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Anioleka Seeds Company (Anioleka Seeds US)

Mailing Address:
1475 SunGlo Drive
Grants Pass, Oregon 97527 (United States)

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Positive Agrinerd
Franklin, NC (Zone 6b)
(11 reviews)
August 6, 2008
I had good luck with their US division. The seed quantities were a bit sparse, but the quality was good.
Negative badsamz
Grants Pass, OR
(2 reviews)
July 15, 2008
I live here in Grants Pass, Oregon. I can guarantee this company is a fraud and a scam. I have done a bit of "detective" work and came up with this.

Prior to 2004, Rogelands Seeds Co., AKA Anioleka, was run by a woman named Carol. She had a fantastic Ebay rating and overall feedback throughout the internet. At some point during that time, I believe she handed the company over to her son Kelly.

Kelly is an interesting guy. Keeps weird hours and doesn't like to return calls. I called and basically harassed these people for two straight days. (found the phone number in the book)

I then went to investigate. The address at 1720-A Redwood Av. Is a vacant building available for lease. The house on SunGlo Av. is a middle of the road house with the need of a lot of tlc. (run down)

They continue to operate their website and sell seeds all over the world... the problem is they don't deliver. I got my seeds because I live less than 2 miles from their house, and I am a real jerk to people who rip off customers.

I have pictures of the business for your viewing and if I can get enough people to send me their story.. I will hit the local newspaper and have them shut down for good. Please email me your story along with dates and amounts lost to this address.

[email protected]

Thanks folks and happy gardening.

On January 15th, 2009, badsamz added the following:


Geoff Darling
Chief Investigator
Financial Fraud / Consumer Protection
Oregon Department of Justice
(503) 934-4400

[[email protected]] (link to the complaint form)

keep me posted...

also, if you want to talk to these scammers personally.. here is their home phone number and address

Carl Spurling
1475 SunGlo Dr.
Grants Pass, Or 97527
(541) 474-5088
On January 15th, 2009, badsamz added the following:

Negative potatoman
Newport Beach, CA
(1 review)
May 19, 2008
This is definitely a rip-off. Like others, I ordered tomato seeds from CCNow more than 2 months ago. They told me a month ago the ordered had reshipped but I haven't gotten anything from them and I'm already harvesting my tomatoes. CCNow needs to remove these con artists from their web site.
Negative mtnjak
East Peoria, IL
(1 review)
May 11, 2008
I ordered seeds from this company on 2/11/08. I just planted my garden yesterday (5/10/08) and never received my order. I sent an email a few weeks ago and got no response. I found another email for them and sent it just minutes ago. A minute later I got the email back saying it failed to deliver it. I'm not sure what's going on with this company. Could this be a scam?
Negative denalano
Phoenix, AZ
(1 review)
March 16, 2008
I ordered seeds on 1/24/08. It's now 3/15/08 and no seeds yet.
This is a common complaint for this company.
Never again will I do business with any seed company by mail.
Negative kimoski
Rowland Heights, CA
(1 review)
December 20, 2007
I ordered seeds in November. Received an email saying the seeds were shipped Nov. 26. Today is December 19 and still no seeds. After reading the simalar posts here, I don't believe the package was lost. CCNow should drop them as a vendor.
Negative cal120
Reinholds, PA
(1 review)
October 12, 2007
Sent for seeds by Email and never received them, called to which seems to be a middle man and they said that I should have received them, and they will contact Anioleka Seeds and a Email from them will come in three days hope to get my seeds soon? Guess I made a mistake odering from this company!!!! Cal120
Negative glendalekid
Tuscaloosa, AL (Zone 7b)
(17 reviews)
May 21, 2007
On 4/27/07 I ordered two packages of seeds: Wilhite's Tendergold Watermelon and Orange Tendersweet Watermelon.

I received an email stating that my seeds had been shipped on 4/28/07. By May 10th when I had not received the seeds, I sent an email through CCNOW, the people who collect the money, asking where was my order. I did not receive an answer. On May 16th, I sent an email to the address on Anioleka's web site. The email bounced as undeliverable on May 17th.

