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Question Mark As of February 2012, we have been advised by readers that Van Bourgondien is filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy.


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Neutral SonjaSkyles
Elk Grove, CA (Zone 9b)
(14 reviews)
December 8, 2008
In the spring of 2004 I bought a dark blue double tradescantia from them. When it bloomed, it was single and almost white. I contacted them, but I had to wait a year for a replacement, because they were out of them. The following spring I received what was supposed to be a replacement plant, but the plastic bag contained only peat moss and there was no plant in it. I contacted them again and was promised a new plant the following spring. I never heard from them and I will never order from them again. The order number was 3005672.

On December 17th, 2008, SonjaSkyles changed the rating from negative to neutral and added the following:

I have been issued a store credit and changed the rating from negative to neutral, since they are working with me and doing all they can to solve the problem.
Positive bobbi_s
Richland, WA (Zone 7a)
(21 reviews)
May 4, 2008
I have purchased from VanDyck's for two years now, and have been pleased with my purchases. This year, I ordered some of the following: hosta white feather, lilliums tenuifolum, chinchincheree, and other items. I have ordered many lilies in the past, and some cannas as well. I like their prices, and the shipping is not bad either. They usually give discounts also, such as example buy $25.00, get $25.00 free. I like discounts, and look for good prices when I am shopping. I will buy from them again in the fall. Thanks!
Positive MiniPonyFarmer
Gilmer, TX (Zone 8b)
(10 reviews)
November 21, 2007
I ordered from Van Dyck's in spring, 2007. After I ordered, I came here and read the negative comments. This worried me a bit, as the order had already been placed. However, my order was handled correctly, and I had no problems. So I was very happy with what I ordered, and the quality of the product.
Positive saintartaud
Kansas City, MO (Zone 5b)
(8 reviews)
May 27, 2007
I ordered from this and their sister company, Van Bourgondien, and fall 2006 with mixed results. Having read the forums here, I knew there were negative experiences, but I decided to try them for myself.

3-4 weeks after ordering, the bulbs didn't arrive. I contacted the company via email and heard back from them the next day, sooner than I expected. The ordered arrived quickly the next week and I was able to get everything planted before November ended. One of the tulips I ordered, Royal Two, was replaced with Blueberry Ripple due to crop failure.

Everything did very well in the spring, surviving through a late frost, and I was pleased overall. Tulips, daffodils, and blue grape hyacinths all looked fantastic. The striped squills did not look as sturdy as pictured, but they did come up just fine. I might order through this company again, though considering other comments I would proceed with some caution.
Positive Mary8
Glenside, PA
(4 reviews)
April 24, 2007
For the first time, I ordered and planted bulbs from this company in the fall, and the quality was great - no mushy spots on the bulbs, and they were large. Now the tulips, iris cantab and glory-of-the-snow have bloomed and they are beautiful. The order was correct, and the flowers are huge. I will definitely order from the company again.
Negative mmd1218
Cary, NC (Zone 7b)
(1 review)
January 17, 2007
This company (and their sister company Van Bourgondien) sells cut rate junk (if you get what you order!) and has horrible customer service people who actually lie to you.

I ordered a large amount (100 bulbs) of mixed naturalizing daffodils from this company in the fall of 2006. I received about a half dozen pink ruffled daffodils. I called to report the mistake and was told they only had one package of 50 bulbs left and couldn't fulfil my order of 100. I asked for my credit card to be refunded as they shipped everything so late I really couldn't order anything else for fall planting. I asked for a confirmation number and the woman said she had to run the transaction and would do so, no problem. Well, I blame myself for not being insistent and demanding and have her run it then and there and provide a confirmation number. I received a letter in the mail saying I have a MERCHANDISE credit. I was not very happy with what I received from their sister company (Van Bourgondien) so I have been reluctant in deciding how to spend this credit. After reading this website's comments and realizing I'm not the only one EXTREMELY DISSAPOINTED with my experience I called to see if I could indeed get my money back. The man on the line looked up my order number and said I would have had to return what I got. So I said if I dug those 6 up and mailed them back I can get my money refunded? He said I would have had to do so within 30 days. I then asked him what about the Customer service woman telling me my credit card would be refunded - did she actually LIE TO ME? Well, she sure did. I do remember asking her if I needed to send back those six undersized bulbs in order to get my full refund. She said I did not.

