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4594 Sugar Maple Dr.
Ottawa, Ontario K1V 1Y4 (Canada)


Excellent Selection of seeds, seedlings and bulbs... and everything's growing.
Easy payment service through PayPal. Lots of helpful links, and information.

posted on December 4, 2001



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On Sep 27, 2003, boxwood88 (1 reviews)

I have ordered many seeds from this company, and have been happy every time. An excellent selection of rare and exotic plants. I have recently ordered seeds for a Bible Garden and have a 2' Cedar of Lebanon (very aromatic) now growing in my study (alongside my Giant Sequioa).... I also planted some of the the jasmine tobacco seeds and am just about ready to harvest and make my own cigars; easy email ordering and secure PayPal payment. gets 5 stars out of 5 !

On Jun 22, 2002, sofia (1 reviews)

I searched and serached the whole world wide web for unusual colorful poppies and finally I discovered the wonderful BorgheseGardens.... Back in May I ordered the following seeds.... BLUE SATIN POPPY ( MECONOPSIS) Beautiful sky blue to satin blue flowers on a hardy perennial plant reaching almost 6 ft. tall. 20 seeds $3.75 FIRE ENGINE RED POPPY. PAPAVER RHOEAS A hardy annual growing to 2 ft. tall with 2-4 inch Fire Engine Red with purplish black centers. 40 seeds $2.50 PEONY POPPY ( PAPAVER SOMNIFERUM ) DOUBLE BLACK FLOWERED The nearest you will find to a black poppy. Deep dark purple-red balls, very lush and extravagant. 40 seeds $2.50 ORIENTALE SCARLET POPPY Blooms faster that most other varieties. 40 seeds, $2.50 MEADOW FOXTAIL GRASS ( ALOPECURUS PRATENSIS ) An evergreen grass that is slow spreading and best planted in clumps. The grass is low growing, usually only reaching about 6" tall. The flower stalks however, will grow about 12" above the foliage and is a soft cylindrical panicle that is soft to the touch, thus the name "Foxtail". A good grass for rockgardens. For zones 6-9. Each pack contains 1 Tablespoon of seeds ( about 75-100 seeds ) $2.50 I payed using PayPal and the seeds arrived in less than a week. The seeds came in individual clear zip lock baggies (so that I could plant some and reseal the rest). Each package had very basic planting directions, and all were bubble wrapped and came in a large manilla envelope. I planted right away, and now I have the beginnings of a wonderful backyard meadow. Everything is growing. I'm now going to order more ornamental grasses to fill out the rest of the yard. Great products and fast service.

On Jun 20, 2002, moringa (1 reviews)

Great catalog of rare and unusual seeds. I purchased camphor tree seeds using their paypal payment system. The seeds arrived in 3 days, and have already germinated. Excellent web site (and I didn't get any pop-ups) Top rating from this gardener!

On Jan 1, 2002, eisenburg (1 reviews)

Great online catalog. Excellent service. Purchased orange jasmine, now growing in my window sill. Beautiful, fragrant flowers.

On June 16th, 2002, eisenburg added the following: Super Site!

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