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On Jul 7, 2021, Bountiful0907 (4 reviews) from Bountiful, UT

In April 2021 I ordered a Salavatski pomegranate Tree and it arrived a few weeks later in absolutely beautiful condition. A little larger than I expected. I planted the tree immediately and this little tree has almost doubled in size in just 3 months. Thankyou!!!

On May 22, 2021, Jessott (1 reviews) from Los Altos, CA

Do not shop here, stay away. My fiddle tree arrived damaged and rotten. They wanted me to buy a warranty for a store credit. The tree is dying and falling apart and they do not care. The tree was shipped poorly and customer service is horrible. These trees are expensive and they simply do not have any concern about my experience and refuse to do anything about it unless I spend more money.

On Apr 24, 2021, fReeport1 (1 reviews) from Pittsburgh, PA

I ordered an expensive tree from this company. They sent me a tree which was labeled as the tree I wanted but which was clearly a different cultivar. Eventually they agreed to replace the tree but sent it by very slow shipping. I wrote a detailed, accurate review for their site cautioning customers to check when they received this particular tree to make sure that they got what they ordered and not a cheaper cultivar. I included pictures of the leaves on the tree I received and leaves on a tree that came from another company. They refuse to post my review. The appear to be selective about the reviews that they post on their site.

On Apr 3, 2021, 1vtp1 (4 reviews) from Washington, DC

So far, we've purchased three trees from here: calamondin, indoor pine, and sweet olive. Every plant arrived in these boxes that kept the plant pot from moving around even if the box was knocked over (two were delivered on it's sides by my delivery person - whoops! - both plants had super healthy roots) The soil was securely bagged and clean - no soil gnats. Leaves and stems all perfect, full, and green. Not a single branch broken, and these trees are larger: 3-4.5 feet tall. A pleasant surprise was that each pot had different soil types depending on plant, not just a one-size-fits-all treatment. After acclimating to the indoor environment, all of these trees have been sending out new growths and thriving. We have three more plants on the way, and I can't wait to see them!

On Feb 9, 2021, ranjani (2 reviews) from Jacksonville, FL (Zone 9a)

I had bought a fruit cocktail tree for almost $179 on Feb 2019 which came with one missing graft. I didn't want to complain since I felt the tree should be cared for and did exactly the same. After a couple of months, I didn't see any improvement and called customer service. They asked me to purchase a warranty by paying $38! why would anyone want to pay an additional $38 to buy a warranty when the original price itself was $179. Even Walmart, Home depot and Lowe's offer a year warranty on fruit trees with no additional cost. Now the tree looks totally dried up and may have to pay to get it removed! Again I contacted the customer service and was of no use. I have tried my best to post a very honest 1 star review on their website and obviously they will not publish anything other than a 5 star review. Please stay away from this company as you can get these trees for much lower price at many other plant nursery websites with a one year warranty and good customer service!

On Jan 23, 2021, Cleave (2 reviews) from Oakdale, PA

I was surprised to see the negative reviews for Fast-Growing-Trees, as we've purchased perhaps 2 dozen trees from them over the past 6 or 7 years, and we've been very impressed with the resilience of the trees we received. We live in deer country, and every fall the local bucks damage and even break the trunks of many saplings on our property. They've managed to break off the 1" or so trunks of 3 trees that we've bought, and every one regenerated from the root stalk and are now robust trees (the American sycamore is now close to 20' tall). I'm hoping that last year's negative reviews were due to the lockdowns and not indicative of a change in the company, because we're ordering 3 more 5-6' trees for late March delivery. Also, last Feb I dug up and transplanted an 8' regenerated Tulip poplar because the power company was going to cut it down. I only watered it twice after replanting, because I moved it 80 yards away from our house and had to carry the water in buckets. The main roots all stretched more than 4' radially from the trunk, and despite my damaging them a bit while digging them up, the tree thrived after replanting.

On Nov 21, 2020, Cleveland1 (1 reviews) from Winterville, GA

The only place I could find Canadian Hemlocks that were not bare root, online or anywhere. Trees arrived quickly and well packaged and most importantly with dense, healthy root systems. I have ordered Hemlocks before and gotten taller trees but they died out by the spring. What one wants I’ve discovered with mail-ordered trees is really not height but ROOTS, and these little guys have that. In the ground for two months now and still shiny and green needles. Bet you this spring they take off, but I will keep you updated. Not dirt cheap but reasonable and you generally get what you pay for with ordering plants.

On Sep 28, 2020, johnkirk (1 reviews) from Kirkland, WA

Ordered 4 shrubs from Fast Growing Trees - they arrived dried out, nearly leafless and pretty much dead. After notifying C/S at Fast Growing Trees, they attempted to convince me that they were fine and I should plant them as is. Pictures were exchanged and FGT said they would send replacements- would normally be an acceptable solution, but transit time is clearly the issue here and after asking how the replacements would arrive in any different condition when they would be sent to the same address and packed in the same manner. I was told: the plants should be fine. They weren't - they took almost 2 days longer to arrive and were not in any better condition. After requesting a refund, FGS is saying that I will have to pay shipping to return dead shrubs and a 25% restocking fee - I am certain they will not restock dead shrubs. The "healthy and thriving" guarantee is worthless.

On Sep 17, 2020, MOM6654 (2 reviews)

Purchased Hundreds of dollars in trees from this company thru the years. Purchased a group of 10 trees that were suppose to do good in my area. I tried everything to keep them alive. I felt that they could really care less on what had happened. Anyway, I found another company to purchase trees from. They lost a Good customer. Watch out who you buy from and the guarantee they give.

On Sep 11, 2020, Dvon69 (2 reviews)

Tried to order a rainbow eucalyptus back at the beginning of August. The first tree to show up was completely dead. So I called and talked to one rep I believe her name was Alicia she was not helpful and told me to call back 3-4 days later after the picture I submitted to their website, to give them time to get the photo, this was unacceptable to me so I called back right after and talked to ashlynne who was helpful and sent a replacement tree. She told me it was probably due to the unusually long shipping(11 days). Well the second one showed up dead (9 day shipping) and I emailed ashlynne back to let her know, and they sent a third, I told them they may want to expedite the shipping due to the waste of trees we we're creating. Well the third one showed up 2 days ago(6 day shipping) and I bet you can guess how it showed up, so I emailed again and this time Alicia responded telling me it was still alive. Refused to either sent me an overnight tree or refund my money which at this point (1 month and 3 trees later) I think is reasonable. So I called and spoke with Eric who said they would refund 30% and I have to wait two weeks to see if the plant comes back. I told them that the first showed up in same condition and that it's not even showing signs of life. So now I have to wait 2 weeks to get my money back even though it says on their website that if your not 100% satisfied to let them know so they can make it right! Oh and it says if they don't arrive happy and healthy to let them know so they can make it right. Well mine did not arrive happy and healthy, and I am not happy yet they wish to make me wait for what? I did not want to pay 128.00 for a twig thats dead, or 3 for that matter. This was my second purchase from them and we were planning on putting our orchard in through this company, glad we found out this is how they operate before I placed the big order!!! I will never use fast growing trees again due to this customer service.