So now I'm out $57 bucks and just frustrated. I'll have to see what junk I get from them for spring since I might as well. I'm not giving them my money for nothing.
Positive clementine00
Hogansville, GA
(3 reviews)
December 31, 2006
I place two orders this fall with VanDycks and was very pleased. All of my bulbs arrived well labeled and very healthy looking. Also customer service was very helpful and quickly replied to an email I sent. I will definitely be a returning customer and recommend them to my master gardener group.
Positive bettyglobal
Myrtle Beach, SC (Zone 8a)
(2 reviews)
October 31, 2006
I am a beginning gardener, so I have no experience in comparing the qualities of bulbs. I ordered a bunch of crocus, a mixed bag of tulips and some different types of alliums.

I liked them because I ordered a BUNCH of catalogs to view my options and learn what is out there... and their catalogue was the EASIEST and most organized for me to shop in. All of the photos were large and colorful, and the page layout wasn't confusing. This helped me SO MUCH compared to other companies catalogs, companies who were rated the highest on here, had hard to read confusing catalogs.

So, my charges on my credit card were correct. Everything with my order was correct except that they didn't include another catalogue as they said that they did on a sticker on the box.

As a beginner, my bulbs looked healthy - they definately were not rotten or abused, and my crocus are already blooming. As for the rest, we will see.... :)
Negative wattley
Cleveland, OH
(8 reviews)
October 6, 2006
I ordered several types of bulbs from this company for planting this fall. When I received the order, I was disappointed. In comparison to bulbs that I purchased from other nurseries, these bulbs were smaller. Additionally, there were no planting instructions on the package--instead you have to refer to a "planting guide" which isn't always as specific as it needs to be for your particular variety.
Perhaps next spring I'll be writing to eat my words if the plants happen to do well, but comparing them to the health of other bulbs I've planted, I some how doubt that scenario will present itself.
Bottom line: I get better bulbs from nurseries who don't claim to specialize in Dutch bulbs. Don't be duped.
Negative mhopkins
Fitchburg, MA
(2 reviews)
August 17, 2006
I have had several disappointing plant mail orders but none worse than Van Dyck's. The perennials I ordered were bare root and the roots were as dry and brittle as twigs. I didnít get much satisfaction when I called to complain. They offered to send me replacements Ė why would I want more dead sticks Ė so I ordered bulbs as replacements. The bulbs were small and I could have gotten better at Wal-Mart or K-Mart. I am SO GLAD I found this site since I almost just made the mistake of placing an order with Van Bourgondien. Now that I know they are affiliated, Iíll look elsewhere.
Positive nascar9
Sycamore, IL
(1 review)
July 20, 2006
nascar9 i ordered a big variety of different styles an color of tulips along with some lillies from this company last fall. this was my first ever experience with this company an i will say i am extremely pleased an satisified with this company. everything i oredered was packaged very well an organized. excellent job with there packaging. these tulips came up this spring just like they said they would an they were absolutely beautiful. everyone in my neighborhood raved about what a beautiful tulip garden i had, just breath taking. i then ordered some a set of asiatic centerfold lillies an a dinner plate dahlia collection. the lillies are now in bloom and a absolutely beautiful while the dahlia collection is just starting to bloom, looks good. i highly recommend this company as all my flowers were sent right at the right time to plant, packageged very well, and everything was extremely healthy, i lost no flowers with company.

Neutral woof12
Philadelphia, PA
(17 reviews)
June 12, 2006
I was going to look through their catalog this season to check it out. But what do I get but the Van Bourgondien catalog that I didn't ask for. Apparently for the worse Van Dyck's is associated with Van Bourgondian. Glad I never got anything from Van Dyck's. It would've been a waste og money.
Negative Michael_Ronayne
Nutley, NJ (Zone 6b)
(5 reviews)
May 6, 2006
When it comes to Van Dyckís I do not know where to start. So letís start with a list of issues I have with the company:

1. Some roots/rhizomes which were shipped were rotten and had to be reshipped several times.
2. Many rhizomes were of poor quality and did not survive the first or second winter.
3. Numerous undocumented substitutions were made for Isis and Daylily rhizomes with verities of inferior quality with no documentation of the changes; in most cases the replacements were similar to the advertised plant and it would be difficult to detect the subterfuge for several years.
4. In one case an undocumented substitution was made for an Isis and the replace was superior to the original, but I had no idea what the name of the Iris was.

