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On Oct 6, 2021, yamaNH (4 reviews) from Franklin, NH

Purchased 94 grapes quite late in 2020, my first attempt at a vineyard. By then, several of my choice varieties were sold out. Lesson learned, I'll get my order in earlier this year, because I most definitely will be a repeat customer. Plants arrived on time, first week of May, well packed, and looked awesome, nice buds, roots, except for 4 with "wonky" roots. Of these later, two got established quite well, maybe a tad runt-ish, two didn't make it. Claiming warranty on those two was seamless, friendly. They're now part of my order for 2022. The established plants look like serious grapevines. Four even gave me a small cluster of grapes, oh so flavorful! Actually, this also helped me decide on this coming year's order. Now, we'll see what happens with our first winter in NH... Were i to do anything different, I'd focus more on zone 4 plants. Technically we are 5a, but right next to 4b. Makes me nervous... The planting date, first week of May, was just right. Planting using a gas motor post hole digger (auger) worked, was done in one day. Oh, also, do buy the bamboo stakes together with your order, and your Mancozeb. Trying to get and set straight branches by myself for the first year was more work than it was worth, and ordering my fungicide at a later date added shipping expense. Also, be aware that the cost of top quality vines is much, much less than the expense of the trellis that you will need eventually. Then the deer fencing. So, don't skimp on your vines! Get the best, of which DoubleA has a great selection (I'm getting some Furmint from elsewhere, just because these are rare), establishing a vineyard will cost me about 5 times just the cost of the vines. Plus labor, and then tools like the auger, and my BCS tiller. It adds up! Yet, looking forward to enjoy the fruit of great plants, these seem like it!

On Apr 7, 2021, happyroots (4 reviews) from Averill Park, NY

I have had mixed results from their grapevine stock in the past. The problem I would run into was that the roots were dead, but the stem was alive. The plant would bud out and then die. They did send a replacement the following year, but that one did the same thing. Therefore, I lost two years and they will not replace the replacement. I have had luck with other grapevines from them besides those. This year the company is not the same. I tried to email them to ask questions regarding some grape vine varieties and they never answered back. Thus, I only ordered one plant this year. It arrived and it was the scrawniest grape vine plant I have ever received from any company. It also appeared that they had cut off a larger section of the plant and left me with a weakling sprig that may or may not have a bud on it. I sent an email to complain and they did respond. They said that they now cut off the best section to do me a favor so I don't need to do it myself. They also said that from now on all of their grape vine plants will be significantly smaller so they no longer will need to grade them. Hmmm? They even sent me pictures to show how much smaller their plants will be than in the past. I know what is happening. They are using our plants to take cuttings from to grow next year's plants. This will save them costs. And on that note, the cost for a sickly plant added to the shipping cost is simply too much to accept anymore. They said that if the plant does not grow to contact them by August so they can send me a replacement next year. Next year! I've gone that route before. After two years I might not ever have a grape vine of the variety I want because they are so small and straggly. I have heavy soil. I need vigorous plants with good roots AND good tops. I wish I knew what was happening before I ordered. (they said they sent me an email earlier in the year telling me that the vines would be scrawny, as per their new policy of cutting our tops off to reuse) If this plant does not make it I will order a replacement from another company. This company has gone downhill and are waaaay too expensive for the quality they are now shipping. I thought Chinese products were going bad; now its our own companies doing things like this to us. Why can't companies stick to doing things the right way!?

On Jul 23, 2020, Finnegan67 (1 reviews) from Fredonia, PA

I can't enough about this company. Probably the best mail order nursery I have ever dealt with. Last summer, I ordered 70 grape vines from them. They were shipped this spring and I received them within two days of their ship date. All vines looked very healthy with a great rootstock. I planted them in my new vineyard and all but three grew. I called about the three that did not grow and they will be sending replacements in the spring. No hassle at all. The customer service is exceptional and the people are very polite. I have also called with questions and never had any problem getting answers. It's a great company that I highly recommend.

On Mar 7, 2017, Express128 (21 reviews) from Mansfield, TX

Ordered a few varieties of grapevines in April of 2016, when received every vine had a great root system. Very pleased, Catherine was outstanding in assisting with the order. I will by from again.

On Jul 15, 2016, RobScot (3 reviews) from Evanston, IL

I ordered 25 Jupiter grapes from the company in spring. They came on time and in good condition. Its now mid to late summer and all plants have established themselves and are doing well. I highly recommend this company to anyone interested in grapes.

On Nov 28, 2015, deforestliz (9 reviews) from Sandy, UT

Posted on June 25, 2014, updated November 28, 2015 These people are wonderful. Another nursery failed to send me my order on time and I was calling last minute with a rush order. For a small charge they rushed me my plants. They are all thriving and were large and in wonderful condition. They arrived in less than a week from when I made my call. I got lower grade and cheaper grapes. Don't be fooled, these had huge root systems and grew like champs. I am thrilled with their vigor. They also all arrived completely dormant and were able to come out of dormancy after planting which is best. I have had trouble with some growers sending bare root stock out of dormancy and they never grow as well.

