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141 North Street
Danielson, Connecticut 06239-1939 (United States)

Phone: 1-888-330-8038
Fax: 1-888-774-9932

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Negative mattwg
Toledo, OH
(1 review)
June 7, 2019
This is in regards ONLY to their desert roses. I have ordered other things from them and have been very impressed, but not with the desert roses. I ordered 7 recently....and was VERY expensive, i even went the extra mile for overnight shipping. Only 1 out of 7 would anyone consider healthy and worth the money, and that was their 'red picotee', the only non grafted one i ordered, and that particular one i am very pleased with.

The other 6 varieties; 'chandra', 'good night', 'golden carrot', 'million star', 'immortality 2', 'yellow gift'....are not so good.....I'm watching them very closely and crossing my fingers hoping that completely changing the growing media to a gritty mix, in terra cotta pots, mixed with some micro/macro time released nutrients....sprayed with pesticide, fungicide AND cinnamon on any open wounds/cuts (natural fungicide and helps dry it out)....will lead them on a quick road to recovery.
All 6 show signs of malnutrition & leaf blight of some kind (likely bacterial, causing brown/black leaves). One of THOSE 6 was not grown well at all. 'Chandra' hardly had any root and the caudex was shriveled, thankfully only due to lack of water, my best guess is it didn't really go dormant but water was withheld anyway. 2 of those 6 have some odd looking damage, possibly sunburn? as there are 2 quite noticeable black streaks on the grafted stems. Now....this might have been fine if it were being sold like the plants on the discount rack at a big box store....but i shelled out around $400 for these babies....and they come like this? I will keep them, and i'm still willing to try some of their other desert roses....but just be warned....

If you are not familiar with growing them, i do not recommend starting with logees. Otherwise, you can get your hands on some unique hybrids you won't find elsewhere if you are willing to give an arm and a leg to put them in a "plant hospital" I have not bothered contacting logees....they shipped them this way, so i don't think they are going to see reason to alleviate the matter.
Company representative comment on June 19, 2019:
On Jun 7, 2019 7:50 PM, Logee\\\'s Greenhouses, Ltd. responded with:

Hello mattwg. I apologize for the disappointment, inconvenience and the poor condition of the adeniums that you received. Please do contact us so that we can correct this issue for you. Thank you for the detailed description of the problems, that helps so that we can work with our growers and pickers so that we don\'t disappoint the next customer (I\'ve already sent an email to our growers so that they can look over the adeniums ASAP). If possible providing photos would be great too. Our office is closed over the weekend, but you can email us at [email protected] or call us 888-330-8038 (M-F, 9-5)

On Jun 19, 2019 3:03 PM, Logee\'s Greenhouses, Ltd. added:

Good afternoon Mattwg,
We wanted to thank you again for sending us the photos of the plants. We sincerely appreciate the insight. We hope that you were able to resolve these issues for you. Please let us know if you have any other questions or concerns.

Thank you,
Logee's Customer Service

Positive Lylith
Brecksville, OH
(2 reviews)
June 4, 2019
I have ordered from Logee's numerous times and have never been disappointed. They have lots of unique and unusual plants, continually adding to their varieties. They publish information online about caring for you plants and have videos online as well. AND most importantly, every time I have ordered I have gotten well grown, healthy, well packaged plants in perfect condition.

There IS a responsibility that falls on the buyer: Don't order if your weather is too hot or too cold - then you are much less likely to receive a damaged plant. Cooked or frozen plants that you ordered without considering the weather are not Logees fault!

They are my absolute favorite seller for unique, unusual and beautiful plants! I'd recommend them to anyone! Please note: this is a totally unsolicited review. I'm a small home gardener who loves her houseplants. Most of mine come from Logees.
Positive PottedLife
(8 reviews)
November 28, 2018
This is the second time I have ordered (# 100129001) from them and both times have been a pleasurable experience and have been above my expectations.

Packing - First class! The box was lined with Styrofoam, then plastic and each plant was so carefully packed that they looked like I picked them up from a nursery myself.

Plants - Healthy, chubby, well established and happy.
I'd like to point out that it is winter now with temperatures the past two days below freezing so I was quite concerned. Plants were snug-as-a-bug with the included heat pack.

Communication - previous order and this order they have always been very responsive and accommodating to my requests and questions.

Thank you Logee's Greenhouses!
Negative jkelly66
Denver, CO
(1 review)
September 18, 2018
I ordered an Imperial Dragon hibiscus from them as a first time customer. It arrived healthy, and I potted it with good soil as well as adding the fertilizer that they sell specifically for hibiscus. The plant did well, and after a few months, it began to bloom. According to their website and catalogue, the description says "The heart of the flower is vibrant purple."

The photo that accompanies the description on their site and in their catalogue is gorgeous-this is why I bought it. However, the center of my blooms are a very deep red, without a hint of purple. I sent them a polite email, with multiple photos from different angles, and asked politely that they rectify the situation, and I indicated that I would take another hibiscus if I could get the actual Imperial Dragon, or that I was willing to accept store credit, as I love their catalogue and would like to be a repeat customer.

This is the exact text of their response: "Our lead grower has confirmed that this is the Imperial Dragon Hibiscus, and that the blooms will vary from plant to plant in color and intensity, but the petals, pistil and general coloring match that of the Imperial Dragon." That's it.That's all they said.

I found the tone dismissive, and was quite irritated with this response, especially considering that I used the specific fertilizer that THEY recommend and sell! This is not my first hibiscus, I know what I'm doing as far as growing them.

I wrote back and asked them to remove me from their email lists as well as their mailed catalogue. I received a curt response that I'd been removed from all lists. To their credit, they also refunded my purchase.

I suggest that they indicate in their catalogues that what you see might not be what you get. I also suggest they work to improve their customer service skills.

Company representative comment on September 18, 2018:
On Sep 18, 2018 2:28 PM, Logee\'s Greenhouses, Ltd. responded with:

Good afternoon,
We apologize for the dissatisfaction with your recent correspondence with our customer service department. We strive to make each and every one of our customers satisfied with their purchases. Unfortunately, your photo was passed over to our lead grower and was confirmed to be the correct plant. Unfortunately, after making you aware of this, you did become quite angered and responded as follows:
"Ok then. I totally disagree with your assessment of this plant. The center is in no way at all purple, nor plum, nor violet, nor magenta, nor any other color other than a deep RED. I now know not to do business with your company. Please remove me from your email list, and please do not send any more catalogs."
We then responded to you by saying the following:
"Variations in the soil and fertilizer can cause color variations in the flower. We have refunded you for the Hibiscus and removed you from all future contacts from Logee’s.

Thank you,
Logee's Customer Service"

We apologize if the photo was misleading in any way and we have agreed to remove you from any future mailings per your request. We also issued you a refund for this item as well. We are sorry that we cannot rectify this issue for you and we certainly apologize that you have chosen not to do business with us in the future. If there is anything else that we could possibly do to rectify this for you, please let us know.

