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Tindara Orchids

Mailing Address:
30 Spofford Street
Georgetown, Massachusetts 01833-1319 (United States)

Phone: (978) 697-9746
Fax: (978) 352-6770

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Positive BrisbaneAnne
Brisbane, CA (Zone 10b)
(31 reviews)
April 7, 2015
I went to the Pacific Orchid Exhibition in Feb and was bitten by the bug. Bought a bunch of orchids at the show and next order of business was to find an orchid supplier for the new addiction. I decided to place my first order of the basic supplies with Tinder because of their price and customer service. Very positive experience. Tindara will be my go-to orchid supplier!
Positive tropicalnut777
Provo, UT (Zone 5a)
(1 review)
May 31, 2013
Posted on December 19, 2012, updated May 31, 2013
i want to add my raving praise and thanks to frank and those
at tindara orchids
i purchased a medium/large amorph titanum from them..not
a small price..
long story short..i did somethin ing in growing the plant..
i called and spoke to the most thoughtful,helpful person..frank..of tindara orchids..
we spoke for over 30 min..he was so accomodating..
thing is..i wanted to know what i did wrong,because i havent
given up growing this giant amorphophallus..
what does frank say.. well.. i want to make this going to send you another corm..
i told him..oh ..thats not why im calling..i just want to glean from you and know better how to grow this facinating plant.
nope..tindara is replacing the corm..
talk about a wonderful christmas present !!!!!!
i cant say enough good about tindara orchids..their plants,
their service,and the delightful people there !!
thanks thanks
On May 31st, 2013, tropicalnut777 added the following:

i want to add to my earlier post on tindara orchids..and there staff.and service..
there is none better! i guess its been a especially busy and demanding spring for amorph titanums..and frank and partner and there staff have made many titanum collectors very happy.
i got 2 new corms this a replacement as mentioned in earlier post..
frank has always been so helpful,answer my MANY questions,taken time just for me.. they are what excellence in service should always be about.. especially if you want repeat customers..
much thanks to all at tindara orchids !!!!
Positive sd915
York, SC (Zone 8a)
(7 reviews)
March 13, 2013
I bought a large amorphophallus titanum (the size of a slightly flatten basketball!) and it arrived in great shape, well-packed, with good care instructions. I struggled with it a little at first, growing it under a 1000 watt grow light with bottom heat in my partially-heated garage in zone 7b/8a. I sent them 2 e-mails which went unanswered, but based on all the other positives here I'm guessing the email problem must have been my fault. But I tried giving it more heat and that helped. So now, after building a large "incubator" made out of poly film in the garage, adding 2 75 watt bulbs for heat, and adding a small space heater at night, it's 6 feet tall (including pot) and putting out it's first leaf!
Positive pamelajane
Alpharetta, GA
(1 review)
January 12, 2012
Tindara's Orchid Supplies is a FIVE STAR Company. Great products, service and nice discounts. Very happy with them and their shipping is fast, usually within 24 hours. Will continue to do business with them for a long time. I am puzzled though....looks like a customer got Priority Mail Shipping and I'm guessing they got a shipping discount just like why did he give Tindara a "negative" rating???
Very strange. Keep up the good work Tindara Orchid Supplies!!!!
Positive sarah1968
Kenner, LA
(1 review)
January 10, 2012
Tindara Orchid Supplies always looks out for their customers. They shipped my order by US Post Office-Priority Mail rather than UPS and I received my order in two days rather than four days, plus a got a $5.00 refund. Nothing wrong with that!!! A very, very happy customer. Thank you for being so considerate.
Negative byrdwe
Melrose Park, FL
(1 review)
January 9, 2012
This company charges for one carrier and then ship's via another.

I call to discuss this with the company and they have no telephone number for customer service; only for ordering.

Below is the order information showing UPS and the shipment information showing USPS.

----------------------------Order Information--------------------------

Thank you for your order with Tindara's Orchid & Gardening Supplies. Below are your order details.

