy with and the email correspondence about my order. I included the pictures of the plants and a comparison of the plants I was expecting based on the pictures on the website: //s1308.photobucket.com/user/KX78/library/Mobile%20Uploads It shows the unattractive leggy plants with only a few misshapen leaves near the top. These issues can not be cause by temperatures/shipping. it shows the stretched orange adolphi with few leaves that I paid a premium ($12) for a 'really large specimen' that was in a 2" pot and was the same size as the other adophi I ordered for $4. And a couple of the other sad looking ones that may have been to them being shipped too early. I'm glad others have had good plants/experience with this vendor, but as you can see from the emails and photos, I definitely did not. And I have the right to express this here.

On Feb 15, 2016, dlynng (1 reviews) from Ramona, CA

I have been a regular customer of Danielís Specialty Nursery for 15 years. Every buying experience has been wonderful and his plants have always exceeded my expectations (like all but one of the reviews listed here), including my most recent purchases in January 2016. When I came across the negative review from KX in Calgary, Canada, I was astonished, so I wrote to Daniel to get his side of the story. I learned that this review was based on an order from a year ago, the winter of 2015, and that Daniel had advised KX not to have plants shipped to Calgary during the winter given the cold exposure. I also learned that the box with the plants sat in a postal facility for almost 2 weeks before it was picked up. Daniel also asked KX not to send the additional $15 and said he returned the money to her. Daniel told me that he had tried on multiple occasions to write a response to KXís review, but that Daveís Garden Watchdog website did not provide that option, (although it claims to provide that opportunity to its listed vendors, the promised link does not appear). I just wanted to report my consistently positive experiences with Daniel and his amazing plants. After 15 years of receiving superb and healthy plants, there is no nursery I would prefer to order from more than Danielís Specialty Nursery!

On Apr 21, 2015, mmssunshine (2 reviews) from West Islip, NY

Large selection of reasonably priced succulents. It was a little unconventionally and a test of patience to pay by check and wait for them to receive the check before they would process the order but it was well worth the wait. Plants were well packaged to keep the succulents from tumbling around. All through the process, Daniel sends personal emails to let you know when each milestone is met (order received, payment received, package shipped). He also provided care instructions.

On Sep 7, 2013, Turkishzelda (2 reviews) from Shreveport, LA

Ordered around 10 plants from Daniels. While the sizes dont sound big, the quality is very good and compared to other vendors, they are reasonably priced. Well rooted, good color, nothing mushy or rotten. Extremely good packaging. Not one dent on one leaf. They are very good with correspondence, happy to answer any and all questions. Only downside was that i could not pay online with a credit card. They only take checks and i havent written a check in some 5 years. Had to get a money order and then mail it to him. All said and done, i will surely be buying again.

On Aug 31, 2012, Toni05 (61 reviews) from Brookfield, IL

Posted on September 26, 2007, updated August 31, 2012 I've only heard of Daniel's Nursery last week...a friend sent the link knowing how fond I am of succulents. Pictures on their site are gorgeous and so many varieties to choose from. I started off buying two plants which arrived today..And I must say, I was astonished by their beauty. I was expecting smaller plants since prices were basically low, but to my surprise, both varieties are a good size..they also have healthy leaves, no pests..This is the type of nursery I enjoy buying from. The Kalanchoe Longiflora leaves are a vibrant red, another surprise, since I've ordered succulents from other nurseries where pictures displayed a good amount of red on leaves, but after arriving, I was disappointed; they were green, so unlike the picture. Shipping was super-fast. I also needed help when ordering, and whomever is in charge of emails wrote promptly and very friendly.. I'll be buying succulents from Daniel's again...Toni

On August 31st, 2012, Toni05 added the following: Recieved two beautiful succulents. Crassula Pubescens Crassula Hummels Sunset Both Crassulas are healthy, insect-free and good-sized. I had a question for Daniel, so sent an email. He responded immediately. Daniel's a very nice man, and quite helpful. AAAA+++

On Feb 27, 2009, wanderful (1 reviews) from Montclair, NJ

We actually visited Daniel's Succulent Nursery in Lakeside, CA. We heard of him sometime in August, 2007, and in December of 2008, while living on the road for four months, ended up only 20 miles from the nursery, and I thought I HAVE GOT TO GO THERE! So we called Daniel. He was quite the character but was willing to switch around his day so we could have time to spend getting a tour of the place. Let me tell you: Daniel has got to have the NICEST succulents in America. Everything was so bright and colorful, my eyes were overdosing from all the beauty. You can see photos of the succulents (and even Daniel!) we took while we were on the tour, here: //flickr.com/photos/wanderfulus/sets/72157610726436713 Daniel really knows what he's talking about. When he was 8 years old, his parents moved from NYC to California and thus began his obsession with the plants. He has been growing succulents ever since. He works hard, he is the ONLY person who works at the nursery and does a really great job holding down the fort. If you ever get a chance to visit him, I highly recommend it. Our visit to his nursery was one of the highlights from my time living on the road. Also, you can STILL order his succlents online, at the new page: //www.gosucculent.com/frontpage_index.html His last website shut down because the girl who was taking care of it had too much other stuff and no time for the website anymore. But don't let that stop you from ordering either by phone or by the new website, gosucculent.com. Hope this helps everyone!