On May 17th, I discovered the problems everyone has been having getting answers and getting orders. I should have checked Watchdog sooner = - (

Since I used my cc at PayPal to pay for this, on May 17th, I went to the PayPal web site and filed a dispute for non-performing seller. Today, May 21st, I received the seeds in the mail. They arrived from Roguelands Seeds Company, Grants Pass, Oregon - no mention of Anioleka Seeds in the paperwork.

The copy of my order, enclosed in the package, clearly shows an order date of 4/27/07 and has a red stamp on the lower half which shows a packing date of 5/18/07 - the day after I filed the PayPal dispute. They sent several small packages of "extra" seeds but no apology or explanation. Sorry, folks, not good enough.

On May 18th, I reordered the seeds. This time from J. L. Hudson. They arrived also today - shipped Friday the 18th, arrived Monday the 21st. My future orders will go to J. L. Hudson.

I believe the only reason I got my order is that I was able to file a PayPal dispute. Avoid these folks like the plague!!

Negative Chillipepper
United Kingdom
(2 reviews)
May 16, 2007
I am in the UK and have been trying for 2 months to have my order from this company delivered. My son and I have emailed on numerous occasions both from the only email they sent us and also from their website so they cannot claim we've used an incorrect email address. The company simply ignores us. They only replied to our first email. This is what they said:

"Good morning!

Please have our thanks for your order and for your inquiry.

According to our records, your order was:

18 Mar 2007 - Received
23 Mar 2007 - Order Shipped

Please remember, that as per the notification on our site, as of 10/05, all orders are now shipped from our central office here in Oregon and that we no longer maintain an office in the UK. As a general rule of thumb, most orders going to the UK typically require 10 to 14 days for delivery.

Thanks again!

Kindest Regards,

Kelley Spurling @ Roguelands Seeds Co."

There can be no excuse for the apalling way this company treats customers. Surely, the bad publicity is bound to cost more than they gain by being dishonest. I am curious to to hear their excuses but even more anxious to receive my seeds.

Does anyone know an Oregon law enforcement officer, good Samaritan or organisation willing to take up our cause? (The company is based in Oregon.) If you do, then please step forward. I would like all victims of this comany to join me in informing as many people and organisations as possible about the activities of seedfest (aka Roguelands Seeds Company and Anioleka Seeds Company/Anioleka Seeds ). Get friends, family and online acquaintances etc. to help you send out emails. Put up notices on noticeboards at college/uni. When you do, be sure to mention my order no. 149-31-2631 and direct people to:

[[email protected]]

Another dissatisfied customer: //

I've contacted most of these and ask that you do the same:

1) // , which hosts their website.
I told them about my experience with seedfest, asked them to contact them on my behalf and requested they stop hosting the site. When you access this site, press:

'contact us' (bottom of screen)
'online support system'
'submit a ticket'
'general questions'
See: //

2) // , which accepts credit card payments on their behalf

3) //
The 'contact us' button is at the bottom of the screen

4) Oregon State Police, Email: mailto:[email protected]

5) mailto:[email protected]

6) Oregon Sheriff, Email: mailto:[email protected]

7) Better Business Bureau, Email: mailto:[email protected]
BBB have given a most helpful response and have written to seedfest on my behalf.

8) The publishers of K. D. Spurling (director of seedfest), // Email: mailto:[email protected]

9) // , Email: [email protected] of which K.D. Spurling is a member

10) Any Oregon newspapers and/radio stations I can find

The owner of one of their website links has had the same done to him with his second order from them. I intend to contact every link on the seedfest site to inform them about what the company has done to me and other customers and ask them to instruct the company to remove their link from the seedfest site. I've also written several negative reviews about seedfest on various websites and will continue to do so until my seeds arrive with an apology.

Let me know if you dig up any more dirt about this company or find any organisations worth contacting.

Please feel free to copy this and send it to seedfest mentioning my order no. 149-31-2631 as I want them to know what I'm doing. I will continue to wage war against Rogueands Seeds Company (seedfest) until either I get my seeds along and an apology or the company closes.
On June 25th, 2008, Chillipepper added the following:


Aliases:, Roguelands Heirloom Vegetable Seeds Company, Eggplant, Cheap etc. (too many to list)

My reply to customers who've asked me for help:

Send your story including all relevant details to Oregon State Police (this company's local police force) at one of these addresses:

[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]

The police helped me sort out my problems with this company.