The forth case was the most infuriating. I had order Navajo Jewel ( J.Weiler, 1984) Iris but the plant which was delivered was not that cultivate. The problem was that the Faux Navajo Jewel was the second most reliable re-bloomer in my collection. While searching the Internet in my quest to identify the unknown Iris, I found another former Van Dycksí customer who was identifying many of the Van Dyckís substitutions. Here is the web site: //

My unknown Iris was Clarence (L.Zurbrigg, 1991) (// which is an absolutely fantastic re-bloomer. If anyone from Van Dyckís reads this post, review the above web site and remember to never get a woman from Texas mad at you.

Since I catalog and track all of the plants in my garden and I canít trust the plants from Van Dyckís, I have no intention of purchasing plans from Van Dyckís ever again. If they just documented the substitutes, my reaction would not be so negative.
Neutral cls009
(43 reviews)
December 18, 2005
I recieved an email offer for free shipping in late October and decided to place a very small order for 5 daffodil bulbs which I had wanted to order but did not want to pay the high price for the bulbs as well as shipping. I placed the order, and in checkout it did not list any shipping charges, however when I received an email 2 weeks later stating they had charged the amount and the bulbs were being shipped they had charged me for shipping. I decided that it would probably be more bother to try to get the money back then it was worth so I did not call to complain about the shipping charges. The order arrive around a week or so later, and they had sent me a catalog, an invoice with the item checked in pencil...stating that it was packed, but no bulbs! I understand that mistakes happen but I was somewhat blown away that a large company like this could actually forget to include the bulbs ordered and send just an empty box with a catalog an invoice. I called the customer service and they did refund me the full amount within a couple days, I will be avoiding this company in the future however and send my business elsewhere.
Positive JHIBBS
Madisonville, KY
(1 review)
November 18, 2005
I have been gardening for several years and a customer of Van Dyke's also. I have never had a bad experience with them and have always been pleased with the items I have purchased. I was recently notified that I had won Van Dyke's garden photo contest and was thrilled! (Please visit their site!!) Gardening is a huge part of my life and rewards like this make it all worthwhile. I will continue to be a customer of Van Dyke's and will recommend them to all of my gardening friends!
Positive 75751
Fort Mill, SC (Zone 7b)
(40 reviews)
November 16, 2005
I ordered 3 varieties of tulips. All were in good health
and well packaged. I kept the order low just to try them
out. Very pleased with Van Dykes. Will order again
in the future for bulbs.

On May 2nd, 2008, 75751 added the following:

I placed a small order for perennials. My order came
quickly and the plants look very healthy. I have had no
problems with this company.

Positive erichle
Reedsburg, WI
(5 reviews)
November 10, 2005
Everything I ordered was in excellent condition !!.............
You can't ask for anything more !!

Positive daniella
boston, MA (Zone 6a)
(3 reviews)
November 9, 2005
I sent a question to Jan about the chinese name of the peony tree I got from them. It was important to me as I just bought the very beautiful book - The Gardener's peony by Martin page. I wanted, ofcourse, to find my own one in it. I asked via e mail to know the chinese name. It took a day, as they told me they did not know but it was important enough to them to inquire the importer. I realy appreciate it. The attention is realy admirable. Thank you- Jan.
Negative tgw318
Morristown, NJ
(2 reviews)
November 9, 2005
I received confirmation of an order with Van Dycks which was not placed by me today. It looks like someone from VanDycks copied portions of my original order and then placed another ordered with different quatities than the original.

