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Sooner Plant Farm is an Online Retail Plant Company specializing in growing
and shipping Landscape quality plants and trees. We value every customer
and take extreme pride in the plants we grow and our customer service. Our
main goal is to provide every customer with plants and service that they
will be glad to tell their family and friends about. We want you to be
pleasantly surprised with your online plant purchase from us, so we go the
extra mile in shipping large, healthy, and well packaged plant material.

Sooner Plant Farm is an actual nursery established in 1996 and we grow most
of the plant material we sell. We do purchase some selected and exclusive
items from the finest nurseries in the country, so rest assured you are
getting the very best the industry has to offer.

Our product line includes over 1500 popular and TOP RATED landscape and
garden plants. From 100 different Ornamental Grasses to over 250 Flowering
Perennials, 250 Shade and Flowering Tree varieties, 400 Evergreen &
Flowering Shrubs, and almost 60 Japanese Maple Trees ( The World's most
admired tree)! Fruit Trees and small fruit, and hundreds of Rose varieties.

Every plant we sell is shipped in the growing pot, (no bare roots here).
Potted plant material is always the best way to go if you want great
livability, fast establishment and fast growth.

We appreciate all the positive comments from our past customers and hope we
can earn your plant business and positive comments.

Thank You & Good Growing

Brian Chojnacki


posted on November 8, 2004



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On May 6, 2021, redfisch (1 reviews) from Beachwood, OH

Large order from Sooner Plant Farm arrived in GREAT shape. Plants are extremely well packed, healthy and ready to plant. One or two were slightly wilted, but that can be explained by FedEx delaying the delivery by a day. In any event, they perked right up after some water and a rest in the shade. I love Sooner. Iíve been a customer for three years, and I expect excellence and get it. Sooner will work with you to get just the rights plants for your situation, will accommodate additions and deletions to an order and will love to hear from you about your plants and what luck (or not!) youíve had in your garden. These folks are very fine indeed!!

On Apr 24, 2021, WOSA (1 reviews) from Newfield, NJ

Good†morning: I received the shrubbery from your farm. Out of the hundreds or so plants†I received through the past years, your shipment was by far superior.† †The shrub was full of leaves, none fell off in shipment!† †The growth of the plant was excellant.† †The shipping box was a cargo container is sheep's clothing!† † The sealing† around the pot and moisture preserving techniques you use, are top notch. And...You don't just shove a plant into a pot, you grow it so the roots ARE NOT balled up to the edges. Thank You for a high quality product.!

On Apr 23, 2021, Jeanneo (1 reviews) from Jacksonville, AR

I ordered a shrub and it came the following week. It was in excellent condition and so very carefully packaged that not even a leaf was bent! I was astonished! I love plants and have ordered from several companies, but never before had one arrive in such perfect condition.

On Apr 17, 2021, desmidlady (2 reviews) from Buena Vista, VA

We just received our first order from Sooner Plant Farm. Sooner had to make several changes in our order due to the unprecidented mid-March freeze that killed some of the plant stock we wanted. Their customer service representatives worked with us to find a good replacement and were able to ship our entire order on time. The plants arrived in excellent condition and are already starting to flower in our garden. I can't wait to put together my next order from Sooner!

On Apr 15, 2021, bulbmeister (3 reviews) from Gravette, AR (Zone 6b)

I don't care what their so-called 30-day warranty states, but for a premium price, I expect them to honor a request to replace a tree that was sent in the autumn and did not survive the winter. I won't be wasting my money on this nursery anymore. So much for supporting a nursery in my region.

On Apr 11, 2021, bdshannon (1 reviews) from Levittown, NY

I was looking for a Japanese Stewartia and my local upscale plant nursery on Long island wanted $340 for a 5 to 6 foot specimen. I was torn as I'm older and would have purchased it but I decided to check online as I've had luck with different online nurseries in the past. I found Sooner Plant Farm and was connected the the Yard Manager. He took a few pics of his Stewartias in the yard and sent to me and they were beautiful. They were 3 to 4 feet and very lush and healthy. The Stewartia was a third of the price I was going to pay at my local nursery. I quickly ordered on a Tuesday afternoon and the box showed up at my doorstep mid-day Friday. Honestly, I get transit damage and all but not one leaf was out of place on this beautiful specimen! based on the quality of the Stewartia that I received and the pleasant " and here to serve" attitude displayed by the Yard Manager and the person who took my order I give this company a ten out of ten!! I'll be sure to come back and order more things from them!!!!

