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On Jun 24, 2006, frodo922 (1 reviews) from Waterloo, IL

Negative was the worst rating I could give. I was sent the wrong wheels and when I contacted them, they said to mail the old ones back and they would be replaced. Two months after mailing them back - no replacement wheels nor will they not return any of my e-mails. I just sent my fifth e-mail to Debbie, Ty, and customerservice (there's a joke). asking for some kind of response. Should have checked their credentials first!!!!!

On August 16th, 2006, frodo922 added the following: Update after 4 and a half months - I have received a few e-mails and was told that the wheels were shipped. I asked for the tracking number (7/9/2006) and have not received it or the wheels. I lodged a complaint with the Oregon Department of Justice on 8/16/2006. FYI - // The only plus was they did get my mower blades right. Customer support after the sale is sorely lacking.

On Jun 13, 2006, jrcocheba (1 reviews) from Mount Vernon, WA

This store is a complete fraud. I have tried contacting them over 10 times through their "customer service"... no response whatsoever. They have no contact phone number and are unlisted in their local phone directory. A miriad of bad reviews on the internet to boot. I feel like a fool for not have done my research better before purchasing. My bank is currently inverstigating them for fraud.

On Mar 22, 2006, blackfalcon (1 reviews) from Shepherdsville, KY

I ordered three mower blades for my lawn tractor and only received one but was charged for three( March 17, 2006). I have emailed the company several times and have failed to receive a response. I am very disappointed in Green Shoes and won't be ordering anything in the future.

On Feb 18, 2006, boomdog (1 reviews) from Davison, MI

My experience started out negative due to the fact I never received a response from their customer service via email. I posted 2 questions and never received a response. I have since changed my experience to Positive since my order was filled quickly and shipped via Fedex for a Saturday delivery. I placed an order on Saturday and received my motor part on the following Saturday.

On May 17, 2005, monkth (1 reviews) from Rural Valley, PA

On April 24 2005 I ordered a minigreenhouse for my son and daughter-in-law in Redmond WA and received confirmation that the order went though. There was no mention of back order or anything and so I assumed it would be shipped in the ususal 3-5 business days. My credit card was billed for the correct amount. However, the product was not delivered. I emailed Greenshoes but received no reply at all. I then tried for an afternoon using various sources to get a phone number for them. They appear to be either unlisted or disconnected. I talked to my son last night (5/17/05) and they have still not received the product. I am very disatisfied as the growing season when you need a greenhouse will soon be over.

On Jan 31, 2005, bcristo (1 reviews) from Kawkawlin, MI

Only three out of four small engine repair parts that I ordered were delivered, though all were charged for and marked as being shipped on the packing slip. I emailed their customer service department, and have not received any acknowledgement after two weeks. I also tried to call their phone number that was listed on my credit card statement, and found that the number had been disconnected. I even called information to get a current listing for them in Salem, Oregon, and was told there was no listing.

On February 15th, 2005, bcristo changed the rating from negative to positive and added the following: It took some time, but Greenshoes finally came through. While the part that I needed was no longer available, they did send a shipping label and arranged for the return of the parts that they had sent. B.C.

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