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On Aug 7, 2020, CraftyFox (1 reviews) from Kimberly, WI (Zone 5a)

Reading thru the catalog descriptions and other botanical related insights has always been one of my favorite things about this company. The seed is pretty awesome too.. One of the first places I look to make my purchases. 20+years I've known about this company. Still have my 1999 catalog somewhere.. Because they are a collectible.

On Jun 21, 2020, jadevinegarden (2 reviews) from Philo, CA

Twenty years of growing seeds from J.L. Hudson and the wonder and delight has not diminished! Their offerings are so interesting and the quantity/price is great.

On Jun 14, 2020, DesertTreeLady (1 reviews) from Victoria, BC (Zone 7a)

Been dealing with them for many years......just a terrific resource...fast..friendly..honest..efficient

On Apr 25, 2020, Basil989 (11 reviews) from Pueblo, CO (Zone 5b)

Posted on January 10, 2019, updated April 25, 2020 When I think of J.L. Hudson, Seedsman, I picture the popular internet GIF of Robert Redford as Jeremiah Johnson from the movie . . . Jeremiah Johnson, where he is looking into the camera and giving the slightest little affirming nod. It's not hard to mythologize Mr. Hudson, since when I stumbled onto his website I felt like I had immediately received the answer to a question I didn't even know I had been looking for. To get it out of the way, yes, his seed is great. The selection is mind-mindbogglingly amazing. I literally learn something new every time I browse through the catalog. The prices and shipping costs are also extremely fair, shockingly so. I've order more than once now and he is a man of his word- he notifies within the given time frame, he ships on time, it's packed well, and my orders have always been correct. The info on the packet is specific and helpful as well. What I really love though, is the no-nonsense, respect based approach to what he does. Read the directions, follow them, no problems. I love, love, love his approach to environmentalism, diversity, and the practicality he infuses into not only everything he writes about, but to the catalog itself, as well as the website and the way it operates. No nonsense, just facts, mutual respect, and a love of plants. Along with one other sort of science-minded esoteric seed website, he has quickly shot to the absolute top of my favorite seed sellers (can you tell? lol). But honestly, to find someone who truly cares so much, who finds such a balance between scientific facts, ideals, and the reality of having to live in this world, and yet also finds a way to manage a well-run seed bank in the midst of all that . . . what a treasure.

On April 25th, 2020, Basil989 added the following: Placed another large order. I tend to order from a lot of places at once, like a dozen or so companies. Hudson's arrived second. Dang, they're good. No mistakes, perfectly packed, and I love seeing what interesting stamps will be included on the package. The selection, as always, is STUNNING. I'm like a kid in a candy store. If I have a new obsession, The Seedsman is ready to meet me at my level. This time I was interested in caudex forming plants. I was able to get more than enough varieties to satisfy that urge to experiment. He had plenty of succulents and cacti too, of which I am always looking for, as well as things on my "need" list, like snapdragons. He even had a couple from my "dream" list. "He", lol. Can't help it. I know it's more than one person at this point. As always, I stand by everything stated in my first post. J.L. Hudson remains one of my top three favorite seed stores.

On Jun 26, 2019, kolomikta (3 reviews) from Somerville, MA

As far as I'm concerned, Mr. Hudson and Ms. Calkins should get the Nobel Prize. For what, I'm not sure...ethnobotany? literature? Their catalog is one of the two or three best sources of plant (and general) knowledge I've encountered. I read it regularly and repeatedly, cover to cover. They completely changed my mind on the "native plant" movement, and made me love George Orwell even more than I did. I also have a lot of respect for their refusal to adhere to the non-human, inhuman, inhumane way business is done lately.

