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Easy to Grow Bulbs offers bigger, better flower bulbs for gardeners in warm climates. Bulbs from Holland - the type most US gardening companies offer - are great, but there are gorgeous, easier care options for warm weather regions where plants' abilities to thrive in heat, and often drought, define gardening success.

In addition, cool weather adventurers who like exotic cultivars for summer plantings, sunrooms and greenhouses have fun with our selection. See us, too, for a wide selection of holiday amaryllis, paperwhites and flowering gifts, with bigger bulbs in quality containers at attractive prices.

Visit EasytoGrowBulbs.com for unusual varieties (plus some classics), bigger bulbs, personalized customer service and good value for your gardening dollar.

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On May 11, 2021, kay18fan (3 reviews) from Santa Fe, TX (Zone 9a)

I have been ordering from Easy to Grow Bulbs since 2011, but never again. They used to send top size bulbs but this year’s order was tiny. But my major issue is that I ordered single pink and double yellow freesias, received packages that claimed to be these bulbs, but now that they have bloomed, all are purple. I reached out to Easy to Grow Bulbs and was informed it is too late for a refund. Until they bloomed, there was zero way of knowing they were incorrect. Disappointing.

On May 7, 2021, pempe (5 reviews) from Methuen, MA

Watch very carefully what you receive from them.. They will send you and invoice with your shipment and items are missing that is out of stock. They do not issue a refund unless you ask and they also want you to send them a copy of the invoice that is missing the item to verify. That is the stupidest thing. How can you not be able to verify on your end that the item is out of stock when you shipped. HORRIBLE service. has definitely gone downhill. I will need to try and find a better company next year. They stink

On Feb 28, 2021, Merry19 (2 reviews) from Bernalillo, NM

I ordered during prime shipping season in Oct-Nov and received my shipments right away. The amaryllis all did very well, as did the narcissus, which were the biggest bulbs I'd ever seen. I had no luck with forcing the freesia but not blaming the company as it was my first time with freesia indoors. Happy enough with the hyacinths. Due to their rapid shipping and prices, will definitely use them again this fall.

On Nov 25, 2020, robbdogr (8 reviews) from Long Beach, CA (Zone 10a)

Posted on November 5, 2020, updated November 25, 2020 I DO NOT RECOMMED ordering from this company. The only reason I ordered from Easy To Grow Bulbs was for the Amaryllis belladonna bulbs, and only because Bill the Bulb passed away and his bulb farm is not currently shipping. I requested when I ordered on August 20th that I wanted them shipped ASAP because Amaryllis belladonna are best planted in August or September in my area, not planted later like other fall bulbs such as narcissus. My request was not fulfilled and the bulbs shipped even later than their website showed they shipped other types of bulbs for my area. The website said they shipped to Amaryllis to my zone September to October and other fall bulbs October 12th. They did not ship until October 28 according to the label on the box. My order included Amaryllis belladonna, Crocus sativus, and Triteleia. The only bulbs that look good are the Triteleia. The crocus bulbs are still firm, but all of them sprouted. However, in my opinion, the White Amaryllis belladonna are ready for the trash. The Amaryllis bulbs are soft and shriveled. They look like they have been out of the ground since July. I am particularly disappointed because the Amaryllis belladonna were really the only reason I ordered from this company. If the Amaryllis belladonna come back to life, it likely will be at least 3 or more years before they build up enough energy bloom now. I contacted the company about the poor condition of the bulbs when the bulbs arrived, and included a photo, but the only responses I received were auto generated when I sent it, and then today generic "was it something we said" unsubscribing email confirmation (BTW, I did not unsubscribe) with a coupon for 50% off my next order by Nov. 20. I would not order from them again after their poor quality, regardless of the discount. This company has two separate listings in garden watchdog. I hope other gardeners considering ordering bulbs read both listings for the other negative comments.

On November 25th, 2020, robbdogr changed the rating from negative to neutral and added the following: I switched my rating from negative to neutral because all of the bulbs are finally starting to show some growth, including the shriveled sad white Amaryllis belladonnas that I was unsure was going to make it. My pink ones that have been in the ground for years, from a neighbor, already have lots of lush foliage 12 inches long. The foliage on my new ones are barely an inch and stunted and anemic looking, but at least they are alive. Now I have to wait years to see if they are true to color. I have about 40 pinks ones so I am really hoping they are white as advertized.

On Oct 21, 2020, lisaaj (19 reviews) from Columbus, OH

I took a chance on ordering from Easy to Grow Bulbs, and am VERY happy I did! I fell in love with the description of allium Silver Spring on the Scheepers website, but ordered the bulbs from Bluestone Perennials because it was much cheaper (and I am a fan of Bluestone). About a month ago I got a message from Bluestone they could not fill my order. Checked Scheepers, they were sold out. Tried ordering from Brent and Becky’s, who accepted my order, but then told me they were sold out. I saw them on Easy to Grow Bulbs and gave it a try, ordering 3 packages from them, mostly expecting a message that they were also sold out. Much to my surprise, I received the bulbs last week, and they look fine! All the thumbs up to Easy to Grow Bulbs for supplying the bulbs I wanted when all my usual, very reputable suppliers failed. I plan to give them more of my bulb orders in the future!

On Oct 16, 2020, madimand (2 reviews) from Arvada, CO

It was already a gamble for me, in Colorado, to order bulbs from a California company. When I read the Dave's Garden reviews it was even more clearly a gamble. But I wanted madonna lily bulbs and hardy cyclamen corms so much that I gambled. And however the lilies and cyclamens turn out for me, I want to testify to the large size and excellent condition of all nine corms of all three cyclamen species and all three madonna lily bulbs. If they don't work for me it's not the fault of Easy to Grow, but some combination of Colorado and my own stupidity. They were stunningly beautiful.

On Jul 7, 2020, seagardener (38 reviews) from Southport, ME

Well, I’m sad to see reports of those who had negative experiences w/ETGB. Ours was overwhelmingly positive! The tuberous begonias would knock your socks off! The blooms are huge! We’re talking in excess of 6” across in dazzling colors. We ordered cannas, all stunning & healthy. But the begonias are breathtaking. We took them (several hundred) to a local greenhouse & had them potted up late March/early April. We acknowledged risk of frost during shipment (which we had! Late April snowstorm; who’d have thought?). The vast majority did beautifully & were in full bloom when we transplanted them into the garden [they were all potted into 4.5” square pots]. The cannas have taken right off; stunning, healthy foliage & expect to have them bloom soon (they normally bloom Aug.-Oct. for us]. Anyway, I couldn’t be happier w/the results. I’ve never had or seen tuberous begonias this big or as vigorous as these. I would upload photos as proof but I’m not that tech savvy. Anyway; no complaints here. The tubers that we ordered from them are breathtaking; not exaggerating...I’ve never seen anything like them & have been in the professional horticulture trade for 40 years.

