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posted on September 14, 2004



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On Sep 4, 2007, birdnett (1 reviews) from Hialeah, FL

At the beginning of July, 2007 I ordered a ZZ plant to be sent to a friend who just moved to Melbourne Florida. I paid HousePlants4Less $79.95 through PayPal for this plant. It was never delivered but I was billed through PayPal. I e-mailed HousePlants4Less, numerous times and called their contact number, leaving messages. No answer. PayPal opened a claim but was not able to retrieve funds from their account with HousePlants4Less, to credit my account. The case was finally closed, unsuccessfully. I'm out $79.95. Fortunately I was able to order the plant and have it delivered through a reliable on-line company. I want my money back. I am very disappointed with HousePlants4Less and I found that paying through PayPal is no guarantee. So much for trust on the internet. This is my first disappointment with internet shopping.

On Aug 10, 2007, bjrobertson (1 reviews) from Birmingham, AL

It is a shame that a company that had such glowing comments as this one did, has made a complete turn around for the bad. Briefly, I placed an $80.00 order for two plants that I could find NOWHERE else. It didn't take long to realize that I not only wasn't going to get my order but I also wasn't go to get a response to e-mails and phone calls either. I just want my $80.00 back. By the way, I finally found one of the plants I was looking for at Lowe's. The other one, String of Beads, I'm still looking for.

On Aug 1, 2007, hdlemp (1 reviews) from Salisbury, MA

On June 14 they charged my credit card $43.14 and I never received the plant I ordered! I e-mailed then six times, every reply was "we received your e-mail and will get back to you!!" which they never did!! I also phoned about ten times over three days and only received a busy signal. I think other people should be warned to avoid this company.

On Jun 20, 2007, pamweigle (1 reviews) from Zionsville, IN

I placed an order on May 14, 2007. My checking account was charged $39.95. I waited two weeks for the shipment of my plant, then contacted the web site and e.mailed to ask where my plant was. I canceled the order three weeks later, no response from Houseplants 4 Less and no credit. I expect a credit issued to my checking account or a credit issued from you company by the end of this week. I have called your company long distance and left two messages. This is NOT what I expect from a reputable internet service. I bought the plant elsewhere, so no longer want the plant as restitution. I just want my money back. It has been over 30 days now and no response from your company. That is bad business. I have contacted my bank to see what can be done about this, but I hate going that route because that will involve extra fees for you, when I feel this is probably an oversight and can be rectified immediately if you will just take the time to do it. Please correct this situation immediately. I will expect a credit issued or a phone call to take care of this matter. Pam Weigle

On Jun 8, 2007, visenders (1 reviews) from Brownsburg, IN

I've ordered several plants from Houseplants4less.com and they are all wonderful. The ZZ plant is my absolute favorite!!! The plants always arrive bigger than I'm expecting and they look amazing...they don't look like they've just been shipped across states, and they look better than the ones you can buy at your neighboring stores. I tell my friends about this site all the time, especially if they are looking for a housewarming gift for something nice for moms. Customer service is unbelievable...if you have a question or need something specific, Bobby will email you or call you back and help you out. A wonderful experience in online shopping! Thanks Bobby!

On Jun 3, 2007, brendan1 (1 reviews) from Chicago, IL

I ordered a plant that arrived when I was out of town and it sat unopened for a week. I asked if House Plants 4 Less would give a discount if I ordered another. Instead they offered to send a replacement plant free of charge if I paid for shipping. They called to tell me when the replacement plant had been shipped and it arrived safe and sound. My other experiences with House Plants 4 less were positive too, but this is the type of customer service that is hard to come by anymore. C King Chicago

On May 12, 2007, aedoisher (1 reviews) from Slidell, LA

I purchased a diffenbachia tropic snow, which hasn't been an easy plant to find. It arrived just one week later. It is in PERFECT condition. No yellow on the leaves or any signs of stressful shipping. I thank you all at Houseplants4less so much. Great job.

On May 7, 2007, insearchofgreen (1 reviews) from Los Angeles, CA

Hello! I received the plants today, they all came in a perfect condition. I am very pleased with the order and your service, I will come back to your site soon for more orders and also refer my friends to your site as well. Thank you! Best wishes to you and your business, Christy from Los Angeles

On May 7, 2007, nylynn3 (1 reviews) from Dayton, OH

I usually like to see and feel my plants before I purchase them so I was a little nervous about buying on line. Bobby however make it an excellent experience. The plants I ordered are beautiful and just has if I picked them out myself. Bobby is so customer focused he even called me personally and made suggestions regarding the plants I ordered. I will definitely purchase from this site again.

On May 7, 2007, sajwani (1 reviews) from Dobbs Ferry, NY

This company is great, the customer service is fast and personal. Stay on top of when you would like your item to arrive and it will happen the day you like. Bobby is very nice and upgraded my order free of charge because it was a special gift. I would recommend this site to anyone. The only "negative" thing I can say is the website itself could probably use a bit of a facelift, but again products, prices and customer service are fantastic!