When I called to check on what this order I was told by a CSR named "Karen" that (though I definitely know I did not place the order) that I had to have placed the order and started rudely blaming me for the error telling me loudly that "I need to know who's using my credit card, etc". When I asked for her name, she abruptly hung up on me. When I called back, I got her once again and she raised her voice and started yelling that it was not Van Dyck's fault this order was placed and that she had cancelled it as I requested. I asked her again for her name and her response was, "Both times when you called, I answered with my name. I don't have to tell you again." And when I asked for a manager, she told me one was not available and then, told me her name was Karen. She was extremely stressed, frustrated and only provided me with the information on the status of my other orders after my second call and asking her repeated if she could tell me if and when the two original orders would be shipped. I learned on a subsequent call to "Takshia" who was helpful, that "Karen" had not cancelled anything.

This was my very first time to use Van Dyck's. I promptly cancelled my other two orders which still had not been shipped after 7 days. My concerns with this company are:

1.Orders are placed or 'doctored' after a consumer has entered the information in a secure site; maybe because products originally ordered are not available?

2.CSR reps are not properly trained to respond to customer inquiry;

3.Orders are not promptly entered, filled and shipped.

On November 11th, 2005, tgw318 added the following:

On a positive note, an Ops Manager named Ron has tried to contact me to talk about this incident as he actively monitors this site. Unfortunately I can't reach him as the number he left is 'garbled'.

However, I do have another concern. The idea that a company would monitor this site and post positive or neutral comments in an attempt to mislead consumers does not speak well at all. Therefore, considering my experience with Van Dyck, I'm better off using other nurseries which have 'delivered' quality products and services. Life's too short and I want to spend it enjoying my garden!
Neutral beblue3333
Madison, WI
(9 reviews)
July 12, 2005
I ordered a number of plants from Van Dyck and about 3 (mouse plant, hosta dream weaver, astrantia moulin rouge) that didn't look like they were worth planting but I went ahead and planted them anyway. They have not come up and Iím sure they are dead.

I just emailed them about 3 days ago and I have not heard anything back yet.

The other platns are looking good and growing well so I will give it a neutral for now until the dead plants are replaced.

Positive tamicolston
(Zone 7a)
(1 review)
May 2, 2005
I ordered numerous plants from Van Dyck's recently and it was my first experience. Although I experienced a few problems with the order initially, the company responded to my problems promptly and efficiently. I was truly impressed with the quality of the plants I received. They are all growing well and have exceeded my expectations. I definately would recommend the company.
Positive NanaPx3
(1 review)
April 27, 2005
I received my order in less than two weeks. I was very impressed with the condition of the plants upon their arrival. The tubers were plump and healthy and all the rootstock was in excellent condition. The box they arrived in was in good condition, too...not broken or smashed. Thank you for such great service. I'm sure that all the plants will thrive once they are planted since they started out so well. Thanks.
Positive droughtlover
Igo, CA
(3 reviews)
April 20, 2005
I ordered a mixed selection of bulbs last Fall (jonquils, lilies, hyacinth, crocus, muscari). When the bulbs (finally) arrived, they were in great shape, packaged very well, and identified adequately. I had well over one hundred fine flowers this spring (and some are still in bloom).

I will definitely order bulbs from them again. I will try them out for their perennials, also.
Neutral messygardener
Brightwaters, NY
(2 reviews)
March 23, 2005
I have never had any trouble with this company.

Last spring, I ordered some begonias from their 50% sale. I wasn't expecting too much since I knew I was taking my chances with an end of season sale, but I planted their begonias anyway. Needless to say, I was so happy to see the gorgeous blooms light up a very neglected shady area in my garden. The red ones were brilliant and the white ones were equally as nice. I was really happy with the result, especially since I have never planted begonias before!

I also like that they give people a chance to win gift certificates to their catalog - $100! That is very generous if you ask me. I plan to submit some pictures of my garden this spring, and once I think of a good gardening project - I'm sending that in too!

Anyways, I like Van Dyck's and would recommend them to others too.

Note from the Garden Watchdog editors:

This comment was submitted from the same IP address as several other customer comments for Van Bourgondien, including three that were determined to have originated from company representatives. It is the stated policy of the Watchdog that companies can NOT submit customer feedback to inflate their own rating. The rating, originally positive, was changed from positive to neutral so that it would not affect the overall rating given by customers.