On Feb 4, 2019, DonnaMack (66 reviews) from Elgin, IL (Zone 5a)

Posted on January 10, 2018, updated February 4, 2019 Posted on April 27, 2017, updated January 10, 2018 Posted on March 30, 2017, updated April 27, 2017 Posted on May 23, 2015, updated March 30, 2017 Posted on January 5, 2014, updated May 23, 2015 Posted on May 7, 2012, updated January 5, 2014 Posted on December 20, 2002, updated May 7, 2012 I have ordered from J. L. Hudson for the last four years and have been very pleased. The germination rate, if the instructions are followed, is in excess of 95% for the perennials and annuals I have started from seed. Unlike most catalogues, this one specifies the expected rate (50%, for example, which allows you to adjust the amount you sow) and just how difficult or easy the germination process will be, so you can decide whether it is worth a go. The prices are unbelievably low; (the "expensive" ones are $2.00 a pack) and I have had the opportunity to grow plants that you may have heard described and never seen, or grow a different variant on a familiar plant. As an example, Platycodon grandiflorus (blue ballooon flower) is in every catalogue - but is Perlemutter (mother of pearl with dark pink lines - much more rare, and beautiful, that Fuji Pink) or the white version? And the postage is $1.00 for up to 20 packets! Given the high quality and germination rates, the low prices and the cheap postage, not to mention the sometimes rare and normally expensive varieties, this may be the best bargain in seeds.

On May 7th, 2012, DonnaMack added the following: Although the prices have gone up just a bit since I wrote my last review, I have continued to be very pleased with my dealings with JL Hudson. I was sent an email confirming my order, and told when it would ship. They are still the best bargain in seeds. I ordered some seeds from their supplemental catalog, and they arrived promptly, well packaged and with generous amounts of seed. It's a pleasure doing business with them.
On January 5th, 2014, DonnaMack added the following: What I do not include above is that I have ordered year after year from this wonderful company, enjoying unique seeds (salvia ssp. tesquicola, anyone?) and 100% customer satisfaction, and I would like to mention the latter today. I placed an order through Paypal, and one of the seeds that I wanted was unavailable. I got a message from Paypal about my refund, and when I went to my email account the Nice people at JL Hudson informed me which seed was out of stock, and mentioned that the refund had been sent. And the funds are in my account. No waiting, no delays. And since the seed I was after is, for some reason, becoming rare (cerinth Honeywort) I was very pleased to be able to order it immediately from the only company I could find that stocks it. How cool is that?
On May 23rd, 2015, DonnaMack added the following: I would like to add that I have just germinated JL Hudson seed from 2008. Yes, I keep it in the fridge but germination on OLD seed is in excess of 90%.
On March 30th, 2017, DonnaMack added the following: Another happy year of ordering from J.L. Hudson. I am stunned to read my old reviews and realizing that I have been ordering since 1998, the year I purchased my first single family home. I find that I fall in love with new plants and can get the excellent seed from this great company easily and inexpensively. Things that are very expensive to buy as plants, things that are unavailable elsewhere (salvia ssp. tesquicola) things that I want a billion of - all are easily obtainable. I love being able to copy the descriptions into an email, add up the numbers with my address and name, send it off and go to Paypal. It's actually the fastest and easiest ordering process out there. Thank you, J.L Hudson. No one is better.
On April 27th, 2017, DonnaMack added the following: One more comment. I just germinated platycodon perlmutter seed purchased from J.L. Hudson in the year 2000. Of 12 seeds, I got (so far) 5 viable seedlings that I have potted up. What a great company!
On January 10th, 2018, DonnaMack added the following: I placed an order yesterday on email. I received an email from the fine people at JL Hudson 10 hours later that my order had been shipped, and apologized for an out of stock seed (and honestly, they had listed it as out of stock on the website) and my Paypal refund for those seeds has been sent. I have been ordering since 1998. I love these guys.
On February 4th, 2019, DonnaMack added the following: My 2019 order included some seeds so unusual that I had to look them up to see how they appeared. JL Hudson is one of the very few sites that does not boost its prices for unusual seeds (I have more than one that is not in commerce). I was so intrigued by some of the choices (salvia I had never heard of), and so pleased that some of the seeds I wanted cost less than half of other sites, that I ordered far more than I anticipated, and as usual the seeds were promptly sent and excellently packaged. They are wonderful!