Also inform the police about the numerous complaints against this company on the internet.

If you're as mad as I was you'll also want to contact the following: (Copy and paste your story where possible to avoid wasting too much time)

1) their website host
2) who accepts credit card payments on their behalf
4) Better Business Bureau [email protected]
BBB gave a helpful response and wrote to seedfest on my behalf.
5) K. D. Spurling's publishers (director of seedfest),, [email protected]
6) and [email protected] of which K.D. Spurling is a member
7) Oregon newspapers and/radio stations
8) You may even want to relate your story to the companies with links on the Anioleka site and their other sites and ask them if they would consider removing their links from the site.

Shout about it! Kick up a fuss! Get as much publicity as you can to cause massive embarassment - the only language these people comprehend.
Negative peater
United Kingdom
(1 review)
May 15, 2007
hi all,
seedfest or scamfest ?
same situation as the others, ordered seed 20 march, queried end of april to cc now, seedfest didnt bother to answer, cc now said they sorted it, and order resent ,
15 may still not a sausage, its just my personal opinion but seems ive been had ! should be reported to bbc watchdog
what u think ?
glad i only tested with small amount of money !.

On May 25th, 2007, peater added the following:

well!! il be a monkeys uncle! after mailing cc now yet again,on 14 may
and saying i intend to report the matter to federal authorities, i recieved a more personalised mail back stating that if i did not recieve seeds by 29 may they would take action.
yesterday 24 may recieved seeds +6 packets of extra seed and a few label sticks, dispatched on 17 may, what a shame, as i would have been a good customer, and as a pro horticulturist would have recommended to all and sundry !
Negative terryjl
United Kingdom
(2 reviews)
April 21, 2007
I ordered seeds from this company too that I have never received despite being told that they have been sent out twice. They are now ignoring my emails so I thought I would contact ccnow the site that I used to pay for them. On there website it says that they will refund the money if the customer doesn't receive the goods, but despite numerous emails ccnow is not replying to any of my emails either. Anybody else had any problems with ccnow??. After searching on google I found a phone number listed for carol spurling 1475 sun glo dr (541)474-5088, does anybody know if this is them??
Negative superwag
United Kingdom
(1 review)
February 7, 2007
Same situation as other messages posted here.

Ordered seeds last year, contacted CCNow who e-mailed seedfest, who sent an e-mail and promised re-order had been shipped.

Three times and still not received goods paid for by paypal.

Has anyone contacted their local police department to check them out and see if this is just inefficiency or something bad?

The different use of names of the business is strange.

Maybe the most important is to get them checked out professionally and if they cannot cope with the orders then the buy online facility should be taken away to prevent people losing money.

Shame the seeds looked great.

The UK operation as described has gone back to the US.
Negative momol
(3 reviews)
January 22, 2007
We have ordered several types of seed from Anioleka seed company during late November 2006,after a while we sent them a mail asking for the seed where about and several days later we receive an answer saying it is on it's way but ofcourse it didn't. We sent them 2 more mail again in within the month of January 2007 but no reply what so ever and the seeds never arrive.
Positive chicochi3
Fayetteville, AR (Zone 6b)
(20 reviews)
December 18, 2006
Ordered seeds from their UK site and they were delivered within a week's time from their US location in Oregon. A free bonus was included. Very pleased with this company.
Negative Tularosa
Tularosa, NM
(1 review)
November 18, 2006
I ordered some squash and tomato seeds several months ago. When they did not arrive within a reasonable time and I found that I had been billed for them (by, I called ccnow and they promptly contacted Anioleka Seeds, also doing business as Rougelands Seeds and Anioleka, Seedfest or whatever, said the order had been lost and a replacement order was on its way. It never arrived. After three "the seeds are in the mail" messages over as many months I finally gave up and asked that refund my money, which they did promptly. I would prefer to think that these people are not dishonest, only grossly incompetent.
Negative YUJI
(2 reviews)
June 23, 2006
The Worst Seed Company in the World!!
Though I ordered this seeds company April 2006 .They never send seeds to me , and No answer to my emails.
They have to go jail.

