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On Mar 30, 2021, lassa8 (6 reviews) from Damascus, MD

I have ordered plants from Carnivorous Plant Nursery two or three times now, and the plants I receive are always in great health and very well packaged. The only thing that keeps me from ordering more often is the high shipping cost. I can often have more plants shipped from the west coast for less than the cost to ship from here, and I'm less than 75 minutes away!

On Sep 20, 2018, Zafak (10 reviews) from Oakbrook, KY

I am in the process of setting up an outdoor in ground bog garden for sarracenia pitcher plants. I wanted to include noncarnivorous associate bog plants, especially flowering plants, to add more visual elements and benefit pollinators. After searching all over the internet for bog plants I could only find two mail order nurseries that had a large assortment of the species I was interested in. This nursery has both the pink and the white flowered forms of the Grass Pink Orchid so I went with them. I placed an order for the following species: Bog Violet (Viola lanceolata) Yellow Eyed Grass (Xyris balwiniana) Marsh Pinks (Sabatia kennedyana) Nodding Lady Tresses (Spiranthes cernua) Rose Pogonia (Pogonia ophioglossoides) Grass Pink Orchid (Calopogon tuberosa) Grass Pink Orchid alba (Calopogon tuberosa) Utricularia vulgaris Utricularia subulata Where different sized options were available I chose the smaller sized plants to save money. I cannot complain about the size of the plants received because of this. Especially considering the price compared to other nurseries. The Bog Violet, Nodding Ladies Tresses, and Yellow Eye Grass were actually much larger than expected. Everything except for the aquatic Utricularia vulgaris came either as soil plugs wrapped in a damp paper towel, or bare root plants wrapped in sphagnum that was wrapped in a damp paper towel. Each plant was clearly labeled with a plastic plant tag and all of them were rubber banded together and placed in a tall bag that was stapled at the top. The aquatic Utricularia was separately double bagged and did not leak. All of the plants were put in a package with adequate newspaper to keep them from moving around and were delivered within three days of ordering. It actually would have arrived in only two days but a hurricane slowed the postal services. Given the quality of the plants, professional packaging, and speed of the delivery I would definitely order from them again.

On Apr 16, 2015, Thescann (9 reviews) from Eastlake, OH

I was not impressed with the size of these "bareroot" plants. One "medium" fly trap I ordered was about the size of a pencil eraser. I'd hate to see what they consider small. I ordered because of all the good reviews about the size of these plants but am extremely disappointed since I could have ordered larger potted plants that didn't have their tops chopped off from at least two other sources for the same price or less.

On Apr 12, 2014, Silenicus (3 reviews) from Little Rock, AR

Time to catch up on reviews. This past year was my first time ordering plants through the mail. The Carnivorous Plant Nursery was my first experience with bare root plants. I ordered a staghorn sundew, a lance leaved sundew, and a Utricularia nephophylla. I also received a bonus plant. There were no glitches in shipping. The plants arrived quickly and in good health. The plants adapted quickly to their new homes and are now flourishing. I can't speak to the company's problem resolution because I had no problems with my order. I can only say that I received vigorous, healthy plants that were ready to go in a pot and start growing. I am very satisfied.

On Sep 7, 2012, camino_girl85 (1 reviews) from Bloomingdale, GA

Ordered one sarracenia and one venus flytrap. I feel like the plants were somewhat small for the money I paid, but they were healthy and packaged well. I also received a bonus plant, which was a pleasant surprise. I do recommend this nursery just because he has a lot of rarer varieties for decent prices.

On May 23, 2012, LoveBrug (10 reviews) from Greenback, TN (Zone 7a)

Posted on April 28, 2012, updated May 23, 2012 Sent very nice plants well packed with a free bonus plant.

On May 23rd, 2012, LoveBrug added the following: I find it funny that another CP nursery owner would comment about plant size for the money. If you're a DG member check this out Wish I could post PICS of what I received from FlyTrapStore on this thread. What I received from Carnivorous Plant Nursery is LIGHT years ahead size wise for the money then what the crap FlyTrap Store sent me.