On Aug 21, 2020, mrgoop (1 reviews) from Chicago, IL

I ordered a 6 foot tall maple tree on their website that was not cheap, but I was reassured by their guarantee of receiving a “happy and healthy” tree, so I thought it would be good quality. I received a tree in clear poor health whose leaves were charred to a crisp and eaten by pests, not at all anything similar to the pictures on their website. I’ve never gotten anything this atrocious from discount nurseries or Home Depot, let alone a place charging $300 for a tree. I contacted them the same day I received the tree because I was appalled. They told me it looked bad because of shipping and to wait two weeks, even though shipping wasn’t the issue here. I waited two weeks and sent them more pictures, since the tree was certainly dying. Their response is “unless the tree is dead, we’re not giving a refund”. So beware, their guarantee of a refund if not satisfied within 5 days of receiving a tree is a lie. Their guarantee of a “happy and healthy” tree is also a lie, since apparently as long as the tree isn’t completely dead on arrival, they won’t do anything for their customers.

On Jun 17, 2020, BrentonSims (7 reviews) from Jacksonville, FL

I ordered a few trees that were out of stock elsewhere. They were ridiculously small and nowhere near fruiting age as the website explained. One tree died shortly thereafter and the other has taken 2 years to start flowering. They rip people off and ignore any complaints.

On May 22, 2020, Regalo (2 reviews) from Friendswood, TX

I ordered shrubs from this nursery during the Covid19 shutdown. Previously, goods from here had been securely packed and arrived in fine shape. This time, there were three unsecured pots in a long box. At each end was a large Weigela and in the middle was a small clematis shrub. The two large pots had crushed the small pot and sheared off the crown and almost all stalks. All plants were completely or partially out of their pots and contained only by the plastic bags over the pots. I had two damaged plants and one that died without putting up any new shoots from broken crown. The company would not accept phone calls, but after searching around I found a link to complain. Filled in the form and submitted photos and the screen showed a receipt of the info and a note saying they would reply in 2-5 business days. They have not replied and are not accepting phone calls.

On Apr 29, 2020, Tifflny (1 reviews) from Wayne, PA

So I purchased an apple tree for $140, a cherry for $130 and a magnolia plant for $30. I also purchased insurance for all these plants. When I received them I was a little disappointed in the size as they said that they were large trees. They were smaller than the ones you can get at Home Depot for $29.95! Nevertheless I planted them according to their instructions and hopped for the best. With in a year the cherry and the magnolia were dead. So I took a picture and sent it for my insurance. I got a reply after a couple of email saying that I will receive my insurance in the form of gift cards and to wait for this email. It never came. Sometime goes by and the apple tree dies but it’s past warranty so I eat that $140. In the meantime I purchased 2 apple trees from Home Depot which are thriving! So come the beginning of this year and my husband is eager to get some new items for the garden and I remember that I never got that so called gift cards from Fast growing trees. So I send them an email and they reply sending me the gift cards. The next day my husband tries to check out only to find that the gift card codes expired at the end of March 6 days after they sent them to me for the first time! So I contacted customer service as said that they were expired and they replied that they expired a year from issuing them. So they were issued but never sent and as a result I never got them but that doesn’t matter to them because they were issued... I suppose me being psychic I should have known and acted accordingly. So I replied stating I would never buy from them again and write a horrible review for the way I was treated and then they had the audacity to send me a review survey for how I would rate my customer satisfaction. I mean really! So after reading other negative reviews I realized that I should have never bought from them in the first place. So take my advice and learn from my hard learnt lesson, DO NOT BUY FROM FAST GROWING TREES!!!!! Their trees are crap! And your chances of loosing you $$$$$ is great even with their so called insurance!

On Apr 9, 2020, jc1331 (1 reviews) from Poquoson, VA

I don't know where to begin. I spent $390 on 8 blueberry plants and 5 pomegranate trees. The blueberry plants looked like they had some kind of blight or something with black track marks and much of the leaf was missing on most of the leaves. They were all very small and not worth anywhere near what I paid for them. The pomegranate trees were even smaller and also not in good health - not much more than seedlings. What I received wasn't worth more than $150 at most if they were in good health and these are not in good health at all. I'm just glad I didn't spend more. When I can get a 6' fruit tree in perfect health at Walmart for $25, this just seems like a bad joke.

On Jan 30, 2020, deepgreenthumbs (6 reviews) from Seattle, WA

Never again. I received a tree worth maybe half what I'd paid--a tiny starter that had been described as "ready to fruit". I contacted them and in the hours that followed, they both defended the tree to me as capable of bearing fruit "within a year under ideal condition"--which is NOT "ready to fruit", AND deleted those three little words from the web-page. I called them on that contradiction, and suddenly found myself CC'd on another customer's complaint--and, I later found out, they could see my info, as well. So, a clear violation of our privacy... They are now saying I will receive a full refund, which, basically, this tiny tree is allllmost adequate compensation my time and trouble...but they're not getting another chance from me.

On Jan 24, 2020, Omaima (1 reviews) from Woodcrest, CA

A year ago, I purchased over $5,000 worth of plants from Fast Growing Trees company. More than 50% of those plants died. I purchased warranty for those plants, and they honored the warranty and replaced those dead plants, but the new plants still died. I got tired from replanting, so I decided to find another nursery. I feel they exaggerated the description of their plants and they use incorrect zoning to get more people from different location to buy their plants. We live in zone 9b, so we have hot aired summers. I made sure that all plants I purchased from them are for my zone. But still most didn't survive. I purchased 2 Mimosas, 2 fragrant tea olives, 3 bamboo, 3 royal empress, 2 Princeton elm, 1 Avocado, 3 Camellias, 1 butterfly Magnolia, 1 Apricot, 3 blackberries, and over 60 Arizona Cypresses, and more. I always purchased their root rocket special fertilizer that they claim will make sure that their roots get a good head start. Unfortunately most of these plants died. The only plants that survived (mostly) were their Arizona Cypress, but I had to replace about 10 or 12, but as least they lived. I feel that they sell their plants before they have good developed roots, or maybe they give them a boost of nitrogen before shipping to make them look healthy. I am very disappointed at them as I spent a lot of money on those plants and I planted all of those trees myself, so I put in a lot of effort on them. Their plants are very expensive too compared to local nurseries, which I started buying from our local nursery to discover that the price of the same plant at FGT is double what our local nursery sells. Never again to buy from them.

On Aug 15, 2019, ddodd3329 (1 reviews) from West Hartford, CT

I am not happy with the quality of my order! When I cut the fastener holding the bag closed the soil was so dry the plant just lifted out of the planting medium and might as well not been in a pot. The last inch of the branches were dry and yellow. The plant overall does not appear healthy. It is now well water and hope the plant recovers in time to survive the winter.