On Oct 23, 2018, BecLux (1 reviews) from Newport, PA

JL Hudson is the best for price & quality. Excellent customer communication. I have been buying milkweed seeds from them for many years & they never dissapoint.

On Mar 27, 2018, TigerLilMcD (1 reviews) from Klamath Falls, OR

Posted on February 16, 2017, updated March 27, 2018 I've been doing business with JL Hudson for a number of years - they never disappoint! Orders are always received promptly - and a public access seed bank is an excellent cause to support. The website is full of helpful information and the seeds are always quality, with outstanding germination rates.

On March 27th, 2018, TigerLilMcD added the following: They just keep going - getting even better! I placed an email order on Monday & received a note that my order had been shipped on Tuesday evening.... They continue to expand seed selections & I have confidence in the honesty of the 'bank. I just love this place!

On Mar 8, 2018, lorettalea (5 reviews) from Moscow, TN

I placed two(2) orders from J L Hudson for the 2018 growing season and as usual, they have exceeded my expectations. This is my 16th year of ordering from J L Hudson. I have never been disappointed nor have I ever had to contact them after placing my order for any reason. I always choose my seeds from their online site, therefore I have never ordered anything that was out of stock, as they update regularly. Great selection, good value and the most economical shipping costs.

On Feb 28, 2018, SharonVile (1 reviews) from Odessa, MO

I've been ordering from J.L. Hudson for over 30 years. The catalog is an invaluable source for both old favorites and unusual seeds and contains much valuable information. I've learned a lot, just from reading this catalog over the years. I also appreciate that seeds are listed by their scientific names. I recently ordered sea kale from another source (Gurney's), but closer investigation revealed that the seeds I had ordered were not true sea kale. I was able to find seeds for true sea kale (Crambe maritima) in the J.L. Hudson catalog. I kind of appreciate being forced to learn the scientific names for plants. I've found this to be useful. I also appreciate that the correct pronunciations are offered. I don't remember ever having a problem with J.L. Hudson's products or service.

On Feb 19, 2018, RoseyQ (8 reviews) from Pueblo West, CO (Zone 5b)

Posted on April 5, 2012, updated February 19, 2018 Posted on December 17, 2006, updated April 5, 2012 I like this company very much.

On April 5th, 2012, RoseyQ changed the rating from positive to neutral and added the following: The reason why I am not ordering from them this year is becuase it's too much work to place an order. You have to send them an email with cut and pasted decriptions of what you want, the quanity and price, add it all up, figure the correct shipping fee, send them the email request, then you have to pay through PayPal. It's a two-step process. They really do make ordering alot of work for their customers and I find no other seed companies ask this of their customers in order to sell seeds. Maybe they could look at the other top 5 companies at the Garden Watchdog and see how they recieve and process orders online.
On February 19th, 2018, RoseyQ changed the rating from neutral to negative and added the following: Placed an order through paypal in 2017. It was just an $8 order however I have been a customer of J.L. Hudson for many years and spent lots of money on seeds. The problem began when my paypal statement stated that I needed to 'reorder'. I thought that the first order had been placed with no problem but after reading the 'reorder' note on my statement I reordered. In the meantime my order arrived. I notified the company right away through email (because they don't have a telephone) and told them the problem, that paypal was telling me to reorder when it was not necessary. The email I received from them was nothing short of RUDE. They said it was PayPal's fault, not theirs and to seek my refund through paypal. It took more than a month for J.L. Hudson to return the money for a duplicate order, which I never received. After all the years I've been purchasing seed, that's the customer service they gave me. I'm glad it was for a small amount of money because they probably wouldn't have refunded my money without the help from paypal. I will not use this company ever again because of how nasty and self-righteous customer service was to me. Note to J.L. Hudson: We have plenty of other seed companies to choose from who won't waste our time with snotty, indifferent replies to legitimate customer concerns.

