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Gorge Top Gardens (also dba

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P.O. Box 218
Coeburn, Virginia 24230 (United States)

Phone: 1-877-289-0982

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Negative zoegirl76
Fort Worth, TX
(1 review)
March 3, 2017
I have not received 3 separate orders from this business that were placed over 1 year ago. I have called and emailed with no response. I filed a complaint with the BBB to resolve the issue. They never responded to the BBB when contacted. This business takes your money and never sends the product. There is no excuse for taking a customers money and not sending the order. They are a horrible business!
Positive jasebree
Cedar Falls, IA
(2 reviews)
August 10, 2016
This is a good company that has had some bad luck. When orders became delayed due to a serious illness in the family, they sent out an email to the outstanding orders (I was one) offering a refund, or the ability to delay shipping till cooler weather so the plants would not die during shipment. I chose to wait and low and behold I just received all my plants that I ordered and they all look healthy and happy to be in their new garden home in Iowa. I look forward to expanding my garden collection in the future with this company. Between this order and the previous ones, I've added over a dozen new varieties to my garden and it's looking great! Yes they could do a better job at communicating with customers, but all-in-all I have a beautiful garden thanks to their selection.
Negative midwestville
Columbia, SC (Zone 8b)
(1 review)
June 29, 2016
Orders totalling $211.15 are unfulfilled. I've sent many emails and left voice messages with no response to either. I will attempt to recoup my money through Paypal due to non-delivery. I'd really rather have the plants, even tho it's June 29, 2016. I did read negative reviews of their service but also positive ones, so I took a chance. I'll try one more time to get a response. I hope they read this and contact me to resolve amicably. If not, I'll have no recourse but try other methods (above example). Jane in Naperville IL
Negative schreiner
Lynchburg, VA
(1 review)
May 11, 2016
I ordered 237 dollars worth of hosta, never received them, BUT they billed me. The phone number on web site was wrong, the email bounced back, there was one phone number with a message machine and I left 3 msg for "the Hosta Farm -" never heard back. IT IS A TOTAL SCAM

I am disputing the charge now. the website I ordered from was called the billing was from Gorge Top.

Negative tecofan
Elmwood Park, IL
(2 reviews)
December 2, 2015
Buyers beware: Hosta Farm (according to several sources they are directly related to Gorge) is announcing a "Hydrangea Trials" sale on 12/2/15 which is very similar to the sale that roped me into buying an Empress Wu hosta several years ago. I was one of at least several customers ripped off by Hosta Farm when they did not send the correct plant. For the entire growing 2015 season Hosta Farm made endless promises to send the real Empress Wu, but never did. Now they don't even respond to any updates requests. "Trial" in the description is a huge red flag with this dishonest business.
Negative MickH
Schaumburg, IL
(1 review)
June 17, 2015
I preordered plants from the Hosta Farm/Gorge Top Gardens, LLC in November for a May 18th shipment (just in time for spring). I called in May 22nd to ask when I could expect
my shipment:
LIE #1: UPS doesn't deliver the week of Memorial Day (the entire week??)
LIE #2: Your plants will be going out next week.
I called the following week asking for a UPS tracking number, so I could track my shipment,
NO RETURN CALL. I emailed them the week after that, they responded with
LIE #3: Your shipment will be sent at the end of next week. I emailed them again, because no one
answers the phone there. I insisted on a ups tracking number, NO RESPONSE!
I called again the other day and left a very upset message telling them how I have been waiting for my shipment, my garden is past its completion date because of this shipment!!!
It is now June 17th and still no plants.
I cannot believe that this company is still in business! No response, no explanation and then
to be lied to, repeatedly!
Well, I finally got a response back, after I threatened them with the BBB, my refund check is in the mail!
SO here I am with no plants, I have checked other Nurseries in the area, everyone is out of stock!!
WHY LIE?? Why not say, hey we can't fill your order, back in MAY, so that I could get the plants I needed?? WTH!
This morning I received my refund check and a letter, it stating that in February they had a
snow storm that caused extensive damage, they don't have the inventory, sorry.
You know, I could have worked with that, except THEY CONTINUED TO LIE!! and let me
without my plants!
How inconsiderate, unprofessional, unethical can one company get!
STAY CLEAR, you won't get a truthful response from them let alone your product!
Negative Babsfan
Conway, AR (Zone 7b)
(4 reviews)
April 23, 2015
Do NOT, and let me stress NOT ever order from this POS ripoff company.
I'm filing a complaint to try to get my money back.
Ignore the positive reviews. They probably paid people to post those ads.
This non-business should be shut down forever. They have more DBA alias than a seasoned criminal.
Is there a rating lower than negative???
Positive JKellyDallas
Dallas, TX
(1 review)
April 15, 2014
I order 3 each of 3 varieties of coneflowers from, Milkshake, Ruby Giant and Pink Double Delight I think. They weren't super cheap, but better than I had seen around the web. They were shipped promptly, and arrived on time. Plants look GREAT. After reading some really bad reviews, I felt like I was taking a gamble, but so far, I'm really pleased.

