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On Jun 2, 2021, Hughperry (1 reviews) from Warrenton, VA

The live tree I ordered was mailed at the wrong time of year for my zone. It arrived dead. I mailed pictures of the dead tree and the customer service department tried to convince me it may still revive. I offered to pay for shipping to receive a new tree under the terms of warranty and they refused. I do not recommend this company.

On Dec 1, 2014, LariAnn (7 reviews) from Miami, FL (Zone 10a)

I ordered 10 small Montezuma Cypress trees around November 24, 2014 from Jonsteen and they arrived promptly on November 26 and were packaged very well. All of the trees were in excellent shape and health so I have no doubt about how nicely they will grow for me at my 10 acres in south central Florida. Since I have plenty of room for more trees, I hope to be ordering more from Jonsteen.

On Apr 8, 2014, tfarin (1 reviews) from Madison, WI

Last year I bought three Dawn Redwoods from Jonsteen. When they arrived, the shipper had broken the tops off 2 of the three trees. Jonsteen offered to replace but suggested we wait a bit to see what would happen. They all sprouted leaves within a few weeks. They florished in my house last winter. In spring we put them in pots and set them on our deck. In fall, the leaves turned red then dropped as expected. I never got around to bringing them in for winter. In Wisconsin we had one of the coldest winters on record with a number of lows in the -25 degree range. I figured I had lost all three. Last weekend I took a peek. All are sprouting buds. Soon I expect to see green folliage. We're going to find an appropriate place on our property for all three. Dealing with Jonsteen has been a great experience.

On Sep 8, 2013, saradus (20 reviews) from Maple Park, IL

I purchased a Jonsteen Sequoia kit from the giftshop at Muir Woods, and to my surprise, I've got 3 seedlings that are 1.5 years old - they are growing well and are sturdy. The instructions were thorough and easy to understand. It has been a blast watching the trees grow from seeds. I am pleased to see that I can order other kits from their website. Kudos!

On Oct 8, 2011, DixieFir (2 reviews) from Suffolk, VA

This is a great company. I agree with the comment below that these folks should get more recognition for the quality products they offer. Also agree about the excellent customer service. The employees are just plain nice and helpful. Order from Jonsteen with confidence.

On Oct 31, 2010, x43b (2 reviews) from Lancaster, CA

Great service, great trees, and free replacement. They will answer any questions you have with polite and insightful answers.

On May 26, 2010, MorsisX (27 reviews) from Lockport, IL (Zone 5b)

Posted on May 15, 2008, updated May 26, 2010 This is a phenomenal company to work with. What they ship is first rate. They will work with you so you get the right trees for your area. They will replace stock that dies for no cost, just a tiny shipping fee, no questions.

On May 26th, 2010, MorsisX added the following: Continue to be impressed by them. Shocked by how few reviews this company has. The are an excellent company who truly cares for their product and the customer. Have had several lengthy conversations with their foresters who have guided me in purchases for my area and the continued care and cultivation of the trees. If you are in a zone to plant a giant sequoia, I highly recommend it and to order it from them. You will not be disappointed!

On Apr 9, 2007, tlynch999 (1 reviews) from West Harrison, NY

I've been ordering from Jonsteen for almost 10 Years. They are courteous, prompt, and very helpful on the phone, to the point where they have even sent me as close to a particular shape of tree (it was for bonsai purposes). Best part - they replace trees that die, no questions asked. They'll send you seedling sized replacements for anything you have that perishes...for any reason.

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