On Apr 9, 2021, phugo (1 reviews) from Burke, VA

I have difficulty in searching the uncommon FRAGRANT SNOWBELL (STYRAX OBASSIA) and could only find it available at Sooner Plant Farm. I placed the order in March and received in April due to weather condition in Virginia. The tree arrived well preserved and I have to say that the packing quality is beyond expectation. I was very happy and satisfied with the product: a solid tree with strong thick base trunk and well formed branches with quite a number of flower buds. To be honest, this is the best experience I ever have during 60+ online plants purchase in last 10 months.

On Mar 15, 2021, Cyanne (5 reviews) from Ellicott City, MD

It almost seems redundant to leave a review on top of the thousands of positive ones, but for the record, my experience was great. I bought a native red mulberry and planted it after it had acclimated for a week on the porch. It has been going strong for around a year, has doubled in height and is green all over. We planted it in the spring and it grew like crazy. It's clearly developed lovely roots and overwintered just fine. I hope to get all my trees from them going forward.

On Feb 15, 2021, Jojomckee (1 reviews) from Williamsburg, VA

I have ordered at least six times from Soonerplantfarm.com and have never been disappointed. The company is consistent with providing high quality, healthy, beautiful trees, shrubs, and plants! Each time Iím taking back how the company can send such great looking items through UPS, the packaging is with evident care. I cannot say enough about soonerplantfarm; Iíve tried ordering from others, and no other online nursery have even come close to the quality. Iíve provided this review solely on my own. I love nature, planting in spring, and I understand the disappointment of investing money to be disappointed with online ordering. To SPF, please continue with your high standards of service, and thank you!!

On Dec 11, 2020, rclick (1 reviews) from Burnet, TX

I ordered a Coral Bark Beni Kawa Japanese Maple tree from Sooner in May of 2020. The ordering process was easy. A Sooner team member called me to discuss the specific selection, by which I was surprised and grateful. The tree arrived on time and packaged safely. Planting instructions were clear. It's a healthy, sweet little tree. It's now December, and the fall color has been absolutely STUNNING. Wish I could attach a photo to dazzle you! :0)

On Nov 2, 2020, Starruffian (1 reviews) from Falmouth, MA (Zone 7a)

Excellent service. The plant quality was outstanding. Couldn't be happier. Highly highly recommend!

On Oct 19, 2020, PNH (1 reviews) from Rochester, NY

I purchased a hydrangea from Sooner Plant farms for my mother's birthday. It was to ship on Wednesday, by Friday I hadn't received the shipping notice so I emailed them. The plant arrived the next day. Very happy it was cleared up so quickly.

On Oct 3, 2020, CindyCFG (1 reviews) from Newport News, VA

I recently made a purchase from the Sooner Plant Farm, what a fantastic experience. From ordering to receiving wonderfully packed plants. The plants were securely packaged and arrived in great condition. There was a very informative planting guide and fertilizer included in the box. The plants are planted and doing well in their new home! I will continue to be a Sooner shopper!

On Oct 2, 2020, kathleengarden (1 reviews) from Needham, MA

I have purchased many shrubs and plants from Sooner.I can't say how very much this garden center has made my garden shine.Always superb service and their selection is excellent.

On Oct 1, 2020, davispk (1 reviews) from Glastonbury, CT

Like alot of the reviews, I was looking for something very specific, Parkland Pillar Birches, and couldn't find anything locally. Looking online I found them right away at Sooner Plant Farm. I wasnít sure what to expect getting 5 trees delivered all the way from Oklahoma to Connecticut. I didn't know what kind of condition they would arrive in or whether they would just be tiny saplings of trees. But I took a chance and placed an order. Their customer service team responded right away and we confirmed a shipping date. When they arrived I was very impressed. The trees showed up in three boxes that FedEx laid down in my driveway. When I opened them up, the trees came right out of the box and looked like I had just picked them up at a local nursery. They were all ~4' tall and fully leafed out, ready to be planted. Sooner Plant Farm's customer service, responsiveness, and quality were great. I will definitely be back to order more plants in the future.