I know some of the reviews said they didn't get what they ordered, and I can't speak to that yet. SO FAR, however, I'd rate them an A+.
Negative virginiarose
Portsmouth, VA (Zone 8a)
(64 reviews)
July 9, 2013
Posted on June 8, 2012, updated July 9, 2013
Posted on May 5, 2012, updated June 8, 2012
I ordered four Coneflowers at a very reasonable price and the plants were small but I was not suprised for the price I paid seemed pretty fair.
I was happy overall with the service and packing and will probably order more from this company because of the prices, I can deal with small.
On June 8th, 2012, virginiarose changed the rating from positive to negative and added the following:

Well, these plants bloomed around June 4, well two of them did and they were the wrong plants. I ordered After Midnight and they sent Sundown, I ordered White Swan and something in a pinkish color has bloomed. Very pretty but I have no idea what it is, I know it is not White Swan, also I ordered Ruby Giant and Vintage Wine, don't know about them yet.
I emailed them twice at two different addresses found on the website and from the customer service address that sent the confirmation. No response. I called today on phone and it said press 5 for Gorge Top Gardens and there was no connection, it just went dead. Did it twice.
I could not help but notice that they never seem to respond to the Watchdog complaints either, could it be they don't care?
I purchased these from, I had a hard time finding them on Watchdog because I was not aware that they were called Gorge Top Gardens, seems they have a lot of alias's. I which they would pick one name and stick with it. It's confusing when you try to look them up. Also a strange company took money out of my Checking account and caused me a few gray hairs.
Here's the clincher, you have to let them know within ten days if there is a problem. I got large plugs and they did not bloom for a whole month later. Also you have to mail them the bad plants. If you want to ever see a refund. That's their guarantee, for what ever it is worth. I do not care, I am not doing business with these people anymore, who ever they are.
On July 9th, 2013, virginiarose added the following:

Well, Vintage Wine died and Ruby Giant is not true to name. It looks like another pink double. So I have one that is dead and three that are not true to name. I did try over and over to contact this company and had no responses from them.
Positive simply_sarah
Harrisonburg, VA
(1 review)
July 4, 2013
I ordered seven plants from Gorge Top for the same price as ONE from another company. I had seen the terrible reviews on Dave's, but decided that if even one survived it would be worth it. By mid-May I started to wonder if they had forgotten about me and ran off with my money, but I checked the shipping schedule and they were not due to ship until the next week. It's a good thing they waited longer than other companies- we had a frost night that week. The following week I came home to a huge box on my door step. What a wonderful surprise! All seven plants were in perfect condition (in fact Gorge Top had tossed in an extra foxglove - so I had eight!) Three were budding and bloomed the week after I planted them. All of them are thriving now a month later. They weren't in pots, but they weren't bare root either. Their soil was still in perfect pot shape. Perhaps it's just because I don't live far away that the plants held up so well in transport. I'm thrilled to have found this company and plan on placing a larger order with them next Spring.
Negative jlc518
Clairton, PA
(1 review)
June 14, 2013
I am not one to write reviews,but I placed an order,my shippng confirmation said all items were shipped and I was charged for all my order.When my plants arrived, the 10 lavender plants were not included.(total $40.00). The packing slip said will ship in 7-10 days. Have not received them yet, I have emailed several times with no response and have called the number listed on the site only to be told my call can not be completed as dialed. When I order from a company I expect an answer back and be able to talk to a person to find out the status of the order.My suggestion is avoid ordering from this company,very poor customer relations.
Positive NikkiMK
Beverly Hills, MI
(1 review)
June 7, 2013
I purchased 12 may night salvia and a clematis. The clematis is slow growing, so too soon to tell. The salvia have gone from itty bitty to over 12 inches and are blooming profusely. The plants were all in great shape upon arrival.
Positive skiingsk8
Harrison, NY
(1 review)
May 9, 2013
I placed an order in April and sent a couple of emails and tried to call by phone. I did receive an email back within a few days (longer than desired). My ship date was targeted for 2nd week in May. After reading several (many) negative reviews about the company I was very nervous about what the outcome might be.