Negative coogansbluff
Watertown, WI
(1 review)
February 11, 2005
I ordered multiple rose packages in the Spring of 2004. They arrived jammed into two small boxes, showing indication of some cane and root breakage. They were planted according to their directions. 6 never leafed out let alone bloomed. I called CS they assured me they would send replacements in the spring. I received a credit memo for 15.95 with the notation that the roses were no longer available. I e-mailed them and received no reply. A couple of days later another credit memo for 61.45 shows up with the same notation.
I really don't want credit memos I want a refund or replacement roses sent this spring. They are right on the edge of consumer fraud. On a scale of 10 this company is just this side of ZERO!
Negative dykia
New Canaan, CT
(1 review)
January 29, 2005
I placed an order with Van Dyke's in early August and was told in late September the plants would be shipped in October, too late for the poppies, etc. to get a good start. So I cancelled the order promptly, found later that the Customer Service rep. cancelled but never passed on the refund info. I got that straightened out with the 2nd call, but had to place another three---total=5---calls to customer service (and they were pleasant people but helpless to do anything but pass on my rantings) to finally get my $50 refund in mid-January. It turns out the owner wants to o.k. each refund and she in in NO hurry. I am positive that if I had been naive enough to accept the order in October there would have been no replacements or refunds when the plants failed. Never again!
Neutral bbc
Chesterfield, NJ (Zone 6b)
(11 reviews)
January 27, 2005
In the fall of 2002, I ordered 30 pink daffodils (mix), 24 golden bell narcissus, 30 apricot beauty tulips, and 20 tulips of the "Apple Blossom" mix from VanDycks. The pink daffodils were successful, and have emerged both years after. The golden bell narcissus gave a very lackluster emergence the first year, and many had no flowers the second (yes, they were properly fertilized, and yes, they are in an ideal setting for daffodils).

As far as the tulip bulb size was concerned, I was not impressed. The apricot tulips were simply pathetic the first year, and did not return the second. The Apple Blossom mix never showed. In their defense, the AB mix was planted in a known mole area, and may have been eaten, but 20 bulbs is a lot to gobble up!

I ordered again in the Spring of 2004, purchasing the Hosta mix, Anemones, Brodiaeas, and three blue butterfly Iris. The Hostas were very nice albeit small. Hopefully they will continue to spread nicely. The Anemones did show very good response initially, but never flowered. I may try to move them to a sunnier location to see if that gets them going. The Brodiaeas were disappointing, and I thought these would be foolproof. Most of them just shot out their grass-like foliage, but few flowered. It looked like a grassy area that needed to be mowed rather than a flower bed. I'm hoping to get some better action this year now that they have properly wintered. The Iris never showed, and I sensed that they were not healthy when I received them, but there were only 3, so no big loss.

My conclusion is that this is a hit or miss company that provides some decent plants and bulbs, but doesn't do it for all selections, and good luck guessing what is going to be top quality. I may try them again in the future, but I doubt it considering that their prices are no bargain.

Positive 8ftbed
Zion, IL (Zone 5a)
(9 reviews)
December 9, 2004
My first order from Van Dyck's was 2004 and is the first time I had ever tried dahlias. 'Ferncliff Illusion' was amazing to say the least and I planted clumps in 3 different locations with two of them in containers. They all performed and were showstoppers.
That's also where I found Daylily 'Destined to See' along with plox and a variegated canna. They all did well.
I have already placed a 2005 order for 5 new dahlias, a ruffled daylily, DOUBLE Asiatic lily and the 'Double Decker' echinacea and expect complete satisfaction again.
Negative GardeninBunny
Riverton, WY
(2 reviews)
December 8, 2004
On January 29th, 2005, GardeninBunny added the following:

Positive itsjustme
Cottage Grove, OR
(5 reviews)
October 8, 2004
My mother has purchased bulbs from Van Dyck's for many years, and when I placed my order, I wasn't disappointed, either. I recieved large, healthy crocus, shipped when it was the correct time to plant. The price was great, too.