On Apr 28, 2019, Elvis_A_Presley (2 reviews) from Grand Prairie, TX

Have ordered trees before from FGT, and they have done well in my opinion. My last order was in late August 2018, and this company for some inexplicable reason shipped two mimosas so that they were in transit over the Labor Day holiday, resulting in the plants being confined to their box for a week before delivery. Needless to say when opened all of the foliage had dried up and fallen off. Planted them (correctly I might add) on the chance that they might regenerate in the following spring. One did, one did not. The one that did not was a “chocolate mimosa” which already faces a challenge due to being a graft, much less after being confined in shipping box for a week. Contacted customer service, again in this case since I had called out the shipping delay previously last September. Only offer was to pay more for a replacement, to which I replied no, since their shipping incompetence is solely their own fault. To FGT I say congratulations on being penny wise and pound foolish, as you have permanently lost my business. It’s not like I don’t know how to grow trees either, as was implied during my most recent customer service experience, given that I am a degreed forester. I rarely leave negative business reviews, as this is only my second one ever. Sometimes it’s appropriate however, and this is one of those times.

On Apr 25, 2019, htxgardener (1 reviews) from Houston, TX

I'm so disappointed that such a diverse selection and good website has staff that have no clue how to package, care for or ship the trees you order. I got two saplings in about a week's time of shipping, both were broker mid trunk. Sent in a very detailed complaint, a week later they sent me replacements for both as an apology. Those arrived today and were damaged even worse than the originals. They cut corners and don't care. I'll never support that kind of approach to gardening and shipping for plants, really pains me to see this much damage.

On Jan 22, 2019, AenRiv (5 reviews) from Fallbrook, CA (Zone 10a)

Recently I have ordered a coffee (arabica) and tea (camellia sinensis) plants from Fast Growing Trees. Not only the plants arrived a day sooner, but in great condition as well. The coffee plant was especially lush. We planted both right away and are looking forward to our own tea and coffee! Thanks for your great plants, smart packaging, and speedy delivery :)

On Jan 3, 2019, secretscorpion (1 reviews) from Tolland, CT

Reached out to the company 4 times without any response. Very concerning when a company not only refuses to resolve customers issues, but refuses to respond at all. $400 of dead trees and no response from the company.

Company representative comment on January 3, 2019:
On Jan 3, 2019 4:17 PM, Fast-Growing-Trees (formerly Empress Tree Nurseries, Paulownia Supply & responded with:

We are very sorry to hear that your experience with us hasn't been a good one. Our customer service manager has been notified of your concerns but will need additional information to be able to assist you further. Would you please contact Jackie Ready our customer care manager at [email protected] and let her know of your experience so she can assist you further?

On Jan 3, 2019 4:42 PM, Fast-Growing-Trees (formerly Empress Tree Nurseries, Paulownia Supply & added:

We have reached out to the customer in regards to their concerns and feel that we have resolved the customers issues.

On Aug 12, 2018, KarenMYou (1 reviews) from Saint Paul, MN

My son sent me two trees for Mother's Day (May 13t, 2018 Order # 2900339 REf # 9300244). The maple tree was in beautiful shape and is thriving. The oak tree had some wilted leaves, and the dirt was dry and had been shaken away from its roots during shipping. I soaked the tree and planted it. It failed to thrive and most of the leaves wilted. I sent an email to the company with pictures in July but no reply. It worsened and I sent another email. Both emails were to (the person who had sent me a congratulations email with no notice of a 30-day period). Again I received no reply. I was shocked when I received no response at all from the company. Then, when I searched their website, I discovered their 30-day policy. Since this was a gift, I had no idea there was a 30-day notification period about something amiss, and am, in fact, used to reputable firms guaranteeing trees for a year. So now I'm spending my Sunday afternoon warning customers on the Internet to beware of this company. I will make it my mission to help people avoid wasting their money with this firm.

Company representative comment on August 13, 2018:
On Aug 13, 2018 12:03 PM, Fast-Growing-Trees (formerly Empress Tree Nurseries, Paulownia Supply & responded with:

We are so sorry to hear that your Oak tree has not thrived. We do guarantee our trees with a 30 day guarantee and we will be reaching out to you privately to assist you further with your concerns and to research as to why you didn't receive a response.

On Jul 5, 2018, Hobbyplanter (3 reviews) from Kendall, WA

I have some plants that are doing well and others not so well. They need to pay closer attention to how they graft trees, I am seeing trees that are grafted crooked or off to the side, these will forever need to be braced or supported. Trees should be grafted through the center of the root stock and perfectly vertical. I also notice they are removing or censoring reviews of their products, they request customer feedback but they do not want honest negative feedback, even my good reviews are not kept. My questions get deleted too. A little honesty in their advertisements wouldn't hurt either, they say will fruit first year or whatever but these trees (particularly those with heavy fruit) will not be able to bear the weight of any fruit for at least 2-3 years after planting, they arrive with little or no heavy branches. They do not bother to mention this fact, for naive customers this is an important point to make known. Do not trust their assertions of tree size, the diameter is actually supposed to be measured 2-3 feet above the base of the tree, not at the base of the graft. They are not the only ones who use this method but it is incorrect. They are prioritizing height over cane size.

Company representative comment on July 6, 2018:
On Jul 6, 2018 7:39 AM, Fast-Growing-Trees (formerly Empress Tree Nurseries, Paulownia Supply & responded with:

Hi Hobbyplanter-

Thank you so much for the feedback. We are sorry to hear that some of your plants are not doing well. If you could email our customer care manager Jackie at [email protected] she will be able to review your order and try to help get any issues you are having resolved. Reviews are not removed but are monitored by a third party to ensure there is no information in the review that is personal of the customers. Please let our manager know as well if you are missing a review so we can get that resolved as well.

It is never our intention to deceive our customers with our advertisements and we appreciate your suggestions and they will be passed along to our marketing team. Please reach out to Jackie so she can help get all of your concerns addressed and hopefully turn around your experience with us.

On Jun 28, 2018, yardenthusiast (1 reviews) from Post Falls, ID

Posted on June 17, 2018, updated June 28, 2018 Ordered two pink dogwood trees. Arrived obviously bareroot (pulled right out of loose potting soil in large pot) but NOT dormant, as both had leafed out. One, I soaked and planted since the leaves were still green. It might live. Second "bareroot" non-dormant pink dogwood tree had only dry, withered, crinkly leaves obviously dead and no further buds to develop leaves and so, although I planted it, I doubt it will live. Ordered a white dogwood tree. Arrived with small mass of totally dry fibrous roots (Not bareroot as the above two trees) newly "planted" in larger pot but with no growth of fibrous roots into that new potting soil. Wrapped in plastic but totally dry root ball and also totally dead, desiccated, crinkled-up grayish-green leaves. Basically a totally dead tree. Called the company. Received a new white dogwood tree in exactly the same totally dried-up, crinkly-leafed DEAD tree condition. I spent $69 for two pink dogwood trees and got basically bareroot, NON-dormant little trees, one of which just might survive. I spent $49 for one white dogwood tree and received a totally DEAD-on-arrival dried-up tree. I tossed it and its entirely similar white dogwood replacement DEAD tree directly into the trash. NEVER again will I order anything from this company. By the way, three years ago I ordered trees (including a pink dogwood) and each came alive and healthy. Has something gone bad recently with this online company? I will never trust it again and lament the loss of my money for totally dead trees. Horrid experience.