On May 7, 2007, Smile27 (1 reviews) from Forestville, CA

What do you do when you can't find a houseplant anywhere locally? Order online? Really? I found House Plants 4 Less and was impressed by the huge selection. But what particularly caught my eye was the "surprise box" and "click here to hear Bobby". I loved the idea of a surprise, and Bobby's commitment and certainty..... "you're gonna be happy". I had so much fun anticipating the surprise! I was also curious as to how he handled the shipping. The beautiful plants arrived safely. Not a single broken leaf. There was a slight mix up in that an email said 5 were coming - one being a cactus, and the other 4 being Surprises. 4 were surprises, and so was the lack of the cacti. It only took an email and I am now looking forward to the cacti coming on it's own. I recommend this website and service to anyone. It's fun, friendly, professional, and exceptionally customer service oriented.

On May 3, 2007, Terrte (1 reviews) from Jewett City, CT

I never bought a plant online before. I hesitated. I couldn't help to think what kind of condition my plant would come in if it were being mailed, and in what kind of container would they use to ship it in? Do I really want to spend 36.00 on a plant that I haven't seen? Well, my mind was put to rest when my package arrived in the mail. I was so excited to open the package. The plant was packaged in a box filled with tons of packing peanuts. The leaves were wrapped around the plant in a way that would be safe. There was no dirt falling out of the plant into the box. The only minor inperfection was the plastic pot was cracked and chipped where the hanger fits into the hole. So now I need to go buy another plastic pot if I can find one. It seems ceramic and clay are the choices of Home Depot. Never the less the plant was absolutely PERFECT!!!!!!! It was just what I wanted. Did I pay too much for a 6 inch Rosary plant? Perhaps, but it was what I wanted, and it did include shipping. You get what you pay for and the plant is beautiful. The one thing I would include in peoples order and that is the care instuctions. I already know how to care for this particular plant so not receiving any instructions is ok, but If I didn't know about this plant then I would have to get back on line and ask Bobby K. Bobby K Is a very friendly person to talk plant business to. He answered all of my questions in a very short time. Thank You Bobby! If I need any plant questions answered I will certainly contact you. Will I do business with you again? Absolutely! I grade my experiance a A-. I had to take off a bit for the broken pot.

On Apr 27, 2007, mcnicols (1 reviews) from Grand Island, FL

Received my mother-in-law's tongue plant today. Packaged very well & arrived in excellent condition. My plant is full, lush, beautiful, and very healthy. I will certainly shop here again. Patricia

On Apr 20, 2007, lbb_gardens (1 reviews) from Galveston, TX

Lovely plant. Well packed so no problems with shipping. Thank you. Also I appreciate being kept up to date regarding shipping date.

On Mar 31, 2007, thelibertybelle (1 reviews) from West Lebanon, NH

I won a free houseplant on the monthly drawing. I got the plant promptly after I paid for shipping and it was much bigger than I expected. Bobby was very pleasant to deal with. I recommend his company and yes, the free houseplant is for real. :-)

On Mar 25, 2007, emgo (1 reviews) from Water Valley, MS

I received my Split-Leaf Philodendron on Thursday, it is just beautiful, Mr. Keziah, well worth the wait.

On Mar 24, 2007, dnlventures (1 reviews) from Arvada, CO

Bobby has to be one of the most concerned and caring kind of person that I have ever dealt with. Customer service is excellent! The plant I received was breathtaking! When I opened the box I was shocked and pleased! He sold me the most unbelievable Purple Passion vine. I RECOMMEND Houseplants 4 Less VERY HIGH!! Thank You Bobby

On Mar 23, 2007, gcmd (1 reviews) from Simi Valley, CA

I have been looking for a specific houseplant that I could not find in any local nursery or floral shop. After much frustration I tried an on-line search and found House Plants 4 Less. What struck me so fine was the attention to detail in descriptions and photographs for so many plants! I not only found my special plant, I was tickled to order several more that I've always wanted but could never find anywhere else! There are so many plants available from House Plants 4 Less that your fancy will be tickled as mine was! My plants arrived in such unique and precise packaging - they looked better than plants I have seen at the flower shop! Each plant was individually wrapped in such a way that kept the pot, the soil, and the plant completely safe and clean. The plant's sizes are generous, budding profusely, and in all the beautiful shades of green exhibiting new life and healthy plant growth. The plants come pre-fertilized and watered -- no detail is overlooked in order to transport a healthy plant. I not only recommend this vendor heartily, I have decided that all of my future gifts in this category will be with Bobby and company at House Plants 4 Less! There is nothing like knowing a gift you send is going to arrive in perfect condition! And, I do mean perfect! The proprietor, Bobby, also included a generous pack of wildflower seeds which I can't wait to plant and watch the colors come to life! This company brings extraordinary customer service to a higher level! You will certainly not be sorry, you will be very pleased as I am, and you will want to tell others as I do. I'm grateful for the opportunity Dave's Garden Watch Dog has provided to share my positive experience with House Plants 4 Less.