Positive EP
Merrimack, NH
(9 reviews)
August 31, 2004
I ordered about a dozen roses from Van Dykes' beautiful rose catalog late this spring. The roses were slow to be shipped and I had to call. Customer service was polite and the roses then quickly showed up. Most were quite large and healthy BEFORE shipping, but it looked like they got shoved in the box with little care, no packing material and too many roses to a box. Several were mislabeled, and although the ones that were sent did bloom beautifully, a couple died due to too many roots broken off in shipping. I would like to order from them again as I have not been able to find the hardy Canadian roses elsewhere, but am afraid of their shipping department and the hassles that might entail with slow shipping, returns, etc. I hope that they will get their act together in shipping and more careful labeling as the product is otherwise high quality.
On April 2nd, 2005, EP changed the rating from neutral to positive and added the following:

Without contacting Van Dycks, they responded to my post here on Garden Web and offered a refund for what was not right. I sent them a listing and they sent an exchange credit letter a couple of weeks later. The generic letter they sent was a bit annoying in that it assumed that I'd done something wrong, but nonetheless, they did respond and that is a good thing. I am placing my order now for exchanged plants and we'll see how it goes. One thing is that they no longer carry the roses I'd must have been a bad experience for them as well.
Negative ValzWorld
Wrightwood, CA
(7 reviews)
July 25, 2004
Hmmmmmmmmm. Something seems to be going on at VanDyck's this year. So far I am unable to determine what. When I called them about crediting me for what conked out from last Fall's orders, their Customer Service Reps told me that VD's is switching Customer Service from one company to another and there is a turnover lapse because of it. They were very pleasant and took my info about what did not make it. I expected an e-mail acknowledging this transaction as a credit, but I never received one.

After waiting a month I called back. Got a different CSR, again very helpful, again telling me that VD's is mid transfer of services and it is causing some problems. They said they had just mailed Fall catalogs. They took my casualty list (again) and I waited for catalog.

After waiting another month... NO CATALOG... I E-MAILED them my fatality list (and had to add a deceased tree peony to it!). Asked for a catalog.

Zip. Zilch. Nada. No reply, no correspondence, nothing.

I have never experienced this treatment from VanDyck's before and so am very concerned.

When I wrote VanDyck's via e-mail I expressed my concern that they were going to be tarnished by their association with Van Bourdigan's (oh, however you spell it!)...

Now VanDyck's customer satisfaction percentage rate here is also headed in the same direction as VB's. NOT GOOD.

I have been waiting to see what they do.... Guess I have to keep waiting. Will call them again TOMORROW to see what they have to say... AGAIN. Will let you know what they said sometime after that. I am hoping they pull out of this.
On August 10th, 2004, ValzWorld added the following:


I just got off the telephone with DeBorah or DeVorah at their customer service number. While she tried to maintain a pleasant attitude while dealing with me she was unable to give me ANY information on what is happening beyond what the other two reps told me... One of whom's name I did not get and another George that I spoke to on 6/22/2004. Between those first two calls to Customer Service and today's call I also e-mailed them. I have never heard a thing about a credit, a replacement or anything else. Today I am given the same runaround (yes, I am sorry to say I have come to the conclusion that it is a runaround)"We are in transition", "Our records have not been transferred", "Our office doesn't handle that", "They have to look up your order over there", "We can't do that from here", "I have taken your information and sent it over to THEM, now THEY will have to look it up and process it".

BOO HOO. On their Internet Special page today they are taking orders for the same iris collection that I lost more than half of last year. The site says that they will begin shipping these "in early August". IT IS EARLY AUGUST, but I guess it is not early enough. Today I was told that early August means August 11th.

I e-mailed them and I posted here. I have heard nothing. Today I have asked that they have Customer Service Supervisor Lisa call me about this.... Will see what happens. For right now I am going to put it in writing here on this post what I lost of last Fall's order...

Siberian Iris Caesar's Brother Lost 4/12 22.50/12
Siberian Iris SnowQueen Lost 3/12 33.95/12
Oriental Poppy Collection Lost 6/6 29.95/ 6
Tree Peony Collection Lost 1/4 47.95/ 4
Tall Bearded Iris Collections Lost 24/48 53.90/48

Someone had better get back to me on this....


