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On Feb 19, 2007, mburke0014 (1 reviews) from Lexington, KY

Very rude staff on the phone. I called and e-mailed this company for over 3 weeks attempting to get shipping quotes and a samples of the product. Every staff person that I spoke with was rushed, rude, and disrespectful! The staff also did not seem very knowledgeable of their products or helpful. After 3 weeks of attempting to get the quotes, I expressed my frustration with the lack of customer service and was told that they did not want or need my business. This person was named Yolanda Lopez and claimed to be the co-owner of the business. I am planning on purchasing several thousand dollars in bamboo and I would never give them my business.

On Oct 25, 2003, Happenstance (18 reviews) from Northern California, CA

Ordered a hard to find size of Expandable Bamboo Trellis by phone. Pleasant staff and quick delivery. One of the best additions to my garden this year, heavy items delivered to the door.

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