Wanted !! Carol Spurling
1475 SunGlo Drive, Grants Pass, Oregon 97527.
Negative marrowman
United Kingdom
(3 reviews)
May 31, 2006
I ordered seeds in feb 2006 and still have not arrived. I have e-mailled countless times but no satisfaction(apart from one automated stock reply). As I paid via paypal I tried to get a refund but even though I won the dispute(they did not respond to paypal) paypal was unable to recover money from their account. so be warned even paying this way is not completely safe. So I'm now out of pocket and cheesed off. Anioleka Seeds cannot be trusted. How this company is allowed to continue trading is beyond me.
Negative cmorningstar
United Kingdom
(4 reviews)
April 2, 2006
My experience with this company has been appalling. This company took payment in mid-February but as of yet I have not received my order, and my friendly queries have been ignored. Initially I emailed to ask if the order had been sent and they responded with a very long form letter explaining that they are overwhelmed with orders (!) and to expect delays. This company made no mention of the problems they are having before they took my money, however, and they did not respond to my request that they update their website to reflect a more realistic time frame for fullfilling their orders. As it stands, the website still claims that orders are generally filled within 48 hours.
I gave this company the benefit of the doubt and as things stand I am now out of pocket and disappointed. I have a lot of sympathy for small-scale businesses who go through the occassional glitch or bad patch, but this company continues to advertise for new business even though they are having trouble taking care of the customers they already have. There is no telephone support and they have not yet responded to my email queries.
Negative johnnyolsen
Vejle, Jylland,
(6 reviews)
November 13, 2005
I think the people behind this company have treated with no respect... In the autumn of 2004 I sent them photos for their English-based website and they promised me seeds for them in return. But I never saw the seeds and despite writing them many times to remind them nothing happened...
But you be the judge - here is some of my correspondance with them:

Subject: Pics - Green Zebra Date: Sat, 11 Sep 2004 17:47:46


After one of the coolest and wettest summers for years in Denmark, many of my tomato and pepper plants are finally with mature fruits... Luckily I am growing in a greenhouse, so the peppers performed alright, the tomatoes took their time but apart from this they also performed okay.

First, I send you pics of Marvel Stripe Tomato by which I and my family are quite impressed - The winner of the year, however, is Green Zebra - great taste and looks!

More pics to come...

Yours sincerely,

Johnny Normann Olsen
PilevŠnget 26,
7100 Vejle
Tlf.: 40578602

Subject: Re: Pics - Green Zebra Date: Sun, 19 Sep 2004 10:23:53 EDT

Hello there Johnny!

Many thanks for the nice photos! We'll be happy to have more!

Please pick yourself out a few packs of seeds (one per photo), which we'll send you for use of the photos!

Overall, Green Zebra seemed to be the winner for almost everyone this year, but us! For us, it was a new import called Budanovka which is a paste type.

Sincerest regards...
Kelley & Andrea Spurling
Anioleka Seed Co.

Subject: Re: My web-site - have a look at my peppers! Date: Sun, 26 Sep 2004 15:21:10 EDT

Hello there again Johnny!

Thank you so much for the photos! They are WONDERFUL! Please pick yourself out 24 packs of seeds! (We'll be glad to have more photos too of course, so please just send as many as you like. We have PLENTY of seed!)

We will of course, be glad also to make a trade. Besides what is available on the site, we also have a new catalogue in the U.S. with a completely different inventory to choose from soon too.

And of course, we have lots of rare seed in our breeding program that we can make available too!

I also wanted to ask you, if there are many garden centers in Copenhagen that sell seed? We are going to be going back to the U.S. in December (so we will have a much bigger place for plants and a much better climate too. For 2006, we hope to increase our catalogue up to 1000 tomatoes, 500 peppers and 150 Cucumbers!).

When we go back to the U.S., we are flying on SAS from here in Aberdeen to Norway and then to Copenhagen where we fly to Seattle (then from there back home in Oregon). We are spending a day's layover in Copenhagen, so we would like to try to obtain some local Danish seed if it is possible.

Sincerest regards...
Kelley & Andrea Spurling
Anioleka Seed Co.

Subject: Lombardo Pepper? Date: Tue, 21 Sep 2004 11:49:12

Hi again!

Just wanted to inform you that the variety "Lombardo", which I received from you this spring, turned out to be something different from what I expected... I think the variety is really "Shishito aka Sweet Wrinkled Old Man" - you can see under "Lombardo".