On Sep 29, 2020, mskasik (2 reviews) from New Braunfels, TX

Posted on September 29, 2020, updated September 29, 2020 I ordered a Purple Fog Smoke Tree from Sooner Plant Farm. The tree exceeded my expectations as a Texas Master Gardener. The tree was well branched, fully rooted and packed in a tough box so it arrived just like I had picked it up from the nursery. I will definitely order from Sooner again and will tell all my gardening buddies about Sooner. Definitely a 5 star company! mskasik Texas Master Gardener Texas Master Naturalist

On September 29th, 2020, mskasik added the following: The plant was a Velvet Fog Smoke Bush. I ordered it because the size was smaller than the smoke trees and it fit nicely into the space I have next to the front walk.

On Sep 25, 2020, ellebouton (1 reviews) from Havensville, KS

I ordered 4 goldflame spirea bushes. They arrived within 2 days and they are absolutely perfect and beautiful. Such a difference from the other online nursery I've used. And better than most of our local garden centers.

On Sep 24, 2020, tbirdblues (1 reviews) from Sherman, CT

We searched for a unique tree and could only find it available bare root until we found it at Sooner Plant Farm online. We ordered, they set and confirmed a shipping date that would work with our plans and the tree arrived extreamly well packed to protect it during shipment. The tree arrived in excellent condition and was a quality plant. What impressed us the most was that as only a 5 gallon tree was not just a whip, a thin lightly branched tree. The tree that arrived had a 3/4 to 1" trunk, was well branched and looked like a tree that you would pick yourself. Planted it following their directions and after 10 days in the ground the tree has always looked like it was never transplanted. Will order from again - they really have a nice selection and I now know them well enough to trust the quality of their plants.

On Sep 14, 2020, MAE7713 (1 reviews) from Hockessin, DE

Recently I was looking to purchase 5 Catoneaster Little Dipper plants and none of my local garden centers had any, so I looked online. I found exactly what I was looking for, in the size I wanted, at a reasonable price and with a guarantee at soonerplantfarm.com. Although I was skeptical about purchasing live plants online and having them survive a cross country shipment, I thought I would try it. Sooner Plant Farm shipped my purchase promptly via FedEx and the plants arrived in a few days, extremely well-packaged and in excellent condition! They exceeded my expectations and I will definitely order from them again. I shared a photo of my new plants with my horticulture major daughter and she was impressed with my experience, said she would use them for a future purchase as well! I wholeheartedly recommend them.

On Sep 11, 2020, fewacre (1 reviews) from Livonia, NY

I have been searching for a Sassafras Tree to add to our property but never could locate a reputable source until I found Sooner Plant Farm. The tree arrived today in excellent condition because it was so very well packed. It was especially helpful to receive specific directions for planting as well as fertilizer packets. Sooner Plant Farm has obviously gone the extra mile to insure that their plants arrive in good condition and transplant successfully!

On Aug 28, 2020, pegken (1 reviews) from Sturgeon Bay, WI

Received my tree peony this week and although the plant was without any leaves it was a well developed, strong and healthy looking peony. A stark difference in quality in comparison to the other peonies I have received from other nurseries. Highly recommended for all your gardening needs!!

On Aug 22, 2020, TonyaSue (3 reviews) from Owensville, MO (Zone 5b)

First time ordering from Sooner and I am very pleased with the plants. They were packaged very well. Some plants had the water gel globules on top of them to keep them hydrated. All were wrapped in plastic well enough to keep the water in. An added bonus - Sooner gave a little package of fertilizer to add to the ground for each plant. I have never seen a company do that but I really appreciate that they want the plants to do well. The day they were going to ship they called me about a couple of the Hyssop plants I had ordered and said they were spindly and looking not too healthy. So I substituted with a couple of other Hyssop - just different colors. But his call was friendly and courteous and gave me the option to just cancel the two that were bad or replace. I wish I had ordered from Sooner before. The plants are the perfect size. They are not quite a gallon, but they also are not small. Plants I have ordered from other places were small and sometimes didn't make it. These are more established plants and as long as you put them in the ground right away, they have an excellent chance of making it. Thank you Sooner!

On Jul 20, 2020, bseward (13 reviews) from Kilmarnock, VA (Zone 7a)

First time ordering from Sooner Plant Farm and was very pleased with the packaging and health of the plants. Definitely they will be my first choice when I'm ready to order any more plants.