On Jul 6, 2020, CraftsmanJunky (2 reviews) from Portland, OR

I have ordered from Easy to Grow bulbs 3 or 4 times in the past year and they have been mostly positive with some negative parts. I got 20 bareroot hosta in 2019 and they arrived and looked healthy and grew well. Most of them survived and the ones that didn't I believe died because I didn't water them enough. I bought several bareroot plants this spring and most of them did well. Two of our sulphur bleeding hearts did not come up, but the company did agree to give us a credit. (Not a refund mind you, but a credit I have to spend with them.) Then I ordered from one of their clearance sales in May and I was disappointed when a full half of the order was cancelled without any warning. Even their confirmation email that the order had shipped didn't indicate that anything was amiss. I didn't make a big fuss because it was during coronavirus and I was happy to get any plants, but I was disappointed because I had really been looking forward to the plants they'd cancelled.

On Jun 19, 2020, reeve1 (56 reviews) from Plano, TX (Zone 8b)

Posted on March 29, 2012, updated June 19, 2020 Posted on January 25, 2012, updated March 29, 2012 I can't say enough good things about this company. I placed two sizeable orders this year, both with a little of everything, 13 different Amaryllis, 5 different Oxalis, wild tulips, some of the prepotted Amaryllis packages, and numerous other bulbs, and everything was absolutely perfect! Bulbs were huge, healthy and gorgeous. The prepacked Amaryllis would have cost me more to make with the quality baskets and pots they used. Shipped boxes are always packed as though they're shipping glass.. LOL Customer service is friendly, always keeps me informed, and shipping is prompt. The prices are great, too! This is how a company should operate. Take Note Everyone else!

On March 29th, 2012, reeve1 added the following: Another awesome experience. I placed another sizable order and I needed to replace a Peony that arrived less than perfect. I got immediate replacement with no questions asked. I really enjoy dealing with these people. It's like ordering from a friend. I just wish it was this easy with everyone. Thanks Kathleen and everyone at Easy-to-Grow-Bulbs! Your hard work is noticed and appreciated!
On June 19th, 2020, reeve1 changed the rating from positive to negative and added the following: I was able to resolve my refund issue. But, it does not change the negative experience that I've had with Easy to Grow Bulbs for the past 2 years. The bulbs are no longer of reasonable quality and are what you expect from the junk mail order companies that send out the paper magazines. A $200 order fit into a 12" x 12" box of little envelopes with pieces of roots in plastic bags, most were molded and some rotted through. 1/4 of my order was cancelled on their end and the remaining half was rotted or in poor shape. Enough said, I won't be ordering again.

On Jun 2, 2020, Marilena (12 reviews) from Chicago, IL

Easy to Grow Bulbs used to be a good plant company. In the last two years the quality of the plants has gone down to totally unacceptable. I just received a $ 222.00 order in a box about the 12" x 12". That says it all. I plan on contacting my credit card company and having them reimburse my credit card. These people are charletans. Don't buy anything from them.

On May 22, 2020, tucker1987 (1 reviews) from Bozeman, MT

Poor quality plants and customer service. I was sent a visibly dead peony root, and despite immediately reaching out to them by phone and email (including sending a picture), I have only had one response that dismissed my concerns, and have been given the run-around for 8 days. I know things are topsy-turvy during the pandemic, but sending out defective goods and then not attempting to remedy the situation is not acceptable.

On Nov 4, 2019, Motherof_plants (1 reviews) from Oceanside, CA

I've had a really good experience with Easy to Grow Bulbs. I have purchased a Fig Tree, Freesias, Paperwhites, Amaryllis, Ixia, Sparaxis, and a few others. All have proven to be successful so far! I'm very excited to see my new Amaryllis bloom. Customer service has always been great, and all of my items have been as described. I will definitely purchase from them again!

On Nov 2, 2019, carolinaruby (1 reviews) from Wilmington, NC

Posted on November 3, 2019, updated November 3, 2019 Easy to Grow Bulbs used to be my go-to for mail ordering bulbs, but I don't think that I can order from them anymore or recommend them. I've been ordering from them since at least 2016; perhaps longer, but I don't have the email confirmations to be positive. The first issue I had was with failing freesia and ranunculus bulbs. Customer service very promptly and kindly sent me (double!) replacements. The replacement ranunculus failed as well, but that was due to poor growing conditions (unseasonably hot temperatures), no fault of the company. The freesia did come up and bloom, but was the wrong variety (single instead of double, and all orange and yellow instead of mixed - the bag did say should be double mixed). Well, no big deal, since they were free replacements! Over the next couple of years, I had a few more orders. One order included a mix of bulbs and bareroots; only about half the plants sprouted or succeeded (the bareroots were small and didn't make it, and the elephant ear never sprouted). I chalked that up to bad luck. Last year, I ordered an amaryllis that turned out to be the wrong variety when it bloomed (Dancing Queen instead of Aphrodite). They kindly refunded me when I sent pictures. This spring, I ordered several bulbs; the begonias sprouted, stalled for months, then died; the clematis plug arrived barely alive and died within a week; the canna thrived but turned out to be the wrong variety (hot orange instead of pale pink); the roselilies also thrived but were also the wrong variety (Stargazer colors instead of white with yellow throat). I didn't bother contacting customer service, as at some point, you start looking like you're just a problem customer. For this fall, I tried again on the amaryllis variety that I tried to get last year. The bulb arrived significantly smaller than I expected for a double amaryllis, and the label on the bulb said it should be 32/34 centimeters, but the one I received was only 25 cm. When I contacted customer service, I was told this year's correct size is 24/26. Well... all right. That seems small for the variety, and reviewing other companies selling the same bulb shows they're all selling a larger bulb than that, but I suppose it is what it is. Time will tell if it blooms as an Aphrodite. I'm leaving this as a neutral review because customer service has always been unfailingly polite and pleasant, and the successful plants I have gotten from them have been wonderful (my "surprise" varieties have been pretty too, even if they weren't what I ordered). However, the roulette wheel on actual plant variety has been frustrating. I have a limited amount of money to spend on gardening and would prefer to have better odds that what I think I've planted is what will actually bloom later.