Well, I am extremely happy to report my plants were shipped on time and arrived in two days from the time of shipment via UPS. I think they did a good job of packing the plants and they have arrived in very good condition. I am so excited to plant the beautiful variety of coneflowers I purchased from them. They're going to look amazing this summer if I can keep the deer from devouring them.

I ordered the plants from which is a Gorge company. I would order from them again and I will most likely place another order with them this month.
Negative gardenlady_25
Edgewood, WA
(2 reviews)
April 29, 2013
Beware people If you can't contact by phone something is not right anyway I also Google mapped them and looks like a residence not a nursery.
I made my purchase in Jan to be delivered the end of March but after not receiving my order I emailed them and they said because of snow fall my shipment would be late so I went to weather center hmmmm no snow for that area.
so I emailed again to cancel my order that was April 5 after several emails I have yet to receive my refund I will go to whatever website and post negative feedback I also contacted the Attorney General I will not give up until I get my refund next is the news station I'm tired of people ripping people off!!!!!!
Negative rain12306
Rotterdam, NY
(1 review)
October 18, 2012
DO NOT BUY YOUR PLANTS HERE! Received 6 moldy digitalis and 1 dead hibiscus. None of them made it. This company will not respond to my emails and has no phone number to call. I buy many plants online and this company will never get my business again.
Negative thebarkers
Huntsville, TX
(2 reviews)
September 8, 2012
This was a bad experience for me, they shipped me two japanese painted ferns both wilted and practically dead all the fronds on them were broke and they did not combine my other order like they were suppose to for a double coneflower who knows if I will ever get it according to other reviews. I emailed them and at this time have not heard back from them hopefully I do. I would not order from them again. They were suppose to ship in pots and did not do so.
Negative tompedz
Salem, AR
(2 reviews)
September 2, 2012
didn't return email, canceled order then they took there money off my account.
Positive 1Rose
Chesapeake Beach, MD
(2 reviews)
June 28, 2012
Excellent in every way so far. Ordered 2 hardy hibiscus. Came bareroot (as expected) and they were very large with nice firm roots. Everything went so well and the prices were so reasonable, immediately ordered 2 more for a friend. Both orders came quickly and plants were very healthy. All 4 have been in the ground for over 2 weeks, and they're growing like gangbusters. Very heallthy and happy. Unless they don't bloom true to the correct cultivar, this will be a perfect transaction. I would recommend them to anyone. Thank you, Gorge Top.
Negative yumabase
Youngstown, NY
(4 reviews)
June 15, 2012
My first and my last experience with George Top Gardens.
I ordered a Heuchera "Georgia Peach" and two "Champagne Bubbles"
From them because I wanted the Heuchera "Champagne Bubbles",
Which I couldn't find any ware els.
They arrived, bare root, dry and close to dead.
They have since all died.
I figure it was my fault for not reading Dave's Guide first.
I didn't feel it was necessary to contact the company, because
At best they probably would just replace them with the same dead plants.
If you order from them don't spend more than you can throw away, stick with Dave's company guide, you can't go wrong.
Positive mindyk37
Poland, IN
(1 review)
May 30, 2012
I couldn't find coreopsis rosea anywhere. Gorge Top had them and at a great price. My order came when I requested, on time and in great shape! The plants adapted to their new home in just a few days and are developing buds already. I will definitely order from this company again.
Negative annimhere
Midland, MI
(1 review)
May 29, 2012
I ordered hosta plants. All came bare root although the site said pots for some. My order included 2 krossa and 2 blue angel. I now know after they are about 10 inches high that I have 4 krossas. I emailed gorgetop 3 times to date and get no reply. The blue angel were twice the price of krossa. To be fair, the shipping was fast and the plants were in good condition. If only I had the plants I ordered or a refund, and someone would contact me.
Negative hnotter1
Gallipolis, OH
(1 review)
May 29, 2012
I ordered three Hibiscus plants about three weeks ago. They were to be shipped in 4.5 in. pots and growing according to the ad. When they arrived they were all bare root and nothing but a plastic bag tied around the roots. There was nothing in the bag at all to keep them moist. They appeared to be dead or dormant. I sent them an e-mail about a week ago and requested that they either send me what I ordred or refund the money. They still have not replyed. I paid using Paypal and have opened a dipute through them to see if they can get me a refund or what I ordered. I will not order from them again.