On Jul 18, 2020, Penkota (2 reviews) from Williston, ND

The plants I ordered arrived great!! The packing they do is unbelievable. The plants they send are #1, you won't be disappointed if you order from them. They just don't make a sale, they want the customers to be happy and satisfied. They did a special order for me because I wanted something bigger then want they had. They keep me informed about my order, great customer relationship and well satisfied with the awesome plants I receive.

On Jun 22, 2020, LadyTess57 (1 reviews) from Arlington, OH

I had a very large order this year 2020. I bought 2 Beautyberry bushes 10 Sweetspire 2 Viburnum 2 Hollyberries and 2 Butterfly bushes(Pugster) 10 Amsonia Every shrub was healthy large and ready to bloom. The Amsonia was sold out and Sooner called me informing me they could send part of my order and the rest later. I suggested they wait and send it this fall. They just today 6/22/20 called to ask if I wanted my plants as they were ready to ship. The customer service is outstanding, the plants are healthy and large and the packaging is top notch! You just can't go wrong ordering from this company. Despite the covid lock down Sooner came through with flying colors. They have me as a future customer.

On Jun 22, 2020, FicusBanyan (1 reviews) from Brooklyn, NY

One of the best, if not THE BEST plant buying experiences I've had in 23 yrs of home gardening. Sooner helped me every step of the way from having to order over the phone because my browser wouldn't load their web page, to having the lowest price for my Vanilla Twist weeping redbud. This lovely tree arrived very healthy, packaged so well that there wasn't a grain of soil in the box. It was about 6 feet tall with full branching and leaves and has been in the ground for 3 days now and has not wilted at all. FedEx tracking was sent regularly including delivery window on the time it would arrive. They sincerely deliver on their promise of 100% satisfaction and in these difficult times I believe gardening can help bring beauty and healing to our world. Thank you Sooner Plant Farm!

On Jun 20, 2020, Beth_R (1 reviews)

A beautiful mature specimen of "Inaba Shidare" (dwarf red lacewing Japanese Maple) arrived in perfect condition, artfully shaped. My first online tree purchase. Sooner Plant Farm answered all my questions and concerns about shopping online, and I am more than satisfied with my purchase and Sooner Plant Farm's performance. I will not hesitate to shop with them again.

On Jun 19, 2020, ske18 (2 reviews) from Wenham, MA

In this difficult 2020 season, Sooner Plant Farm far exceeded my expectations. I am a new customer this year and felt as warmly welcomed as a long-standing customer would be. Colin McInnes was friendly, helpful and knowledgeable. The plants arrived on time, perfectly packed and in great condition. This is not always the case with mail order plants and is especially remarkable this year. Looking forward to future orders with Sooner Plant Farm !

On Jun 17, 2020, gardancer (1 reviews) from Troy, MI

I looked for Great Star Hydrangea for several years and Sooner Plant Farm had it. There was a glitch with payment but I had a response to an email within a few hours and instructions what to do. Once that was completed on Monday, the hydrangea was shipped and arrived safely on Thursday and wonderfully packed. It is now planted and dong well.

On Jun 15, 2020, tevers (1 reviews) from Rolla, MO

I've learned 2 things about buying plants and having them survive. The plants should be large enough to be well established in their pots, and they need to be in good condition. I learned this the hard way when buying small plants online to save money and found out they don't always survive. I was looking for plants I was having a difficult time finding, and I found Sooner Plant Farm had the 11 Queen of Hearts Brunnera I was looking for. They were in their ECO 1 gallon which is a good sized plant. The plants arrived and were packed with great care. The shipping department does an amazing job and the plants were in perfect condition. I was amazed at how well the plants were packed. I can say the following about Sooner Plant Farm: 1. They have great selection of plants including hard to find plants. 2. They sell plants large enough that they will look good right away in your landscaping and will survive once you plant them and take care of them properly. 3. They have set up their shipping packaging so the plants will arrive in good condition. I can also say they will work with you to settle any issue you have. I also ordered 4 lemony lace elderberry. This also was a diificult plant to find, but Sooner had them in a large 3 gallon root pouch. When they pulled the plants from stock for the order, they fould the plants had been pruned and were shorter than what they were comfortable sending. Due to the plants not being up to their standards at the time, they needed to delay shipping until they were large enough to send. I was wanting to finish planting the bed I was working on, so I was able to get a local nursery to order them for me. Colin, the sales manager, worked with me, and offered to ship the plants once they were fuller. Since I was able to find them locally, he cancelled the order for me and gave me a full refund. Not only that, he cancelled the order that same day. I know they are extremely busy, and sometimes you have to wait, but he still managed to get that done immediately. Colin was really good to work with. I believe you will be satisfied with your plants from Sooner Plant Farm, and if an issue should happen to come up, they will do whatever they can to fix the issue to your satisfaction.