On Mar 22, 2007, jerrynmn1 (1 reviews) from Wantagh, NY

I ordered a large number of plants for my house from House Plants 4 Less- The plants arrived in excellent condition and are extremely healthy. I was very suprised and satisfied at how fresh and beautiful these plants are- They were handpicked by them even better than I could have done if I was there myself .What impressed me most is that after I had placed the order online Bobby Keziah personally called me & said that 2 of the plants I had ordered were in stock but he was expecting a new supply of these 2 plants in shortly from his supplier which he felt would be in even better shape than the ones he had in stock.He asked me if I wanted to wait a week or 2 for the new supply to come in of these plants-I was totally impressed by his honesty & personal care of me as a customer- I chose to wait for the new supply even though there was nothing wrong with the plants he had in stock except that the new supply would be even nicer than what he had. What a refreshing place to do business with-Quality, honesty, and fair prices- I will do all my future plant orders from Bobby- Jerry Wolkoff

On Feb 23, 2007, angiebarker123 (1 reviews) from Medford, MA

I recently ordered a Silver Philodendron plant from houseplants4less and had it delivered to my son at college in Iowa. Unfortunately, the plant went through a lot being delivered to the remote Iowa post office and then to my son's college and it had been tipped out of its pot, its stems broken and just generally damaged all around. I contacted houseplants4less and asked that a replacement plant be sent. Bobby Keziah called me himself and offered to send another Silver Philodendron plant for no additional charge. This was above and beyond typical customer service, especially since the damage was apparently due to the delivery process and was not any fault of houseplants4less. So I would like to express my thanks for his commitment to the satisfaction of his customers and to the quality of his products and services. Sincerely, Angela B.

On Feb 16, 2007, VickiSp (1 reviews) from Atlanta, GA

Like some reviewers, I've also ordered house plants from a variety of websites and have been uniformly disappointed. I swore only to deal with local nurseries where, at least, I could see the plants before buying. Then my favorite one closed. Thinking I'd give the internet one last try, I ordered from House Plants 4 Less and got the prettiest Aspidistra I've ever seen. Gone are the days of soggy newspaper around a root ball attached to one sorry stem. I'll be sticking with Bobby Keziah.

On Feb 14, 2007, lourdes49 (3 reviews) from Austin, TX (Zone 8b)

I the past I had purchased a couple of plants via internet with different companies. I had paid a fair amount of money only to be greatly disappointed when I receive the package. Inside there was a bag full of roots and a couple of leaves I called and was told that the plants would grow that as long as I had the roots I was fine. Needless to say I was skeptical when I found the site for House Plants 4 less, I decides to try once more. I am so happy I did. I have placed three orders so far and the plants are beautiful, full size and healthy. They arrive carefully packed and ready to be enjoyed. I definitely recommend this site to anybody who wants to get georgeus plants. I will keep ordering in the near future. Thank you Lourdes Carvallo Olivares Austin, TX

On Jan 20, 2007, tfjonas (1 reviews) from Somis, CA

I was signed up for the free plant drawing that House Plants 4 Less offers. I was notified that I had won a free houseplant. I paid for the shipping only. Bobby contacted me right away and gave me a choice between vareigated or green. I recieved it in the mail a few days later. It was a vareigated English Ivy. It was a very healthy large plant, the best quality I have seen. I am always very impressed with Bobby. I have contacted him before, he always responds very quicky, and offers very informative advise. You can tell he takes a lot of pride in his company, profession, & plants. I would highly recommend buying plants from Houseplants 4 Less & I will again, thank you Bobby! Troy Jonas

On Jan 19, 2007, arkansas_mommy (1 reviews)

I bought a prayer plant as a gift for a friend. Bobby contacted to let me know that they were out of stock on the type I requested. He offered to have a variegated variety sent instead and also offered a larger plant size to compensate for the change free of charge. I agreed and he sent out the prayer plant. My friend was elated. She said it was the most beautiful prayer plant she had ever seen. We are very pleased with the service of House Plants 4 Less and will purchase again from them in the future.

On Jan 12, 2007, davidjhale (1 reviews) from Minneapolis, MN

I have been a gardener as long as I can remember over my almost 40 years. Healthy plants are healthy plants even when they're a bit travel worn from shipping. The plants I received were/are very healthy and three were upgraded to a larger size at no cost to me. Bobby stayed in contact and appraised me of what was happening with my order continuously and I am grateful for that. At first glance the cost may seem extreme for what might be considered starter plants - however what I received are well on there way to nicely shaped specimens or there already. Thank You. David Hale

On Dec 16, 2006, catmanstew (1 reviews) from Northville, MI

After moving back to Michigan from Florida during the winter season, I have been unable to find any house plants, or any of quality. I found this website and was very impressed at the plant selection and the spectrum of information offered. I had some concern about ordering at this time due to weather conditions. I sent an email to the company asking about shipping and received a very speedy reply. Of course I ordered a plant; I had nothing to lose because I learned shipping was free and the plants are guaranteed! When it arrived I was amazed at how gorgeous it looked and how quickly it arrived. It was packed perfectly and I could not be more pleased. I look forward to adding many more plants to my collection from House Plants 4 Less!

On Dec 2, 2006, norinne (1 reviews) from Stanhope, NJ

i have never had such a wonderful experience buying something. i wish that every store and company hire only bobby's. he makes sure i was happy with my selection. there was a small problem, which i want everyone to know, was my own fault. bobby called me immediately and asked me to keep him informed about the results. he offered to help with the postage if the plant was returned and healthy. happily, my friend picked up her plant at the post office, that she wanted for many years, but couldn't find one. my friend is 102 yrs. old. she called me three times to tell me how gorgeous the plant was and thanked me continuously. bobby made that happen for this lady. i would never buy a plant from anyone else. thank you bobby a million times for your kindness and help making sure that plant was large and gorgeous. i also love your drawl. norinne p.s. i have already recommended you to all my friends and relatives, and told each and everyone of them my story.