On November 2nd, 2019, carolinaruby added the following: Edited to add: I forgot to say that in the same order as the Dancing-Queen-that-should-be-Aphrodite amaryllis, I also had a Temptation amaryllis and a number of Bridal Crown narcissus that all performed exceptionally. Credit where credit is due!

On Aug 1, 2019, Bkwyrme (4 reviews) from Long Beach, CA

I have not ordered much from them, but I am impressed with the health of the items they sent and the way they take care of errors. Both plants I ordered are growing extremely well. The difficulty was that the Calla Lily, once it bloomed, proved to be the wrong variety. Trevor responded to my complaint the day after I sent it. All of the calla lilies were out of stock, so a replacement was not possible. He immediately offered store credit and then, at my request, changed it to an order for a plant of the same price that I could get in the ground this year. I would definitely order from this company again & would recommend it to others.

On Jun 18, 2019, SanJoseFool (21 reviews) from Canton, GA (Zone 7b)

Ordered spring bulbs for the first time from them this year. Bulbs all appeared to be in nice condition. They were way larger than I thought they would be. I had a couple of bulbs that didn't come up why I'm not sure and when I contacted easy to grow bulbs the immediately refunded the money back to my card for those two bulbs. With customer service like this I for sure will be ordering bulbs next year from this company.

On May 28, 2019, euwxyz (4 reviews) from Berlin, NH

Posted on April 24, 2019, updated May 28, 2019 Have been ordering from Easy to grow bulbs for 20 plus years. That has come to an end !!! Lately that company has been going downhill. On 4/5/2019 ordered 24 large ( as advertised) begonia bulbs. What I received was shameful, how and why they even shipped nickel size bulbs is insulting. Called and spoke to Trevor who acknowledge that others are experiencing the same. They did send a replacement order where I specifically asked if the bulbs could be inspected before shipping them... Well... another maddening experience, these are the size of a penny if that. e-mailed them pictures for what its worth. Shop elsewhere or be disappointed.

On May 28th, 2019, euwxyz added the following: The only true statement is that I ordered April 5, 2019.First off the free shipping was because I ordered a certain dollar amount, not that they're so kind and generous. I asked for ASAP shipping because of two greenhouses I have , I did not get so-called two day shipping, I received bulbs on 5/12/2019. It was there that I could not believe my eyes, begonia bulbs the size of a nickel,called and asked for larger bulbs,Trevor claimed that others had the same problem, asked that they would inspect replacement bulbs before shipping. They did not !!! To claim they did not hear from me has one wondering, a total LIE, why would you hear from me ? I agreed to larger bulbs as replacements. What I got for replacements were smaller then the first. E-mailed them with pictures of tiny bulbs and requesting a refund... It was they who e-mailed back stating that their support team would look into the matter.(Auto reply to all e-mails) Fourteen days later, I e-mailed them asking if the support team had returned from lunch yet. At no time did this fly-by-night outfit reach out to me nor ask for return of bulbs. None were viable. They have no problem claiming falsehoods and lies... The BBB of Oceanside Ca. has all pertinent facts and proof, copies of e-mails supporting my claim. These people have no regard nor compassion for customers who got totally screwed. Won't issue any refunds...See other negative post... STAY AWAY>Crooked outfit...
Company representative comment on May 24, 2019:
On May 24, 2019 1:53 PM, Easy to Grow Bulbs responded with:

The first service request received by this customer was on April 5, right after the order was placed. The customer asked for the order to be shipped ASAP. We processed, packed, and shipped the order prior to the orders assigned ship date for climate zone 4 posted on our website [[email protected]] and upgraded the shipping method to Fedex 2 Day, at no charge to the customer.

On April 12th, the customer emailed us regarding the size of the begonia bulbs he received. He explained that the bulbs were small and that he wanted bigger bulbs. Trevor, our customer service rep, offered to replace them. The customer accepted, but requested that the bulbs be inspected for size prior to shipment.

Trevor and the owner of our company reviewed the bulbs and determined that the bulbs were all similar in size for the varieties the customer was not happy with (although completely viable product). To satisfy the customers request for bigger begonia bulbs, Trevor offered to replace with other varieties that were larger. The customer did not reply.

After not hearing back, our service team issued replacements on April 19th 2019 of the same varieties previously noted by the customer in hopes that twice the number of bulbs at no additional charge would make him happy.

Upon receiving the replacement order, the customer demanded a full refund and has made no efforts to return the items he has received to get a full refund.

In an effort to resolve this issue amicably we offered to extend the return period on his order and issue a full refund for a physical return of the viable product he is un-happy with. We have yet to hear back from the customer on this offer.

On May 23, 2019, Yulia_M (1 reviews) from Ames Lake, WA

Posted on November 2, 2018, updated May 23, 2019 Posted on October 22, 2018, updated November 2, 2018 I have placed 3 orders with this company lately, and every order has an issue or few with it: - rotten bulbs (2, 3 or even half-pack) - instead of mix of double freesias they sent me just blue ones - adventure pack is missing in one of the orders - instead of 10 large bulbs of starflower they sent 6 relatively big and 4 really tiny ones. They didn't respond to my email regarding one of the orders, so I guess I have to just let it go. Certainly, never ordering from them again, and would not recommend it to anyone. Very disappointing.

On November 2nd, 2018, Yulia_M changed the rating from negative to neutral and added the following: A few days after emailing them about the rotten bulbs I was contacted by Trevor, and he suggested to send a bag of daffodils as a replacement. I have received it already, and the bulbs look good. I wait for spring to see how all the bulbs will bloom.
On May 23rd, 2019, Yulia_M changed the rating from neutral to positive and added the following: So spring is almost over, and I must say all bulbs bloomed wonderfully. Even the iris I planted in the fall is blooming now which I didn't expect at all. I'll be ordering from them again!

On Apr 11, 2019, cwgrlbelle (1 reviews) from Fremont, CA

Easy to Grow Bulbs shipped multiple items incorrectly and even with photos took several “guesses” before being able to identify what plant they actually shipped. I accepted their offer for a refund, but now, weeks later, they tell me that they cannot issue a credit because too much time has passed. Fall bulbs. That came up in the spring. I was supposed to somehow know back August that the bulbs they shipped were wrong? All the work I wasted planting the bulbs – planting that will have to be repeated THIS fall – with bulbs from a reputable company – and I can’t even get my money back? Incredibly disappointed with the lack of integrity and would never recommend them to anyone.