On Jun 12, 2020, adlumiafungosum (1 reviews) from Swampscott, MA

The folks at Sooner stayed in touch with me regarding my order, and when the tree arrived, it was beautifully packaged and in great shape. To my pleasant surprise the tree was a larger and better specimen than I had anticipated. It had been well pruned. I'm very happy.

On Jun 8, 2020, cactifa33 (1 reviews) from Wellington,
United States

I had an excellent experience! Nice, big, beefy plants and wonderful service. I have ordered from Sooner before and will do so again.

On Jun 6, 2020, carolss (1 reviews) from HOODSPORT, WA

The plants were exceptionally healthy and the packaging was effective. They were really a different experience in on line plant buying. I would strongly recommend them and I will order from them again.

On Jun 3, 2020, purdue121993 (1 reviews) from Columbus, IN

Sooner Tree Farm was excellent to work with and answered all of my questions in a timely manner. They shipped my tree in safe packaging with instructions and fertilizer. I will be using them again for sure.

On Jun 1, 2020, 8008garden (1 reviews) from Queens Village, NY

First time online order and with Sooner plant farm. The whole process went very smooth and Colin was very helpful and quick to response so I am very pleased with the experience. Was concerned how Sooner will pack all the different sizes of plants considering I ordered nine different plants but packages came in very good conditions and with clear instructions so right away I knew I was in good hands. Plants are all healthy and vibrant and now are in my front yard enjoying sunshine daily. I am happy to write this review and would recommend their company to anyone.

On May 28, 2020, trex68 (1 reviews) from Pulaski, WI

I have ordered from Sooner for a number of years and I am always impressed by the quality and service at your company. If the saying you get what you pay for is used in describing your company, I would say you get what you pay for and more at Sooner. sincerely, Travis Hendzel

On May 26, 2020, jacquelineemery (1 reviews) from Hilton Head, SC (Zone 9a)

I was VERY impressed by this nursery. They ship sizeable plants, i.e. NOT 4" tiny pots, and the plants arrive exceptionally well packaged. The tree I ordered had a growth pot, came with fertilizer packages, had soil moist, was plastic wrapped, in a 3' carton. Immaculate and impressive. No transplant shock. After having ordered from several mail order nurseries and receiving plants that looked as though they might not make it, this was a pleasant surprise. I am ordering again!

On May 23, 2020, Baumegrun (1 reviews) from Barnstable, MA

Posted on May 10, 2020, updated May 23, 2020 I was looking for a very special plant and found it on Sooner Plant Farm. The website was easy to use and very informative. I had a specific question about the plant and emailed. Colin got back to me promptly and answered my question. I ordered the plant, and the shipping fee was very reasonable. The plant came quickly and was very well packed yet easy to unpack. It was in great shape and the specimen itself is beautiful--lovely color and shape. Sooner Farm uses Root Pouches instead of containers, and I am definitely a fan. There are so many positives to Root Pouches that I won't go into here, but check out their website. Fertilizer was provided with the plant as well as detailed instructions, which I found useful. The plant was easy to put in the ground and I love it. It makes my day just to look at it. I enthusiastically recommend Sooner Plant Farm for your purchases. I am delighted with their service and product and will be ordering again!

On May 23rd, 2020, Baumegrun added the following: I just received my second order from Sooner Plant Farm, and I am again thrilled with my purchase. The tree is beautifully shaped and vibrant. The packaging was again first rate--the tree was well-protected for its journey. As I mentioned previously, I am a big fan of the root pouches, and I appreciate the included fertilizer and first-rate instructions. My friend and I have ordered from many different online garden sites, but Sooner Plant Farm has quickly become our favorite!

