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Texas Hydroponics

Mailing Address:
5606 Burnet Rd
Austin, Texas 78756 (United States)

Phone: 1-866-254-9376

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  Company Comment, posted on March 30, 2010:  
To Whom It May Concern,

I am the owner of Texas Hydroponics, Tom. I can be reached at [email protected] for true feedback, questions, or comments. We take your patronage in our stores and websites very seriously, and do everything we can to make your experience at any Texas Hydro facility a positive one. Unfortunately, there will always be those that feel we are out to get them... this is not the case, but it happens when you get to be this big and dominant in your industry. We DO respect opinions, ...even the haters, and as posted in a comment below there is no shortage in supply. We deal with thousands of orders a week, and are grateful to our loyal customer base whom have chosen to make Tx Hydro the #1 hydro shop ANYWHERE. Our prices, selection, and helpful staff cannot be matched.


Texas Hydroponics - North Austin
5605 Burnet Road
Austin, TX 78756
***This is our NEW 8,000 sq ft superstore!!! Address listed wrong above.

Texas Hydroponics - South Austin
2125-A Goodrich Ave
Austin, TX 78704

Texas Hydroponics - Dallas
2606 Manana Dr.
Dallas, TX 75220
***18,000 sq. ft. SUPERSTORE!!!

Texas Hydroponics - Houston
2420 Rusk St.
Houston, Tx 77003
***12,000 sq ft SUPERSTORE!!!
(across from new soccer stadium)

For over 7 years we have built the most comprehensive chain of retail stores and website to meet the indoor gardening needs of our customers. We work hard to meet or exceed the expectations of our customers everyday. It is unfortunate that there are folks that use their spare time to defame our success on the internet and on chat-boards such as this. I have read the complaints from the "anonymous" users below and of course disagree with many of the negative comments. We DO match or BEAT any competitors price on ALIKE items (bring your printout to any store or send link to [email protected])


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Negative industryguy
Houston, TX
(1 review)
October 30, 2013
I've been in the Hydroponic industry for 8 years, I sell nutrients and hydro equip through a major distributor in the Southern region of the US, including to Tom and his Texas Hydro shops. To all who don't know, NO one wants to do business with him, so we don't. I'd rather not make the commission just so I don't have to deal with his drama queen bull shit sets of lies. He doesn't pay his bills, he gets caught in his own lies all the time and he talks shit about everyone...customers and other hydro shops. Find one industry rep out there that says Tom isn't the biggest duche bag in the business and I'll explain how he's involved in Toms scam. Tom is a bottom feeder and a stain on our industry and I will be part of the standing ovation when it all falls down. He'll get what he has coming, no doubt. Karma's a bitch.

Don't give criminal clowns your money, stay away from Texas Hydroponics.
Positive Daddyrock
San Antonio, TX
(1 review)
June 2, 2011
I have now had several occasions to do business in the San Antonio store. The service and selection have been excellent. I would recommend this store without reservation.
Positive leisannp
San Antonio, TX
(3 reviews)
May 23, 2011
I have been to the Austin (north) store once and had a positive experience. They were very busy and since I had a lot of questions and wasn't sure what direction I was going, they ended up helping others and I ended up waiting a bit. I don't have a problem with that.

I frequently go to the San Antonio store and have also had a positive experience. While they don't know everything (and neither do I) they are more than willing to try to help me figure out what I'm doing and answer my incessant questions.
Negative allthumbs77
Austin, TX
(1 review)
April 8, 2011
Well word on the srteet is Tom is a lieing cheating asshole. Just go and find anyone who helped him start his store. Years ago there was this buzz about him, he managed to get a bunch of smart people, get them focused and it looked like he was going to be a very successful business. He has since chased away everyone who got this company off the ground and has managed to scare his remaining employees into being money gubbing dicks just like him. I was shocked to come back to Austin after spending a couple of years abroad to find out that all the people with the brains have been chased away and Tom stabbed them all in the back. A quick look at what they prefer to sell, at the South Austin store, showed that he prefers the high markup low quality crap.