On November 28th, 2015, deforestliz added the following: Last year we had a terrible winter. It started off very cold, below freezing, January and February were int he 60's dry and sunny, then it got very cold again before spring and the real deal. None of the grapes came out of dormancy early and all thrived this year. I could not be happier as I lost quite a few plants when they came out of dormancy early. Especially in the tender first winter my poor plants were very stressed. I would definitely order from these guys again

On May 21, 2015, tammyfr (2 reviews) from Oswego, NY

I ordered 10 blueberry plants and 10 grapevines. All of the bushes and vines came neatly and professionally wrapped, with very clear and specific instructions on planting them. I will be ordering from double vines again next spring.

On May 22, 2014, milehighgirl (2 reviews) from Denver, CO

I ordered 12 grapevines and one blackberry on July 13th 2013. I received shipment notification on May 12, 2014 and my package on May 15th. I was astounded with the roots on my vines. I have never seen roots so abundant on any vines I have ever ordered before. My Joy (Joy (A-2494)-1-X Grade) had roots that were four feet long. Not all were that abundant, but all were superior. I actually look forward to being able to order from them again!

On May 23, 2013, BiffLundgren (8 reviews) from Midland, MI

Double A Vineyards was a great find for vines. They are very patient and very helpful for first time people like me. It took me quite a few years to find my mom's favorite grape the Beta and they had it. She was very pleased with the order it is still growing very well on her property. This year I started my own vineyard with 240 vines from Double A. My order came in very good shape with all the vines in great health. I recommend this company to anyone looking to start a vineyard with high quality vines.

On May 2, 2013, HersheyFarmer (3 reviews) from Elizabethtown, PA

After a very very bad deal with the folks at Dimeo Farms we were very happy with the service, feedback and responsiveness of Double A. Roots on the plants were great. Shipping was fair price and product looked great. I would highly recommend Double A.

On Apr 22, 2013, RobThomas (20 reviews) from Readyville, TN

Double A was the only online retailer that I could find selling all of the newest Arkansas grape varieties. The plants arrived in good condition and well packaged. The root systems were excellent. I've ordered and planted a lot of bare root plants, and these were probably the best roots I've seen. Good prices, good service, and great plants.

On Apr 5, 2013, drrw (1 reviews) from Ferron, UT

This was my first time ordering from Double A. I had to modify the order a couple of weeks after it was placed. The person I spoke with was very helpful and made the change, no problem. The grape vines arrived on the day their shipment notice specified, and were in great shape. Very well packed. Every vine had a HUGE root ball-- certainly top notch plants. I have been mail-ordering plants for over thirty years, and the service and product provided by Double A was as good as I've ever seen.

On Apr 3, 2013, oosa (5 reviews) from Northbrook, IL (Zone 5a)

These are the best quality bare-root plants I've ever received from a mail order source. I was expecting little twigs for the price I paid. They sent strong, well-rooted plants. I've ordered from half a dozen different sources over the years. I wish I knew about these guys sooner. Their name maybe a bit misleading - they grow more than just "vines". I ordered elderberries, blueberries, raspberries.

On Mar 10, 2013, CherryMN (3 reviews) from Anoka, MN

My experience in winter/spring 2012. A great place to do business with! I am pretty nitpicky on commerce websites, but I happen to really like their site's layout and operation, especially filtering by zone (important here in zone 4 MN, where we can't enjoy all varieties). Ordering was easy and secure. My plants arrived just when I had requested. I ordered grapes: one each of Marechal Foch, Catawba, Espirit, St. Pepin, and two Vanessa. Despite the once-in-a-lifetime early spring we had, I was still lazy and hadn't gotten all the holes dug. The grapes were in the fridge for 1.5 days. All I can say is that their root systems were tremendous. If you think your hole is big enough, keep digging. Despite the extended fridge stay, the grapes were fine. The vines spent the rest of the summer growing to beat the band. A few small clusters showed up on the Marechal Foch, but did not mature. The grapes went into winter looking very healthy. If you consider that the prices they have are already competitive, and then include the tremendous quality of plants, Double A is my go-to grape source.

On Apr 9, 2012, hoosierbananna (5 reviews) from Indianapolis, IN

Very good company to do business with. Kudos, Double A. Great service and nice rootstocks. Wish that I had a larger lot than my small downtown yard as my garden fantasy is to grow Chardonel and make my own wine. Still, going to have fun watching my seedless table varities grow: Mars, Marquis and Reliance.

On Feb 13, 2012, Wolfcastle (12 reviews) from West Lafayette, IN (Zone 5b)

I received an order of 50 grapevines from them in the spring of 2011, and every single one of the vines sprouted and grew well despite my sub-par gardening abilities. Although Double A does accept small orders, the price break for ordering 50 vines or more is pretty dramatic. For example, 10 of their price type A vines would cost $65, while an order of 50 of those vines would be just $67.50 (Not a typo, just $2.50 for an additional forty vines). From what I recall, the all of vines were well packed in damp shredded newspaper, and most had pretty substantial root systems. If I was going to order grapevines again, I would definitely order from them again.