On June 28th, 2018, yardenthusiast changed the rating from negative to positive and added the following: Fast Growing Trees really went out of their way to correct the problem that originally I had experienced with two online orders of dogwood trees. Those initial orders had resulted in my receipt of basically dead trees, due entirely, I could see, to poor shipment practices. The trees had been grown wonderfully well, but then not packed properly. This company then contacted me via email and sent three replacement trees, going the extra mile to see that each tree was a superb specimen (more costly than the original little trees I had paid for) and also that they were packed just perfectly. Despite the start of summer heat, all three replacement trees arrived in wonderful, healthy, fine condition. I am so amazed at how greatly Fast Growing Trees responded and greatly appreciate the excellent replacements of my original dogwood trees. I'll gladly do business again anytime with this fine company. Thanks!
Company representative comment on June 19, 2018:
On Jun 19, 2018 11:53 AM, Fast-Growing-Trees (formerly Empress Tree Nurseries, Paulownia Supply & responded with:

We are terribly sorry to here that you have had some issues with your dogwoods. These trees are not bare-root so if it came out of the pot we are very sorry and will look into why that happened. Transit during extreme heat can take a toll on a living plant from time to time which is why we do our best to ensure it arrives in good condition but understand that there is chance it may not. If it doesn't though you are covered under our 30 day Happy and Healthy guarantee that covers your plants should you not be satisfied with them no questions asked. Our customer care manager will be reaching out to you so we can get your issues resolved today and again are very sorry that you had an unpleasant experience and we hope that you will give us another chance in the future!

On Jun 23, 2018, ejefferies (3 reviews) from Tryon, NC

Once again, I believed FGT's ads for free shipping, then was charged shipping: The way to get free shipping is to enter the code they provide. The problem starts when there's no obvious place to enter the cde and they don't show the shipping charges until after you have provided your credit card and checked out. IF you notice after check out that you have paid a substantial shipping charge, you can complain; IF you notice. IF YOU NOTICE AND COMPLAIN they'll send a refund, eventually, maybe. It is interesting that this problem is one of their pre programmed problems, so I guess I have lots of company. I wonder how many customers don't notice? I bet a lot don't notice, which even tho they say they will give me a refund is why I am leaving a negative review, I am convinced this is intentional and makes them a lot of money.

Company representative comment on June 25, 2018:
On Jun 25, 2018 7:16 AM, Fast-Growing-Trees (formerly Empress Tree Nurseries, Paulownia Supply & responded with:

We are so sorry for the troubles! In no way is this intentional. If the code is mistakenly left off for any reason and we are notified we will refund you the shipping cost. We have a field on the check page that says " apply promo code" . This is where you would enter the code. Again are very sorry if it wasn't clear and will make sure we pass along the information to our eCommerce team.

On Apr 3, 2018, SWVa (3 reviews) from Castlewood, VA

I have ordered two trees, a bing cherry and a Meyer lemon tree, from this company, and it was by far the best order-from-afar experience I've ever had with any kind of plant ("order-from-afar" and not simply "order online" because I'm older, so I'd had plenty of mail-order plants and trees before the Internet came along). I also ordered trees (one was another bing cherry) from two other companies, and those trees were not in nearly the condition as the excellent products I bought from this company. I ordered in summer, and both of the trees from Fast-Growing-Trees were fully leafed out and, in the case of the Meyer lemon, in bloom. That certainly was not the case with the other two companies, whose trees arrived with broken limbs and few leaves. The trees from Fast-Growing-Trees were very well packaged for shipment (inventively so, in fact), and I've had no problems with them since. Research the trees and the company's website before ordering. The cherry tree I ordered was grafted stock. Grafting has been done for a thousand years so as to get desirable plants onto more vigorous rootstock. This company's website has a thorough explanation and does a good job of explaining the virtues of buying grafted trees. I suspect that the review complaining of a "somewhat severe growth bend" above the "root flare" was referring to the graft. If not, then I'm unsure what to think. All I can say in looking at the negative reviews here is that the writers' experiences bear no resemblance to my own. In fact, I doubt I'll ever buy a tree from any other company if Fast-Growing-Trees has the same cultivar in stock.

On Nov 18, 2017, TNPlanter (1 reviews) from Dunlap, TN

Avoid (unless you like spending good money on subpar plants). They trees they sent me were limp noodles, had crooked trunks, and they deleted my negative comments on their website. I recently ordered 8 Autumn Blaze Maples (5-6') from My order, after shipping and planting kits, topped out at close to $1000. I was very excited about getting these trees (that had received such rave reviews on the FGT website. The shipment arrived. I had a full day of planting ahead of me, so I did a quick inspection and got started placing the trees. Each of the trees arrived with bamboo nursery stakes attached. I wasn't sure what to do about those (nothing was written about them in the planting directions, on the website, and FGT don't have weekend phone hours--when most people are out planting stuff). I left the nursery stakes on for stability while I planted them all. The first thing I noticed was that about 3-4 of the 8 trees had trunk bases that contained a somewhat severe growth bend--about 2-3 inches above the root flare. These not only gave me concern, but made angling the tree straight quite a challenge. After getting the trees planted (and looking up loads more of instructions as the planting directions provided are laughably simplistic and incompleted), I cut the small ties that held the trees to the nursery stakes. Boy was that a mistake. No fewer than 6 of the 8 trees promptly leaned over to such a degree that I grew concerned that the tree would break in half. These trees could simply not support their own weight. To make matters worse, the "planting kits" that I purchased from FGT included nylon straps that were almost completely unusable for the "sticks" that I was sent. The reason? They are so slick that they can't gain traction on the bark, so they end up sliding all the way down to the bottom of the tree. This being Saturday, I had to wait till 9am Monday to call FGT regarding the sorry specimens they had sent me. Their response was, "Why did you plant them if you didn't like them?" My response was that I had no idea until I removed the nursery stakes (which are not even mentioned in the directions) that these limp noodles were so flimsy. They gave me so much grief. Finally, they agreed to give me a partial refund. But, of course, when I left some "less than stellar" feedback on the review section of their website (with photos) they deleted the post. Now I know why these trees all have 4-5 star reviews...they delete most of the negative reviews. Buyer beware of