On May 22, 2020, Arkie79 (1 reviews) from Atkins, AR

I was excited about ordering from this nursery because they had plants/trees which are hard for me to find in my area. I was hesitant to order at first because online nurseries can be iffy on size, shipping and quality of plants. Well let me tell you Sooner Plant Farm far exceeded my expectations. The ordering process was easy. Shipping was quick and effortless. The packaging of my tree that I order was like nothing I have seen (I have order a lot of online plants and Sooner's shipping boxes was by far the best). Now to the quality of the tree. The trees I have order from other online nurseries have been....small...and thin....even in the larger/largest sizes. Well this tree that I ordered (5 gallon smart pot) was huge! The caliper of the tree is what surprised me the most because it was a really thick, healthy, tall tree! The root pot was amazing as well, made planting all the easier and made me feel more confident about the roots not girdling (which is a common problem for container grown trees). The instructions were clear and the added fertilizer was nice. I will definitely be ordering from Sooner Plant Farm again and encourage you to do so if your looking for the highest quality of plants. You won't be disappointed! -Josh

On May 18, 2020, Rizzo_2014 (1 reviews) from Latham, NY

Itís been rough! The covid pandemic had me at home, board with nothing to do, untill I came across soonerplantfarm. I ordered some Japanese maples from them on May 5th, the trees were shipped first thing May 8th. And on May 10th I received three out of the four trees. One tree, the Katsura acer palmatum, was on a truck, packaged, and stuck at a warehouse for an additional 8 days. It was no fault to sooneplantfarm, it wasnít there fault the trucks couldnít move, but I tell you what. Itís now the 18th, and I finally told fed ex I would come and pick up the tree myself, and I did! And after 10 days in freight! SHES FINALLY HERE! AND SHE IS BEAUTIFUL! This 5 1/2 foot beauty was packaged so well, it beat the odds! Thank you sooner plant farms for having the best packaging Iíve ever seen!!! And my Katsura is beautiful. Thank you thank you thank you!

On May 9, 2020, Adrienneny (5 reviews) from New Jersey 6b, NJ

Posted on May 24, 2016, updated May 9, 2020 My favorite general plant store online. Top notch plants and plant selection plus prompt, friendly service. Outstanding!

On May 9th, 2020, Adrienneny added the following: I just received another order from Sooner Plant Farm and wanted to post another positive experience. The 5 gal Shoal Creek Vitex was shipped perfectly and even bigger in person. Before placing my order, I contacted them and received prompt, excellent help. I would not hesitate to make high ticket purchases from Sooner Plant Farm. If you're new to placing orders online, you will not be disappointed. In fact, they will spoil you! Worth every penny. Thank you!

On May 9, 2020, fpgill (29 reviews) from Sudbury, MA (Zone 6a)

Posted on May 9, 2020, updated May 9, 2020 This was my first purchase from Sooner Plant Farm. I purchased two plants - Cercis 'Appalachian Red' and Hydrangea 'Little Honey' - based on the stellar reviews here. Both were large, heavy plants in soil. Its hard to reconcile what I received with others' experience. Both plants arrived trashed; the hydrangea was snapped off at the base, and most of the branches were broken off the redbud. Apparently the company tethers their plants to the inside of the box, but does not use any protection or padding; the hydrangea came loose and was knocking around in the box causing extensive damage to both plants. It was obvious these were quality plants when they left the nursery but the lack of care in shipping ruined them. They said they have no replacements to offer, but based on their website, you seem to be able to preorder both. No mention was made of replacing these once they came back in stock. The redbud is hard to find and at this late date, is now sold out everywhere else. I did receive a prompt refund which is why this review is neutral not negative. But that doesn't outweigh my disappointment in relying on Sooner Plant Farm based on reviews, and having nothing to show for it.

On May 9th, 2020, fpgill added the following: Dear Brian, I am more than willing to work with you; and the first thing I asked for was replacements, not a refund. These plants were not salvageable by pruning off broken stems. But the only options Colin presented to me were refund or store credit. If you have other options, such as stock to ship at a later date, by all means let me know. That would indeed show me that you are trying your very best to generate happy customers, rather than simply do damage control. Should you wish to contact me, in the interest of working with me, you have my email. I would be happy to change my rating if you demonstrate the kind of customer service you advertise.