Thank you,

Tina with Logee's Customer Service

Neutral queenholly
Warsaw, IN
(2 reviews)
September 13, 2018
Posted on September 13, 2018, updated September 13, 2018
Posted on June 9, 2018, updated September 13, 2018
I placed a test order with Logee\\\'s to see if they were I company I\\\'d like to do business with in the future. Their prices are a little on the outrageous side, but they do carry many hard to find varieties. I ordered 4 different plants, a coconut orchid, Jasmine \\\'Maid of Orleans\\\',Cape Primrose \\\'Salmon Sunset streptocarpus , and a \\\'Tea Rose\\\' Begonia. When the box arrived in the mail, it was smashed, but fortunately the plants were not damaged. I watered the plants, waited a few days, and then potted them up. All were healthy, and thrived. However, within the 60 day guarantee time, the begonia began to bloom, and that\\\'s where I encountered a problem. Their website describes the plant, \\\'Fragrant flowers and a never-ending display of luscious pink blooms\\\'. The $18 plant I received bloomed small white flowers with no fragrance at all. I phoned the company, and was told that I needed to submit a photograph by email, which I did. To date, the company has not responded.
On September 13th, 2018, queenholly added the following:

Update: I did finally hear back from the company. Because the plant I received was not as represented on their website, I insisted on a refund, and they did give it to me. However, I\'m choosing not to do business with them again, because I feel their website is very misleading, and am now gun shy.
On September 13th, 2018, queenholly changed the rating from negative to neutral and added the following:

Company representative comment on June 11, 2018:
On Jun 11, 2018 3:01 PM, Logee\'s Greenhouses, Ltd. responded with:

Good afternoon,
We apologize for the delayed response. Your photo was passed along to our horticulturalist upon receiving it. The representative forwarding the email should have notified you that we were going to pass it along for identification and you'd receive a response as soon as we heard back from them. We sincerely apologize that we fell short here and we are also sorry that the plant did not meet your standards. Here at Logee's, we strive to make every experience an enjoyable one. As previously discussed, we will be passing this along to the proper department. So sorry for the troubles this has caused you.


Tina with Logee's Customer Service

Positive mcsnail
Chicago, IL
(7 reviews)
June 8, 2018
Posted on October 16, 2012, updated June 8, 2018
Posted on June 28, 2012, updated October 16, 2012
I\'ve been a Logee\'s customer for over a decade (maybe two) and I\'ve come to see it as an unfortunate habit. I certainly don\'t regret all my purchases--but like others--I feel that their plants are not as robust or well established as those of competitors such as Almost Eden. And--their descriptions of plants are designed to seduce the credulous (like me) and are often somewhat-indirectly- dishonest. They sell, as houseplants, some plants that are not generally reccommended for the house. They never mention that a given plant is vulnerable to a common pest--and they imply that the home gardener will be rewarded with buckets of fruit from plants that are not likely to fruit at all-or rarely- in the house. And-I feel that the quality of their plants has grown worse in the last few years. So-I\'m trying to stop-but that catalog still can get me.
On October 16th, 2012, mcsnail changed the rating from neutral to negative and added the following:

Well--after trying fruitlessly (so to speak) to grow Logee\'s citrus in my house--I gave up. I spent ALOT of money on Meyer\'s lemons, key limes, finger limes--and on and on. The only one that survived more than a year was a Kaffir lime. Many bit the dust after a few months-often prey to bugs. I figured that conditions in my house were too unfavorable. And then-against my better judgement I bought a Meyer\'s lemon from a local nursery. It cost $22 and was healthy and flowering. After at least 18 months--including a brutal Winter and Summer-- it is flourishing--and not a bug has come near it. 6 little lemons are on it now and it is big and healthy. I thought back on all the plants from Logee\'s that died (I recall an etrog that was about 2 inches tall and didn\'t seem to have a root system. It died in two weeks). I have probably wasted nearly $1000 on plants that never should have been mailed out. Its pretty infuriating.
On June 8th, 2018, mcsnail changed the rating from negative to positive and added the following:

A while back they had a promotion that gave free shipping for a largish order. I couldn't resist. Even though they had a promotion going on--all the plants I received were well grown and in good shape. Some months later the only problems I have had is in keeping them pruned so they don't take over my house. This may be an isolated experience--but it is possible that they have turned things around really nicely.
Negative Auryla
Norfolk, VA
(8 reviews)
May 6, 2018
I received a desert rose "Good Luck" and the flower was nothing like the picture. The flower color was light pink throughout and not as double. The pic they provided showed a rich deep pink center. I would never have bought such a boring pale insipid pink color like the one I received. Also, a hydrangea I bought, although I knew it came in a small container, never thought anyone would actually sell something so tiny. I can get a quart container elsewhere wiith a much larger plant.

Logees is much more expensive than other nurseries. I only buy from them when they offer something I can't find anywhere else. I will no longer buy from them. They are a ripoff.
Company representative comment on May 8, 2018:
On May 8, 2018 1:44 PM, Logee\'s Greenhouses, Ltd. responded with:

Good afternoon,
We are sorry to hear that the plants that you purchased were not up to your expectations. We offer a 100% satisfaction 60 day guarantee on our products and we can offer you a replacement or a refund of what you received.Customer satisfaction is what we strive for here at Logee's and we would be happy to assist you with rectifying this situation. Please contact our customer service department, either by phone at 1-888-330-8038 between the hours of 9 am and 5 pm eastern time, Monday through Friday, or by email at [email protected]. We would be happy to accomodate your request.
Thank you,
Tina with Logee's Customer Service

Positive aikanenuiloa
Orlando, FL
(1 review)
January 17, 2018
Posted on January 15, 2018, updated January 17, 2018
Posted on January 15, 2018, updated January 15, 2018
Aloha Nui to my[friends?]at [email protected] Noni plants,shipped on the 9th,you say,I got them on the 11th,tho invoice says the 5th[ok]and yes,I agree,they should be brilliant and green,AS THEY HAVE ALWAYS BEEN!for me,anyway.I\\\'ve had plants fail on some occaisions and they were always cheerfully replaced with another great specimen.Been a very pleased customer for over 10 yrs.Now I am being asked to give photos of the sadly brown and wilted plants.After trying[unsuccessfully]for 2 days they are totally dead which could make it look like I neglected them,which isnt the case-but since my phone didnt push the photos thru,I must try again w/a compatible phone.What I dont get is why dont they just take my word for it?Im not a liar.I agree that is a good policy to avoid scamming but I felt at this point in time I should be considered a decent client.The impression I got on the phone was that unless proof is provided,the 60 day warranty is negotiable.My feelings are as bruised as these noni starts!It was not at all pleasant for the lady on the phone that I was trying to reason with,nor myself!I am hesitant to even call back now....I am really trying to see their side,but it felt like a do-it-or-else situation,lol!!It is almost comical!I really want the plants,but this experience has left me scratching my head!I mean,WTH?C\\\'mon,guys!That stung!If I could find noni somewhere else,I would get em there.It is only $41!!!I am gonna try my best to comply but I am doubtful what the end result will be if I am not able to get the photos across.My phone is apparently unable and even when they do get a look from a\\\'smartphone\\\' I think they\\\'ll tell me to take a hike.This is the one and only time I have gotten an order that was D.O.A.I have to say that in all fairness!But because of the interrogation,so to speak,Im very gunshy of ordering again.I wonder if anyone else has had this treatment??C\\\'mon Logees,I thought you were kindred Hawaiian spirits,but now you wen turn \\\'haole\\\'on me and give me only pilikia!!Wow,laulau!!!L.Alligood,Orlando,Fla.