On August 16th, 2004, ValzWorld added the following:


Now THIS is more like the VanDyck's Customer Service I have come to expect. After my last entry here, the very next morning, August 11th, 2004, I got a call from Lisa, the Customer Service Supervisor for VanDyck's.

Lisa took quite a bit of time with me, discussing all of the above. She assured me that replacements will be ordered and delivered for last Fall's losses.

Lisa says that VanDyck's values their customers and they know there are some kinks during this switch-over process right now

BUT they are working diligently to resolve these problems and hope to get back on track as fast as they can.


I would have written this entry that same day, but I had to urgently leave town and could only get to it now.
On January 3rd, 2005, ValzWorld changed the rating from neutral to positive and added the following:


I thought I had come back on here and posted the update....

Guess it did not happen... ?????????

VanDyck's sent me EVERYTHING I had lost. All was wonderfully packaged. All was in EXCELLENT condition.

Really strange that my update to this posting is not showing up here?????????
On January 15th, 2006, ValzWorld changed the rating from positive to negative and added the following:

Yesterday I received the new "VanDyke's catalog".

HOWEVER: Only the paper cover was VanDyke's and inside that was VanBourdigan's (spelled however) catalog.

WHY VanDyke's continues to choose to affiliate itself with a company with such a poor reputation is beyond my understanding.

In my opinion it is bad business sense for VanDyke's to continue this affiliation; because of it, I do not plan to continue my affiliation with THEM.

For me, this was the last straw: I am now done with VanDyke's.
Negative garyon
Syracuse, NY
(2 reviews)
July 12, 2004
Customer service was good: they said they would replace the two roses that failed to break dormancy of the three I ordered. I was disappointed that the planting will be delayed a year as a result. It takes too long to plant a rose to risk such a high failure rate. I don't expect to re-order
On June 27th, 2005, garyon added the following:

The promise of replacement failed to materialize. A letter arrived earlier this spring notifying me that the roses I had ordered were no longer available: included was a credit slip for around $20. Replacement is what I expected, refund acceptable.

With only the promise of the rose replacement I purchased three iris, expecting the company to stand by their products. None of the rhizomes grew.

Can a rating of less than negative be given?
Negative chiaramonte
Wellsboro, PA
(1 review)
June 28, 2004
I purchased perennials and bulbs from this company back on May 2nd. I finally received my much anticipated package 3 weeks later and only after numerous phone calls. The dormant roots were rotted and moldy and the bulbs were soggy and also rotted.
After waiting many wasted minutes to speak to a human, and after many days passing...I still have not received credit.
They have assured me it would only take 4-5 business days and that was weeks ago. Called again last week and they "reissued" the same credit. No refund yet! Just beware...wouldn't anyone else to get into the same situation.
Neutral timed100
Buffalo, NY
(3 reviews)
June 28, 2004
They would not give me a refund on my credit card for a bulb that failed to grow. Instead I was told I had a Merchandise Credit($18.35) I could use on my next order. I ordered a few things to use the Merchandise Credit and - WHOOPS - they forgot to apply it! How convenient for them! No response to several emails in almost a month.
I guess a little more profit off of me is more important than my future business.
On June 28th, 2004, timed100 changed the rating from negative to neutral and added the following:

A credit was made to my card. THANKS! But they took a week to inform me.
Positive msanjelpie
Meridian, ID
(54 reviews)
June 17, 2004
Ordered 4 items. All shipped quickly and seem to be in good shape... Would order from again.

Negative Janna
Mahwah, NJ (Zone 6a)
(28 reviews)
May 25, 2004
I don't know what happened to them this year - it is definitely the WORST customer service ever! I used to order from them, and was somewhat happy with quality and selection, but this year... They didn't ship a part of my order, no further notification whether or not they are going to ship it and when, and then I tried to contact them - e-mails, calls -many, many times! No one replies to e-mails, and with calling they designed a nice trick - leave us your number and we'll call back. You know how many times I left my number and then waited for a call? And all this just to locate my bulbs. I am so frustrated with them, to me it is the worst when customer service ignores you. Learn from my experience and avoid frustration! There are plenty of GREAT companies out there, as inexpensive, with great customer service, such as Bluestone perennials, Brent and Becky's (their lilies are FANTASTIC quality!) and of course John Scheppers. Forget Van Dycks.
On February 26th, 2005, Janna changed the rating from negative to neutral and added the following:

About 3 weeks ago a customer service representative e-mailed me, and we had a nice e-mail conversation. After my angry post, my lilies finally arrived, got planted, didn't bloom nicely though - was too late, but hopefully - next year. I also learned, that I won the garden contest on their website, and was given $100 gift certificate, which I gladly spent on more autumn bulbs and plants! They arrived in a timely manner, and were planted, but I cannot tell you the final results. We'll see in spring.
In general, the quality of plants from this company is spotty - sometimes you get great healthy stuff, and sometimes - tiny and mouldy, but I get too tempted by all the novelties. Staring again at their new catalog...Must have couple things...
On May 13th, 2005, Janna changed the rating from neutral to negative and added the following:

I am really getting tired of this company. More than half of my autumn order didn't grow - NONE of the 4 tree peonies, no Arum, no phlox, 3 out of 6 oriental poppies (one may die soon - looks so weak!), no cyclamen... And no response from customer service! What else is new...
Spring order arrived recently, and there is a bag with tiny disjointed pieces, called tradescantia Blushing bride, will it grow??? Another bag with a tiny half-mouldy root of Arum Mouse plant... Lilies, which look worse than Home Depot end-of-season sale ones, mouldy and lifeless...
Why or why I waste my money with this company? I keep giving them another chance, and keep getting disappointed every time! And they are NOT CHEAP, not at all! Novelties are tempting, and look so good on the pictures in their catalog! And half or more of the order dies, because of poor plant quality. My order from Green Mountain transplants just arrived - and what a pleasure! Healthy, huge plants for PENNIES!!! Bluestone order arrived - pleasure again. Logees plants are simply marvelous. And here comes tiny box from Van Dycks, tightly packed with bags of peat moss with decomposed root fragments. Paid top price for! Shameful.
Don't waste your time and money. It's just not worth it! Great companies are out there, and Van Dycks is NOT one of them. For perennials, look at Bluestone, Green Mountain Transplants, Logees. For bulbs - John Scheepers, Brent abd Becky's (the best largest and healthiest lilies I've ever seen), Tulipworld, Dutch Gardens. Van Dycks just doesn't have it all together.
Negative kyrabear
(12 reviews)
May 11, 2004
I hate to say it, but don't bother with Van Dyck's unless you don't mind replacing your bulbs every fall. The bulbs they sent were so small that I knew that they didn't have a prayer of lasting more than one season, but I planted them anyways. Sure enough, the flowers were great last year, but this year only one tulip came back out of all the bulbs (probably 40 or so) that I ordered from them. Maybe I was just unlucky, seems like others have not had this problem from reading here, but I won't be ordering from them again. It's too bad, because they have some really interesting and unusual varieties that no one else has, but I'm not wasting my money again.
On May 25th, 2004, kyrabear added the following:

After I posted my negative rating here, I received a rather condesending e-mail from the "Bulb Lady" at Van Dyck's. She basically said I didn't know anything about growing tulips and that I shouldn't expect tulips to come back. Well, I've been growing tulips a long time and have never had such a problem with the bulbs not returning as I did with these. She also went on to say that after I learned more about growing tulips I should come back here and change my rating so the company doesn't look bad. That takes some serious nerve if you ask me. All they did was reinforce my negative view of this company.
Positive angel_jim
(8 reviews)
May 11, 2004
Bulbs arrived in good condition. Wish they sent you emails letting you know how order is going or that it is on its way. But only took 11 days from time placed order until it arrived. Would order from them again.
Positive beck02
Newalla, OK
(22 reviews)
April 24, 2004
Ordered 6 tree peonies. The order came within a couple of weeks, and the plants looked good overall. They were a touch dry from shipping, but after a good day's soak, they're all looking good. Root stock was good--it will be a couple of years before they really start blooming, but considering the cost was less than $9.95/plant + shipping--I think the total was a bit under $60 with shipping for the 6 plants. Considering that some growers sell the same varieties for $60+ each, I can afford to wait! Very happy with the quality of the plants, especially considering the low cost.

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