On Apr 15, 2011, greenman115 (6 reviews) from Ringtown, PA

I ordered six different vines, all arrived exactly when they were supposed to and in great condition - probably the largest roots of any grape vine stock I have received before! Prices are very good and communication was prompt. I would definately order from again.

On Jul 12, 2010, goosecreekfarms (6 reviews) from Bellevue, MI

I ordered 85 vines, mostly seedless table varieties for Michigan. All of the vines arrived as promised, in excellent condition with excellent roots. We planted everything immediately within a day of receipt. After about 7 weeks of growing, 100% of my vines have shown tremendous growth with 80% of my 1 year vines extending above 60" of Blue-X vine sheilds. Double A recommended using the Blue-X vine sheilds, which worked very well. The Double A staff have been very timely and helpfull with all of my after the fact questions. Very good people to work with. I am writing this to recommend everyone to do business with these folks. I will make additional purchases with Double A in the future.

On Apr 7, 2009, adalm (4 reviews) from Madison, OH

Double A vineyards is the best place to buy grapevines. I also have bought blueberries,rasberries and currants all are in excellent condition and all live. Very happy with this company

On Mar 24, 2009, grv (1 reviews) from Richards, MO

Let me tell you this story: So I started growing fruits little by little in the backyard over the span of 5 years using local nurseries as my supplier. Then one day I decided to begin a vineyard. Being efficient as possible I chose only vineyard nurseries in the state. Many people told me to go to this nusery and that nursery that were all in the same state. On top of that I purchased 1 year old, 2 year old, and cutting vines. None of these really mattered, because after 2 years I had absolutely nothing really growing. Then I decided to look in the more successful growing regions. New York has similar climate to our own, and I found Double A Vineyards. I was going to make an order for 13000 vines but decided to look at their operation before going ahead with the purchase. So off to Fredonia I went. The owners politely took time to show me their nursery, storage facility, and a couple of hours of chatting. This had to be one of my best trips and the fact that I got a chance to look at their process was excellent. The real test was how the vines appeared upon receipt. Well first of all the roots were 20"-24" long, vines were still moist, and had so many potential trunks to choose from. Of course I pruned the roots and excess laterals. So after the first season I had vines that developed a proper trunk and decent arms. By far I would definetly choose Double A vines over anyone. Keep in mind I bought French Hybrids, Native Varieties, as well as grafted hybrids from them. The freight may discourage you and you may say to yourself that "why would I buy vines from NY when I can buy them in my own state?", well that may be true but these people have the experience and the vines are worth every penny spent.

On Oct 10, 2008, blackcloud36 (1 reviews) from Mount Airy, NC (Zone 7a)

Ordered 10 grapes from this company spring 2008. Best looking plants I have ever seen with a huge root system. This is definately the company for graps.

On Jun 20, 2008, lezurk (8 reviews) from Toledo, IL

Over the last two year I have ordered about thirty grapevines and ten elderberries from this company. If you are considering buying grapevines look nowhere else. The quality of their stock is second to none, but order early to insure you get what you want because some varieties sell out quickly. I will be ordering again next year.

On May 7, 2008, glang (3 reviews) from (Zone 6a)

I ordered 60 grape vines consisting of 2 varieties of 30 each. They had good email communication and promptly provided me with a date that my order would ship without my having to ask. I also recieved a snailmail verification of this date as well. The order arrived when expected, inside a plastic bag with wet shredded newspaper all over the vines. All this was then in a big, strong box. I was able to leave them in the box in my basement overnight without having to do anything to them. The next day we soaked the roots in water for 6 hours and then planted half and heeled in the others for a few more days until we were able to plant the rest. They have been in the ground about a week and most have green leaves budding out now. I am very pleased and would recommend Double A to everyone.

On Apr 22, 2006, trikzter2000 (1 reviews) from McClure, IL (Zone 6b)

Ordered 30 grape plants from this company on Monday April 17. Plants arrived on Thursday April 20 in the am. As we are out in the country of Southern Illinois this was great shipping. Although originally wanted 3 varieties but as it is late in the ordering season could only get two varieties, which was understandable. Plants were in a plastic bag with wet shredded newspaper in a sturdy box. The grapes were still moist when arrived. All plants have excellent roots and the one variety (the early variety) is starting to bud. Planted them Thursday and Friday and they are looking wonderful.

On Mar 12, 2004, eyeckr (17 reviews) from Virginia Beach, VA (Zone 8a)

Good selection of vines and fruit trees. Affordable pricing and one of the only nurseries to offer the Balaton cherry tree I was looking for. They shipped my item in a nice sturdy box and it came in great shape. I expect the tree to do well.

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