On Apr 6, 2019, aimeej (11 reviews) from Albuquerque, NM

Posted on May 20, 2008, updated April 6, 2019 I found this company searching for bulb sellers online. Having ordered bulbs from numerous companies over the years I was VERY impressed with the quality, size and condition fo the Gladiolus and Polianthes. I will continue to order from Easy to Grow Bulbs year after year.

On April 6th, 2019, aimeej changed the rating from positive to negative and added the following: It pains me to write this review. I have been ordering from easy to Grow Bulbs for 13 years. Up until 2018 they sent large, healthy bulbs and roots every time. In march, 2018 I ordered two peonies and a trumpet lily. Both of the peonies leafed out then promptly died. The regal lily lived but did not bloom and is, thankfully, up this spring.I have numerous peonies that I have bought from a local big box store that are doing fine and getting larger each year, and peonies that I have purchased from Easy to Grow Bulbs in the past are doing well also. I chalked it up to bad luck and a hot spring. BUT, this year I ordered two florist gloxinias, single tuberose, Boothman's bleeding hearts and Heartstrings lily. To say that all but one of them were very small would be an understatement. Single, dry tuberose bulbs instead of the clumps as advertised, already sprouting, tiny lily bulbs, very small gloxinia tubers that should have been half the price. The only decent sized plant was the Boothman's bleeding hearts.I called them on a Sat. so no answer. I can't justify paying for such inferior plants and it makes me sad to say goodbye.

On Apr 3, 2019, chj2019u (1 reviews) from San Juan Capistrano, CA

I read the Easy to Grow Bulbs on-line catalog information and sent them a query asking about the size of the bulbs. They did not respond to the query. Despite the lack of response,I ordered several begonia bulbs and three tuberose bulbs. The begonia bulbs are very small (a little over one inch in diameter) and the tuberose bulbs look like dessicated daffodil bulbs very different from their ad: "The tuberose bulbs we sell are actually nice clumps of multiple bulbs. Plant the entire clump with 2-3" of soil above the top. Place clumps 8-10" apart." Today I sent them the above comments with my intent not to purchase from them again.

On Mar 17, 2019, sanguinelli (8 reviews) from Spring Valley, CA

This place used to be my go to for bulbs both fall and spring. Last year I ordered and 3 months later had still not received anything. So I canceled that order. This year I thought I would try again. Ordered at the end of January, achimenes, dahlia, japanese iris and hanging begonia. A few days ago they notified me that the achimenes had a crop failure. Okay not a problem. But, the dahlia, begonia and japanese iris should have been planted last month in order to get them going before it gets hot. I mainly ordered for the achimenes, so I canceled the order. I don't want to receive bulbs that will rot in the heat during shipping after sitting around in cold storage for 6 months. I don't know what happened between 2017 and 2018 but if you want your order in some sort of timely fashion or at all, don't depend on them.

On Jan 2, 2019, Molena (1 reviews) from Molena, GA

Just received my big, fat Oxblood Lilly bulbs.Have order from these folks for years and have never gotten a single bad bulb & they have fast shipping. Have always gotten BIG, robust bulbs.

On Sep 27, 2018, NLaw (6 reviews) from Fort Worth , TX (Zone 8b)

While the tulips I received were healthy-looking, they are quite small. I'm disappointed in them. I've ordered bulbs from several different companies for many years now, and these are the smallest I've ever been sent.

On Jul 1, 2018, BostonDavid (8 reviews) from Boston, MA

All my bulbs and roots arrived large and healthy. I am amazed at the large plants I now have of dahlias, four of clocks, and lilies. Not sure about the Elephant Ear (has not surfaced yet) or the Tuberoses (2 finally have appeared)I have no experience growing these last two so the verdict is out on those although I am a patient gardener. I would order again.

On Jun 14, 2018, Snellvillesama (3 reviews) from Snellville, GA

This company is awesome. I bought Anemone. They are all good beautiful bulbs. Customer service also great. I asked some questions via e-mail, they replied to me immediately even their busiest season. I didn't buy huge at all but still they treated me nice. Mr. Trevor is wonderful. I will comeback. Thank you very much.

On Jun 8, 2018, bulbexpert (1 reviews) from Carlsbad, CA

I am absolutely ecstatic about the order I just received from Easy to Grow Bulbs. I ordered several plumeria in a few different colors and they look amazing and the packaging clearly shows that their shipping department cares about the plants. =) I have just planted them with succulents for containers on my patio and I can't wait to see the flower buds open up into blooms! I find it so odd that @mcsnail below was disappointed with the plumeria. Granted the there wasn't a huge rootball on these young plants, there was definitely a nice loop of roots towards the bottom of the cane. I made sure to be especially delicate when transplanting from their growing pot into my containers so as not to break the fresh roots. I just wanted to share my experience since it seems most online reviewers are constantly out for revenge rather than to thank and encourage the positives about a company. I've ordered from them several times now, and I wanted to offer Trevor a shoutout for outstanding service regarding a failed item from my Spring order. One of the dahlia tubers I got was broken during transit and he happily sent me a replacement, which I greatly appreciated since I had plans for it already. Overall I have had an exceptional experience with this company and would recommend them to new or experienced gardeners alike. They true to their guarantee, offer a quality product, and at a fair price and have excellent customer service. 5 STARS!!!!!