Yours sincerely,

Johnny Normann Olsen
PilevŠnget 26,
7100 Vejle
Tlf.: 40578602

Subject: Re: Lombardo Pepper? Date: Sun, 26 Sep 2004 15:29:07 EDT

Hello there again!

Well, I can tell you, that originally, the Lombardo seed we started with came from Franchi's Co. in Italy a few years ago. (The original seed we offered was Franchi produced) What we have raised ourselves this year has matched your photo very closely, so I think that the original grower for Franchi must have screwed the varieties up!

Thanks for the heads up! I will have to do a little research on Shishito aka Sweet Wrinkled Old Man first, but if the varying descriptions match your photo and what we grew, we will no longer offer it as Lombardo when it comes back into stock!

Sincerest regards...
Kelley & Andrea Spurling
Anioleka Seed Co.

Subject: Copenhagen activities Date: Sun, 26 Sep 2004 23:44:57

Hi Kelley & Andrea!

You asked for some advice regarding seed companies in Copenhagen... Well, I hate to say it but I think the possibilities are only very few - and maybe not worth while. In Denmark - as in most other Western countries - people rate productivity/yield of the vegetable varieties above anything else - rather 50 kilos of pretty tasteless apples than 25 kilos of delicious, tasty apples that do not live up to the ideal looks of an apple... With this I want to say that if you want something extraordinary you have to rely on local eco-companies, many of which are situated in Jutland.

But I do know a place near Copenhagen (Koege, 20 km south of Cph.) that sells live plants of chili, tomatoes, eggplants etc. They also have "Bed & Breakfast"... Many of the varieties are international well-known varieties. But maybe you can find something interesting - for example they have some Danish bred tomato varieties which are used for commercial production but still may be interesting for you... See for yourself at //

I also found a list of eco seed dealers, of which most are located in Jutland. (View attached file - the ones marked in green are located quite close to Copenhagen).

But the very best source for Danish Heirloom Seeds is the Non-profit organisation called "Frosamlerne" (The Seed Collectors). Lila Towle with american roots is head of the organisation, so she'll understand you, if you should write her... // See under "Varieties".

Enjoy your stay in Copenhagen. Hope you find something of interest!

Yours sincerely,

Johnny Normann Olsen
PilevŠnget 26,
7100 Vejle
Tlf.: 40578602

Re: Copenhagen activities Date: Sun, 3 Oct 2004 19:26:38 EDT


Thank you so much for all of the information about Copenhagen! We haven't decided what our plans are yet, but will soon!

Sincerest regards...
Kelley & Andrea Spurling
Anioleka Seed Co.

Subject: Re: My web-site - have a look at my peppers! Date: Mon, 27 Sep 2004 22:00:53
Hello once again!
I have picked 24 packs of seeds which I would like to try out next season - hoping to find some good early outdoor tomatoes amongst them. This year the weather was terrible in Denmark (actually a historical low), so many of my tomatoes did not produce very well. You are very lucky to get a little warmer climate in Oregon, wish we had a climate to match here in Denmark...
Anyhow, the seeds I would like are as follows:
Siberian Early Red Tomato (Sibirskii ranospelii)
Speckled Siberian Tomato
Russian Carrot Tomato (Morkovnii)
Kavalerovo Red Tomato (Krasnii pomidor)
Stupice Tomato
Lida Ukraine Tomato
First Pick Tomato
Caruso Green House Tomato (AKA Master Caruso Tomato )

Bradley FA Tomato
Traveler Tomato (AKA. Arkansas Traveler)

Orlov Yellow Tomato (Russian Heirloom Tomato)
Vova Yellow Tomato (Vovin Zholtii)
Golden Boy VFN OP Tomato

Golden Jubilee Tomato

Kavalerovo Sweet Paprika Pepper
Hungarian Szegedi Pepper
Pasilla Bajio Pepper

Anaheim Chile Pepper

Golden Bantam Corn

Japanese Mizuna
Red Romaine Lettuce
Ruby Red Leaf Lettuce
Buttercrunch Lettuce
Henderson's Black Seeded Simpson Lettuce

Thanking in advance!