On January 15th, 2018, aikanenuiloa added the following:

NEWS FLASH!!As of today,Martin Luther King Day,the decision is in-No replacements without PHOTOGRAPHIC PROOF. Plants shipped on 9th[so say supplier]Recievied here on the 11th.Plants dying on arrival,now definitly dead.Logees say they cannot perish in such a short time.Agreed.Since stems are green but spongy,it strongly suggests they were frozen in transit.USPS is not concerned about temps on live items....Since this week has had record lows and snowed in at airports, is the only logical explanation.[Yes,Mr.Spock!]Good thing I have a sense of humor and love Jesus dearly,cuz the temptation to go the other way is beckoning!!!I guess all the $ and years of patronage went over their I suggest to anyone that cares to take note of the NEW unannounced policy----NO replace w/o PROOF.Your word and loyalty mean nothing.A sad condition of the times we live in.L.AlligoodAloha,Logees!Was nice while it was!
On January 17th, 2018, aikanenuiloa changed the rating from negative to positive and added the following:

In only a few days,Logees has extended the olive branch and made it right.Never write when you are feeling rejected!!!I am thankful they took this effort even tho I am not their biggestr customer.And glad to be able to get the unusual and rare nursery items.Thanks and Mahalo again Logees.It is now NICE again!May it always be.aikanenuiloa
Positive cathy166
Stamford, CT (Zone 6b)
(6 reviews)
September 7, 2017
Posted on April 17, 2015, updated September 7, 2017
Posted on September 27, 2013, updated April 17, 2015
I always feel I have to add my own two cents\\\' worth when I see a vendor I used got a negative review.

My order from last week arrived today It was fresh, beautifully packed and the plants (mostly rex begonias) are just beautiful. I could not have been more pleased. Two days ago they sent a tracking number when the package was shipped.
On April 17th, 2015, cathy166 added the following:

Still getting great service with beautiful plants, appropriately prepared. Thumbs up!
On September 7th, 2017, cathy166 added the following:

Still ordering and getting wonderful rex begonias and a few other plants from Logee's. Beautifully packaged and healthy.

In case you are sleeping under a log, shipping is costly and continues to rise.
Positive architectmom
San Francisco, CA
(5 reviews)
July 27, 2017
Pros: My bougainvilleas arrived well packed and very healthy . I put them in a shaded area outdoors and they still look healthy and growing.

Cons: the shipping cost is surprising and the plants were a bit smaller than I expected. So a bit pricey but fine, as they were the only source I could find online for this variety.
Positive KrautThistle
Levittown, NY (Zone 7a)
(4 reviews)
June 6, 2017
Despite their dubious distinction of being very expensive on their shipping charges, I have been a repeat customer of Logees for the past 5 years as they are one of the only places where I can find some of the plants I grow, all of the plants I've ordered from them have been healthy, & none of my orders have ever arrived damaged.

They are one of the oldest nurseries for rare & exotic tropicals & every year new specimens are added to their stock. Personally I would like to see them offer more in the way of datura (metel v. fasutosa & wrightii), colocasia (Black Coral & Diamond Head), canna, ginger, musa (Bordelon, Velutina, Thai Black, & Siam Ruby), & more brugmansia that are not sanguinea hybrids. They used to sell Super Nova, Charles Grimaldi, & Ecuador Pink for many years but I noticed these are missing from their website this year.

Logees greenhouse is open to the public though I have yet to travel that way to explore such for myself. Website is easy to navigate with thorough product details & plant information but clear enough for the lay person. There's an eclectic assortment of plants with varying price points, some being on the extreme range for the size offered. They periodically have online sales which might be helpful to those looking for a deal. Cannot comment about the overall quality of the plants on sale now as I've only purchased one said plant 4 yrs ago. My plant arrived in a timely manner, unscathed, with a hearty root system although I was disappointed in the quality & size of the cutting I received as compared to the same type of plant I had purchased from them 2 months earlier that year. Still, the plant grew out & has thrived. So much for judging a book by its cover.

I always place my order with Logees around Feb/March for shipping in April & it's promptly mailed out the week of my specified ship date. Never had any problems there. Packages arrive within 3-4 days (for me) via USPS with no damage. As I mentioned earlier, none of the boxes my orders have been packed in have ever arrived with even a dent. Plants are not shipped in atypical white USPS boxes, they're Logees own brown cardboard boxes that have a little thicker mass to them which makes them far more resilient to the rigors of shipping. All my plants have always been packaged with care & attention, with a bamboo stake for additional support, shredded material packed over the soil in the pots to keep it from spilling out as well as to keep the soil moist, & what I refer to as their trademark black silky plastic wrapped around the entire pot itself with a rubber band around it to keep everything secure. Never had any soil nor plants loose in the box. No broken stems nor leaves. Ever. Soil has always been moist, not saturated, upon receiving. Plants themselves are exactly what their item descriptions state.

One of the chief complaints about Logees are their shipping costs. Even for someone like me who lives a state away from them, it is expensive - more so than any other place I've done business with. There's an explanation for this on Logees' website & I read the response a Logees rep gave on DGW here in regard to other posters' concerns. Like with any seller, I guess it boils down to a matter of take it or leave it.

The size & price of the plants from Logees can be debatable as some growers desire larger specimens for what Logees charges. Since I only purchase certain plants from them & they've always arrived to me healthy, pest free, & actively growing, I do consider the prices I've paid for my plants, as well as the shipping, worth every penny. My recent order was for a Stingray Alocasia which arrived to me in perfect condition & was much larger than the description stated. Root system was healthy, plump, & extensive. Plant is already putting out new little 'rays.

Not sure if this is any testament to Logees' quality of stock or my own growing prowess but in either case, every plant I've purchased from them has thrived in my yard as well as successfully overwintered to live out another season.

Cannot comment about their return nor refund policies as I've yet to go through such.

Neutral piscesxander
Sacramento, CA
(6 reviews)
May 9, 2017
I absolutely LOVE their plant variety for exotic items! But... I kinda hate their website... the search function is a mess. Their prices are rather high for the rather small plants you receive - but that's the exotic trade for ya. Everything arrived very healthy and is growing excellently but honestly for the price point I was expecting bigger plants. I will certainly buy from them again with the expectation that anything I order will probably take a few seasons to fully explode with growth. I do really like that they have informative videos available on several items I've ordered.
Positive TMichelle
Platteville, WI
(7 reviews)
April 13, 2017
This is the third time I have ordered from Logee's. The plants have all arrived in excellent condition and were well-packed even though I live in rural Wisconsin and they ship from Connecticut. Yes, the prices are higher, but sometimes you get what you pay for. I've bought a variety of plants, ranging from Venus fly-traps to "tooth-ache plant" to guavas to Meyer lemon to black goji berry to two varieties of kumquats and other citrus. All are still living and most are thriving..
Positive Mia_Lousie
Evanston, IL
(6 reviews)
April 12, 2017
Got the plant and variety I wanted and it is healthy. Fairly small and pricey but unusual so understandable, I guess.
Negative shootingrainbow
(3 reviews)
March 11, 2017
Your prices are insane. So, I came to the Garden Watchdog to see if maybe you all where something extra special for the price? Then, I see that people also say that your S&H is too much as well. Just so you thanks. There are plenty of rare plants elsewhere for way less and of great quality. 2.5" potted plants for over $10, and 4" for $20.... Yikes.
Negative eyfng
San Gabriel, CA
(11 reviews)
February 7, 2017
After seeing the negative reviews in here, I really hesitated to have business with Logee’s. But I really wanted to have a star fruit dwarf plant which is difficult to find elsewhere, I decided to purchase just one plant, the “Star Fruit ‘Dwarf Hawaiian’ (Averrhoa carambola)” on Dec 13, 2016 when it was on sale.