On Jun 8, 2018, mcsnail (9 reviews) from Chicago, IL

Posted on October 24, 2017, updated June 8, 2018 Posted on October 24, 2017, updated October 24, 2017 Posted on October 17, 2017, updated October 24, 2017 Posted on October 16, 2017, updated October 17, 2017 I really feel odd writing a negative review of Easy to Grow Bulbs and I very much hope that I will be able to change it to positive soon and that I won’t have to seek out another vendor. I’ve happily shopped with them for a long time. I’ve also recommended them to A LOT of people—who asked where I got the spectacular blooming plants that I always brought as Christmas and hostess gifts or that made my apartment so welcoming in the long Chicago winter. Shipping was always prompt and accurate. Occasionally an amaryllis would bloom red when I ordered pink—but all I had to do was send a picture of the flower-along with my invoice and an even better pink bulb would be in the mail with a friendly note. I understand that there have been some horrendous natural disasters lately. The hurricanes in Texas, the wildfires in their own state. Yet, the most recent e-mail that I got from Easy to Grow Bulbs wasn’t a report of disaster and a plea for understanding on the part of their customers—but a promotion for the sale of Fall bulbs. I ordered around $130 worth of bulbs and some live plants on August 29. I received an e-mail that explained that some live plants would ship immediately, Fall planted bulbs would ship in mid-September, and amaryllises would ship in mid-October. Very soon afterwards I received the tillandsia I had ordered—healthy and well packaged plants. I told a friend to hold off on buying Fall planting bulbs—and I would give her a portion of the ones I ordered when I came to visit in October. On Oct. 2 I e-mailed the company and inquired about my order. I got a prompt e-mail from Rachael with a shipping confirmation and tracking number. All seemed well. However, on October 13 I clicked on the tracking number and was informed that my bulbs had been received in WAILUKU, HI on October 6. I, unfortunately, live in Chicago. I immediately sent an e-mail and received an automatic reply stating that they “are currently experiencing exceptionally high volume of emails and phone calls” and to expect a reply “typically within 24 hours”. I initially thought that the company must be experiencing something unprecedented and terrible. Massive failure of their computer system? However, in the Garden Watchdog postings I see signs that service has been rather dramatically degenerating in the last year or so. I’ve been married to a small business man for 20 years and understand something about the difficulties that can plague small businesses—how easily one person’s illness or a small mistake can turn into a crisis. Still, I have been waiting for a response considerably longer than 24 hours. I think that it is important to respond promptly to customers who have received poor service with something other than an automatic reply—even if it’s just a personal assurance that their problem is acknowledged and will be addressed.

On October 17th, 2017, mcsnail changed the rating from negative to neutral and added the following: I got a call from Rachael. Evidently, I was given someone else's tracking number--even though my order had not shipped. I was promised that my bulbs would ship now (a month after the stated shipping time). I like the company, the people, and the products--but I wonder if they have taken on more business than they are equipped for. During the time that I was waiting for a response about their mistake--and my $100 + order that seemed to have fallen into a black hole--I received 3 promotional e-mails from them--advertising new products and soliciting more business. It was a little annoying.
On October 24th, 2017, mcsnail added the following: Well--I got some of the items I ordered in August. I am still missing two amaryllis and my order of daffodils. The lemon grass I bought was pretty skimpy--two small pale looking stalks (though to be fair it was not that expensive at $8) I was able to get some of the bulbs I promised to my friend in Michigan--but it's snowing where she is--so this isn't optimal. I also was a little annoyed that even though ETGB ships throughout the country--they do not provide zoning information. Further research showed me that the anemones I ordered are not suitable for zones 5/6 (Chicago). I should have researched before--but it would have been nice not to have had to. And I was annoyed--yes-- probably unreasonably--when I got a promotional e-mail from ETGB saying "order your Fall planting bulbs before it's too late!" Its pretty much too late for those bulbs I ordered in August which still haven't shipped. No doubt they are under pressure to sell those bulbs sent to them late by their vendors. But by jettisoning sensible communication with their customers they are going to annoy those customers--whether reasonably or not. I've ordered some bulbs from Van Engelen. I'll see how that works.
On October 24th, 2017, mcsnail added the following: My bad--ETGB DOES give zoning info--Its just a little buried. You have to click the 'details' tab.
On June 8th, 2018, mcsnail changed the rating from neutral to negative and added the following: I had hoped that my bad experiences with Easy to Grow Bulbs were due to transitory circumstance. Nope! They advertised well rooted potted plumeria for $25. These were-they said-far superior to the shriveled sticks you get in the airport etc in Hawaii. I bit. What I got: A potted stick with some nice looking leaves in a little pot that was sopping wet. When I took off the tape the stick fell out. There were no roots--only tiny nubs and one or two feel off--clearly rotted. The bottom of the stick was spongy. I repotted it in soil that was damp rather than wet and put it in a sunny window. 2nd and 3rd day: all the leaves fell off. A week later there was no more root development. Its still clinging to life--but certainly looks no better than those dormant sticks you can get for half the price. To add insult to injury-the company has bought in to one of those services that put ads on your computer--so every day when I browse I see pictures of blooming plumeria. They remind me of Logees greenhouse: a company that used to be in the Dave's garden top picks--but then started advertising more than they could deliver. Hopefully ETGB will turn around...but--In the old days I would have contacted them with a complaint and have been gratified by a quick and gracious response. I no longer try.

On May 24, 2018, rileyamaryllis (1 reviews) from Oceanside, CA

Posted on October 9, 2017, updated May 24, 2018 I've been ordering from Easy to Grow Bulbs for over ten years and have had nothing but positive experiences. I'm an expert gardener and they have the biggest amaryllis bulbs Ive ever seen, I wouldn't get them from anywhere else. I thought I would try another company and the bulbs they sent me were whimpy and sad, I guess I learned my lesson. I'm always impress with the kindness and thoroughness of their customer service, shout out to Dena and Rachel for your help with my cannas last spring! I'm surprised to read some of these reviews saying the customer service has gone down. I just placed a large order like I do every year, and a few of the things came a little later than expected because of hurricane Harvey in texas. I placed a quick call to Rachel, she was sympathetic and looked up my order to see when it would be shipping, it turns out it had already shipped and arrived the next day. A few reviews mentioned that their stuff was late, well yeah of course this is a devastating national tragedy their is nothing Easy to Grow Bulbs can do about it. You have to take everyone's opinion with a grain of salt I guess. You have a customer for life over here and I tell everyone I can about your company. Thank you for the selection and bulbs you offer

On May 24th, 2018, rileyamaryllis added the following: I just placed a huge order ($750 in peonies and plumeria) and can not state enough how much I love this company! Everything was bigger and healthier than expected and as always the service was top notch. Thank you guys for your incredible bulbs!