On Jan 9, 2018, MissFish (1 reviews) from Healdsburg, CA

I LOVE THESE GUYS!!! Serious chops! They shipped my order within 24 hours of receiving it. Plus loads of tips and info on their website. They know their stuff!

On Dec 23, 2017, JOHNFREEMAN (14 reviews) from Seven Lakes, NC

Having boughtseeds for 60 years from every sort of deale, finding and buying from Hudson has been the finest experience of seed buying I've ever experienced.Theysell unusual seeds hardly available elsewhere as well as common useful seeds.And, the service! Perfect.Germination on my last order was superb and the flowers were gorgeous.The tiny shipping charges are very unusual in a world where other seed companies apparently attempt to squeeze customers for every nickle possible! I hope Hudson endures longer than I will so will never have to deal with other seed companies.

On Jun 6, 2017, dcrisman47 (2 reviews) from Chickamauga, GA

Seeds are very reasonably priced and always fresh. It is a real pleasure to germinate them. The PayPal ordering system is straightforward and simple to use. Thanks for continuing to do a great job!

On May 18, 2017, KanapahaLEW (20 reviews) from Alachua, FL (Zone 8b)

This company has the most amazing selection of seeds -- lots and lots of very unusual seeds that you can't find anywhere else. And germination is usually excellent. I have been ordering from them for many years and have yet to be disappointed by the seeds or the service. As another poster mentioned, I can copy my selections out of the online listing, paste into an email, pay with Paypal, and my seeds will be in my hands in a matter of a few days despite being on the other side of the US from them.

On May 17, 2017, Camieux (2 reviews) from Doylestown, PA

Seeds ordered this year and last year were sent promptly. I had just about 100% germination. I am very happy with the seed selection, far surpasses the ordinary usually offered.

On Apr 1, 2017, treehugger53ah (1 reviews) from Minneapolis, MN

Been ordering for years. The seeds do well and customer service always has time for my odd questions.

On Mar 20, 2017, purplethorns (7 reviews) from Streetsboro, OH (Zone 5b)

Have ordered from this company for years. Have received orders in 2016 and 2017 and am still happy with this company. Always try the unique seeds offered, that you won't find anywhere else. Don,t buy common vegetables and flowers as they are boring for me Seeds sent have at least an 80% germination, which I think is good. Use a potting soil mix I created to fit the needs of the seeds I order. Never fails for me...Awesome selection of tropical plant seeds.

On Jan 17, 2017, CathleenM (1 reviews) from Fairfield, PA

JL Hudson has been one of my favorite seed companies for years. I like that all of their seeds are open pollinated, so that I can grow my own seed. Their catalog is always fun to browse. They have many varieties that you don't see in other places. And the seed packet prices and shipping are very reasonable. Highly recommended!

On Dec 14, 2016, Rhobo (2 reviews) from Denver, CO (Zone 6a)

Love this company! I've placed 7 orders since discovering them a couple of years ago and never a problem of any kind. They have a fantastic variety of seeds and the seed prices and postage charges are very reasonable.

On May 25, 2016, bunnyholmes (1 reviews) from Beaverdam, VA

The best seed company I know. They set my business apart from all my peers. I've been buying from them since the 80's. Never had a problem. You will LOVE them! Quick response time too, the best in the business...

On Apr 30, 2016, Ruth_MI (6 reviews) from Northville, MI

Posted on March 22, 2011, updated April 30, 2016 Posted on April 22, 2007, updated March 22, 2011 Wanted to bulk order some seeds, and found them here for a reasonable price. Arrived in about a week from the time I ordered. Will order from them again.

On March 22nd, 2011, Ruth_MI added the following: ordered from them again in 2011 and once again received fast shipping and good value.
On April 30th, 2016, Ruth_MI added the following: Continue to order from JL Hudson. Still happy with seeds and shipping times. Seeds germinate well.