The price of plants and shipping charge are high overall. The guarantee period is only 60 days which is too short to tell whether the plant will grow well or not.

I didn’t receive the shipment confirmation. The plant was delivered on Saturday Dec 19. It was not well packed with dirt dropping out from the box. The leaves were a bit dry with some brown edges and some leaves were damaged even though the plant was in the box for just 2 to 3 days. (The order was not shipped when I called to check the shipping status 4 days after placing the order.)

I have had ordered plants from the East coast. The plants were received in a much better shape even though they were in the box for a week.

Two days later, I re-potted the plant into a bigger pot. In less than 2 weeks, all leaves dropped off. A few days after, all tiny branches dried up and dropped off too. The top of the main branch started to dry up afterwards.

I emailed Logee’s starting from Dec 1 with pictures provided. I was told that this condition is normal as long as the main stem near the base is still green under the scratch. Yes, it was still green, but the fresh green was gradually turning to brownish-green. On Dec 5, I was told that “with browning of the leaves, it can signify a fertilizer issue. Do you know if there was any fertilizer premixed into the soil?” I then emailed back to let them know that I have been using the self-watering container mix from Garden’s Supply (with the description of the container mix posted on its website) for all my potted plants without any problems.

I even emailed a picture of the plant with the main stem only and a picture of the half-dead plant before re-potting. Since then, no respond from Logee’s. Around Jan 2017, I discovered on their website that the stock of this star fruit had been changed from 17 to unavailable.

I had no problem to get the refund of the merchandise, but I paid the expensive S&H charge to learn a lesson. Even so, I am sorry that I still have to give a negative rating because I won’t dare to place another order again.

Negative whipscorpion
Dallas, TX
(2 reviews)
September 21, 2016
Outrageous s&h costs. Guess they never heard of USPS flat rate expedited shipping. They even provide free boxes!
Company representative comment on September 21, 2016:
On Sep 21, 2016 6:50 PM, Logee\'s Greenhouses, Ltd. responded with:

Hello whipscorpion,

I apologize that we have disappointed you with our shipping charges. Unfortunately shipping live plants is quite expensive. I personally review our shipping costs and shipping charges every year to make sure that we are charging as fair a rate as possible, but also not losing money.

I have looked at the USPS Flat Rate Priority Mail boxes and tried to figure out how to use them effectively, but they are really designed to work best for small, heavy objects. Plants are long and light since much of what we are shipping is the foliage of the plant. Our own boxes are designed with that in mind and to package in a way that protects the plant foliage as much as possible.

For example: The “Small Flat Rate Box” has a reasonable shipping rate of $6.80, unfortunately it is only 1.6” wide and would not fit even our smallest 2.5” pot so we cannot use that box for plants.

The next size up, “Medium Flat Rate Box” is $13.45, could fit 3 or 4 of our small pots. One problem is that it is only 13.6” long, whereas our own boxes are designed between 18 and 30” long to fit taller plants. Also, because of the flat rate if we used this box for only 1 plant we’d be overpaying for the shipping cost. Our own #8/2 box which is 6” x 6” x 18” can hold taller plants, costs less to ship when we are shipping only 1 or 2 plants and is still a little cheaper when shipping 3 or 4 plants.

The next size up, “Large Flat Rate Box” is $18.75 and could fit several of our medium size pots, but again it is too short at 12” long. Also, I wouldn’t consider $18.75 cheap and when we get to that range it is usually either a large order or 1-2 large plants. Our largest 6” and 8” pots do not fit into any of the flat rate boxes so we have to use a different box for those.

Again, I apologize for the disappointment and we will to keep the charges as low as possible, but with the shipping rates rising by 3-5% every year, the best that we have been able to do is to keep our rates flat for several years by asking for discounts on our boxes and shipping rates and switching between carriers to keep the costs down where possible.

Sincerely, Logee’s

Negative woof12
Philadelphia, PA
(17 reviews)
July 19, 2016
Posted on June 1, 2006, updated July 19, 2016
Unlike most mailorder companies at least Logee\'s has what\'s in their catalog & the plants are a nice size. The only downside is their s&h charges. Why is shipping & handling so much? It\'s one of the highest I can think of. Also there\'s a shorter than usual time for plant warrenties/garrenties.
On July 19th, 2016, woof12 changed the rating from positive to negative and added the following:

It's usually been okay but this last time I ordered some plants that I didn't know wasn't available & the customer service rep never mentioned it. After waiting for a length of time I called again & that's when I found out they didn't have the plants. All that effort nothing to show for it. When I first called Someone should have said something. They forced me to go somewhere else & get them.
Company representative comment on September 21, 2016:
On Sep 21, 2016 8:23 PM, Logee\'s Greenhouses, Ltd. responded with:

Hello woof12,

I apologize that we disappointed you on your order this year. The customer service representative definitely should have mentioned a problem with the plants. It is possible that the problem with the plants was found or occurred after your order was taken and before we had a chance to ship the plants; Because we work with a living, growing product, we sometimes find that they do not meet our quality standards when we pull orders for shipment. In that case, we should have contacted you as soon as we discovered the problem so I apologize again for the shortfall on our part.

Sincerely, Logee’s

Positive w08833
Lebanon, NJ
(7 reviews)
June 1, 2016
I ordered some figs online about a month ago. I thought I would be getting them within 7-10 days with standard shipping. Unfortunately they did not arrive as promised, although they were shipped promptly when I complained. other than this my experience was positive.

when the plants arrived,they had nice root systems and were well packed, I replanted them into larger pots and they have already doubled in size.

Logee's also has a comprehensive web site with more varieties than I had ever seen.

so just take the promised delivery date with a grain of salt!

Positive cardoons
Longmeadow, MA
(4 reviews)
March 4, 2016
Always a good experience buying plants from Logee's. We have been to the greenhouse three times and bought plants online twice. The staff with whom we have interacted have always been pleasant and helpful.

Our most recent package was expertly packed. There was a layer of sphagnum moss on top of the soil, covered with moist shredded paper, and each pot was wrapped with a plastic sheet and secured with rubber bands. Each plant and pot was then wrapped with tissue paper and all were shipped together snuggly packed in the appropriate size box. All three plants had detailed labels, and the one dormant plant had a tag explaining that it was dormant and would leaf out in the spring.

One guava plant actually consisted of two plants in the pot. In the process of separating them, I could see that the plants had abundant roots, but were not pot-bound.