Seems everyone I knew that used to shop here is now back at at Brite Ideas in south austin or going online. Sad to see a good thing could not last. Do yourself a favor and dont support the back stabber Tom.
Negative KO1
Austin, TX
(1 review)
February 5, 2011
Just from reading owners/managers responses I would not shop here. Anyone in the service industry who resorts to name calling, slander and foul innuendo are amateurs. Their response to dissatisfied customer “jmoski” is a grade school response. If they are that unprofessional in handling customers that don’t want to do business on their terms makes me wonder what their ethics are in other areas.
Positive drthor
Irving, TX (Zone 8a)
(8 reviews)
January 4, 2011
I am so happy I did discover the Dallas Store.
For the first time I entered a store and learn from the people working there. Everybody was so helpfull and I found amazing stuff.
I love going to shop there of any of my gardening needs.
Negative inspiredgiver
Dallas, TX
(1 review)
October 4, 2010
What a joke. They pose as customers and place there own positive comments?!?
Next, they have a wide range of products only because they are poor in quality. Some items they sell also are in the gray area it would seem. They sell cheaply made foreign products that look good at first , but don't last. The business area is congested and i have had several run in with bad characters in the area. The workers at as if they are too good or have a sense of entitlement attitude. I have been a customer in the past spending several thousands of dollars, but never again. The whole experience was bad.
Absolutely no customer service from the owner Tom even though I spoke with him in person. Lens and bulbs were broke in the case and he blame it on my poor transportation even though he was not there. I have been a long time customer and have always been honest. He has a attitude and got all in my face and i just left. He built his success on being the only store in Dallas for a while but that has all changed now. I have been to 5 smaller stores with everything I needed and expert advice and service.
Positive anneshaw21
Austin, TX
(1 review)
April 13, 2010
Today was my first visit to a hydroponics store. I had discovered a fascinating project that I believe would be great for kids at home or in the classroom. I found a plan to create a simple "window farm", and needed supplies and assistance with it. I took the plan with me to the store and received excellent, friendly assistance.

The two young men in the store listened attentively, showed me products, and then helped by suggesting another design that would be ever better - more sturdy. They also invited me to return for any additional assistance I may need as I began the project.

The plan was for a 3-bottle, window farm, and is located at

Hopefully I will be helping some elementary and older students create window farms, along with lessons on nutrition, science, and food preparation this summer.
Neutral gardzening
Dallas, TX
(1 review)
April 1, 2010
Posted on March 14, 2010, updated April 1, 2010
After shopping at Texas Hydro in Austin since 2002, I just thought I would give these guys a positive post. There are a lot of impossible to please people in the world, I know they try to please everyone possible when I'm in there. Good job guys, don't sweat these punks talking [email protected] Your loyal custy for life, Big Z

Note from the Garden Watchdog editors:

It is the policy of the Watchdog that companies may not pose as their own customer in order to leave feedback. This rating was submitted from the email address "[email protected]" The rating has been changed from positive to neutral so that it would not affect the overall rating given by customers.
On April 1st, 2010, gardzening added the following:

I'm sorry to inform you Editor/s, but nobody is "posing" as anything. I have been a customer of Tx Hydro's for almost eight years now. I was employed on a contract basis in 2004 after being a happy customer for years previous (hey, ...the employee discounts rock, what can I say?). My email is [email protected], yes, and I will make anyone out there a happy and loyal customer just as I have been.

Check out my work at // where we constantly update the pricing with the most competitive deals out in the industry!

B-Z White Rabbit
Negative Sergio88
(1 review)
March 18, 2010
I tried to make a big deal with these guys, over 4k...
It was the worst experience and the most time ive lost in NOTHING in all my experience of dealing with hydro stores, they dont match prices, they try to change them at the last minute, they dont have in stock what they say they do, they try to change your mind on what your buying, they talk dirt about other companies, saying they are the best and biggest (lies) and when they lose interest in ripping you off because they cant, they stop answering your emails and just say things like "im too busy for this right now."

