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On Oct 11, 2015, djh4design (1 reviews) from Pleasanton, CA

Owner Sue generously enclosed 2 free seed packets with my recent shipment as she is no longer importing seed from China. The enclosed note read: "Dear gardeners please save the seeds and share them with your friends when possible. These are Asian vegetable seeds from China;..... I am no longer importing seeds from China so I would highly encourage you to save the seeds and share them with your fellow gardeners. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to serve you over the years. Good luck and happy gardening. With love, Sue"

On Apr 22, 2014, Agnis (4 reviews) from Ridgefield, WA (Zone 8b)

I have had great difficulty recently in finding these seeds locally, and I live across the Columbia from Scappoose, where the company is located. My favorite of what I've grown are the White Stallion cucumbers, but found no WS cucumber seeds in the New Diimension displays anywhere. I am loathe to buy by mail because of the shipping charges. Gorgeguy -- get over it. These are Asian vegetables, and they come from Asia. I think it's terrific to have a wide variety of new and different plants to grow. The history of gardening and horticulture is that of exotic plants introduced to people who have never grown them - or seen them -- before. Have you tried growing these seeds from China and harvesting seeds from your crops, saving the seeds for next year? That way you would be sure that they were grown here.

On Apr 17, 2014, raale9 (1 reviews) from Horsham, PA

Purchased 'Stallion White' cucumber seeds from New Dimension Seeds. the seeds arrived quickly, were planted 7 days ago and are beginning to sprout. Looks like I'll have at least 90% germination rate if not more. If this variety is as good as what I have read I will be buying again next year.

On Jan 29, 2012, gorgeguy (3 reviews) from Portland, OR

This company is based in Scapoose, a small town west of Portland. The woman owning it is Chinese and she has established a fairly strong relationship with Portland Nursery. I haven't had great luck with her/their seeds; some have germinated fine, others seemed poor. The biggest complaint I have is that all seeds are produced in China. I realize the owner is Chinese and getting seeds from her home country is somewhat understandable but TOO many things are already "Made in China." I'd rather my seeds be locally sourced as opposed to sourced to the industrial wasteland more now known for manufacturing.

On Jun 1, 2011, SteCatv56 (1 reviews) from Longview, WA

Bought seeds from this company(Greenway asparagus bean) under the sub name of new dimension seeds. When i opened the seed packet it was a biscuit of mold and smelled of ammonia.I contacted the company by email address from thier website. explained the problem..No response. so i contacted again ..Nothing...contacted again...still nothing.(3-4 days between each email) no response on attempted phone calls.Sent one more email today around 1 pm, told them if i did not receive a response by 7pm that i would have to post a negitive review. Again no response. So here i am. If i had received a simple" we are sorry that is not our usual product condition, or even if they had said we are sorry. I would have accepted that and moved on. BUT they refuse to respond so i must.

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