On Nov 27, 2006, reddunqtr (1 reviews) from Anderson, CA

I received my Banana Split Lantana today and it is a nice healty plant. It does not look like the picture I saw. When will the plant I received start to get flowers? Bobby has been very helpful whenever I have had any questions.

On Nov 25, 2006, LadyLeaf (1 reviews) from Santa Maria, CA

Personalized, excellent service and the two most beautiful cyclamens I've ever seen. Mine was a backorder spanning a few months, and Bobby kept in touch by phone on a regular basis so I'd know the status of my order. That is really rare service. My new plants are huge, lush, healthy and full of buds and flowers. I'll definitely go back. Thanks, Bobby.

On Nov 14, 2006, tenberg (1 reviews) from Hewitt, TX

Website very easy to use, fast and professional transaction, very good follow-up, plant arrived fast and in great condition. Thank you for a georgeous plant at a much cheaper price.

On Oct 21, 2006, gardengirl1960 (9 reviews) from Seabrook, TX (Zone 9a)

I am very happy with Plants 4 Less. They have very beautiful, healthy plants at good prices! Fast shipping! Bobby is very friendly and good emails with helpful advice!! I am glad I found this company. Thanks! Tricia

On Oct 21, 2006, CanadianHillary (1 reviews) from Ottawa,

I highly recommend HousePlants4Less!! I am pleased to report that my 1st experience purchasing houseplants online was a success due to HousePlants4Less & more precisely, Bobby Keziah. After looking for years I found 2 elusive plants on his site //houseplants4less.com/ From the beginning he assisted my checkout process personally via the telephone (on his dime) & was careful to catch & correct an error before my credit card bill sent me for a loop. I was somewhat concerned that shipping live plants all the way from Charlotte, North Carolina to Ottawa, Canada may not be such a good idea but my Bird of Paradise plant (in a 3 gallon pot) arrived in a mere 7 business days...not too shabby for an international transaction. I am yet to receive part 2 of my order (Cast Iron Plant) but am assured by USPS/Canada Post that it is soon to follow. The only thing I can find wrong with this experience is the fact that the majority of my plant's rather long thick stems were bent right over. I don't wish to imply that this is the fault of Bobby as I have a sneaking suspicion that our postal services were somewhat lax in observing the obvious "fragile" sticker due to the fact that the soil was disturbed even though the plant was packed well. I believe that the plant will thrive being that the soil was nicely moist upon arrival & its obvious health (not to mention the improvised splints I used to reinforce the stalks at the bends). Upon Bobby's suggestion, this one lovely plant will soon be two, as soon as I purchase new pots & divide the two plants he has generously put in one pot. Another Satisfied Customer, Hillary

On October 26th, 2006, CanadianHillary added the following: More Success with HousePlants4Less!! The second part of my order has now arrived. Thanx Bobby! It did take a fair while to get here (16 days/11 business days, damn those Customs Cops) but luckily it was a Cast Iron Plant &, as the name suggests, is quite hardy. I had to remove 6 of the main leaves due to them being brown & crispy...it now looks great in its new home. As with the Bird of Paradise, now that I have tended to it, I am happy to report that it looks quite happy & I'm sure it will thrive. I feel I should warn people not to be disappointed if your plant looks a bit under the weather when you first open the box & lay eyes on it...I have found that (perhaps because mine are travelling a great distance) they tend to show their distaste with being knocked around & confined within a dark box but bounce right back. Bobby Keziah is a man of his word! Thanx Again Bobby, Hillary
On October 26th, 2006, CanadianHillary added the following: PS Thanx for the complimentary Country Wildflower seeds.

On Oct 19, 2006, DEELISHUS210 (1 reviews) from Milwaukee, WI

Hi Bobby I got my pure air plant collection today. I LOVE THEM... they all look happy and are in good shape. There was a little loose dirt in the box, but other than that they are perfect I cant wait to get the rest. Im a happy shopper Thanks Bobby

On Oct 15, 2006, maschmidt (1 reviews) from Valentine, NE

Thank You Houseplants 4 less!! I received my root cuttings of monstera deliciosa philodendon. Big Beautiful Healthy root cuttings! I could not believe the size of these root cuttings. They are actually the size of a full grown plant. If you are going to order plants through the mail, Houseplants 4 less is the site to use. Thanks again, Maschmidt