On Apr 3, 2016, gourdobean (14 reviews) from Minden, NV (Zone 5a)

Posted on April 4, 2016, updated April 4, 2016 Can't figure out how to get in touch with this company. They're mailing list is compromised in some way and individuals are getting ALL email requests to get catalogs. I am getting inundated with emails. I hope they address this problem soon, plus I have the emails of all the people who are emailing them and they have mine, NOT GOOD. PS I really like this company and will take this down as soon as I know they are addressing the problem.

On April 3rd, 2016, gourdobean changed the rating from negative to neutral and added the following: If I click on your Dave's Garden hyperlink I get a warning Possible Phishing Site and an explanation of what a phishing site is. Apparently your hyperlink is having problems and may have been compromised. Sorry for your troubles. Thanks for addressing the problem with the emails so quickly.

On Apr 3, 2016, BBrandon77 (17 reviews) from Knoxville, TN (Zone 7a)

Posted on April 3, 2016, updated April 3, 2016 Beware! This company just sent my email address and many many other customer's email addresses to everyone on their mailing list! IMO, this is beyond irresponsible. If you do consider doing business with this company, DON'T GIVE THEM YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS!

On April 3rd, 2016, BBrandon77 changed the rating from negative to neutral and added the following: I got another email explaining that the problem was more complex and technical rather than an oversight, so I am changing my rating to Neutral. I am concerned that this whole thing happened, but I guess sometimes technology is just a pain.

On Mar 8, 2016, jagrogan (8 reviews) from Somerset, KY (Zone 6b)

Well, I don't honestly know that the evergreen huckleberries, vaccinum ovatum, will sprout for me in Zone 6b in Somerset, Kentucky but I was very pleased to is was so easy to order the seeds to try from Hudson. They are friendly and efficient. It remains to be seen if that type of huckleberry will grow here if I do get the seed to sprout, if it does I will foundation plant around the north and northeast side of my house with them and part way down the driveway where all the shade is. I will later order about 10 start plants though for in from of the living room picture window. Oh, and I ordered 2 packs. One pack is going in the freezer til next January when I will try to start those.

On Mar 7, 2016, Missyinbama (37 reviews) from Wetumpka, AL (Zone 8a)

I absolutely love this company's seed selection. If you want colorful photos, don't bother requesting the catalog. The physical catalog doesn't have photos, but it does have a wonderful seed selection with basic growing information. While the online catalog listings include a few photos, they really aren't designed for beginning gardeners who need in depth growing information. If you're just starting out you may want to use the online catalog listings and google the photos and growing conditions of each plant before ordering. Overall this is one of my favorite companies; I'm able to get seeds for plants I couldn't otherwise get locally. I look forward to doing more business with them.

On Feb 29, 2016, Maplekeys (1 reviews)

I'm another who's signed up to Dave's Garden specifically to be able to give a positive review for JL Hudson! I've ordered from JLH for years, always easy, always fast, always excellent germination, always among the least costly -- and the wonderful catalog opens my eyes to so many things I'd never have dreamed of trying and that one never sees in "ordinary" catalogs; it's an education in itself. Over the years I've had many fine adventures thanks to the JLH folks. I can't begin to imagine the hard work it takes to maintain this many varieties, listings, orders... This is a special place, so glad it exists.

On Jan 5, 2016, chiptree (1 reviews) from Boylston, MA (Zone 5a)

This is the first time in over forty years of doing business with JLHudson that I've had the opportunity to rate my experience with their company and products. The catalogue is worth getting just for the seed germination information, let alone all the other extraneous comments, et cetera. Whether it has been tree seeds, perennial seeds, tropical plant seeds, or vegetable seeds, the quality and quantity have always been excellent. I am a horticulturist by trade, and have worked in the industry for the last forty-nine years, so I do know what I'm talking about. If you are looking for a good source of seeds, here it is.