On Jul 13, 2017, mcrosby57 (2 reviews) from Arlington, WA

This is not a discount nursery. I only bought from them because I could not find the plants I wanted from a local nursery within a 50 mile radius. I am not so concerned about the price as I would have paid more for the convenience of getting the plants now. However, Pacific Northwest is winding down it's planting season even though we can still plant, there is not much to choose from in big box stores (Home Depot's cyclone fenced area typically in their parking lot during planting season is totally empty and locked shut). So, I ordered 3 Skyrocket Junipers and got 2. I emailed, filling out their "form". After a good 18 hours, I called them. It is Thursday. They can ship the missing Skyrocket Juniper on Sunday (?) and then it will take a week to arrive, they do not do expedited shipping even when the problem is in their error. Customer service is lacking: their mistake, LONG shipping time, they won't expedite shipping or pull faster from their inventory. They did offer to refund the one tree.......... But that's not the point. Their website claims they will do anything to make things right. Doesn't that include working hard to correct their error rather than treating it just like a normal order? We are going on vacation and will not be here to receive the plant. We counted on the plants being here before we left so we could get them in the ground and let the irrigation system keep them watered while gone. Oh well, lesson learned. Next time, I will just wait until I can get plants from a local vendor. I did not purchase the warranty, though offered several times. I am aware of the limitations and rediculousness of the warranty after reading the fine print.

On Jun 25, 2017, mlslev (1 reviews) from Arvada, CO

I experienced problems with shipping, incorrect pricing and issues with ordering as well as correct info regarding a tree. Most of my plants arrived in fairly good shape with the exception of one of the blueberry bushes. One came and it was about 12" high and had one stem with a leaf on it. The others were at least 2 ft. with tons of leaves. They insisted that a tree barely living was acceptable and to plant it. They said if it completely died in 45 days that they would replace it. The issue is that I am paying someone $38 per hour to plant. I would have to pay for it to be planted, removed and a new one planted. Also they picture large trees in the descriptions instead of what you actually get that has a trunk about 3/4" wide. For the price it's common sense that you are not getting a mature tree but for accurate advertising they should say approx what the diameter is, versus the height of the tree.

On May 22, 2017, beeplo (2 reviews) from Ithaca, NY (Zone 5a)

I've been ordering American hollies from fast growing trees for two years and I'm very happy! I've purchased 12 total and they all arrived in great shape and are doing well. I've also purchased other types of trees from them as gifts and the recipients have no complaints. It's very hard to find hollies in my area and it's even tough to find them mail order. I am happy that fast growing trees carries them and reliably ships good stock.

On Sep 28, 2016, tpleus (1 reviews) from White Plains, MD

I just placed an order and had a great experience all due to Jamula's excellent service and knowledge. She's an asset to the company and a great foot forward. 10 out of 10.

On Sep 23, 2016, rwwright (1 reviews) from Evanston, IL

Ordered what I was assured would be a very nice North Star Cherry tree in a "Drop'N'Gro" bag (dirt surrounding the roots). Received a bare root plant with a very few 2 to 3 inch long thread-like roots, a few short thin vertical branches from the root, half of which were dead and the rest partially dead with a few tiny leaves. When I called to express my dismay, I was assured "all is OK." Despite religious watering, the leaves never grew but instead gradually shriveled up and died along with the branches. My negative review posted on their website was deleted, which is their standard practice. I had to pay for a warranty (unlike other quality sites), which however only provides a credit for their site. For a vast number of similar reviews for similar experiences (~85%) see

On Aug 24, 2016, bcavender (1 reviews) from Livingston, TN

My order of five Leyland Cypress trees arrived with the pots dumped and roots showing. Packing was very weak. Nevertheless, I planted/watered them anyway as they were green. I checked on them carefully for a couple weeks and they seemed to be ok though most were barely able to hold their tops up off the ground. I went back to trim around them about 6 weeks later and four of the five were finally starting to bend upright, but one had bit the dust. When I went back to the website for the guarantee I found that they only offer a 50% store credit AND that is if you are within 45 days from the purchase date. To me six weeks is pretty much no real guarantee at all. I would expect that from a discounter, not a premium price seller. Despite 80% of their stuff growing, the plants were weak, packing was ineffective against shipping damage and their warrantee is of near zero value. My purchases from Starks Bros carried a warrantee that goes one year with a full replacement plant shipped to you and their prices are very competitive if not lower. FGT's lousy warrantee alone will force my future purchases to go to Starks. Buyer Compare Beware .... Bruce Livingston TN

On Aug 16, 2016, Paradiso_Bella (3 reviews) from Newnan, GA

My experiences with FGT has been nothing short of awesome. Their website is very user friendly, easy to navigate and ordering was a breeze. I first ordered from them June of this year. I ordered a Stella Cherry tree, a wonderful pineberry plant and a Wonderful pomegranate tree..........ALL thriving, arrived incredibly FAST and healthy as can be On Aug 13th of this year (just a few days ago) I ordered a Star fruit tree and a Blue Velvet Honeyberry bush. Aug 13th was a Saturday so my order wouldnt have went out until at least Monday of the following week. Over the weekend I decided to look again at their website and see if there might be something else I wanted and I found there was something so I ordered a Rainier cherry tree. They were having a free shipping over 99.00 special which is why I went to their site to start with for the star fruit tree. No one else was selling star fruits even close to an acceptable price so FGT gets points for having it....=) Well, I want you to know that this company is the fastest shipping one I have ever dealt with. I received a shipping notice Monday that stated my order will be arriving Tues...Aug 16! Oh my groooootness! <~~teeheehee This is one company that understands the importance of getting plant material out and in a hurry so as to minimize any stress. THAT, I can appreciate. When I received the order, I was thrilled at the packing job that was done on those plants. VERY well done. I so do appreciate the care this company has not only about their customers but the plants as well. Their packing is proof they care about the state of the plant and how it reaches its destination. FGT is not one of those companies that takes a customers money with little to no care about anything after money changes hands. THAT, is also something I can appreciate. On top of all of that, they didnt stop there. A rep emailed me care instructions of each one of those plants, not out of uncertainty of the care they would receive, but as a courtesy so that the plants would continue to receive the proper care so deserving of any plant. I have had an outstanding set of experiences with this company and will surely use them again for future plant needs. I would reccomend them as well without hesitation. Even if some problem were to occur in the future, I am not so self centered or holier than thou that I wouldnt remember these first three outstanding experiences, my very FIRST experiences with them, that I couldnt also remember that even though they have shown themselves to be of top rate and seemingly perfect, I wouldnt ever expect perfection from anyone no matter how seemingly it is because after all, we are all imperfect and have to expect imperfections at some point. These first three experiences they have shown their best to me and I am happy about that but I dont expect this every time. So with that being said, I feel confident enough in this company to do business with them again. I thank you, Fast Growing Trees(Pam *wink) for making my experiences pleasant ones...=)