On Sep 9, 2006, planetxhunter (1 reviews) from La Crosse, WI

The best way to share my experience is to take you through the process from start to finish: August 21, 2006 Dear Patricia, Thank you for stopping by House Plants 4 Less and considering us for your purchase. We noticed that during a visit to our store you placed the following item(s) in your shopping cart, but did not complete the transaction. We are always interested in knowing what happened and if there was a reason that you decided not to purchase at this time. If you could be so kind as to let us know if you had any issues or concerns, we would appreciate it. We are asking for feedback from you and others as to how we can help make your experience at House Plants 4 Less better. August 21, 2006 Dear Bobby, Thank you for your concern. Indeed, I am a bit hesitant to complete the order at this moment. I am doing a little more research in my local area before committing to such a large purchase. Though I have found the houseplants in my area a bit more expensive I just wanted to try a few more places today before finishing my order. I just moved into a new apartment and wanted to furnish it with lots of plants because I live only a block away from a busy thoroughfare which means the air from my opened windows will not be as clean as I would like it. I'm also getting ready to go through a cleansing ritual for my body (breast cancer survivor) which keeps me healthy and having plants in the house is most helpful. Unfortunately, most of my previous plants did not make it through the move so I am in need of new ones. I've never bought plants online before so a little of my hesitancy is also due to that. I came across your website as I was looking for more local dealers on the internet. I was really impressed by your site and before I knew it I was placing items into the cart. I don't have much of a green thumb so the information you gave on the plants was most helpful! I also liked your prices. So, please bear with me as I make one more final attempt to confirm that I do have the best prices in town. Though I originally was not looking to spend this much, the free shipping was an incentive. Thanks, Pat August 21, 2006 No problem, If I can Help Just Let Me Know. August 21, 2006 Dear Bobby, Thank you for your patience. I compared prices at the La Crosse Floral & Garden Center, all in 6in pots. The pure air collection you have priced at 52.40 would cost me 99.00 for those 5 plants grouped together. They do not have specials on groupings. The Mother-in-Law's Tongue plant you have priced at 15.39 would cost me 25.00 for one and I am buying two from you for 30.78. The Chinese Evergreen, your price 19.94, here 23.00. They did not have the Wandering Jew nor any surprise specials that you offer. So based on a one-to-one comparison, I am looking at 147.00 for 7 of their plants compared to 8 of your plants for 103.12. Now, when I compare the 147.00 they want for just 7 plants to the actual number of plants I'm getting from you, approximately 14, at the price of 208.96 which includes a one gallon potted plant and an 8in hanging basket plant, well there really is no comparison is there? LOL! So, I will go ahead and place my order with you today. August 22, 2006 Thanks For The Information And The Order. We Will get It Out For You This Week. ********************************************************************** After I had placed my order a day or so later I got a phone call from Bobby telling me that he wants to hold my order for one week because he wasn't too happy with one of the plants I ordered and had a new shipment coming in the following week. He was very courteous and we had an enjoyable conversation about the plants. ********************************************************************** September 01, 2006 (email from Bobby) Well, How Did The Plants Arrive? September 01, 2006 Dear Bobby, The postman arrived this afternoon (after 1:30pm) after I had to leave for work and I couldn't find anyone to be here to accepted the delivery. Needless to say, I was none too happy. Usually the they make deliveries such as this around 11:30am before the mail run. I am going in the morning to pickup the packages from the post office. I'll email you as soon as I get home with them. I can pick up as early as 8:30am. I have to be at work tomorrow at 10am so I will try to email you as soon as possible. Thanks! September 02, 2006 Hi Bobby, Here's the report on my new plants: The two square white boxes look like they got banged up and tipped over. I found lots of loose dirt but the plants seemed okay. One long brown box took a big hit with a tear towards the bottom. The other 2 long boxes were pretty scuffed up too. The wandering jew and the lantana where the only two that did not have loose soil thrown around. Pure Air Collection: The Schefflera Arboricola is great and stunningly beautiful It's like miniature tree. It also looks like its ready to bust out of its pot. The English Ivy came through pretty good too. Did not loose any of the branches and the leaves look healthy. The Arrowhead Philodendron doesn't look too well. The leaves are very pale and I found some small wispy spiderlike insects on it. I haven't seen them on the other plants yet but I am keeping my eyes open. The Peace Lily had a few broken leaves and stalks but it seems to have come through okay. There's one small flower pod on it. The Variegated White Dieffenbachia is absolutely beautiful. Surprise Box: The Love Leaf did not look too happy but after reading up on it on your website, I'm sure it will bounce back. The Swedish Ivy did not come through too well. A few of the trailing branches were damaged/broken and many of the leaves look deformed. The Spider Plant is cute and quite compact, should I divide them into other smaller pots or wait awhile? The Gold Dust Croton listed is not what I received. I'm not sure what it is and I went through the website to match it up. It's so small though I'm not sure if I matched it correctly. It kinda looks like a smaller version of my Dieffenbachia but it's spotted instead of variegated. Bobby Special: The Banana Split Lantana I found not to be in good shape. It had very little packing material in the box and one of the 3 stalks was broken off almost halfway down. It's very stalky with just a handful of leaves. Will it fill out at all or will I need to cut it back? The Varigated Mother-in-law Tongues are nice and firm but they did have quite a few of the tips broken off. Also they are both ready to pop out of the pots. Should I split them into individual pots or wait awhile? The Chinese Everygreen is in excellent shape and very beautiful. As for that monster you sent me... Oh My Goodness, you weren't kidding! The Variegated Wandering Jew is going to be getting a serious trim... as soon as I work up the nerve to approach it, LOL! Well, I think that covers it all. Thanks, Pat September 05, 2006 Good And I Am Resending A Gold Dust Croton As They Said You Got A Silver One So I Will get That Fixed On This End. Let Me Know If They All Do Good. September 05, 2006 Thanks Bobby, All of them have pulled through except for the Banana Split Lantana, it is dropping leaves. The Wandering Jew has a lot of vines that died off but I think it will be alright too. I gave it a good weeding and trim. The Arrowhead Philodendron is perking up also. I saw some kind of small wormlike insect working its way into the soil of the spider plant. Should I be worried? I only saw the one. Looking forward to the Gold Dust Croton. My daughter is very happy with all the new plants we have and the apartment looks wonderful with all the green plants. Thanks, Pat September 08, 2006 Update on the Banana Split Lantana: Hi Bobby, The Lantana has dropped all of its leaves and what new buds coming in are turning black. What should I do? I checked the soil to make sure its moist and draining properly and it's getting plenty of sunlight. Pat September 08, 2006 You Should Not Be Having A Problem As I Grow Them Sitting In Full Sun And I Keep Them Wet so It Should Be Growing Good But In Any case I will Send You A New One As Soon As I Send the Gold Dust Croton. September 08, 2006 Thank you, I just don't know what is going on with the Lantana. The three branches are bare. There is a small outgrowth of a new stem with a few leaves on it but the buds are as I said turning black from the tips down to the stem. Is there anything I can do to salvage it? Should I cut back the woody branches? Should I leave the small stem with those few leaves or should I cut that back too? All the other plants are doing well. I have notice a few small thick worm-like insects burrowing through the soil on some of the plants. The spider plant, the lantana, and the peace lily. I had to repot the peace lily because it did lose a lot of dirt in transport and the root balls were pretty thick and poking up through the soil. It seems to be doing nicely. The mother-in-laws, like I said before, are trying to bust out of their pots. I will repot those this weekend. Should I be concern about the insects? Should I use anything or not? Thanks again! Pat September 08, 2006 Two things -- One Is Its probly Rolly Pollys As Thats What We Call Them And They Are harmless However I Prefer No Bugs So I Spray With malathion and it works good for us but we also use a mild dishsoap mixed with water sometimes so either is good. I would not cut the lantana any since alot of leaves are dead I Would Just Give It Lots Of Sun Shine. They Are Hardy And Although Its Dead On Top, This Does Not Mean Its Dead On The Bottom. Its Possible That By Shipping It We Sent It Into Dormancy. I Have Only Seen This Twice In My Time Off Mailing Plants To People. Just Wait Two Or Three Weeks And See What Happens But I Will Get You A New One Out In Any Case This Week. I Have Your Gold Dust On My Desk Now... You Could Repot All Them Several Times...:) September 08, 2006 Thanks, Bobby, for everything! Pat ********************************************************************** Well, that's my experience and I got my hands full with these new plants. Looking forward to repotting some of them because they will make great gifts for family and friends. I have to say in spite of the small problems I'm happy with my order and I did get my money's worth! No doubt I will be ordering again in the future.

