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On Oct 22, 2008, mochimo (3 reviews) from MIddle Blue,

I have been ordered some seeds and seedling of the Licuala palm from them. I have got nice services, quick responses via email, and I have got nice little extra item on my parcels. I was hope they will add the germination clue on their packadge for added value for them I think I will order again in the future

On Jun 24, 2007, rockymountain (3 reviews) from vancouver,

I have heard good things about this company from nursery friends of mine and they carry some of Malesiana tropicals' plants such as Nepenthes and Alocasia. I have the opportunities to see these plants when they first arrive to Canada all the way from Borneo. They are fairly small but healthy plants. They need a couple seasons to get established and time to pot them up and accustom them in the greenhouse is very crucial. Taken all these into account, I think ordering them online is a breeze and the customer service is excellent. My first order is in process and it does take time and I recommend at least 2 months before you want to see the plants: first apply for Import permit from home country and then order online, then a quick and good confirmation from Malasiana Tropicals, and they will start applying the export permit and phytosanitary cert within about 4 weeks. I am not taking the chance of waiting for a shippment on this end having had experience with courier, custom and bare-rooted plants in general, this time I am travelling to Kuching Borneo to pick up the plants myself as I am just happening to be there on a trip. So the bare-rooted plants will be back home within less than 2 days then potted up nicely. Let's hope for that.

On August 25th, 2007, rockymountain added the following: August 2007, I went to Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysian Borneo to attend the Nepenthes Summit 2007 and also to pick up my plant order from Malesiana Tropicals. Their plant display was fantastic and my order of Alocasia and Amorphophallus plants is perfect. The plants are big and beyond expectation. The care and detail went into the packing were exceptional and the paperwork all done well. There were no problem carrying the plants back at all, I had them with me on the 4 flights, after a 20-hour journey, I potted them up and they look amazing fresh. I strongly suggest taking the trouble of picking up the plants and flying with them instead of waiting for them in the mail to cut down the cost of postage, or getting stuck at custom etc. It is also a great opportunity to visit the beautiful places in Sarawak. I am very happy about their service and the quality of the plants and all their good work with conservation of Sarawak's bio-diversity.

On Jun 9, 2006, dandelione (6 reviews) from whistler,

I ordered a number of plants from this place a few months ago took over 12 weeks to get here and they were all dead all 60 plants. The price of plants were very attractive (ie. cheap) I bought a lot of plants. I figure that the reason is due to the simple fact that they shipped out very VERY SMALL plants (nepenthes) that were packaged along with sopping wet towellettes. The water was too much in each of the plant bags and thus all the plants were dead (slimey and black) upon arrival. They wouldn't give me my money back, but said they would apply a credit to a future order. I thought the lengthy delay was due to the shipping, but in fact it was Malesiana who took their time. I would never give them my business again, and am very disappointed in their lack of business ethics and a misleading website - showing large plants...when in fact, they send out tiny newly tissue cultured plantlets...smaller than the size of your baby finger nail!

On Feb 10, 2006, Hillbilly_Gran (23 reviews) from Jasper, AR (Zone 7a)

I ordered from this company October 06, they say there is a 4 week turn around for permits to be processed. Prices are reasonable, but with their minimum $50 order expect to spend that amount in shipping as well. Plants were not shipped until 28 November. Kinda scary--sending tropicals that late in the year, especially during the crush of Christmas packages. Plants ended up being alternately "lost" by DHL or held up by customs in Los Angeles for a month. When I received them all were dormant and many were dead. I am not sure how many will actually survive to break dormancy. I took pictures and sent to them as required. I was told that if I were to place another order the lady would ask her supervisor "if she could send me replacements". That some plants survived is a credit to the quality of the plants they send. Their "oh well, not our fault" attitude toward the loss of others leaves something to be desired. Only order from them IF you can afford to take the financial loss. I will seriously re-think future orders no matter how badly I want the plants!

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