On Jan 4, 2016, greenaurangabad (1 reviews) from Aurangabad,

I have ordered seeds from J L Hudson many times in the past. The orders were always delivered on time and without error. J L Hudson is providing a valuable service by making available a wide range of seeds. Ability to sort by plant-type e.g. tree/vines/creepers/fruit-bearing/fragrant/creepers/tropical/ .. etc and addition of a pictorial catalog would improve user-experience. Thanks for providing this great service.

On Dec 27, 2015, RareFruit2909 (9 reviews) from Lebanon, OH

This is a good company and deserves all the positive reviews. I've ordered from them a number of times as well as provided them with fresh-harvested bloodroot and paw paw, but this is my first review. Overall, I've had great luck with their seed and have been highly satisfied with the selection, quantity and value. The occasional pack that doesn't germinate - well one has to consider that many of the wild or novel species offered may have very specific soil/light/moisture/scarification requirements and may require a more experienced grower or optimal natural conditions to break the dormancy and achieve the best results. If ordering these types of seed from any supplier, I find my success is often greatly enhanced by researching the species, habitat, and cultivation requirements in advance so that I know the do's/don'ts beforehand. Overall, a great resource and company for conserving and providing non-GMO, non-patented, open-pollinated choices for eco-conscious customers!

On Nov 27, 2015, karrr (1 reviews) from Scotch Plains, NJ

Easy and Super quick! Very happy with my order.

On Sep 15, 2015, DonShirer (16 reviews) from Westbrook, CT (Zone 6a)

Posted on December 29, 2006, updated September 15, 2015 I placed my first order with them last spring with mixed results. Gaura, centaurea, platycodon and lobelia did well. Several other perennials germinated but did poorly after transplanting. This may not be their fault since our soil is generally poor, and I may not have enriched it enough. Their Bulls Blood Beet and (surprisingly) Viola Tricolor did not germinate well. I may order from them again, since their catalog is quite informative, but at present I cannot give them a standing ovation.

On September 15th, 2015, DonShirer changed the rating from neutral to positive and added the following: I have received several orders from them in the years since my first comment with generally good results. Recently I placed an order for an ounce of seeds and forgot to include postage. They sent it anyway with no complaint. (I reimbursed them with my next order!) So I have upgraded my rating to positive +.

On Jul 17, 2015, Betauser (1 reviews) from Forest City, NC

Ordered on the weekend, shipped Tuesday & arrived Friday from California to N.C. Very pleased.

On Jun 20, 2015, msms (1 reviews) from Oroville, CA

Fast delivery. Easy to pay and e-mail.

On Jun 9, 2015, mreizman (1 reviews) from Long Beach, CA

I learned about J.L. Hudson in Michael Pollan's book, Second Nature, and sent away for seeds to plant in my community garden plot -- the first garden I've ever had. I kept it simple and only planted Carrots, Beets, and Brussels Sprouts. All grew extremely well.

On May 6, 2015, dishpantheism (1 reviews) from Beverly Hills, CA

My family has been buying seeds from Hudson (and Harry Saier before him) for many years. I can't say enough nice things about Hudson. The catalog is a labor of love. I always find something interesting within it, and I look forward to receiving one each spring. I have never found these fine seed folk to be anything other than helpful and congenial whenever I've ordered from them. I love that they offer so many options for payment, and that the privacy of their patrons is important to them. I imagine I'll be buying seed from Hudson as long as I'm still able to lift a trowel.

On Apr 17, 2015, ewait (1 reviews) from Zimmerman, MN

Second time ordering from him, and both times positive. He has a good variety of seeds that are hard to find in regular seed catalogs, and I've had good luck with starting the seeds.