On Aug 12, 2006, ethaven (1 reviews) from San Clemente, CA

On July 17, 2006, I ordered a plant as a gift for a relative from Arkansas, who visited me here in California. While here she had complemented me on the donkey tail plants I had on my patio. Thou I knew a donkey tail plant is fragile and would be difficult to send, I went ahead and ordered the plant from House Plants 4 Less, to surprise her. The plant ended up arriving at her home, disheveled and in lots of little pieces. My relative said "pray for the plant". I was disappointed and e-mailed Houseplants 4 Less. There was an immediate response from Bobby Keziah, the owner of the company. He suggested I have them send the plant back, and he would be happy to send a replacement. When I explained my discomfort in asking the relative to send the plant back, Bobby was understanding and offered to send a plant that he knew would travel well. He sent the new plant out immediately and my relatives said it looks strong and healthy. I wish there were more companies with this kind of concern for their customers. I was very pleased with the timely a curtious response I received. Thank You, Bobby Keziah and House Plants 4 Less ETH

On Aug 4, 2006, writeswithafist (1 reviews) from Las Vegas, NV

I ordered two plants online and the purchase went through okay. I didn't receive any sort of confirmation email, which was unsettling since every place I've shopped through online (and there have been MANY) send emails summarizing the transaction. When I emailed the company, I eventually received an answer saying there were internet problems but the order would be sent very soon. I received one plant shortly thereafter - a surprisingly tall and healthy mosquito plant. I've repotted it and am trying to encourage it to grow bushy rather than gangly, and it's doing nicely, even more pungent than I expected. My other plant was put on backorder. Strangely enough to me, I was still charged for it (every company I've ordered from online doesn't charge you until the items ship or the order is completed). I've also been unable to receive an answer as to when the plant might arrive or whether the difference will be refunded. Nice products, it seems, but this wall against communication is very frustrating, especially when as a consumer, you have to be wary about online fraud, and hearing only silence from someone you've given money to instinctually makes you tense.

On August 4th, 2006, writeswithafist changed the rating from neutral to positive and added the following: Right after calling the company to leave a message (I Googled the number - which led me to here - since I couldn't find a phone number on the company's site), and after making this post, the company called me back to let me know they'd tried to let me know about my order by calling my phone number listed on the order; a number which I had to disconnect a couple weeks ago due to my personal info and debit card being stolen. They said the plant will be mailing this week and that they were sorry about the delay. The delay I don't mind, and the phone number issue was just a matter of bad timing with my circumstances. I do wish email communication was a bit easier (and/or the company phone number were posted on the website). But the products and customer service seem right on track.