Tom says he sees his customers as "brothers" well what a [deleted] family he must have then, because im not ever dealing with him again.
Negative Jmoski
West Des Moines, IA
(1 review)
March 13, 2010
I've been going to Texas Hydroponics for 4 years, and today
was the last time. Aside from the 30min drive and poor management.
This experience is not limited to Austin stores. I've been to the Dallas location three times with the similar experiences. It seems like a inconvienence when requsting help. I'm not asking fo uniforms and flare. I'd just like to see someone with a good attitude that wants to be helpful. I really felt bad after spending $600 on this trip alone.
In summary it's been awkward, uncomfortable, and unproffessional 4 years of repeat business.
Company representative comment on June 13, 2010:
On Jun 13, 2010 7:59 PM, Texas Hydroponics responded with:

"Jmoski", we clearly remember you, and could not be happier that you will not be returning. You are a beating, so have a good cry, and get over it! You don't come in my shop/s and demand that we are going to kiss your @ss and bow way. I do not expect my employees to be punished by unreasonable people. We have too many loyal customers that enjoy a mutually beneficial relationship to deal w/ this kind of [email protected], You are the typical non-social punk that goes home, makes a bogus profile, and hates on a company just trying to please as many legitimate folks as possible. You claim you have been returning time and time again... are you "unable to be pleased", or just not getting any from the old lady?

We love 99% of our customers, you sir, are in the 1% that can eat the hole out of my @ss.

I really don't like to stoop to your level, but there are many folks that just want to whine about b.s. when they don't get their way.
So lick it you whiny little punk!

Positive tomatofarmer
(1 review)
October 3, 2009
I am a first time gardener. The folks here have helped me be very successful in a short amount of time. They have offered me discounts, and matched other retailers prices (even online wholesalers). I have never felt that I was being "upsold". I won't shop anywhere else!
Positive skunkymunky
Corpus Christi, TX
(1 review)
July 5, 2009
Been ordering online from this company for the past five years. Couldn't be any happier with the service, selection, and consistent ability to fill my order 100% When I order 10 products, I get 10 products... (and usually some samples) This is not usual in the hydro industry as many little shops try to put on a big front online and list tons of products they don't really stock. (o yeah, the prices are great too, and they will match ANYONE with like items!). I lived in Austin back when they first started in a shack and agree that some of the online pricing was not consistent with in store pricing in years past. This is the case with ALL online hydroponics retailers I have seen. Now they run the biggest hydro operation in the country and manufacture lighting, controllers, etc. There is a reason they have grown so huge with such a loyal customer base.

The following is copied directly from one of the well known online stores BGHydro.... "Why Does BGH Charge More For Some Products In The Retail Store Than What’s Published On The Website?"

"First of all, let us start by saying that we do not charge more in the retail store, we charge less on the website. There are many reasons why things have turned out this way. Shortly after starting the website, we realized that there were many “online-only” stores that were offering heavy discounts on equipment. Basically, we are competing with guys who are sitting in their garage in their boxer shorts in front of their computer taking orders and having the items drop-shipped from their vendors. They are able to sell products at the prices they do because many of them pay no rent on a building, no utilities, no labor for trained, experienced sales and customer service people, etc. So, after spending large sums of money and time designing our website, we realized that we were not going to be able to sell enough products without at least matching what our “competitors” were charging."

Competing in a "brick n' mortar" store is much more labor/overhead intense (I know this as I own a computer parts company with a online and retail front). Since then, I have noticed Texas Hydroponics is sharing the same database and you can find pricing to be identical in both online and in all the stores (2 in Austin, Dallas, Houston). So no need to be worried you will have a significantly higher bill when you walk in the doors. To be honest, I find it much cheaper to interact directly in the store as you can get volume discounts (if you mind your manners and spend a few bucks).

I wrote this after reading the previous posts. These guys run a stand-up business and should be applauded. Way to go Tx Hydro! Your loyal customer forever!

Skunky Munky

Negative ripped_me_off
Liverpool, TX
(1 review)
October 21, 2008
These guys are ripp-offs they took all of my money and sent part of my order. I spent phone call after phone call with these guys, who in my opinion are con men. Now, they tell me that they can't do anything about it - won't give the product - won't give me my money back. Well over $100 they defrauded me out of. In my opnion, if you do business with these people you are just begging to get ripped off! Not only would I not recommend these guys but in my opinion they should be investigated by the authorities.
Negative hydroooo
Tulsa, OK
(1 review)
May 15, 2007
Never deal with this company again. They change the order and add surcharges without notice. Telling me certain items to be out of stock, while selling the exact same item on ebay auction for higher price.

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