On Oct 1, 2007, JAugusto (1 reviews) from Somerset, MA

During a recent trip to California, I was inspired to create a living wreath. I found Daniel's Specialty Nursey web site and decided to give it a try. I ordered 100 succulent cuttings. They arrived promptly and beautifully packaged. The quality of the cuttings was excellent; healthy and very colorful. The wreath was fun to make, and I think it looks spectacular! I am now a loyal customer. Jean Augusto Somerset, MA.

On Jun 22, 2007, jkw98107 (1 reviews) from Seattle, WA (Zone 8b)

I was encouraged by this company's 100% positive rating here (so far) and I'm happy to continue the streak - I wasn't at all disappointed. The plants were as big or bigger than advertised, perfectly healthy, sensibly packed, prices were fair and it got here when it was supposed to, inside a week of the order date. I'm very pleased and will definitely order from them again.

On May 24, 2007, AuNatural (5 reviews) from W'Ville, WA

Nice sized plants, well rooted, well packaged & shipped when promised.

On Mar 17, 2007, sjgeil (2 reviews) from Melbourne, FL

I just received three beautiful Haworthia brownianas from Daniel's. They were carefully and snugly packed and arrived much sooner than I had thought, all in great condition. This is probably my fourth or fifth order from Daniel's, and I have been delighted every time. The website is very easy to navigate and order from, with excellent photos and clear information about the plants; there are sooo many temptingly gorgeous cacti and succulents that I like to drool over; and Danna is just wonderful about answering e-mail questions--a very kind and helpful nurseryman who obviously loves what he does; and it shows. Sally from Florida

On Mar 14, 2007, seattleblev (3 reviews) from Seattle, WA

I recently received an order of euphorbias and echeverias. The plants were all received in excellent condition, and they all had great coloration. I would be happy to order more plants from them as soon as possible.

On Feb 26, 2007, fdr111 (3 reviews) from Melbourne, FL (Zone 9b)

I just received an order from Daniel's and I was very impressed. The plants were marked correctly, and packed well for shipment. I received them quickly. I had a question about an item with limited availability and I quickly received an email from Danna answering my questions. I would definitely order from them again.

On Feb 17, 2007, begoniacrazii (16 reviews) from Northern California, CA (Zone 9a)

Super company to work with. Nice selection of unusual succulents - Great communication from Danna really helped! Thanks folks at Daniel's! I'll be back for more!

On Nov 6, 2006, Valyn (1 reviews) from Carleton, MI

I was looking for a Crassula ovata 'Hummel's Sunset' that was larger than 4 leaves. Danna worked with me until the plant I wanted was found. They went out of their way to please me. The price was fair, shipping was great and fast. It was a pleasure doing business with them!!!!

On Oct 1, 2006, calefevr (1 reviews) from Columbus, OH

My order came quickly, the plants were in excellent condition, and were actually slightly larger than the advertised measurements! In addition, my emailed questions about my new specimens were answered incredibly quickly-- within hours-- on a Sunday afternoon, no less! I will buy from these folks again! Thanks!

On Sep 23, 2006, katzx5 (1 reviews) from Fayetteville, GA (Zone 7b)

I just received my first order from Daniel & Danna - the succulents are big & healthy. The descriptions were accurate. I was impressed with their timely & helpful responses to my emails. I will be a repeat customer!

On Aug 25, 2006, dave12122 (82 reviews) from East Haddam, CT

I'm basically pleased with my Daniel's order. Some of the Crassulas were stretching toward one side as if leaning toward the sun....I wonder if they were grown in too much shade? The Agave was a nice size and everything was packed well. While I'm not overwhelmed, the prices are right and I would order again.

On Aug 17, 2006, carolatcj (2 reviews) from Carl Junction, MO

I ordered the succulent cuttings to make topiaries and wreaths. The cuttings were superb, very large and beautifully colored. Everything was well packed and fresh. I would highly recommend Daniel's Specialty Nursery!

On Aug 15, 2006, weedsgalore (2 reviews) from Tampa, FL

Have bought from Daniel & Danna, Wonderful personal attention to me, the plants were expertly packed and of generous size, coloration was superb in the succulents. I have ordered many times and always received this most courteous and professional attention to detail! I am obviously extremely pleased! i highly recommend this company! Sue Welborn

On Jul 21, 2006, totalnewbie (1 reviews) from Loleta, CA

I have bought online from Daniel's Specialty Nursery twice now. In my opinion Daniel's Nursery is great because they show excellent photos of the plants and are careful to specify what size the plants will be that you receive. They are also very responsive to e-mails, they pack the plants very carefully, and I have yet to receive an unhealthy plant from them. Even under my less than perfect care all my plants from my first order (purchased around a month ago) are thriving. They also have an excellent policy of shipping plants on Monday so they won't sit in the post office over the weekend. Whenever I'm looking for a new plant they are first on my list of places I'll shop at. All in all for the beginner or someone who is looking to have some beautiful plants Daniel's is a very good place to buy from in my opinion.