On Aug 4, 2006, ceallachg (2 reviews) from Manchester, NH (Zone 5a)

After having bought a String of Pearls plant at HD and watching it die because they'd overwatered it (I'd tried repotting it but it didn't work), I figured I'd buy one from House Plants 4 Less because if they grow them, they must know not to overwater them. However, the plant that I received was as wet as the plant from HD! And I mean wet, not damp. I tried repotting it, but the roots are superficial and the plant is fragile, so I wasn't able to get much of the wet soil around the roots off. Then I tried putting it outside in partial shade (morning sun only), hoping the heat would dry it out. I watched as this plant began to shrivel up, get moldy and die, just like the overwatered plant from HD. I emailed Bobby to ask about their return policy. At the time, there were no hard feelings. I'm sure they hire new employees from time to time, and I just assumed that someone new had accidentally overwatered it. However, when he called to ask whether I wanted a refund or a replacement plant, he also said that he didn't know why I sent it back, as it looked fine to him and all it needed was some WATER!!! (This was after having emailed Bobby to explain what was going on). Problem is, the plant I sent back was maybe about 2/3 the plant they had originally sent me. I had watched as my other plant had slowly died, and I knew that this one was headed for the same fate because it was doing the exact same thing. I didn't want the weeks to pass until it was completely gone before returning it in case it would be too late to get the refund. I did get my refund, but I was insulted by being told there was nothing wrong with the plant after my roommates and I watched it dying with our own eyes, we could feel the wet soil with our own fingers, and the exact same thing had happened with my last overwatered String of Pearls plant about a month ago. I wish I had felt comfortable getting a replacement plant, but after paying for the shipping to send this one back, I didn't want to gamble on being out even more money if the next one was also overwatered. I don't even return plants that I kill to HD, despite their return policy. If I kill it, I suck up the loss because it was my own fault. But I don't want to buy a plant that's doomed before I even get a shot at it! I might buy other plants from Houseplants4less, but no more succulents.

On August 6th, 2006, ceallachg changed the rating from neutral to negative and added the following: NOTICE THE RECENT NEGATIVE RATINGS BEFORE YOU BUY FROM THIS PLACE --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- So, the customer is STILL wrong? I don't know how I could "Not Do Good With That Plant" when I did nothing to it! It was all you! I had repotted the HD plant, not the one from you (although it didn't help the HD plant anyway), and I didn't water yours at all because the soil was so wet that even a couple of weeks after I received it it was still wet (wet--not damp). At that point I put it outside for two days hoping the heat would dry it out. It was in shade all day except for about 3 hours of morning sun. When I saw that it was too much sun I brought it inside, like I told you on the phone. The main problem wasn't the sun, it was the soil that was still wet weeks later which would harm any plant, let alone a succulent. I don't think the mushy, wet, disintegrating beads and white mold were caused by the sun. The few white, shriveled beads, now those _were_ from the sun, and when those first developed I put the plant back inside immediately. This mess was a result of your having overwatered it, not something I did. Like I said, I don't return plants that I've killed. Changed to negative because any company that continues to be defensive and blame the customer deserves a negative rating (look at all of his reponses to negative ratings), not a neutral one. I'm definitely not buying anything from this place again.
On August 6th, 2006, ceallachg added the following: You go ahead and keep proving my point for all to see. As for me, I'm done responding to you.
On August 14th, 2006, ceallachg added the following: Personally, I saw no reason to continue this discussion in public, but if you want to take a private email and post it for all to see without the consent of the person who sent it, I suppose there's nothing I can do about that. What More Do I Expect? Like I said in my email: AN APOLOGY. You have repeatedly insulted me, both in private and on this website, and have never apologized for this customer's unsatisfaction with your product. But I see now that I was expecting too much. So, don't worry about it--an apology at this point would be both empty and worthless. Good luck to you, and especially to any future customers of yours. Can we end this now?
On August 14th, 2006, ceallachg added the following: APPARENTLY THE ANSWER TO "CAN WE END THIS NOW?" IS "NO"! Brian Saunders, do you not read? I said that I had it outside for 2 days in which it received 3 hours of morning sun per day, not outside in all day sun for 3 weeks. I also did not say that it was still soaking wet after 3 weeks, only that it was still wet. As anyone with this plant would know, the beads cover the soil, preventing it from drying out as quickly as, say, a pony tail palm's soil would. As for starting this "posting business", that's what Garden Watchdog is for! I initially posted a NEUTRAL rating which I changed to NEGATIVE because of your attitudes, which are continuing to justify my decision. AND YES: When I am told that a plant that I and others see half-disintegrated and moldy with our own eyes is in "perfect condition"... When it is repeatedly insinuated that it must be my fault somehow--either from having put it out in the sun, or that someone else went behind my back to water it, or that I must be lying about not having watered it myself... When my intelligence is questioned by saying things like "Anyone In The World That Has A Plant Will Understand This", you're darn right I take offense. Who wouldn't? I ask again, CAN WE END THIS NOW?

On Jul 14, 2006, poofer (1 reviews) from Reading, PA

Great Company!!! I have been ordering from Houseplants 4 Less for over a year and never had a problem. Bobby Keziah has always been fair. If I received a plant that was damaged (which only happened (twice), he replaced them with a much larger plant or two plants for the price of one. Houseplants 4 Less is my only source of plant purchases.

On Jul 6, 2006, icarus_fl (1 reviews) from Jacksonville, FL

Unique information I used to register and purchase with on the houseplants4less website were not secure in their database. Because of this my personal contact information (my name, address, birthdate, phone number), site password and credit card number have been fraudulently used as well as posted on a Russian CC scam site.