Compared to my experience with other nurseries, Logees is head and shoulders above the rest.
Positive musicalmud
Ames, IA
(3 reviews)
January 30, 2016
I ordered some citrus in the end of year sale, and did not expect them until March when the weather warmed up here in Iowa. Instead they got them shipped to me safely in January. The plants look good, with larger plants than expected for 4" pots. Great selection of interesting plants.
Positive commanderkibble
Fort Pierce, FL
(4 reviews)
September 11, 2015
I ordered from loggees was great. I got replacement plants right away after the post office mangled my box. Very happy with this company would order from them again. Service was great
Positive grik
Saint Paul, MN
(11 reviews)
May 26, 2015
Posted on August 21, 2009, updated May 26, 2015
Another good experience with Logees. I finally set up my light stand again in the basement after having dismantled for a couple of years and I was looking for some plants when their sale email reached me.

I purchased 6 plants for about $70.00. They were packed very well and I only lost one leaf unpacking. The soil and rootballs were intact.

The plants varied in top growth and root ball size. Most were really almost ready to repot up one size and I did that promptly. A couple appeared to be fairly newly started but healthy. I was especially pleased with the size of my Mitrostigma axillare because I know from experience how slowly they grow. I ordered the small size and it was at least 6 inches of top growth and well branched. :)

I will buy from them again. This is probably my 4th or 5th order over the years.

On May 26th, 2015, grik added the following:

I just received my order. They had a free shipping offer if you purchased over $100 worth of plants and I couldn't resist. The plants really look great and were pretty good size. Really I get excited when I open these mail order boxes from nurseries. I will continue to order from this nursery.
Positive bfreiberg
Bay Area, CA (Zone 10a)
(2 reviews)
April 15, 2015
Great! They let me know exactly what was going on with the shipping status. The plant was well packaged and came with directions. I expected it to be small because it was in a 2.5 inch pot. It was actually very tall and had 9 mature leaves on it. I repotted it and it looks healthy with lots of leaves. I hope it will bloom this summer.
Positive pal98111
Atlanta, GA
(2 reviews)
April 8, 2015
I have ordered from Logee's many times going back 40 years before there was a website and they just had a skinny catalog with mostly begonias. We have both grown up together. Recently I received my spring order and again was very satisfied. The fun for me is growing the plants up to maturity. I know that i will be getting a small plant in a 2" pot as is shown on their website so I don't expect to receive plants ready to display. They ship promptly. It is my favorite mailorder nursery for their huge variety and reliability.
Neutral webchemist
Vista, CA
(8 reviews)
April 3, 2015
Posted on November 22, 2014, updated April 3, 2015
Posted on May 1, 2014, updated November 22, 2014
I\\\'d had my eye on their yellow coffee cherry plant as I\\\'ve yet to find this item anywhere else. After getting my tax refund I finally had a some cash to spare on my rare fruit collection, so I placed my order along with a few other items to make it worth paying the high shipping fee that comes with buying live plants online.

2 weeks goes by, and I open my package to find the 3 other items I ordered but no yellow coffee, just a line on the invoice saying \\\"item discontinued.\\\" They shorted me the 1 item I actually really cared about, the whole reason I ordered in the first place. It would be one thing if it were back-ordered and they were going to send separately at a later date, but to advertise an item they had no intention of selling again makes me feel cheated. They had 2 whole weeks to notify me and let me cancel or change the order but they said nothing, and I even contacted them in that time period to ask about adding an additional item to the shipment before it went out to combine shipping, so they should have seen that when customer service looked at my order before replying to my question.

I emailed customer service about the discontinuation and all I got was a weak apology for not notifying me and an excuse that other customers must have bought the remaining plants right before I did. So this tells me either they are discontinuing a hot selling item, which would be stupid, or their inventory system is horribly inaccurate and out of date, and can\\\'t be trusted. I\\\'m guessing its the 2nd. And the fact they really did nothing to try to make this right tells me these types of screw ups probably happen pretty frequently.

Its a shame because Logee\\\'s has some exotic offerings I\\\'d love to grow, but what\\\'s the point of offering all these unique fruits if you aren\\\'t committed to carrying them? When I place an order I expect to receive all the items I bought, and if your company screws up you should at least make some kind of effort to set things right.
On November 22nd, 2014, webchemist changed the rating from negative to neutral and added the following:

I rechecked Logee\'s site and saw they again listed the Yellow Coffee as in stock. I almost didn\'t order, but I\'m glad I did. I did actually receive my yellow coffee this time, along with several other plants, as they had a 20% off promotion going so I decided to get a few other things and make the shipping cost worth my while. This order was sent out pretty quickly. They did screw up and mis-shipped me a Giant Potato Tree instead of a Naranjilla, but the part numbers were the same except 1 digit and they do look similar so I guess I can see that being easy to mistake. They let me keep the Potato Tree and I got my Naranjilla a week later so that wasn\'t really a big deal. I\'ll probably order again next time I see a 20% off deal.
On April 3rd, 2015, webchemist added the following:

I just received my 3rd order, and thankfully there were no mishaps this time. My Orangeberry was nice and healthy, but my poor Hibiscus was looking pretty sad, most of the leaves had damage.
Positive Kjani
Gig Harbor, WA
(6 reviews)
April 1, 2015
I had a great experience with LOGEE'S - in fact the plants were in excellent shape = perfect, all wrapped in a silk black material that feels like silk with white shredded material for stuffing. Everything was extremely well packed and therefore the plants were in stellar shape. I ordered 18 Scaevola aemula "Fan Flower" and 3 Schizostylis Coccinea 'Major'. This actually is the best packaging and condition of plants I have ever received from anyone or any place barring of course going to a local nursery and picking out my own. I will DEFINITELY be ordering from Logee's again. The quality was stellar. It did take them 9 days before they shipped, but then I got the order in 3 days and I just had standard shipping (Pacific Northwest) and Logee's is in Connecticut. So I am very impressed with Logee's. They also put in a coupon if I do another order in 15 days after receipt of this order I get another 10% off. So I gotta look at my plant wish list again.
Negative x2speed2x
Ronkonkoma, NY
(1 review)
March 24, 2015
AVOID LOGEE'S! At least their online sales. I'm not sure if they sell locally, but if you can avoid their online sales, you would be smart to do so! I've only ordered once from them and it took them 10 MONTHS to correct an ordering issue. After my plant died (which happened to just be a rooted cutting), they continued to prolong the issue of sending a replacement. They will try to make you pay for shipping over and over again. Additionally, if they send you the wrong item, they will try to make it seem as if was your fault, even if you have order confirmation. They wanted me to jump through hoops after their mistakes. In the end, amount I paid for a 2.5'' tree cutting, I could have easily purchased an actual 2 year old tree, on its own root stock, for an additional $10 from Home Depot, plus they protect all purchases for up to a year. Had I known this, I would have completely stayed away from Logee's. While I'm sure their methods are legitimate, they fail to inform customers about all the problems they might face in the future in addition to their lacking customer service. **HOWEVER, IF YOU DO SPEAK ORDER FROM THEM AND FACE PROBLEMS, MAKE SURE YOU IMMEDIATELY SPEAK TO A MANAGER! THEY WILL TRY TO BULLY YOU AND MAKE YOU GIVE INTO THEIR RIDICULOUS UNWRITTEN POLICIES AND DEMANDS!!! REMEMBER, YOU CAN ALWAYS DISPUTE A CREDIT CARD CHARGE UP TO 90 DAYS AFTER THE TRANSACTION DATE! WHETHER YOU WIN OR LOSE, (in some cases) LOGEE'S WILL RECEIVE A CHARGEBACK FEE OF $25!!!** AVOID AT ALL COSTS!!!!
Company representative comment on April 8, 2015:
On Apr 8, 2015 8:21 AM, Logee\'s Greenhouses, Ltd. responded with:

We apologize for disappointing you with our customer service. We care greatly about our customers and it is disturbing to hear of your experience. Please let us know how we can make it right for that is our goal. Our aim, as a Company, is to satisfy every person who takes the time to be one of our customers. We apologize that we fell short. It is feedback like yours that helps us to improve our Company and our customer service. I am one of Logee’s owners. Please be in contact with me so we can solve this problem for you. We want you to be happy with our plants and our service.
Sincerely yours, Laurelynn G. Martin, owner, Logee’s Greenhouses, LTD

Positive dodges7
Alna, ME (Zone 5b)
(11 reviews)
October 25, 2014
Have been ordering plants, both indoor and outdoor, from them for nearly 40 years. Plants are almost always larger than described and of high quality. Most have to be moved to larger pots soon after receiving. Those plants that have not survived are likely my fault as is the almost always the case with most people and plants.
I cannot praise Logee's enough for selection and quality.
Positive cheesesauce
Seminole, AL
(5 reviews)
August 8, 2014
Ordered a few fruit trees from them this month. Arrived well packed, small but healthy and showing signs of new growth. I enjoy watching their youtube tours of the greenhouse and I hope they will post more informational videos about their products in the future. Thanks!
Positive DoreenMN88
West Sayville, NY
(1 review)
July 28, 2014
I ordered a butterfly bush named Miss Molly. It was supposed to be red. Both the description and image in the catalog stated it was to be red. When it arrived it was purple. I sent an email to Logee's and within a day they apologized for the mistake and sent me another. It hasn't bloomed yet, so I'm not positive it is red. But I hope it is. I also have a purple one to find a home for.

Positive AprilsWin24
Bowleys Quarters, MD
(3 reviews)
March 27, 2014
So happy with my recent order! I ordered 3 "Stingray" Elephant Ears, a Persian Lime plant, and a Dwarf Jamaican Heliconia. All of the plants were in great shape when they arrived and were packaged amazingly- small pots with dirt and protective plastic for shipping, each plant was wrapped in tissue and placed securely into a proper sized box. All of the plants are adjusting well and I couldn't be happier. Will definitely order more from them- the stock is excellent and their variety of rare plants is a bonus.
Positive westwick
Southwick, MA
(2 reviews)
March 1, 2014
I was a little reluctant to order houseplants in one of the worst winters in many years. But they said they would ship when the weather permitted. The plants arrived in perfect condition; all were healthy (a few in bud stage). I have never had plants so carefully packed and so well protected for shipping. On my second order, the experience was the same; nothing broken or damaged and no spilled dirt all over the bottom of the boxes. Everything very healthy. They have a wide variety to choose from and even have special sales periodically. I will definitely make future purchases from Logees.
Negative reeve1
Plano, TX (Zone 8b)
(52 reviews)
December 1, 2013
Posted on July 17, 2011, updated December 1, 2013
Posted on April 16, 2010, updated July 17, 2011
Posted on April 13, 2010, updated April 16, 2010
Posted on April 2, 2010, updated April 13, 2010
I have been a loyal customer of Logee's for some time and in the earlier years have not had to request a replacement, so things have been fine. However, I recently received an order where some of the plants were dormant and it was difficult to recognize that there was a root problem with one particular plant. 6 weeks later, it was my opinion that the plant (Strongylodon macrobotrys - Jade Vine) should have shown signs of growth and it had not, so I contacted them to explain the issue and request a replacement, if necessary. I received the same response, since I was 2 weeks past the 30 day limit for reporting failures on the Feb. 12th order, they were not going to replace the Jade Vine on April 1st. I had just received an order I placed earlier in April on the same day that I was requesting the replacement on the previous order, or else I would have cancelled it, too. I spend between $200-$500 with them each year. I responded requesting to speak with someone of authority and am waiting to see if they will respond. I find it difficult to believe that a reputable nursery would allow only 30 days for dormant or otherwise questionable sized plants to grow or acclimate. But, I have noticed a decline in the customer support and quality of orders when they are shipped (plants don't stand up in the pot on their own, they look like they are stuffed into a different pot before being shipped, leaves and tops of plants are broken off when received due to poor packing or handling, etc.). I never said anything before because the plants were usually of good size and recovered from bangs and bruises. Logees was also the only one to carry some of the harder to find plants, but I will no longer give my hard earned money or recommend anyone to a company that sends sub-par plants and then refuses to stand behind what they sell, regardless of their policy. I do not know many companies that only offer 30 days guarantee. Even Michigan Bulb gives a lifetime guarantee and most reputable companies will replace plants the 1st year/ growing season. Still waiting to hear back from them, but from my place in this recent transaction with them, all I can say is... Beware!
On April 13th, 2010, reeve1 changed the rating from negative to neutral and added the following:

After a week of being so mad I could bite nails, Ashley eventually contacted me and agreed to replace everything that I had problems with. She was very cordial and kindly explained that they are a small company and cannot give the same guarantee that larger corporations are able to give on their plants. Instead, they put more effort into insuring that the plants that go out are all healthy, of good size, and are packed well before leaving in hopes that this would avoid too many replacements past the first 30 days that a customer has the plant. I asked that they also give consideration for plants that are dormant and that these plants receive an extra guarantee above the usual 30 days. Not just to look at the calendar and immediately say "NO" whenever someone contacts them to ask for a replacement 2 weeks past the 30-day window. Since they did eventually replace everything, we are on good terms again. I just wish I didn't have to go through the heartache and trouble I did to get what should have been offered to me in the beginning without question. Many people wouldn't have bothered to post comments here in order to get further noticed after initially being turned down by their customer support department, and probably just wouldn't darkened their door again. This is what I would have done had they not noticed my posting here. What I found is that these are really nice people who are just trying their best to run a successful business. So, I retract my negative comments and give them a neutral pending the arrival of my replacements and a more positive and consistent initial attitude with the customer.
On April 16th, 2010, reeve1 changed the rating from neutral to positive and added the following:

Well, Logee's did the unexpected and went way above and beyond what they needed to in order to fix my problem and make things right again. These are very good and proud people and I'm sure now that my problem was an isolated incident. If it wasn't, I know that if it does happen again they will make every effort to take care of it, pronto!

