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On Oct 8, 2006, froggish (1 reviews) from Davenport, IA

I ordered 6" water garden baskets from the MacKenzie Nursery Supply Inc website. I printed the online receipt and received my product shortly after. After opening my box I noticed that the pots were 5" not 6" round baskets. I called the company and the only response I received from them is that the catalog had a misprint. I called for a second time and was told they were going to look into it and I never received a call back. I am very disappointed in the false advertising of the 6" water baskets. My reciepts and packing slip both say I received 6'' baskets.

Company representative comment on October 11, 2006:

On Oct 11, 2006 4:39 PM, MacKenzie Nursery Supply Inc. added:

We strive for the best customer service but in this case, even the manufacturer's current literature lists the water basket size as 6" x 4". We were not aware of the change in sizes but have since notified the supplier of the change and updated our data bases. Unfortunately, the salesman who handled the phone call thought the situation had been resolved and was not aware that a return call was expected. Again, we strive for the best customer service and regret that this customer does not feel that we met their standards.

On Apr 12, 2005, spaceycat (4 reviews) from Lafayette, LA (Zone 9a)

Great selection and prices but the best part is they are very helpful and friendly also! I placed two orders with them and each time they were very helpful in choosing merchandise just right for my needs. Everything was packed well and shipped fast. I ordered nursery pots, planters, a digging spade and gloves and the quality is outstanding. Very nice catalog sent with the order. Because I really needed advice on the best tool for the job, I phoned in order and was SO happy that I got to talk to people with experience and not some inbound telemarketer who could only read from the catalog descriptions!

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