Yours sincerely,

Johnny Normann Olsen
PilevŠnget 26,
7100 Vejle
Tlf.: 40578602

Subject: Re: Happy New Year from Denmark! Date: Tue, 18 Jan 2005 17:34:19
Sounds good! If you want me to send you pepper seeds, just take a look on my web-site and e-mail me - I may not have that many seeds of some varieties, but feel free to choose any varieties you may want...
This is the path to my peppers: - "Fyto-templet" - "Chili & peberfrugt..." - "capsicum sortsoversigter" - "Komplet sortsoversigt".
Kind regards!

Johnny Normann Olsen
PilevŠnget 26,
7100 Vejle
Tlf.: 40578602

Subject: Re: Happy New Year from Denmark! Date: Thu, 30 Dec 2004 12:27:02 EST


Wonderful! Just the guy I was hoping to hear from!

We had an OS crash back in early November and lost ALL of our emails, address books, etc. Consequently, we had completely lost your last list, email address and mailing address (short of going through a mountain of old invoices that are arranged only by month!)

Thanks for re-sending everything. We are a little bit behind at the moment, but I will get these out to you ASAP!

Hope Christmas was wonderful! Best wishes for 2005!

Kindest Regards ....

Kelley & Andrea

Subject: My window sill is ready... :=) Date: Thu, 03 Feb 2005 23:48:40

Hi Kelley & Andrea!

A few weeks ago you told that you would send me seeds ASAP, but maybe you forgot, so I have just sent you the list once again as it is very soon time to start this years seedlings.
In accordance with your email below from september last year, I have picked 24 packs of seeds as a trade for those photos I have sent you this fall:

Nero di Toscana Kale
Magenta Sunset Chard
Wild Rocket
Cultivated Rocket
Apollo Rocket
Early Wonder Beet
Japanese Mizuna
Tatsoi or Rosette Pak Choy
Siberian Early Red Tomato (Sibirskii ranospelii)
Speckled Siberian Tomato
Russian Carrot Tomato (Morkovnii)
Kavalerovo Red Tomato (Krasnii pomidor)
Stupice Tomato
Traveler Tomato (AKA. Arkansas Traveler)
Orlov Yellow Tomato (Russian Heirloom Tomato)
Vova Yellow Tomato (Vovin Zholtii)
Golden Boy VFN OP Tomato
Golden Jubilee Tomato
Kavalerovo Sweet Paprika Pepper
Golden Bantam Corn
Red Romaine Lettuce
Ruby Red Leaf Lettuce
Buttercrunch Lettuce
Henderson's Black Seeded Simpson Lettuce

Thanking in advance with best wishes for a great garden year!

Yours sincerely!

Johnny Normann Olsen
Pilevaenget 26,
7100 Vejle

Subject: Re: Please... Date: Thu, 24 Feb 2005 08:30:50 EST

Hello there Johnny!

We're really buried right now (as we have been for MONTHS), but we'll try to get you fixed up this weekend at the latest!

Kindest Regards ....

Kelley & Andrea in Scotland

Anioleka Seeds
(UK Office) -

Anioleka Seeds
(US Office) -

Positive tbeck
Chualar, CA
(2 reviews)
March 21, 2005
Chualar, CA. I placed an order in January 2005 and had not received it as of March. I checked out this website and sent an email. I noticed that all of the negative comments were around the same time I had ordered from the UK and they were having Mail problems. I called the US Division in Oregon and talked to Carol. She was very nice and said she would help me. So now I am waiting to see what happens.
On March 23rd, 2005, tbeck changed the rating from neutral to positive and added the following:

Okay, I got my seeds today from the UK. It was strange, no return address or correspondence but I got my seeds and am happy. In the future I will order from the US site.
Positive Chevere33
Plymouth, IN
(4 reviews)
March 12, 2005
This company responded quickly to my inquiry about their UK component---the UK company hadn't responded to e-mails and was having problems, and Carol from the US apologized and quickly got my order to me, with a few substitutions (with my permission) and some extra seeds for my trouble. I would not hesitate to order FROM THE US site, but I would not use the UK site due to the problems they are having.
On March 21st, 2005, Chevere33 added the following:

I also wanted to comment on the quality of the seeds. Many were germinated 6 days after planting. I am now at day 11 after planting, and the germination rate is nearly 100%, so good quality seeds.

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