On Jul 20, 2006, mamaminirex (1 reviews) from Fairfield, TX

I have bought plants from Danna & Daniel on both eBay and their website. Every aspect of my transactions has been a class act. They have superior quality plants, excellent service, speedy delivery and are supremely courteous and helpful. I will happily continue to be a repeat customer.

On Jul 15, 2006, Stapeliaddict (1 reviews) from Ukiah, CA

Danna & Daniel-- HI AND THANKS FOR SUCH A WONDERFUL CEREUS CACTUS!!!. You have always been so helpful and have sent beautiful plants and I always receive email responses right away. Even when I order plants, I either get instructions and pointers with the plant or emailed to me along with my order. You went above and beyond to cut me a deal and followed through over a 4 month time period. Thanks again for the gorgeous specimen and great financial deal on the plant as well. Your specimens on eBay are also excellent! I look forward to continuing our business relations. Best Regards! Erik

On Jul 1, 2006, Bec_No_Va (39 reviews) from Sequim, WA (Zone 8a)

Most excellent! Received a box of very well packed plants, all in great shape! Will definitely order again!

On May 18, 2006, tobee43 (37 reviews) from groveland, FL (Zone 9b)

i have placed at least 3 orders with daniel's. every order was perfect. i can expect all plants to be healthy and beautiful. the agaves she sent made it through our winter here in the east. i'm certain it was because they were healthy and well maintained. i would highly recommend anyone looking for agave..... you can trust that you will receive the very best right here.

On Jan 27, 2006, Spider07 (13 reviews) from Lilburn, GA

I really enjoyed dealing with them. They were very helpful, answered my emails quickly and went out of their way to help me as they shipped my plants in January even though they don't usually ship at this time of the year. He sent detailed explanations about cultivation and soils. Will go back again for more!!!

On Aug 12, 2005, ConeflowerCate (2 reviews) from Rockford, IL

Being new to succulent/cacti plants, this company advised me as to appropriate plants to start with. All plants arrived well packaged and in good condition. Great communication via e-mail.

On May 21, 2005, MaryEv (16 reviews) from Cincinnati, OH (Zone 6a)

I just ordered what, for me, was a pretty big order. Since I paid by check, the order took longer to complete than it would have if I had paid by paypal, but their communication was excellent. They let me know when my order was shipped and sent a link to track the shipping. The plants were all correct and pretty much as described on their website. They're all very healthy, a couple are even about to bloom. Most were shipped in pots. They look great!

On Mar 17, 2005, Chilidawg (2 reviews) from Rohnert Park, CA (Zone 9a)

Broad selection of plant material. Nicely done web site. Most important of all, the plants they sent were in wonderful condition and reasonally priced. Shipment was prompt. This has been the best site for catus and succulents I have found on the net. Placing a a second order soon. Highly recommend doing business with them.

On Mar 3, 2005, wvtreehuggers (2 reviews) from Charleston, WV (Zone 6a)

I new that I was interested in succulents, and I searched this site for ideas for places to shop. Daniel's Speciality Nursery had a great website that was very easy to navigate, and it is wonderful that there were so many pictures. I was actually overwhelmed by so many interesting looking plants, that I did not know what to get. I emailed the nursery for suggestions on low maintenance plants that I could keep indoor, and within a few hours, they responded with suggestions. I ordered a few plants, and I received them less than a week! They were packed very well, and all survived the trip from sunny California to the blizzard that we were getting is West Virginia. I love my little plants, I cannot wait to watch them grow, and I will definitely order again from Daniel's Speciality Nursery

On Mar 22, 2004, contourland (1 reviews) from Grand Rapids, MI

I had searched for many unusual plants on line , but since this company had photo's of all the plants for sale, I thought I would give them a try. I order five succulent plants from them and they all arrived in great condition. My Euphorbia Flanaganii was huge and was very reasonably priced. I asked them to hold my plants for shipment until the weather was better here in MI, and they replied promptly that they would ship them whenever I wanted. I will be doing business with them again.

On Sep 28, 2003, Calalily (40 reviews) from Deep South Coastal, TX (Zone 10a)

I placed my first order with this company last week. They have echeverias and aeoniums that I wanted. I didn't know anything about this company, so I emailed them. I then placed an order. My plants arrived a few days later. They have great communication, the plants were beautiful and they were packed with great care. I was very happy!!! I would recommend this company to anyone who collects specialty type cacti and succulents. They have a great selection and their plants are very healthy.

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