Negative viper8382
Lincoln Village, OH
(1 review)
May 16, 2012
I placed 2 orders with them based on their recent upturn in reviews. The first order arrived missing 1 item. I just requested that they add it to my second order, but my 2nd order never came (along iwth the missing item from order 1). I later did more research and found that 2 of my items received on the first order were supposed to be in a 4.5" pot, but they came as a tiny plant in flimsy plastic (much like the small annuals at a local nursery). To this point they have ignored around 10 e-mails, and aren't available by phone.
Positive bsmitch
Nancy, KY (Zone 6a)
(2 reviews)
May 9, 2012
Posted on May 17, 2011, updated May 9, 2012
This company is probably trying to improve it's past record. I beleive they are on the track to do that. My recent purchase went smoothly, great quality and accurate plants, fast shipping and good communications.
On May 9th, 2012, bsmitch added the following:

I purchased nine Enchinacea this month and all were delivered in excellent condition. This makes two years that I have received plants in excellent condition. The shipping was fast and the packaging was good.
Positive nwhite
Mission, OR
(1 review)
May 4, 2012
I order a lot online and especially plants. After reading all the bad reviews, I cut my $200 order to just daylilys. A confirmation was emailed and I got my plants when expected. One was forgotten and I emailed them. Got a response right away. Got the forgotten one in a week and a half after a nice email from them apologizing for the error. Nice big plants.
Positive Gourd
Mesilla Park, NM
(22 reviews)
April 20, 2012
I placed my first order in September of 2011 and did not hear from them until March of 2012. I did order several Hardy Hibiscus and it did state on their website that they would not mail until March/April of 2012. I did email them and asked questions on the first order and never heard from them so I assumed they had gone out of business and did not think they would send anything nor bill me.

All the plants were shipped bareroot and were a lot bigger than I thought they would be (at least 1 to 2 gallon size and were also half price. I am very happy with all of the plants I received and they have already started to sprout out stems. So I feel I got a great deal.

I placed a second order this week and I just now saw that they have negative remarks and ratings. If I had seen these ratings, I would probably not have ordered from this company, but it seems like they are trying to make things right and make a come back. I will post what my second order is like.

Positive emeldee
Clarksburg, WV (Zone 6a)
(2 reviews)
April 4, 2012
I ordered a bunch of things from Gorge Top, and then saw the reviews here. I am a very cheap person, and their prices were good. Their selection was also pretty decent for the price. I got one order last week, and while most of the hostas were shipped bareroot, the were very healthy and look pretty good already. Everything else was shipped with the dirt intact and looked good. I got a second order today, and the same thing. It all looked great (maybe even a little larger than the more expensive versions from bluestone). I am very, very happy with my purchases and glad I didn't see the negative reviews until it was too late to look back. I will order from them again I'm sure.
Positive 01SweetPea
Knoxville, TN
(1 review)
April 3, 2012
I took a chance after reading all of the reviews & placed a order with Gorge,then decided that they had more perrenials that I would like to have.E-mailed them & ask them to combine my orders.Received both my orders together today & both the condition & size of my plants totally exceeded my exspectations.Beautifull,large,lush plants.My experience with them has been nothing but positive.I will be returning for more,as soon as I can find a place to put them.There is no way that they're prices can be beat when you can get shipping free if you search for it.
Positive chudock74
Green Lane, PA
(5 reviews)
October 17, 2011
I am surprised at all the negative feedback. My first order went perfectly. All my plants were exactly as I had ordered them and I thought the prices were super reasonable as well as the shipping. So far I like them, in fact, I placed another order for the Spring!
Negative bubbabubba
Salem, NC
(1 review)
October 13, 2011
I don't like giving negative reviews on any company, HOWEVER after I ordered from Gorge Top Gardens, received the wrong plants, tried unsuccessfuly by email and phone (there was never anyone to answer customer service calls and my emails were completely ignored), I finally gave up and told them that if I didn't receive a reply from them in a certain length of time that I was going to report them to the VA Attorney General and to other consumer advocate agencies, which I did. I gave them several days to try to work out a resolution with me with no response whatsoever from them.

