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We are originally (and primarily) a reptile store, but have been selling winter-hardy tropicals in Oklahoma City for several years now. We specialize in Palms, Bamboo, Bananas, Yuccas and Cactus that can survive in central Oklahoma, Zone 7, with minimal or no protection. We also mail order some of the smaller palms, palm seeds and cacti.

posted on July 10, 2004



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On Jan 25, 2009, fernie (1 reviews) from Buford, GA

I just received 3 very large healthy plants from Alligator Alley. Very fast shippment. I will be placing another order soon.

On May 1, 2007, kent5121 (1 reviews) from Shawnee Mission, KS

I ordered palm seeds from Amazing Gardens in Jan 2007. Seeds arrived within a week. packaged well and fresh. Ordered about 65 seeds of 4 different varieties and I think everyone of the seeds has germinated.

On Aug 10, 2005, sylvainyang (8 reviews) from Edmond, OK

Bryan the owner is an expert, he is not trying to sale more by telling wrong info. He is very upfront about the plant. He acts like an consultant on Palms. When I do my shoping around, I call him to get ideal.

On May 14, 2005, turtlegirl03 (2 reviews) from Oklahoma City, OK (Zone 7a)

Living in the OKC area, I have the good luck to be able to visit Alligator Alley. I love the store and the employees are always helpful. They have a wide selection of herps and I love going there to look at them all.

On Apr 14, 2005, grass_lover (8 reviews) from (Zone 5a)

I ordered two Arundo Donax plants that came as rooted leaved out cuttings. The tallest is probably a little over a foot and the shorter is maybe 2" off. The plants are both healthy and absolutely gorgeous with full root systems. The flat $4.00 shipping rate was a bonus as are the smaller off-shoots on both cuttings. -- It was a fun A+ transaction all the way around. :)

On Jan 15, 2005, estiva (6 reviews) from Grafton, WI

Ordered palm seeds and cactus pad from Alligator. Seeds and pad arrived quickly and well-labeled. I am pleasantly surprised at the size and quality, especially at their very fair prices and low shipping charges. Ordered palm seedlings a year or so ago with the same results.

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