On Jul 6, 2006, shivers (2 reviews) from Rochester, MN

I recently ordered four plants from Houseplants 4 Less, and three of them were completely unacceptable. I was charged $30 for a cast iron plant that had a total of FOUR, count'em, FOUR leaves. Two other plants were brown, spotted, and busted up. I emailed the owner of the nursery and he did not see fit to respond to me or give me a refund. Of all the online nurserys I've ever shopped, this one was the worst. Save yourselves some money folks, and never shop here.

On August 2nd, 2006, shivers added the following: The fact remains that 3 out of the 4 houseplants I ordered were totally unacceptable in quality. It does not matter that you sent the dead plants to me in larger containers! Everyone has computer problems at times, but that is no excuse for not contacting your customers and trying to make things right.

On Jun 14, 2006, ranstey (1 reviews) from Harpursville, NY

Friendly, good service. He promptly returned my phone calls. Excellent looking plants, better than I expected. Would certainly do business with them again.

On Jun 10, 2006, robtec (1 reviews) from Severn, MD

Today I received my third plant from House Plants 4 Less. And once again I was blown away buy the size and beauty of the plant. I've dealt with a few other plants sites and by far the plants from HP4L as far as price and size and health of the plants the others for the most part don't compare. THANKS once again!!

On Jun 9, 2006, senlarrs (12 reviews) from Harrisburg, PA (Zone 6a)

I have ordered before and everything has been fine! But this time, I decided to order the 'Surprise Box of Plants'. Boy, was I surprised, not four but five nice sized plants; two with flower stalks and in 4" pots. Very nice, nice!!! Plants arrived in timely manner, packed extremely secure. They are, so far, in good condition and healthy! Will order again when I can found some more room.LOL

On Jun 6, 2006, kaybeley (1 reviews) from Castro Valley, CA

I recently order some houseplants for my daughter's new apartment. I got concerned when she didn't receive them so I followed up with Bobby Keziah. He informed me of the shipping date and was also very helpful instructing me how to navigate the House Plants 4 Less website to find the tracking information for myself. The next day, I emailed Mr. Keziah to let him know that my daughter still had not received her plants. He was very quick to respond and even went to the local post office to try to track down these errant plants (now in a box for 6 days). He is replacing the plants and reshipping them at no additional charge to me. I'd say that's an example of excellent customer service. I would definitely order from his company again.

On Jun 5, 2006, cwolfe (1 reviews) from Louisville, KY

I ordered a cast iron plant and was not happy when it arrived. I emailed Bobby and vented. He didnít respond defensively but instead offered to exchange/replace my order immediately. No excuses. It was refreshing to deal with someone who only wanted to make sure I was happy. Well the replacement plant was great and I will shop again! Thanks Bobby.

On May 24, 2006, alexpop (1 reviews) from Washington, DC

Let me begin by extending my sincerest gratitude towards Mr. Keziah. After a foul-up on the US Postal services behalf, he made it his priority to see that my satisfaction from our business transaction was still fufilled. As an aspiring business student myself, Mr. Keziah's devotion and loyalty to customer satisfaction is one rarely seen today. The actions subsequently taken, especially to rectify someone else's mistake, and at his own expense, goes above and beyond superb customer satisfaction. Mr. Keziah, thank you for making this experience not only a satisfying one, but also one that will stand out in my mind as one of the most courteous business transactions I have ever experienced. I look forward to doing more business with you.

On May 9, 2006, LMB (1 reviews) from Laguna Niguel, CA

Plants arrived in timely manner, packed extremely secure. They are in perfect condition, healthy and gorgeous PLANTS, not cuttings like some companies do!!! I LOVE THEM AND WILL DEFINATELY USE THIS GROWER AGAIN!!!

On Apr 24, 2006, Elfinn (1 reviews) from Grand Rapids, MI

Since I had never dealt with this company before, I ordered the Bobby's Special to see what I would get. Despite a shipping error (my fault, and which Bobby worked on rectifying immediately), my plant arrived, still in excellent condition, and to my pleasant surprise, it mas a mature, robust Hoya Rubra (some leaves are 4" long!), a plant I had not seen since my childhood, and which filled the 6" pot completely. Futhermore, it had been trained on an arched trellis, and was a beautiful, tri-colored show specimen, right out of the box. I see signs of activity on one of the ends of the old flower stems, and I can't wait to smell that weird chocolatey smell, and see the alien-looking flowers. I've already placed another order--the Surprise Box, and I eagerly await what he picks for me next. Ellen Gager

On May 16th, 2006, Elfinn added the following: After having placed several orders with Houseplants 4 Less, I will never order from anywhere else. The quality and health of the plants are well above the norm and the personalized, friendly customer service is unbeatable. Thanks Bobby and staff!

On Mar 30, 2006, carred (2 reviews) from Boonton, NJ

I have never experienced a mail order company with such great plants! I ordered the String of Pearls and a Mexican Clump (air plant) --- I couldn't believe how they packed the plants -- amazing! My husband couldn't get over the size and the health of the plants......I will definately be buying from them again ...... Great Experience!!!!!!!! While you do pay a little more it is definately worth it!!!!!!!

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