Problems happen, new people make mistakes, sometimes the wrong things are said. I just needed to remember to give people a chance to make it right. Logee's did this in spades and I would recommend them to anyone looking for rare and unusual plants. They do carry the best quality and I've been around the block several times. Logee's has proven that they will take care of you. Good luck and Happy Gardening.
On July 17th, 2011, reeve1 changed the rating from positive to negative and added the following:

I have quit buying from Logees. As an accomplished gardener of over 40 years, my house and garden are full of plants as much as 25 years old. However, over 4 years of dealing with Logees, nothing I have purchased from them typically survives for more than a year. I've spent well over $1500.00 with them to date and I have maybe 5 plants still living. Many of the plants I've received have had very small root systems. I've complained to them about their deceptive pot sizes, whereby some plants are being grown in 1 inch starter plugs and then transferred to 2.5" or 3" containers and being sold as a larger potted plant without sufficient grow time in the new container. When you go to plant it, the dirt falls away and you have a plant in a 1 inch plug again with no roots reaching outside of the 1" plug area. In other cases, the plants just seem to be too immature to be out of the nursery environment and they never really recover from the shock of transport. I honestly think Byron is the nicest man and his main help, Ashley, could not be sweeter and more understanding. They've sent replacements in the past when I have complained. But, their plants haven't survived while those that I purchased from other nurseries have flourished. One example, I purchased (7) Hibiscus from Logees, and at the same time, I purchased (3) Hibiscus from Home Depot (The Home Depot were in slightly larger 4" pots and half the price). The main difference was the Home Depot plants had 4 times the root system. Needless to say, ALL of the Logees Hibiscus are dead now while the Home Depot Hibiscus have grown 3 times their size over the same year. I baby them, coddle them, but the Logees plants just don't respond. Finally, a Black Olive tree (12" tall) I purchased arrived in bad shape and it didn't last, but I was so disgusted that I finally quit calling them. They typically don't replace anything after 30 days without a lot of begging and unpleasantness. I could go on and on with the money that I feel I have wasted for what I received, and I suspect there are others out there having the same issues who are not speaking up and who are also no longer ordering from them.
On December 1st, 2013, reeve1 added the following:

I have had problems with Logee's and have posted them here. In doing so, Logee's will no longer conduct business with me. Maybe others who have posted problems when they occurred have also been cancelled, because mine don't appear to be the worst by far. I don't control their methods or actions. All I can do is be pleased with them or report on them when I am not, which is the purpose of this forum. I stopped doing business with them, and after waiting 3 years, I decided to give them another try to see if anything changed from before. I placed the order, everything was pleasant, I even called customer service and spoke with someone about an item on my order and at no time did they indicate that they were not accepting orders from me. I had successfully placed an order online and was excepting to receive it. Only when I called weeks later to inquire about a potential 2nd order did I find out they cancelled the 1st order and never told me. I think these actions speak for themself. I don't make this stuff up! Apparently, I'm the problem and Logee's has no fault in anything that I complained about before. Thus I have been banned from doing business with them. All I can say is Good luck in doing business with a company that conducts themselves in such a childish, emotional manner. If you can't accept criticism or comments from customers that are intended to improve you and make you better then you probably will not rise above the current problems people have been complaining about. Lately, there are as many Neutral or Negative posts as there are Positive. Sorry you feel that I am the problem.
Company representative comment on April 4, 2010:
On Apr 4, 2010 6:32 PM, Logee's Greenhouses, Ltd. responded with:

Dear reeve1,

We sincerely apologize for the disappointment. When we are in the office tomorrow, I will make sure that we look into the issue immediately and have someone contact you as soon as possible.

The 30 day guarantee is meant to ensure that you receive healthy, growing plants. In most cases a month is enough time to ensure that the plant indeed arrived in good condition. I certainly agree that this is diffcult to carry over to plants that are sent in a dormant state. We always want all of our customers to be happy with their plants and their experience with Logee's.

Logee’s Customer Service

Neutral sosreptile
Fairfax, VA (Zone 7a)
(2 reviews)
September 25, 2013
Posted on July 26, 2013, updated September 25, 2013
When I placed my order for three plants (Bougainvillea 'Double Red' 2.5", Hibiscus 'Japanese Lantern' 4" and Clematis 'Nelly Moser' 4") I was giddy with excitement. Here I saw a company that has been around for more than a century, has a well constructed website that is easy to browse, has an exciting selection of plants and had authored a book that I own and enjoy referring to. Not only that, but the plants I ordered had excellent reviews on Logee's website and they were part of the summer sale currently under way, so I decided to take the plunge and order. Unfortunately, my experience after the order was less than desirable. These are the points that made me decide to give a negative review:

1) The online order tracking system is a bit dysfunctional. After ordering I got a confirmation email of my order. The site said orders are typically shipped within 5-7 days. A week later, I got no shipping confirmation email and the status on the website had not changed, so I contacted customer support. They told me it had shipped the previous day, and since I had chosen not to receive emails from them I didn't get the notification. Firstly, I did not choose not to receive emails, and secondly, even if I did, then how did I get an email confirming my order was placed? So I asked them for a tracking number, but their tracking system was down on that Friday and I had to wait until Monday to get a tracking number, by which time I received the plants. Today, two weeks after I placed my order, the website still has not updated with the order status. They really need work on making this system better.

2) Typically, you would want to avoid physical stress to the foliage of plants when shipping them, but the plants were wrapped fairly tightly in packing paper, placed at the bottom of the shipping box, then secured there by boxy wads of the same packing paper placed on top of the plants in the corners of the box. I have ordered plants from other places and this packing method was rather disappointing (refer to my review on Neem Tree Farms' where I described their packaging).

3) The Clematis has no growing tips (was cut back) and the leaves look unhealthy and stressed. The Bougainvillea's growing tip was damaged by the packaging and has shriveled and blackened. The hibiscus, although healthier looking than the other two, came with it's own ecosystem - it had a live spider, complete with web and insects caught in it. Now, I've been gardening for years and bugs don't bother me much but if I'm ordering from an established place, I surely expect the plants to have been inspected before shipping. What if it was a poisonous spider?

4) In the reviews on the site, most people said the plants were bigger and healthier than they expected, and in some cases already blooming. In my case, I was surprised at how small the plants in the 4" pots were. I did not get the feeling that I got my money's worth, particularly on the hibiscus which cost twice as much as either of the others. I was definitely expecting something bigger than a 4" cutting for $13, and that was the sale price; full price is $17 and for that price I can get a gigantic hibiscus plant, albeit not this particular breed, at Lowe's or Home Depot.

On the positive side, their selection is great, the site is good (except for the order tracking part), shipping was fast (2 days via Fedex) and that the customer service rep on their online chat system was helpful and understanding when I called to enquire about my order. I will wait a little longer to give these plants a chance to redeem themselves before I decide to give Logee's customer service a call, but overall I was disappointed with this order.
On September 25th, 2013, sosreptile changed the rating from negative to neutral and added the following:

I still don't see myself ordering from Logees in the near future simply because they are just too expensive (both in terms of plant cost and shipping) for the quality of plants received.

However, I'm changing my rating from a negative to a neutral because Logees promptly refunded me the price I paid for one of the plants they sent me that didn't do well.
Negative Flapdoodle
Minot, ND
(1 review)
August 28, 2013
Last spring I ordered Disporum 'Night Heron', shown in the catalog as deep purple. The plant I received was green. When I called about it, I was told to wait a few weeks, which I did. It was still green. When I called again, I was asked to send a picture of it --which I also did, though this was difficult since I don't have a camera or a cell phone. But a friend came by and took a picture and sent it.