Order Number: 2210-0878-1081
Order Date: 2012-01-08 15:01:59

Purchase Billing Method: Credit Card

Name on Card: Wayne Byrd
CC Type: mastercard

First Name: Wayne
Last Name: Byrd
Address 1: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Address 2:
City: Fort xxxxxxxxxxxxx
State: xx
Postal Code: xxxxx
Country: US
Phone Number: xxxxxxxxxxxxx

First Name: Wayne
Last Name: Byrd
Address 1: xxxxxxxxxxxx
Address 2:
City: xxxxxxxxxxxxx
State: xx
Postal Code: xxxxx
Country: US
Phone Number: xxxxxxxxxxxxx

Shipping Method: UPS Ground [33312]
Shipping Weight: 3.00

------------------------Shipping Confirmation----------------------------


Just a short note to say thank you for your order. We appreciate your business.

Your order will be shipped to you on 01/09/2012 via U.S. Postal Service Priority Mail to the following address:


You should receive your order within 2-3 business days.

The package's Delivery Confirmation ID is

To check the delivery status of your package at any time please
[[email protected]]
or the U.S. Postal Service's web-site:

Have a great growing season.

Company representative comment on January 9, 2012:
On Jan 9, 2012 6:01 PM, Tindara Orchids responded with:

What Mr. Byrd failed to mention is that we offered him a full refund. We also asked him how we could make this issue better. No response. We also pointed out to Mr. Byrd that the link "Ordering Info" that appears on every page of our website states this.....

"Note: We reserve the right to adjust your selected shipping method if we feel your order will arrive faster or more efficiently via another method. For example: UPS does not pick up or deliver on weekends. The US Postal Service allows us to ship on weekends. Thus, if we know an order is time-dependent, we may use Priority Mail. Our intent is for your order to arrive as fast as possible. Also, if there is a significant difference in shipping costs due to us changing shipping methods you will receive a refund."

Unfortunately, Mr. Byrd rushed to give us a negative rating without understanding the facts that we were trying to ship the order in his best interest.

We repect his opinion and hope you respect ours.

Sincerely, Frank Ricci
Tindara Customer Service

Positive deereyebrow
Black Hawk, SD
(10 reviews)
July 23, 2010
Very fast and dependable services. Great products always arrive in good shape. The first time when I ordered from them I needed some potting mix very urgently, but I forgot the coming week were holidays and my order would not be shipped very soon. I emailed them immediately explaining my problems. They responded very quickly and shipped my order the very next day. I received the potting mix just in time for my orchids that also arrived through mail the same week. It was a great experience with them! Thank you!!!
Positive sandyflower3
Avon Lake, OH
(1 review)
April 10, 2007
I just want to express my opinion that I think Tindara Orchids is a great company to do business with. Extremely pleased with their delivery and service. Never had a problem.
What troubles me are the comments from DaylilySLP. Seems like a lot of hate and resentment expressed. Everyone makes mistakes, but why are you determined to ruin someoneís reputation?? Just a suggestion, email Tindara and tell them youíre not happy. My guess is that you will get free products, a shipping refund or both. Give it a try. Maybe you already did. Letís not make this get blown way out of proportion. Iím a longtime customer and will not change my opinion of Tindara Orchids. Theyíre a really good company. DaylilySLP, you seem to be on a mission to destroy this company. I think itís time to stop. Send Tindara Orchids an email and let them know how you feel.
Positive francisco7
(1 review)
April 6, 2007
Wow! An uncalled for negative review. Impossible. Tindara Orchids is one of the most consumer/Internet friendly companies I have ever purchased from. For those of you who know this company, they really care about their customers. Just look at the way they prepare each package. Never had a bad experience with them. Tindara Orchids is a down-to Earth, no hype, honest company. I even received shipping rebates from them. They go out of their way to make customers happy. I read the negative review and it made me place another order with Tindara. DaylilySLP should read their ďorder & shipping information.Ē It does say it may take sometimes up to seven days to get an order out. Also, I believe that during the time frame DaylilySLP was talking about, there was 3-4 days of very bad weather-snow and ice storms in Massachusetts. Power and phone lines were down. Be careful and get your facts straight before you give any company a negative rating.
Positive debraev345
San Rafael, CA
(1 review)
April 6, 2007
Iíve been purchasing orchid supplies from Tindara Orchids for 4 years. I felt compelled to express my opinion because I saw a negative rating. All I can say is Tindara Orchids has great pricing, customer service and shipping. Never had a problem. One of the things I like best about them is they always include free products with my order. I love the surprise. One of the better orchid supply companies out there. Highly recommended!
Positive maryanne7184
Yorkville, IL
(1 review)
April 6, 2007
I live in Michigan and I would never expect delivery from any internet company to be 2-3 days using general UPS shipping options. Tindara Orchids is a wonderful company. I called Tindara because my son was doing a hydroponics projects for school. It was last minute and he needed these supplies in a hurry. Tindara shipped the supplies, about $50 in supplies, via Express Mail. I got the items the next day. I just made a friendly call. No other orchid supply or garden supply company would do this for me. To my surprise, they did not charge me for shipping and they told me they support kids doing gardening projects for school. Even better, the whole order was FREE. No charge. This is what distinguishes a really good company from all the rest. Tindara Orchids will always have my support. A real consumer friendly company.
Positive DaylilySLP
Dearborn Heights, MI (Zone 6a)
(5 reviews)
April 4, 2007
I ordered from Tindra Orchids on March 20, 2007. I got a order confirmation email right away, but no info on when I would receive my order.
I waited 10 days, then sent an email on 3-30. I wanted to know what was taking so long and when my order was being shipped. It was the weekend, so first thing Monday morning I got an email that my order had been shipped, and would be delivered in 2 days!
My problem is...I should of had my order 2-3 days after I ordered it. MA. is not far in UPS terms from Michigan.
If my order for some reason was not going to be shipped right away, I would of appreciated an email.
I order a lot online and have never been ignored until I complained about an order very often.
On the bright side, I ordered a bunch of Orchid mix, so I can finally repot my orchids. The mix looks great and everything else too.
On April 5th, 2007, DaylilySLP added the following:

