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On Jun 22, 2013, Circe33 (1 reviews) from Biacesa,

I have yet to mail-order seeds, but this is a company I plan to do that with...the few packets of seed which I'd purchased while in England (where seed or bulb prices can be outrageous) were modestly priced and definitely worth getting. The germination rate was high, and my herbs are now small gardens within themselves. I'd like to see what else these fine folks have to offer.

On Dec 13, 2003, Baa (30 reviews)

A nice collection of seeds. I've bought the occasional packet from a few shops which carry them and have had good germination results, the herb and flower packets have a good description on culture and a bit of history. I've recently ordered some veg seed from their site (which is easy to use, but don't expect pictures) the seeds arrived within a week. The seed packets don't contain the same level of information the flower and herbs did but still have good basic culture notes. The prices were good and while the packets aren't overfilled with seed (thank goodness), there is enough in each for an average vegetable garden and a bit more. The varieties are great for beginners and intermediates and there are some interesting types to choose from.

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