On Jul 25, 2016, Jarials123 (1 reviews) from Babson Park, FL

You guys are the best!!! I have never ordered plants via online shopping for fear of what would actually arrive. I can tell you now that fear is over for me because of your company. My tree came today and as I opened it I prepared myself for a stick with a root or two and low and behold I opened a box of the greenest leaves and potted in soil. I almost jumped off my back deck. I immediately called my Mom and was raving and gushing over my new tree friend and the only nursery that I will ever order from. I plan a small orchard of fruit trees that can survive, thrive, and produce in my location. I look forward to buying them from you all. I can understand the high prices to an extent, however, I may not be at a place in my life right now to afford my very own orchard, I hope too. Even if it's one or two trees at a time. Keep up the amazing work! I thank you from my soul and I plan on making a slid show of my tree friends growth and posting it everywhere! Thank you so so so much, John Rials

On Jun 3, 2016, HM2015 (8 reviews) from Bristow, VA

Posted on May 13, 2016, updated June 3, 2016 Posted on May 13, 2016, updated May 13, 2016 Posted on May 5, 2016, updated May 13, 2016 Posted on May 28, 2015, updated May 5, 2016 Posted on May 28, 2015, updated May 28, 2015 Posted on April 12, 2015, updated May 28, 2015 Posted on April 10, 2015, updated April 12, 2015 I purchased approximately 10-12 trees a few weeks ago. The service and delivery were very fast, and for the most part, I was happy with the trees. However, my Glen Mango tree promptly turned brown, as did my ice cream banana tree. Also, I was supposed to receive a mature 5-6, well branched quince tree, and what I received was a 5-6 foot whip, with absolutely no branches whatsoever, a complete disappointment as the reason I ordered from FGT was the marketing of "quick fruiting, or fruiting in the first season," prominently written on all their pages. I had also ordered a 4-in-one apple tree, but was sent two 4-in-one cherries. They did send an apple tree, and customer service was friendly. I am disappointed in the mango and banana trees, and hope the make it. However, I am more disturbed by the immature quince tree I was sent for $65 versus the "well-branched, more mature" tree I had expected based on their literature. I purchased the one year warranty on all the trees, thus can get a replacement for the above, I suppose. But, it is disappointing, as quince happens to be one of my favorite fruits. I will change the review if I have any difficulties, or if my trees regroup and grow back.

On April 12th, 2015, HM2015 added the following: I have to say I am very, pleasantly, surprised by FGT's customer service!!!! They followed up with me the very next day after this post to explain that my quince tree looked like it was 2-years old, and should branch out in the next year. They also offered to replace the tree if it has not branched out. I am still disappointed that I didn't get a more mature tree, because I thought I was purchasing one several years old, but the customer service is delightful. Such a pleasure to deal with people like this!!! Congratulations on having such a wonderful and proactive team, FGT!!!!
On May 28th, 2015, HM2015 changed the rating from neutral to positive and added the following: I am changing my rating to positive,,as mentioned earlier. FGT's staff have been amazing in terms of their courtesy, professionalism and helpfulness!!! The staff have replaced the mango tree, which unfortunately never turned green again. They sent an extra nectarine tree, because the the three-in-one fruit cocktail only had two fruits grafted.They replaced a fig tree which never came out of dormancy. And, they are going to replace the quince tree, which, alas, succumbed to cedar rust. Each time I called, the staff was truly professional, courteous, and were sincere in their desire to help. I forget the names of the customer service reps for the most part, but remember Amber, Jaime (?), Shaina ?) all of whom we're amazing. But, ALL of their staff has been amazing in their assistance and sincere desire to make the client happy. All my other trees are doing beautifully and they all broke dormancy and are lovely to look at. My 4-in-1 apple tree unfortunately developed cedar rust on two of the grafts, which I pruned back, and hope they will grow back again. My peaches have peaches!!!!!! Yum!!!!!!!!! If you all need good-sized, mature trees, you can't go wrong with FGT and Willis Orchards, another orchard from where I ordered more mature trees. My first time with fruit trees, and I have gone crazy because of the fabulous trees from these two places, and the customer service rep and attention to client needs. I know I sound effusive, but I have a consulting business, and am always trying to preach the importance of customer service and client satisfaction. FGT- you have a client for life!!! I will always recommend your services. Thank you! Hatice Bristow, VA
On May 28th, 2015, HM2015 added the following: I am changing my rating to positive,,as mentioned earlier. FGT's staff have been amazing in terms of their courtesy, professionalism and helpfulness!!! The staff have replaced the mango tree, which unfortunately never turned green again. They sent an extra nectarine tree, because the the three-in-one fruit cocktail only had two fruits grafted.They replaced a fig tree which never came out of dormancy. And, they are going to replace the quince tree, which, alas, succumbed to cedar rust. Each time I called, the staff was truly professional, courteous, and were sincere in their desire to help. I forget the names of the customer service reps for the most part, but remember Amber, Jaime (?), Shaina ?) all of whom we're amazing. But, ALL of their staff has been amazing in their assistance and sincere desire to make the client happy. All my other trees are doing beautifully and they all broke dormancy and are lovely to look at. My 4-in-1 apple tree unfortunately developed cedar rust on two of the grafts, which I pruned back, and hope they will grow back again. My peaches have peaches!!!!!! Yum!!!!!!!!! If you all need good-sized, mature trees, you can't go wrong with FGT and Willis Orchards, another orchard from where I ordered more mature trees. My first time with fruit trees, and I have gone crazy because of the fabulous trees from these two places, and the customer service rep and attention to client needs. I know I sound effusive, but I have a consulting business, and am always trying to preach the importance of customer service and client satisfaction. FGT- you have a client for life!!! I will always recommend your services. Thank you! Hatice Bristow, VA
On May 5th, 2016, HM2015 added the following: I am writing to add further detail to my original reviews. First, the customer service with FGs is amazing. I have never had any issues when I have called, the staff have been pleasant, knowledgeable and proactive. And, they provide fantastic service! My citrus trees died, so I needed to get them replaced. Despite the fact that it was past the warranty period, Tonya went ahead and issued me a credit. For my mango tree, too. Then, I had forgotten that I needed to get my quince tree replaced, because last year, the tree had gotten rust disease. I had completely forgotten about the quince, and when I called in today, Alicia promptly ordered another one and will be sending a replacement tomorrow. Thank you, FGT! You all rock!!! I am telling all my friends. :) and, in fact,,promised my ten-year old niece that I am going to buy her some trees, so we can "garden" together! Hatice
On May 12th, 2016, HM2015 changed the rating from positive to neutral and added the following: I am downgrading to neutral. I received the replacement Meyer and eureka lemon trees. These trees were $80 and $90 respectively. I was supposed to get mature trees ready to fruit, and I received two thin trunked, twiggy trees, just barely developing branches, which need to be pruned, leaving the trees essentially one badic branch. When I called to complain. I was told that they sold the trees by height, and if they were at least three feet, then I was sent what was described. Ah, no, when I read that these trees are mature trees and give fruit the first year or season, I expect mature trees, not thin, spindly stemmed one or one in half year old trees. I was told to give the trees a chance. Okay, I repotted them and am giving them a chance. We will see. If they don't grow significantly nor produce flowers or fruit, I am downgrading to negative. In addition, I still have never received my "mature" quince tree, and now I understand they will not get it in. They said they will give me a store credit.
On May 12th, 2016, HM2015 added the following: I am downgrading to neutral. I received the replacement Meyer and eureka lemon trees. These trees were $80 and $90 respectively. I was supposed to get mature trees ready to fruit, and I received two thin trunked, twiggy trees, just barely developing branches, which need to be pruned, leaving the trees essentially one badic branch. When I called to complain. I was told that they sold the trees by height, and if they were at least three feet, then I was sent what was described. Ah, no, when I read that these trees are mature trees and give fruit the first year or season, I expect mature trees, not thin, spindly stemmed one or one in half year old trees. I was told to give the trees a chance. Okay, I repotted them and am giving them a chance. We will see. If they don't grow significantly nor produce flowers or fruit, I am downgrading to negative. In addition, I still have never received my "mature" quince tree, and now I understand they will not get it in. They said they will give me a store credit.
On June 3rd, 2016, HM2015 changed the rating from neutral to positive and added the following: I am changing my rating to positive, again. I was not able to receive the quince tree, as they no longer have any in stock and am still not thrilled with the size of the citrus trees. But, the staff and customer service people are so pleasant and courteous, I can't in good conscience, give them anything but high marks. The trees are advertised as " fruiting in the first year (the ones I purchased, at least) but, outside of my peach tree, the others have shown no signs of providing any fruit yet. This is the second year. But, the trees are healthy, and seem to be thriving. Customer service reps are always pleasant and easy to talk with. They constantly update their records, so I am not always looking for my order number or such. Thank you, FGT staff.