I forgot to add that I had NO plants, all dry goods. SO weather was not a factor.
On April 10th, 2007, DaylilySLP added the following:

I have a right to give a "negative" rating, and my "facts are straight." I read the "shipping info."
My experience was NEGATIVE.
I am not a liar and my experience was not "impossible."
If weather was a factor, I should of gotten an email.
All I got was a confirmation of Shipping AFTER I complained.
If there was some sort of "weather" problems, Tindra should of taken the time to send a personal email explaining the delay, even after the fact.
Then I would of never gave a negative rating.
I never got anything. I waited the 7 DAYS, and gave them 3 more days before complaining. My order never even shipped UNTIL I complained. 13 days to shipping, not 7.
I have been ordering online for 10 years from all sorts of places and UPS delivers in 2-3 days max from the East Coast.
Please read my post better...My order shipped on April 2 and was deliverd April 4. 2 DAYS!
I did NOT get a "free" item, as one commented.
Just becasue all of you have always had good luck with them, don't jump on me for telling the truth.

On April 10th, 2007, DaylilySLP added the following:

TO sandyflower3
I am not on "a mission" to ruin Tindara's Reputation.
All I did was report my NEGATIVE experience.
I got upset because I was jumped on like I am a liar.
I welcome the POSITIVE experiences, but for a few of the comments to be personal to ME, is not called for.
Any "comments" objecting to my experience like one wrote was UNACCEPTABLE.
< An uncalled for negative review. Impossible.>

My mission is to put the word out that the above comments are rude and have no place here. There is NO excuse for hostile, personal comments from someone I don't even know.
ANYONE here has a right to post their experience with a company without being insulted.
If someone leaves a negative review and you object, leave a post
that gives your positive experiences.
Personal attacks are childish.

debraev345 was the only member that responded appropriately.

On April 10th, 2007, DaylilySLP added the following:

Oh, I forgot....I also was told I need to
On April 10th, 2007, DaylilySLP added the following:

I am done here. Please don't ruin this Garden Warchdog by intimidating people who have negative reports.

On April 23rd, 2007, DaylilySLP changed the rating from negative to positive and added the following:

I sent Tindara Orchids a short email to check out this page.
Figured it would be easier than explaining all over again.
They sent me a long, apology, admitting they were wrong.
They weren't sure why and what happened, but they offered a free product, refund of shipping & 25% off my next order.
It was a very sincere email.
I have changed my rating to Positive.
Positive phaleonopsis
Lorain, OH
(1 review)
December 11, 2005
Ordered several times from Tindara--always great plants, and they are carefully packed. The owner really cares about customer service. A great place to deal with!
Positive frank3198
Georgetown, MA
(2 reviews)
January 15, 2004
Friendly service, fast delivery, very reasonable prices.
Responds quickly to emails. High quality orchids.

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