On Mar 27, 2015, servant255 (1 reviews) from Deltona, FL

Awesome!! I used the net and Pay-Pal, just a couple of days ago and my seeds are on the way!!..so easy!! I look for the catalog every year, it's my Bible of seeds..so informative and fun to read! Quality and information is Top notch.. Ten years using their seed with no problems...Now the challenge is on all of us to execute and grow.. Mike C... Florida

On Mar 3, 2015, sss56 (8 reviews) from Gastonia, NC (Zone 7b)

This was my first time ordering. I received the seeds quickly and everything was exactly as I ordered. Thanks.

On Feb 17, 2015, greenthumbler (1 reviews) from Ellerslie,

I love this company. Can't say enough good things about them, and it, and their fascinating seeds. They are a pleasure to deal with. Have been ordering from them for twenty-some years, and the most interesting plants in my garden started from their seeds. Wonderful vegetable varieties, and even Ginkgo Biloba... I started a forest of those two years ago and gave away dozens of seedlings. Very generous quantities of seed in each packet, making the exchange rate quite worthwhile. Also their helpful and informative-- even inspiring-- catalogue, which is educational Winter reading here in the North. I sing their praise.

On Feb 16, 2015, jumpinjo (12 reviews) from Marshalltown, IA (Zone 5a)

Large variety that includes some hard to find items. Generous amount of seeds and good prices. Good germination also.

On Dec 30, 2014, primrosepath49 (3 reviews) from Chicago, IL

Wish I'd stumbled across this company before--they have every last arcane species I wanted, including cardoon, huazontle, bronze fennel and tree spinach. Of the varieties I've planted so far, very good germination rates.

On Dec 12, 2014, AngeloSalvi (1 reviews) from Scafati,

I have found what I needed and the mailing is been very fast to be a long distance! I will sure contact them in future for other seeds cause their seeds-bank is really complete!

On Dec 9, 2014, PracticalAg (2 reviews) from Raleigh, NC (Zone 8a)

I have used JL for 6 years now, and I keep coming back due to price, viability, and speed. Whoever is running it is honest with refunds and I have had excellent luck with virtually everything that I have purchased. I don't leave reviews often, but I stand behind this company. It is well worth the "effort" to use PayPal. Thanks!

On Nov 5, 2014, guptaas (2 reviews) from EAST PATCHOGUE, NY (Zone 7b)

I found a larger selection of seeds here than anywhere else. The website has no frills but the information is very specific and useful. The ordering process is unusual but smooth using Paypal. The order mailed out in a day. Going by other commentators, if I don't succeed in germinating these seeds, it is likely going to be some error on my part.

On Oct 15, 2014, helenahkh (3 reviews) from Gautier, MS

Great company to get seeds of rare plants, fast dependable service. Thank you.

On Aug 21, 2014, beesberet (4 reviews) from Maywood, CA

I came across one of their catalogues from the 80s and realized I hadn't ordered in years. So glad I did because the selection is even more extensive, the germination rates remain excellent, and prices/service can't be beat. So glad they're still around for those ethnobotanical treasures.

On Aug 21, 2014, skykik16 (3 reviews) from Bangkok,

All seeds arrived. Very fresh seeds. Fast service.

On Aug 11, 2014, CLScott (3 reviews) from Calgary,

A good place to order seeds. There are never back orders, and rarely do they run out of seeds. Orders are shipped in a timely fashion. This is definitely one of the best places to order seeds.

On Aug 5, 2014, desertbluegrass (1 reviews) from TERLINGUA, TX

I don't know how I didn't know about J.L. Hudson/Seedsman before now but I found it. What a great website and place to go to if one needs seeds or what it takes to propagate said seeds. I ordered several seeds from about ten different plants that I was searching for and they arrived this afternoon in the mail. Great personable service! He emailed me to inform me that the seeds were on their way to me. I will be ordering more seeds from them in the very near future. I did mention that I was looking for some seeds that he did not have listed at which point he promptly emailed me that he did not have them but gave me several leads or resources to look into that might have them. This is the place to come to if you are tired of looking in the usual commercial seed and plant companies and seeing all the usual suspects for sale except for the unusual ones that you happen to be looking for.

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