On Jun 2, 2016, Arfhinch (1 reviews) from New Lenox, IL

What great service, ordered five plants but a couple were damaged in transit. sent new plants the same day. Very polite very professional, will be using them again and recommending them to friends. Old fashioned service with quality products.

On May 27, 2016, MarieAkhurst (2 reviews) from Lancaster, PA

The tree they sent was big (for a mail order tree) and healthy. The reason I'm giving a negative is because of a problem with their 'everbearing mulberry tree' advertising as well as their lack of ethics. The web page title says 'everbearing' yet the html line faintly indicates 'black beauty', a tree with different dimensions. There are questions below on the pg. that also indicate the confusion of what species of mulberry this is. Just after ordering I noticed the faint html line and then the questions below which caused me to suspect their info may not be accurate. I asked and was told in emails that the tree is a dwarf and would remain small but when I called a plant specialist and spoke with Lisa, she was unsure and stated to me that 'the rumor was it is an Illinois Everbearing' (40'x 40' at least) but she would try to call the grower for accurate info. She called later to confirm it was a 'black beauty' mulberry (small tree). I told her I was not confident taking this verbally as we would face a thousand + dollars in tree removal if she was wrong so could she send me an email to confirm the type and mature dimensions. She sent me an email with a dogwood in the subject line and the email was only the copied and pasted info from the 'mystery mulberry' pg. This was not helpful or firm proof of what type of tree I had. So I told her I did not trust the accuracy and wanted to ship it back at their cost and with no restocking fee (usually 25% or so). She argued but I pointed out this was not buyer's remorse as I would glady keep the tree, IF I could get something written to indicate the variety and mature dimensions. After some arguing, she offered to reimburse return shipping and give me a full refund. I wrote an email to her confirming our conversation with her offers the day prior to shipment. Upon receipt of the returned tree FGT did issue a full refund for the original purchase price and shipping but refused to reimburse for the return shipping, as guaranteed by Lisa the previous day. I am in process of having something done about this but wanted others to know about this experience so they can judge for themselves if they want to do business with a company that says one thing but does another. I want FGT to know that I had been very happy with the fast shipping and the quality of the tree sent to me so I would have continued buying from them had they handled the disagreement over a mere $31 by following thru with Lisa's promise but because of their poor ethics with my case, they will now lose out on quite alot of profit and may be forced to reimburse the shipping anyway. I have photos of the web pg and copies of all emails. FGT, the sign of a good business is how it treats it's customers when things don't go as planned. FYI.

On May 13, 2016, jasejohnson1980 (1 reviews) from Joplin, MO

I saw an advertisement for fast-growing-trees and that the tree would be superior to other trees I could purchase elsewhere due to the fact that they are grafted and pruned so they would produce excellent fruit and be much less worrisome than anything that I would find at the local big box store. I have to be honest, the price seemed high but I have found that you get what you pay for so I made my selection for the semi-dwarf red haven peach tree. I was impressed in the ease of my purchase as all of my questions were answered during the purchase process. I was told to expect my tree in a well packaged box in about three days. I anxiously awaited the arrival of my tree and had great expectations of what I would be receiving. Once I received my package I found that the tree was boxed well but there was definitely something wrong with my tree. I noticed the leafless limbs and buds were very dry, and the general feel of the tree was not that of a tree that was dormant and ready to come out of its winter sleep to intensely grow to the anticipated superior tree I felt I was promised. I read the instructions of how to express my concerns with the condition of my tree and received a detailed and professional e-mail from customer service in response of my online inquiry the next morning. After reporting my findings by a quick assessment I was told (the same day) they would make my situation good right away by sending a replacement tree. Upon receiving the second tree, I again was not satisfied as this tree also was dead upon arrival and I followed the procedures I previously followed from tree number one. Upon receiving a response from Customer service, I noticed a much different tone in my response e-mail. This time, I could tell on behalf of FGT, “My” customer service professional was very sorry for my troubles and appreciated my patience with my unsatisfactory products and she assured me she would make me happy customer. Upon my second replacement, I just received a very beautiful third tree that is exactly what I had felt I was promised with a couple of perks this time for my trouble. I’m an understanding kind of guy and know you can’t put a guarantee on any living thing as “stuff” happens. I thoroughly feel fast-growing-tree is a great company to purchase your plants from because of their exceptional products they offer and possibly the most important part of the company, their customer service team. Thank you Rachael for making me a happy customer!

On May 8, 2016, shaodk (1 reviews) from Andover, MA

I ordered 1 english and 1 black walnut trees from FGT's. The english was the pollinator and the order was reversed. Contacted customer service and they are great! Shipped out a replacement immediately. Thank you for making the customer the top priority. I wish more companies were like you guys! Both trees are doing well and look forward to ordering again.

