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On Feb 28, 2006, ching (6 reviews) from Austin, TX

CAUTION!!! WARNING!!! HIGH RISK!!! I emailed to ask about the size of a one gallon Clivia. John quickly replied that the plants were flowering size. So, I ordered. Then I get an email stating that the price was wrong on his website and the Clivia was double what I paid or it! Then he sent me a link to his "Working" website, where the plant was priced even $5 more than the double price!!! I found his “broken” website from his link in his eBay auctions. The website worked perfectly all the way through the Paypal checkout, so I don't know what he means by "Working". I kindly gave him the choice to refund my money or send the plant as advertise...NOTHING! No return email, no plant, no refund. He is just keeping my money! The people who won the auctions have already received their plants. (I ordered days before the auctions ended) I will have to contact paypal about this to see what options I have. FRAUD!!! Why would he have two websites? Why doesn’t he pull the “non-working” site so this doesn’t happen again? Is it really just a trap to get you to buy, so he can raise the price to double? Don’t click the link above (under company profile) this will take you to his fake website. With all of the wonderful breeders in China that now offer their Clivia at GREAT prices on eBay, why would anyone pay his prices? I checked his eBay feedback…even he is buying some from China. I still wonder what would have happened if I would have sent more money???? Would he just try to keep that, also? I will also contact eBay about linking to his website. That was against the rules, not sure if it still is. The ONLY positive here gives you this word of caution…” A note of caution...clearly the new site is a work in progress...It's unpolished, unfinished and not the easiest to navigate. But what matters is getting what you paid for.” I received NOTHING…NOT EVEN MY MONEY BACK! It’s been about 1 year since that positive. I guess the site is STILL being worked on. I had to contact paypal to recover my cash. John was very rude and disrespectful. Ching!

On Mar 20, 2005, Magala (4 reviews) from Seattle, WA

I purchased a 5-gallon clivia and some ipheion bulbs from Floral Architecture and had them shipped to me in Washington state. John shipped large, beautiful, healthy plants exactly as his site described them. They were packaged very well, arriving in great shape and showing almost no transplant shock. I'd definitely buy from him again.

On August 8th, 2005, Magala changed the rating from positive to negative and added the following: I ordered a 5G clivia and specifically requested plants that were in bud and about to bloom. Floral Architecture confirmed that they had stock on hand that was "budding and ready to go." Healthy plants, shipped very well, but the plants shipped did not have any buds on them. FA refused to address the issue and promised buds. Two months of excellent care later, no buds have appeared. FA still refuses to address this issue in any way. After paying $100 on eBay for a garden-variety 5G clivia from them (no special colors or strains) I feel that I was ripped off and I would not order from them again.

On May 19, 2004, Ompus (4 reviews) from Miami, FL

John Ingram previously did business as Floral Artistry from the website: //www.geocities.com/floralartistry2000 Now, Mr. Ingram has a new name for his company with its own domain: //www.floralarchitecture.com/price_list1.html I bought both Stretlitzia juncea and Strelitzia reginae "Elliot's Gold" from John. Though expensive, my plants were generously sized, healthy, and, I believe, fairly priced. A note of caution...clearly the new site is a work in progress...It's unpolished, unfinished and not the easiest to navigate. But what matters is getting what you paid for, and in that category, I can certainly recommend Floral Architecture.

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