On May 2, 2012, flytrapstore (9 reviews) from Ashland, OR

Healthy plants and quick shipping. Prices are a bit high for the size of plants received, but overall a good experience.

On Mar 6, 2012, Arnie_77 (1 reviews) from Rochester, MN

I bought some Nepenthes Miranda from Carnivorous Plant Nursery and I was surprised how they looked especially my last one with the large pitchers that were almost 11 in. I would purchase from this company again.

On May 26, 2011, Pallas1 (3 reviews) from Williamstown, NJ

Bought the starter pack of 5 plants, cranberry and 25 pack of sundew seeds.... Shipped 5/24 & arrived 5/26 via USPS. Plants were all nicely wrapped in damp paper towel to ensure the surrounding peat moss remained intact and moist during transport. Plants are all alive, well developed and easily transplanted thanks to the care that went into packing them. Thanks Michael, we're looking forward to our next transaction ;)

On May 10, 2010, gobbleman (9 reviews) from Sweetwater, TN

This nursery sent me beautiful plants that are growing well in my bog garden. Thank you. I would recommend to anyone who wants to grow this type of plants.

On May 10, 2010, Pepper88 (7 reviews) from Granite Falls, MN

Last fall I ordered one sundew as it was my first experience with a carnivorous plant. I was surprised to receive two plants in the mail, excellently packaged, accompanied by very detailed instructions on plant care. Now, 7 months later, both sundews are doing very well, thriving on the fungus gnats in my home! I'm sure I will order again from Carnivorous Plant Nursery in the future.

On Feb 28, 2009, ladyisle (34 reviews) from Bohemia, NY (Zone 7a)

As this is my first time with carnivorous plants, the selection on their website was overwhelming. Therefore my second phone call to Michael Szesze was to ask him to select 8 plants for my project. He did just that and even included a bonus plant. The plants look great and the primulifloras even have buds and flowers on them. Not sure what I expected since these are listed as "bareroot"; but they are lovely plants, minus pots. (I never realized how pretty this group of plants could be). Since the plants have very specific cultural requirements, I really appreciated the direction that Michael gave me. Packed well and shipped when promised. I foresee more orders in my future.

On Jan 13, 2009, suzyq53714 (4 reviews) from Madison, WI

The idea of mini egg terrariums is cute! Not to expensive and they treat your plants well!

On Apr 28, 2005, bladessf (2 reviews) from Canandaigua, NY (Zone 5b)

I had decided to create a small carnivorous bog garden. I contacted Michael (the owner) through his email and posed a number of questions about culture, hardiness for my area and his recommendations. He responded quickly and with considerable knowledge. From his suggestions I ordered a number of plants which he kindly put up as a special collection to which he added a couple of plants no charge and gave a monetary discount as well. The plants arrived in two days as scheduled and were carefully packed. All were healthly with good growth. I contacted Michael again about care after planting if the nights got cold and he again responded quickly. I recommend his company.

On Mar 19, 2005, Ispahan (55 reviews) from Chicago, IL (Zone 6a)

This is a WONDERFUL company. All of my plants arrived in prime condition and expertly packed and seem to be experiencing only a mininum of transplanting shock considering that they were bare root. I appreciated the thoughtfully selected bonus plants and excellent service as well. The owner made a point of e-mailing me to let me know when my plants would be shipped which was a gesture that I very much appreciated. I will definitely order from this company again in the future.

On Mar 10, 2005, Equilibrium (32 reviews)

Absolutely wonderful man and so knowledgeable too. What an absolute pleasure to work with. If you call him and share your experience level as well as your growing conditions, he will help you make educated decisions regarding which plants to purchase to better insure your success. That was a pleasant surprise. Evidently he is a biology teacher and works extensively with children. His online store offers some of the only materials I have ever seen available to use as educational tools with which to work with children who have an interest in carnivorous plants. Great for a classroom setting and I believe they were actually designed for same. Regarding the plants I purchased; very healthy specimens that were packed properly, labeled properly, and shipped on the date I requested. And, he added a free plant to my order as well as the order of a friend who placed an order with him months after my order was replaced and received so this must be something nice he just does for his customers.

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