On May 15, 2018, Qdangson (16 reviews) from Quincy, MA

Posted on April 20, 2015, updated May 15, 2018 Posted on April 5, 2015, updated April 20, 2015 Posted on March 25, 2015, updated April 5, 2015 Posted on February 15, 2015, updated March 25, 2015 Love them. I placed an order for about 900 for lily bulbs to be shipped to MA Feb 2012. They arrived within a few days. The Casa Blanca's were packed in plastic crates in peat and were clean with very little breakage and lots of white roots! White roots! The orien-pets were gigantic. Everything thrived. Spring of 2013 I ordered gloriosa tuners. Great quality, size and price. All grew. I also ordered begonia tubers. Huge and grew and grew quickly. I wasn't so happy with the quality of the flowers as they were inconsistent and not fully double but overall I was still happy. I just placed an order for cannas and dahlias to be shipped as soon as possible which will be the first week of March. Ive ordered dalias from other places before and have always been disappointed with all the broken clumps. I'm hoping ETGB'S dahlias will be much better quality.

On March 25th, 2015, Qdangson added the following: Just received my order from them. The dahlias are to be expected since they are holland imports. Inconsistent, some were large with intact tubers others were just piles of broken tubers. Not much different from big box stores but i know Ill be gauranteed the variety ordered. The art nouveau gallery dahlias were the most disappointing. After removing the broken tubers I was barely left with a crown. As long as I get a plant from each clump ill be happy. The Tropicanna were as advertised but smaller and more expensive than Longfield Gardens. ETGB seem to be divisions. Longfields are tissue cultured. The Valentine dicentra were great. They may have made a mistake and sent me a bundle of 3 as opposed to a single 3/5 eye division. No complaints there. The hedycium coccinea were good sized. The red hanging basket begonia tubers are small but viable. I was expecting to plant one tuber per basket but may have to plant 3 per basket. The gloriosa lilies are the least expensive of any vendor Ive searched and Im very happy with them.
On April 5th, 2015, Qdangson added the following: I have to say that ETGB's customer service is obscenely good. Not 10 minutes after I posted my positive but slightly critical review, I was contacted by Kathleen to rectify ,y disappoinment, but I declined since I always over order just in case. She also offered me a credit on my next order which I may take up, but only for the hanging red begonias. Although I expected better quality for the dahlias,my last count revealed that every single one of them has either eyes up or sprouted, even the tubers that were just a swollen stem.mIn their defense, the quality isn't any worse than any other vendor but it's their customer service that really stands out. Overall, one cafe au lait tuber hasn't grown, the stem seems like it was ripped off the tuber but there's still hope for it, 2 of the hanging red tuberous begonias have gone soft. I was a bit disappointed with the size of the tropicanna rhizomes, but lo and behold, they definitely have more than 2 eyes growing from each and have already started growing less than 2 weeks after planting. I highly recommend ETGB. It's nice to be contacted by a real person who cares and would go out of their way to make sure your order isn't just acceptable but that you have an exceptional experience.
On April 20th, 2015, Qdangson added the following: Just placed another order to replace the ones that didnt grow. The most promising dahlia clumps rotted as well as 2 tuberous begonias. The sorriest dahlias ended up growing pretty well. There are a few that havent shown eyes but its been 3 weeks so I just went ahead and ordered the again. So basically, out of 9 clumps of Harmony dahlias, 4 grew well, 2 havent shown eyes and 3 rotted. ETGB upgraded to priority shipping at no charge which was a.really nice surprise.
On May 15th, 2018, Qdangson changed the rating from positive to negative and added the following: I placed an order for some.dahlias and kniphofia and anemone sometime in February expecting an April ship date. They only shipped it last week, no big deal except that I have already cleaned up and mulched the beds and bought new tubers since we have such a short growing season in Massachusetts. I'm actually still waiting for fedex to arrive. I also was supposed to get a credit for some.mislabeled dahlias and bleeding hearts but have never been credited. If given the choice, I would have cancelled the order before shipping. It also took 2 emails to get a response, which was that they were backed up.

On Jan 20, 2018, kwenge (12 reviews) from Pecatonica, IL

I placed my first order with this company a year ago--3 different cannas, and a dahlia. Before shipment was made I got an email advising me that one of the cannas wasn't available, and they promptly issued a refund for that. No big deal, because I realize stuff happens and companies don't always get the shipment they were expecting from their supplier. When I received my order, the dahlia Nuit d'Ete tubers were large and firm, and they grew very well--outstanding really, and they really took off. The canna tubers--one Tropicanna and 3 Orange Chocolate--however, were very small. Since they were so small I planted them in pots on my deck so I could keep an eye on them & make sure they were well taken care of during their first year, and to prevent the chance that critters would dig them up. Not one of them sprouted. This wasn't a huge, expensive order, so I didn't bother contacting the company--I very rarely do that with a company I've never ordered from before; instead I typically just consider the experience a lesson learned. I considered giving this a neutral rating since I had no problems with shipping, and the dahlias did so well, But I decided to give it a negative rating because 2 of the 3 species I ordered failed to do anything, so I don't plan on ordering from this company again. They offer a nice selection, but the quality just doesn't seem to be consistent.

On Dec 11, 2017, esedgwick (10 reviews) from Tallahassee, FL

Posted on November 26, 2017, updated December 11, 2017 Posted on May 15, 2017, updated November 26, 2017 Posted on April 6, 2017, updated May 15, 2017 I can't speak as to the quality of the plants or bulbs yet, but it's been a frustrating experience so far. I placed an order March 1st, and received an email saying the order would be shipped March 13th. March 21st with no further word, I emailed for an update, and received a prompt response that the order would ship March 23rd. March 31st, I emailed again, asking if there would be a shipping confirmation - and received a prompt response that there would be a shipping confirmation, but with no indication of when the revised shipping date was. I responded asking for a new estimate shipping date and received no response. Recently, I emailed again, and have received no response. So now (April 6) it is five weeks after the order, three weeks after the original shipping date and two weeks after the revised shipping date and they seem to just be ignoring emails. When I ordered, I didn't expect the company to get the order out immediately, and I can understand that spring is probably their busy season, but if a business gives estimates - or, in the case of the second email, a firm shipping date - then it should certainly make every effort to comply, or at least proactively provide updates.