I ordered from GTG MAINLY because they stated on their website that they were a family owned and operated nursery and I TRUSTED them since they were family owned, however I had not checked Dave's Garden reviews concerning GTG before ordering. I wish I had since there were 62 NEGATIVE reviews for them, so I definitely found out I wasn't the only complainant.

I also wrote the owner of GTG a snail mail letter telling him that he simply can't run a business like that with all the complaints and that eventually he would get arrested as a fraud company by the VA AG and FTC and shut down.

The VA Attorney General's office got right on the complaint and before I knew it I had an email from Gorge Top Gardens saying they refunded the charge to my credit card.

So, in closing, if you think you've been ripped off by any company, then file a complaint with the AG in the state the company is located. I filed my complaint online. This is the second time an AG's office has helped me get a refund via a complaint I filed.
Negative N2tropicAL
Anniston, AL
(4 reviews)
August 2, 2011
this company did not honor stated warranty, repeatedly stalled and delayed replacement shipments, never really shipped replacements despite saying so, and eventually refused to return emails and phone calls.

i have placed a complaint with the BBB. they have an F rating according to the BBB website.

the plants i received were diseased/unhealthy. the nursery salesperson stated they had the same health issues with the plants among other customers and within the nursery, but never resolved the issue.

simply put....a dishonest company with poor customer service and a bad reputation.

Negative sueonline
Parma, OH
(1 review)
July 30, 2011
I placed a order on April 11th 2011. I asked that they wait until May 16th to send. They did do that. When I opened the box, the Sedum that I ordered was placed in baggies with wood chips. I ordered 2 frosty morning sedum, 1 black jack sedum, 1 stachys hummelo, and 2 liriope. I planted the same day that i received them. I could not really tell when I planted the sedum that they were not what I had ordered.
They were small and all were green. Now that they are much bigger I can see that they are some other type of sedum. The frosty morning is not varigated (green and white)
and the black jack is supposed to be dark purple. They are all green which could be autumn joy. I tried calling 2 times left my name and number also sent a e-mail with details of order. I have received no response at all. There policy states if you are not happy with your plants you have 2 weeks to notify them. Also if you want a refund or credit you may have to send the plants back to them and pay for the shipping yourself, then you will receive half the amount in
which you paid for the plants. I explained to them that I had already paid the flat rate shipping fee once $10.75 and that I would not be spending any more of my money to get what I had ordered in the first place. I see that I am not the only one who has had problems. I will not order from them again.
I understand that mistakes do sometimes happen, although
they do not seem concerned in any way to work with their
cutomers to solve any problems. The other plants that I planted are average. The total fo my order was: $44.90. I am just going to chalk it up to learn a lesson, when ordering
from a company that you are not familiar with make sure you check out customer reviews and the garden watchdog.
Neutral meghanley
Brookfield, IL
(1 review)
June 24, 2011
Posted on June 24, 2011, updated June 24, 2011
I placed an order last year, spent over $100 and never received anything! I callled and emailed repeatedly and never heard back from them. They are terrible! Don't waste your money!
On June 24th, 2011, meghanley changed the rating from negative to neutral and added the following:

I just finally got an email back from them with an apology and promise to mail my order next week. I'd like to think that this was just a big mistake and not intentional. I will update my post when the order is received.
Negative wallaw
Indianapolis, IN
(1 review)
June 16, 2011
Ordered 10 hostas to extend existing border. Gorge Top sent wrong hostas, but because bare rooted and no new foliage yet, could not know they were not what I ordered until they started to leaf out in a couple of days. Since then I have left at least 4 voice mail messages (impossible to reach a "live" person) and sent at least as many emails, but have had no response. I was able to reach a live person at one of their affiliates who told me she would make sure someong got back to me, but no one did. Absolutely terrible experience.
Positive ladystressout
Georgetown, OH (Zone 6b)
(1 review)
June 16, 2011
Posted on June 9, 2011, updated June 16, 2011
I place an order with them on April 25 2011 and had to contact them after two weeks had not recieve the order and so they did send me my order and even included another one? but all three has die and I have email them twice and call them three times and no reply.. So I guess I will not recieve my replacement?
On June 16th, 2011, ladystressout changed the rating from neutral to positive and added the following:

After a number of times of calling and emailing them with no results I sat down and wrote a letter to them and I am happy to say that yesterday 6.15.11 I got 3 more of the poppies plants and they were healthier and bigger then the last ones sent to me? So I am very happy because did not think I would get any replacements back.. They should replay to thier emails and there phone calls that would be a lot of help on my end knowing they got them? but I am not planning on ordering any thing else from them?
Negative dfgha
Fairport, NY
(1 review)
June 14, 2011
Having never done business with this company I placed an order for a variety of cone flowers in April 2011 in good faith. My credit card was charged but shipment has never been made. I have called and left multiple messages on an answering machine over the past months and have emailed requests for assistance but have never received a response. My advise is to avoid this company like the plague.
Negative dougiedog
Buffalo, NY
(1 review)
May 11, 2011
Posted on May 6, 2011, updated May 11, 2011
In Feb. I ordered 6 double knockout roses to be shipped wk. of 4/25 but had to delay it due to cold wet weather here in Bflo. 3 days ago I received the roses and they were NOT AS ADVERTISED!!!! The ad states 1 gallon and my shipping order slip states 1 gallon pots but instead I received them packed in plastic bags with just a handful of soil around the roots. Some are nearly bareroot. I was expecting gallon pots so that they could hold off being planted until the soil dries but now I'll have to improvise a way to keep them till planting. Also, they were packed in a box with newspaper around them and so many of them were broken. Kevin from Gorge Gardens did reply to my e-mail and told me to send them back and they would credit my card but first I don't intend on paying for return shipping PLUS I don't trust them to credit me. If you are smarter then me STAY AWAY FROM THIS COMPANY.
On May 11th, 2011, dougiedog added the following:

Just an update on my order of 6 Red double knockout roses. After numerous e-mails without resolve I've decided to log a complaint with the Virginia Dept. of Consumer Affairs and I wish everyone else who has had a bad experience with Gorge Top Gardens would do the same. It is about time he was stopped from his deceptive practices! Oh, by the way, 2 of the 6 roses have 1 small flower each and guess what-they are the pink single roses. Don't know what the others will be. Apparantly this man doesn't care what he ships or his poor business practices.
Neutral ginalove294
Youngstown, OH
(5 reviews)
May 10, 2011
I've ordered from them three times. Order 1: 3 different hostas, 3 bleeding hearts, 3 ajuga, 3 columbine, an astilbe, 3 lamium. Two hostas were the wrong varieties; heuchera instead of ajuga...oddly they all are doing well and look great. 1 columbine died, the bleeding hearts are barely hanging on. The rest are lovely. Order 2: 3 foxglove, 2 echinachea. All the foxglove now dead, echinachea alive and well. Order 3: 3 Lavender, 3 yarrow, 5 lady's mantle. 2 yarrow died, 3 lady's mantle died. The lavender is gorgeous, the surviving yarrow & lady's mantle look great. So they're not 100%. Also, their product availability is mostly a miss.
Positive Natural_Way
Springdale, AR
(1 review)
April 15, 2011
1/15/2011 Placed order for Hosta, etc.
Co. confirmed order, stated shipments would begin week of 3/21.
Requested order status on 3/24, Co. responded that shipments would commence week of 3/28.
Requested order status on 4/4, Co. responded that shipments were still running behind and offered to cancel my order. I declined, stating that there was no rush and I would just continue to check on the progress periodically.
Requested order status on 4/11. Co. responded that they would be caught up by the 12th and I could expect shipment notification forthwith.
Received notification of order shipment with tracking number on 4/12.
Received shipment of complete order on 4/14. Immediately checked the plants and placed entire order in pots. The plants, although on the small side, were healthy with excellent root systems except that one day-lily's roots were mostly rotten, but hopefully sustainable.
Negative abqrosegardener
Albuquerque, NM
(1 review)
July 30, 2010
I ordered several plants from them in May. All of the Phlox are the wrong variety, one of the lillies has died, and at least one Hollyhock is the wrong variety. All the plants were either mislabeled or had no label when I received the order, but I waited for them to bloom to see what they were before contacting the company. When you call you get voicemail, they don't call back or respond to email.

Terrible customer service!! Wish I had found all the negative reviews about this lousy company before ordering and wasting my $$.

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