On May 8, 2020, getlost (1 reviews) from Nashville, TN

I just found Sooner Plant Farm while looking for a very unusual variety of spiraea and they HAD it. It arrived in about a weeks time beautifully boxed. No way anything was going to destroy and it was real thrill to see such a beautiful plant. More than I expected.

On May 2, 2020, LoriCMcG (1 reviews) from San Mateo, CA

This is the second year Iíve ordered from Sooner plants. Each time the plants arrived quickly to California and always in perfect shape .The plants are packed well and provided for during transit. Due Covid 19 I wasnít sure if delivery would take a long transit time but it didnít seem to affect the 4/5 day ship time. My plants from last year are doing great and I expect the same from this current order. I love how I can order plants for my zone that I can never find locally . Highly recommend Sooner and will shop again soon.

On Apr 29, 2020, cl5 (1 reviews) from Columbus, OH

After deciding that ďflame grassĒ is what I want to plant in a specific place in our yard, I shopped on and off for a year to find ones sold in pots and taller than 6Ē-8.Ē Then Sooner Plant Farm crossed my google path! I initially read about them, then corresponded by email re questions. Efficient replies from a Sooner representative led me to place an order for three #2 gallon, 12Ē-14Ē tall flame grasses. Ordering was glitch free and Fed Ex kept me well informed re delivery. The plants arrived healthy and happy and Iím pretty excited about that : ) Thank you Sooner Plant Farm for being true to your word.

On Apr 24, 2020, jeh4art (1 reviews) from Las Cruces, NM

Gardening in the desert is not an easy past time, so it is really necessary to find the right species that will do well in our climate. I was looking for specific plants which I found on line at Sooner Plant Farm. It was really a pleasant experience for me to order a dozen plants which arrived in short order and are really top of the line in quality. They arrived in good time in absolutely fine shape. I hope to order from them again knowing I will receive fine quality plants quickly. I highly recommend them. J. Hurst Las Cruces, New Mexico

On Apr 20, 2020, tccorneil (1 reviews) from Reno, NV

Very impressed with the Sooner Plant Farm. Colin McInnis, the Sales Manager, is a true professional and provides outstanding customer support. We ordered a Sky Tower ginkgo tree, and our order was promptly filled. The varieties that the Farm provides in amazing. When ordering on-line, the Sooner Plant Farm is the way to go!

On Apr 17, 2020, nomibird (6 reviews) from Gassville, AR

Our first spring shipment arrived and as always it is in beautiful condition. We love the fact that many if not most plants come in root pouch containers which means less root disturbance in planting. The plants are always healthy and large. This is our go-to order site for our garden needs. Thanks again.

On Apr 14, 2020, eleise007 (1 reviews) from Sacramento, CA

It is now Spring, I wanted to follow up with my November 2019 order, as the Chinese Pistache trees arrived dormant in early November. We did exactly as instructed and waited until Spring. One of the two trees started blooming new branches/leaves right away, and I began to worry about the second tree. I continued to give both trees fertilizer as recommended and kept watering them on schedule. Finally, 2-3 weeks later the second tree came to life and is growing new branches/leaves. Very pleased. I am the happy owner for 7 of Sooner Plant Farm trees (3 Thuja Green Giant Arborvitae, 2 Keith Davey Chinese Pastache, and 2 Chinese Patache) and all of them are healthy and growing. Keep up the great work you do in growing plants and trees.

On Feb 27, 2020, AmberWave (2 reviews) from Oklahoma City, OK

Posted on April 19, 2019, updated February 27, 2020 I've been doing business with Sooner Plant Farm for over 2 decades. Their unwavering dedication to healthy plants and happy customers hasn't changed a bit. Last weekend I ordered a Dura Heat River Birch and selected the "send now" option at checkout. Soon after they sent an email with a shipping date. (How awesome is that?!) What's even more awesome, it really shipped that day and I received it the very next day. (I live in OKC) THESE FOLKS DON'T MESS AROUND!! Now you know. I will continue to be a loyal customer to such a wonderful company with outstanding values.

On February 27th, 2020, AmberWave changed the rating from positive to negative and added the following: I've changed my rating to negative due to their lack of communication when I tried to cancel an order. No one seems to be there during normal business hours to answer the phone and no one is responding to emails. I have a feeling this will get their attention.

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