On Apr 20, 2016, RichfromNH (4 reviews) from Nashua, NH

I got a cold hardy banana(what a nice plant for the yard) and I was worried I killed it by how I prepared it for the winter. They gave me detailed instructions for care and assured me that should the tests they gave me to perform fail and that the tree wouldn't survive, my $2.50 warranty I paid for last year would activate a replacement. They didn't hesitate to offer this and I love a company that stands by their products. Great customer service! Especially Lisa who was very thorough in explaining where I erred in my plans. I definitely will consider doing business with them in the future and feel you would be served well to do the same.

On Apr 14, 2016, rddjgarden (14 reviews) from Bristol, FL

I ordered 2 trees which arrived well packaged and healthy a few days later. Status updates about the order and information about the trees before they arrived were helpful. I would order from Fast Growing Trees again.

On Apr 14, 2016, sla_eo (1 reviews)

Great customer service. My product went into backorder after I already placed my order and customer service rep worked with me to find a resolution. Will definitely order from them again.

On Apr 13, 2016, mwmetcalf1 (1 reviews) from Corry, PA

we have been ordering trees from fast growing trees for the last 3 years. there choices, trees and prices are great. even better when you time it right for 50% off. i have had to call to customer service twice, not for issues but questions. the staff is polite, hopeful and knowledgeable. i highly recommend this place. -mike

On Apr 7, 2016, brendagray890 (1 reviews) from Beaumont, TX

I ordered 2 trees for my daughter's birthday. Of course, I put down the wrong address and FGT's caught it quickly and emailed me to call them. Tree's arrived and I had a problem with my worries, after speaking to Lisa on several occasions, we resolved the issue. She is very knowledgeable about her job and represents the company very professionally and adds customer friendly service. Lisa was very kind to me and walked me thru everything encouraging me and advising me. We need more kindness and I can't wait to order more trees this fall. A customer forever or until my yard, my daughters yard or my friends yards are full of your trees. But most of all...thank you for your kindness!

On Apr 4, 2016, AnaDRoz (1 reviews) from Monroe, NC

Ordered three citrus trees-- Meyers Lemon, lime and orange--. Ordered on Wednesday and they were received on Friday. I'm in NC so items were close by apparently. The trees were all healthy looking and above the size I had ordered. The lime tree had some white coating on it and I immediately emailed and sent pictures to office to determine if there was something wrong with tree; ie., fungus. This was late on Friday, early monday morning I had a response from Elvis (already ahead of the game), explaining that this was residue from the water they use to water the plants, calcium. I have already planted them in pots and all three already have buds. I can't wait to see these beauties blooming and producing fruit. If anything goes wrong, I'll come back and report.

On Mar 25, 2016, jagrogan (8 reviews) from Somerset, KY (Zone 6b)

Posted on March 21, 2014, updated March 25, 2016 I bought 2 trees, a key lime and blood orange citrus, 4 - 5 foot high. They arrived in good shape but either they were shipped with a spider mite infestation or they picked one up in the house and dropped all their leaves. So I've been waiting for new leaves and no such luck but two new branches are growing at the base of the blood orange trunk. Disappointed I asked if they would replace and they said yes, just buy the guaranty and so I will. They'll even wait till I move next week to a new house and hopefully avoid a spider mite problem again. I've very thankful to them, I don't have a big income and wouldn't have been able to replace the trees otherwise. I'd recommend them. Thanks Fast Growing Trees!

On March 25th, 2016, jagrogan added the following: Well I have ordered 6 citrus trees from them and what they are is about a 3 - 4 foot citrus branch grafted on a citrus root that is used for grafting. The main job you'll have to getting these trees to look good and produce as potted plants is to drench them in water daily (like the rains of Orlando when I liked there as a child) all year round except in winter when you'll do so weekly in your bathtub or by carrying them out on the front porch, especially in places in the winter were they can't survive. You'll also one to January - June feed them a dilute solution of the cheapest 'Miracle Grow' type fertilizer you can afford. With that your trees should evenually root really well and have good top growth that you can prune the tree into a nice shape with and that will produce lots of flowers and fruit. And it's true the flowers do smell do good you can't help but turn you head towards them walking by and it's doesn't matter which type of citrus although the calamondin oranges are the most prolific producers and make a good jelly or juice orange with added sugar or if you are like me and like sour the flesh is sour while the peel is sweet so you can eat right of the tree without peeling. They are a bit like a sweet kumquat. The grafts and roots are well established when you order them and to date in the 2 years I've had the trees I have eaten about 50 calamondin oranges, 6 Meyer lemons, 3 grapefruits, 1 blood orange but as of yet no mandarin oranges. So it's pretty clear they've sent my health and productive trees that have survived as I figure out how to care for these trees in a non-nursery environment. That is less sun in winter and less water in winter. In fact my huge calamondin orange that was basically making beautiful flowers and mini-sour oranges year round had a severe branch dry-out and die back this past winter and I'm like should I order another or try to get this one to grow back? I decided to try to get it to grow back by concentrating on drenching it in water more frequently, all year round and using weak fertilizer solutions weekly. And that will like the trees grow in a growth pattern more suitable as potted plants in Zone 6b and not a sunny nursery in Zone 7 or Zone 8. So these citrus trees definately need as much sun as you can get them and to be drenched in water weekly in winter and daily the rest of the year. Feed them water soluable fertilizer January - June. I will order a key lime and a naval orange still yet from this company and that will give me 8 potted citrus and that's enough. (and quite a bit of heavy lugging around of pots in spring and fall. :-)

On Mar 17, 2016, lopusa (1 reviews) from Brunswick, GA

The plants are very overpriced, much smaller than local garden centers. Unlike Home Depot, Lowes etc, there is no guarantee unless you pay extra. Shipping is extremely expensive. Worst of all I have had a number of plants die, yet despite paying for a guarantee I cannot get a refund. (unlike almost every other plant and seed company, including mail order) Why not? I can only get a store credit, but guess what! I will now be charged shipping for replacement plants. Wish I'd never got involved with this company. Stay away!

On Jan 26, 2016, koms1016 (1 reviews) from Houston, TX

I have ordered about a 6-7 trees from this site, and I have to say that my experience hasn't been so good. I ordered an apple, peach, mango and blueberry bushes. The apple and peach didn't survive long, for which they sent a replacement. The new apple is doing well, but the peach isn't. The mango dropped all it's leaves, and is dead, and I have made many attempts to contact them to no avail. The same with the blueberry trees...all dead twice and nobody gets back to me. They have decent pricing but I have yet to experience the amazing quality or customer service others have. I want to order several more trees, but am weary of this site due to my experience.

Company representative comment on January 27, 2016:
On Jan 27, 2016 4:15 PM, Fast-Growing-Trees (formerly Empress Tree Nurseries, Paulownia Supply & responded with:

We are terribly sorry to hear this. Per our records we have responded to all correspondence with the customer and show no other emails that were not responded too.We strive in making sure that all of our customers are responded to within 48 hours of receiving. We have also been in contact with the customer and feel that we have come to a mutual resolution to the customers concerns.

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