On May 15th, 2017, esedgwick changed the rating from negative to positive and added the following: Very shortly after posting the above comments, I received an email letting me know the order had been delayed due to a back-ordered item that was overdue from their supplier. I was told the back-ordered item would be cancelled and refunded, and the balance of the order shipped. The plants arrived fairly soon thereafter, but the refund took a month and two additional emails from me. The bulbs and plants were in good shape overall, and of decent size for the price. Several of the rain lilies have bloomed already, within just a few weeks of being planted. My only complaint on quality was that the cardiocrinum was potted in peat moss, and rotted within a few weeks of arrival. But I take partial responsibility for this, since I should have planted it out or repotted into better draining soil immediately. On balance, while the communication was a bit frustrating, in rating the company I basically ask myself whether I would order from them again, and the answer is yes - they have some hard to find items at good prices and friendly, if somewhat spotty, customer service.
On November 26th, 2017, esedgwick changed the rating from positive to negative and added the following: I recently made a second order with Easy to Grow Bulbs. Shipping was quick and they promptly refunded the price of some trout lillies that turned out to be unavailable. Some of the bulbs looked good (daffodils, e.g.). However, some of the other bulbs - all of the other trout lilies and a fritillaria - were stone dead (desiccated);-and others had been damaged. There were moths hatching out of the fritillaria, and heavy mold on some of the giant white squill that had been damaged (presumably in digging). I contacted the company and received no response (although the autoreply said they typically reply within 24 hours). Six days later, I wrote again, politely but firmly letting them know I would take the issue up with my credit card company. I received a response the same day, saying that they would issue a refund. That was six days ago, and I just checked my credit card account to find that no refund was issued.
On December 11th, 2017, esedgwick changed the rating from negative to neutral and added the following: After my previous note on Garden Watchdog, a company rep reached out and refunded my entire order, which was certainly more than I expected, given that some of the plants were fine.

On Dec 8, 2017, collectorpalms (15 reviews) from College Station, TX

First time ordering daffodil bulbs from this company. Their website advertises big bulbs. In fact, the Ice Follies are listed as 16-18 cm. When they arrived, they were not even close, they were 12-14. The bag was labeled 15-17cm quantity of 10, but they hand crossed out the 10 and wrote 30, the quantity I ordered. I could have paid less elsewhere if I wanted the smaller bulbs, but I specifically ordered the largest size still available. I am giving neutral because the Carlton was ok ( however it was two smaller double nose bulbs, compared to Colorblends which was one fat bulb. and another bulb they didn't list a size on I took a chance and it was the largest. Shipping was fast.

On Nov 29, 2017, texaslynn (8 reviews) from Cypress, TX

I can't address any one else's (bad) experiences but my experience with this company has been nothing but good. I've placed a lot of orders this year and probably spent around $600 or $700 and not had a complaint. All my orders have arrived promptly and the vast majority of the bulbs have been quite nice. Every once in a while, in a package of multiples, there might be a single bulb that isn't "all that" but that's about it.

On Nov 15, 2017, DeliaDoll (1 reviews) from Fort Leonard Wood, MO

I just do not know how much I can rave about the customer service I received. I have read the negatives and the 16, yes 16 times I have called about my order,cause I kept changing my mine. The young girl has been so helpful. She helped me on the soil temperature, the diffrent types of Amrylis and fruitilarias. She made sure that my order was complete also called me to make sure my address was spelled right. When I got my package it was packed so pretty ,like they really care so much about the bulbs making it safe to my home.Those Amrylis I got ,oh my they were big and so pretty and I can not wait for the flower to pop out. I guess being nice to folks they take care of you. I have recommended them to my garden girlfriends. I even got a facebook to follow them. Nice company,nice people ,great bulbs for both my plants well done on the packaging too. Thumbs up in my book.

On Oct 23, 2017, lbsowen (1 reviews) from Black Diamond, WA

I just want to say "ditto" to all the negative comments below. My order is way overdue, there appears to be no way to contact someone there. All normal ways from the website to contact them result in no response (emailing them) or in phoning them a stock recorded message that has been on there for months. I'm truly concerned I have lost my money to them.

On Oct 21, 2017, Greeneme (1 reviews) from Murfreesboro, TN

I would strongly discourage someone from ordering from this company. The customer service is basically non-existent and you'll be left wondering if you'll ever even receive the items you ordered. I placed an order of about 6 irises and 20 tulip bulbs on Sept. 24. In the confirmation email, it said that I'd be notified when my items shipped. It also implied that the items I'd ordered would likely be shipped soon. Well, it's been about a month and I've received no shipping update and no delivery. I've emailed the company twice and called twice, but only got voicemail, so I left two voicemail messages. The only response I've gotten from the company at all is an email saying that they're processing a refund for one iris (no explanation why) and a second automated email about how busy they are and they'll respond as soon as possible (that was over a week ago). Not only am I now wondering if I'll ever receive what I paid for, but I'm furious at the utter lack of communication and failure to respond to customer concerns. Additionally, I used a prepaid MasterCard gift card to make my purchase, but once I'd used the balance on the card, I threw the giftcard away. So any refund that's made cannot be put back on a card I don't have. I explained this in both a voicemail and an email, but still I've received absolutely no response. Also, it's getting too late in the season to even plant the irises I ordered and expect them to thrive. That's something else I mentioned in my email, but again, no response whatsoever. I am EXTREMELY disappointed with this entire experience. I'd been very excited to order those items, but now I definitely wish I had used a different company and I very much regret my "purchase" (if that's what you can call paying money but not receiving anything in return). Caveat emptor!!!

On Oct 18, 2017, Tangerin (6 reviews) from Fremont, CA

Posted on October 18, 2017, updated October 18, 2017 Posted on October 5, 2017, updated October 18, 2017 Posted on October 4, 2017, updated October 5, 2017 I used to love this store because they are in California; they ship late in fall and early in spring; and they carry some bulbs/plants for warm weather that are hard to find in other places. But I have experienced bad customer service with them for my recent order. I placed the order in August, which is supposed to ship in mid-September. It was not shipped yet in October. Then I would like to add two items to the original order and a person named Rachel replied that I have to pay a separate full shipping charge, although they are just combining the items with my previous order and shipping them together. I followed up and asked why they need to charge a full shipping fee and got no reply. Today I asks them to cancel my original order so that I can place a new one with the two extra items. Guess what did they do? 20min after I request canceling the order, they shipped it and told me it can not be cancelled. Well maybe I should be happy because my bulbs are finally shipped? Anyway I will try my best not to deal with this company anymore, and to tell friends about their bad services.