The nursery confirmed that the plant was indeed 'Night Heron, but told me that it would eventually turn deep purple. Several weeks later, it was still green and they reluctantly agreed to send me a second plant. That plant was also green. At this point I asked if propagation was done by seed or by stem or root cuttings. I was told it was by cuttings.

Now, many weeks later, the plants are planted in good, appropriate light (in two widely different areas of my garden) and have no more turned purple than has Kermit the frog. I believe that the company has misrepresented the plants they are selling; perhaps they are using seed--and are selling inferior plants.

Positive steamchili35
Colorado Springs, CO
(2 reviews)
August 9, 2013
Posted on July 13, 2013, updated August 9, 2013
Posted on July 13, 2013, updated July 13, 2013
Posted on July 12, 2013, updated July 13, 2013
I am greatly upset with the way my plant was handled with this company. They shipped my plant via USPS. granted my plant arrived healthy, but it was by pure luck and timing that it stayed healthy. If I hadn't received my plant when I did my poor jasminum sambac maid of Orleans would have been fried to a crisp. USPS was kind enough to deliver my package to an outdoor metal USPS packtage drop box. Pretty much a plant oven in the summertime. Hey logees. When I called costumer service and said USPS dosnt care about what's in the package I ment it. That's another thing. The girl I talked to didn't sound to enthusiastic about her job. She talked to me like it was a chore to pickup the phone and answer my questions. Very flat tone in her voice. No excitement. If I was performing customer service at logees. I would be doing back flips and tap dancing over the fact that I get to work in a historic nursery that's been around for at least a century. Plus I'm surrounded by rare and unusual plants that I know people pay hundreds of dollars to go to south America to see. And I'm getting payed for it. there's no excuse for being unenthusiastic. Logees in the future please keep in mind that allot of the plants your costumers are purchasing are special gifts to a really good friend. I don't know how I would tell my friend that her surpise got cooked in the mail box. Please stop using USPS. until then I'm going to buy from a supplier that only uses UPS or FedEx. And please let your staff know how privileged they are to work at logees.
On July 13th, 2013, steamchili35 added the following:

I will upgrade my status to a positive and reconsider staying with logees if I here back promptly on why my plant was placed in a hot lock box instead of delivered to my door. If I hadn't of retrieved my jasmine when I did from the mail box it would have been toast. My review below was a tad harsh. Heat of the moment type situation. That is why I'm moving to neutral. But I still find the way my plant was delivered unexceptable.
On July 13th, 2013, steamchili35 changed the rating from negative to neutral and added the following:

On August 9th, 2013, steamchili35 changed the rating from neutral to positive and added the following:

I appreciate the comments above logees. Thankyou. As promised I have moved my rating to a positive. I will definitely order from you guys again after getting a dismal jasminum sambac from a separate provider. My friend loves the jasmine and it is thriving now. I plan on ordering a jasminum humile from you guys next. Thanks again logees
Company representative comment on July 23, 2013:
On Jul 23, 2013 4:26 PM, Logee's Greenhouses, Ltd. responded with:

Dear steamchili35,

I apologize that we have disappointed you. Let me first say that you can always request delivery via FedEx if that is your preference. We also allow people to specify delivery via USPS if they prefer that. We have some customers who prefer each method and have had customers who have complained about each carrier and where the carrier decided to leave the plants. Unfortunately, we cannot control the delivery companies, which was a significant part of the decision to increase our guarantee from 30 to 60 days a few years ago.

We currently use both FedEx and USPS Priority Mail. By using both carriers it allows us to delivery plants as safely and economically as possible to the whole country. There are some packages for which FedEx is quicker and/or less expensive and there are some packages for which USPS Priority Mail is a better alternative. By using both we can keep our S&H charges significantly lower than if we picked either as a single carrier and also get the plants delivered in as few days as possible. Unfortunately, shipping a live product is both complicated and expensive.

Regarding our Customer Service Representative, I again apologize. We strive very hard to have employees who are excited to be here, but we find that not everyone is. Many are excited about the chance to work someplace “surrounded by rare and unusual plants” and those are usually the ones who shine.

I am glad that your plant arrived safely, but I again apologize for the concern and disappointment that you went through. In the future, please feel free to request delivery via FedEx for you order (on the web you can add a note with the request to your order).

Sincerely, Logee’s Customer Service

Neutral ScienceChick
The Colony, TX (Zone 8a)
(2 reviews)
July 28, 2013
I really want to give Logee's a positive rating - they have such unusual plants and their catalog gets my tropical/exotic-loving heart going. I'm not giving them a negative because some of the plants I've bought from them survived. Not many.

The first order I placed with them was for six plants (Adenium obesum, three violets, sweet olive, sweet potato vine). With the exception of the Adenium, they were all really small and none of them lived more than 5 weeks.

I gave Logee's another try and ordered another Adenium, a banana shrub (Michelia figo) and another sweet olive. The Adenium was a good size but the other two were very, very small. Five months later, the Adenium is doing well and the banana shrub is barely hanging on. The sweet olive was dead in two weeks.

I'm not a master gardener but I'm reasonably adept at container gardening; I grow bird of paradise, hibiscus, plumeria, adeniums, etc. None of the plants I ordered were "hard to grow" and yet ... I give up and won't buy from them again.
Negative vorlonken
Andover, CT
(8 reviews)
July 10, 2013
I'm starting with Negative but reserve the right to upgrade to Neutral at a later date. I ordered three plants from Logee's this spring. Two Iochroma and a winter hardy Passiflora (Maypop). After a longer-than-anticipated wait I received the plants. All three of them were on the scrawny side and seemed etiolated, especially the red Iochroma. And the Passiflora was truly sad, very small. For the premium prices that Logee's charges they should ship premium plants!

The quality of the packing was average, at best; they should take a hint from Lazy S's.

I was so concerned about the Passiflora that I called customer service and the woman said that I had 90 days to get a replacement - and I asked her to make a note about my call. At the end of June I called to say that the Passiflora hadn't grown at all and I asked for a replacement. I received the replacement and although it has more leaves than the original it is clearly poorly grown, spindly and badly undersized, especially for a plant that costs $12.95.

I will call customer service again and carefully observe the new plant for signs of growth. Depending on their response and whether or not the original plants survive the winter I may upgrade my rating.

Both Iochromas have grown at a good rate and the purple one is already flowering. The red has a health issue with puckered leaves. I have sent samples to the Ag Experiment Station for diagnosis. Even though I've treated them exactly the same and they are in pots less than 1" apart it may still be a cultural issue that I caused. I hope to hear soon.
Neutral pupgirl
Townsend, DE
(2 reviews)
June 6, 2013
Posted on June 4, 2013, updated June 6, 2013
Last summer I ordered a purple Iochroma from Logee's. The catalog stated it was hardy to zone 7 (where I live). I planted it, it grew all summer, then died back to the ground last fall, which I expected. On May 3rd, I emailed customer service to say that it had not sprouted yet. They advised me to wait until the end of May, because this year's weather had made everything a little late. Well, my area just had 4 days of 87-plus degree weather, it is now June 4th, and nothing has grown yet. I emailed customer service again this morning asking for a replacement. I will change my rating if and when I hear from them.
On June 6th, 2013, pupgirl changed the rating from negative to neutral and added the following:

I heard back from Customer Service. They are double checking on the hardiness zone, and will get back to me.

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