On October 5th, 2017, Tangerin changed the rating from negative to neutral and added the following: Well there are more stories for this order. After checking the tracking number Rachael sent me, I found that it might not be my order (I live in California, the package is sent to Georgia). I called them and after talking to two representatives, they finally found that my order was not shipped at all. Then they finally agreed to add the two items to my original order without charging extra shipping fee. What if I did not call them? I may never receive anything I paid for. So the bottom line is that they sell decent bulbs and flowers. But their customer service system seems to be a mess. Be careful when you buy from them and hopefully you are lucky enough to receive your order.
On October 18th, 2017, Tangerin changed the rating from neutral to negative and added the following: And the drama goes on... After more than one month's delay on the shipping of my order, I got an email saying that an amaryllis in my order was refunded 'as I asked'. I never asked them to cancel anything in my original order, though. But I figured that it might be just because it is no longer available. So I decided not to bother the customer service people about it and just accept the bad news, while praying the rest of my order can be shipped soon. But they were not. I waited for one more week without any update and it is getting quite late in the season, even for California. I emailed but never got reply. I called and the phone was not picked up. After trying it again and again for 3 days I finally got a chance to talk to Rachael, who checked my order and told me it was not shipped because one item was back ordered. Wait, didn't you just cancelled the amaryllis b/c it was back ordered? Why couldn't you do the same thing now and get the rest of the order out of the door? Why didn't you ever contact me to explain the situation and let me decide whether to wait or cancel? As I have said twice above, their customer service is a terrible mess now. Based on this fact I would not expect their plants to hold the high quality as they were. That's sad. I do have plans to order more things from them for the coming spring. Now I have to look for substitutions.
On October 18th, 2017, Tangerin changed the rating from negative to positive and added the following: I finally received my bulbs after this 'war'. The bulbs are in good condition. And they include some bonus alliums. I also got a phone call from their owner explaining the issue and apologized. While I did not take their offer of some free bulbs, I feel glad that they do have people who really cares about the business. As a gardener on the west coast I'm always desperately seeking for suppliers that really understand our special climate. When I found Easy to grow bulbs I was so happy: 'This is the place! I don't need to search anymore.' Hope their could keep their high quality of both products and services in the future.

On Sep 6, 2017, Jean6a (1 reviews) from Chesterton, IN

I've ordered hundreds of dollars worth of bulbs over the years, and have two very negatives to report about their customer service. In fall of 2016, I ordered Lachenalia 'Rosabeth' but was sent 'African Beauty', which I discovered in Jan, 2017. I emailed and was told I would receive a credit on my account. I forgot about it until just after I'd finished placing another order on March 31. I emailed and asked for a credit in the amount I'd paid for the bulbs. I was told it was too late as I'd already placed the order and they couldn't issue a credit retroactively. The most recent was about two Alstroemerias I ordered this past spring. They were very small with yellowed foliage and soggy root systems. I wrote to them immediately, including photos. I was told that I was to grow them on and they should improve. They did recover, but I felt they should immediately offered replacements, as, for I paid $9.95 plus shipping for each of them--a price I paid for a fully-grown plant at a local nursery. BTW, I still haven't received a credit for the Lachenalia.

Company representative comment on September 8, 2017:
On Sep 8, 2017 2:06 PM, Easy to Grow Bulbs responded with:

Thank you for your review. I am so sorry to hear of your troubles and have checked into this matter. I understand the credit was processed recently. Our old system prevented us from issuing a store credit and we had to be notified beforehand to process. Thankfully we are now on a much better platform that easily allows us to make adjustments right away. My apologies for the miscommunication and frustration. Please do let me know if I can help further.

Very Best Regards,

Dena Grange
[email protected]

On Aug 1, 2017, gardenererin (1 reviews) from Belgium, WI

Posted on August 1, 2017, updated August 1, 2017 I ordered two packs of three "Labyrinth" dahlias in January. they arrived in spring and have just started blooming. Unfortunately they are not Labyrinth, not even close. I understand that mistakes happen, but when I ordered multiple packages, it's odd that they were both wrong (and both the same wrong). I wrote to the company about a week ago asking for a refund and have received no response. I'll leave this as a neutral review for now because I understand that they may not have a lot of staff at this time of year, but I certainly hope I'll be getting a call or email back soon as obviously this is a rather large problem. Summers are short here and it's such a bummer when a garden design is screwed up because you received the wrong plants.

On August 1st, 2017, gardenererin changed the rating from neutral to positive and added the following: Posting a neutral review here seemed to help the process, or perhaps draw attention to the email I had previously sent. Dena was very apologetic about the problem with my dahlias, which is appreciated, and refunded my money for the tubers (not the original shipping costs, but I feel that's understandable). I appreciate the effort. Things don't always go right with orders and that's regrettable but I appreciate when companies work to make things right.

On Jul 19, 2017, DKS17 (1 reviews) from Shawnee Mission, KS

Worst experience with a nursery in 35 years of gardening. Final straw was when the yellow dahlias i ordered bloomed red. Clearly the wrong dahlias, yet when I asked for a refund was given only a credit. I would not make any further purchases from Easy to Grow Bulbs, so a credit is not of value. I paid for a particular dahlia, didn't receive it (among other problems), and the nursery won't refund my money.

On Jun 10, 2017, lorrizeravsky (1 reviews) from Bath, PA

I shop for flowers and bulbs fairly often, and am often disappointed with the results of my purchases online.. .after reading review Dave's watchdog, I bought bulbs and seeds from this company... dahlias, phlox, and several others.... . I received my items quickly, and am thrilled to be able to say that every bulb I received has come up and is growing nicely!!! would recommend highly.

On May 30, 2017, bleepy (12 reviews) from West Islip, NY

Posted on September 17, 2016, updated May 30, 2017 Posted on August 30, 2016, updated September 17, 2016 As an experienced gardener I am surprised at all of the positive reviews when my experience has been so disappointing. One week ago I sent the company an email after trying to call during business hours and getting voicemail. So far I've gotten no response. Guess I wasted my over $50. As I told them of the 4 products that I received none were satisfactory; Alocasia - months after planting just a small plant and it is a tropical here so no sense in digging up for next year. Canna's- bought two for my neighbor who is known in the neighborhood for his canna and alocasia displays. Two types, no blooms. Iris- this a pink re-bloomer but didn't bloom once-maybe next year? And finally Crocosmia- I should have know by how dried up the bulbs looked but not a single one came up. I have purchased lots of plants online and I've never had such a negative experience.

On September 17th, 2016, bleepy changed the rating from negative to positive and added the following: Have a few missed phone calls between myself and the very nice company representative, they issued a refund of all of the items that I had a issue with. I should note that I didn't ask for that, they did it on their own. Nice.
On May 30th, 2017, bleepy changed the rating from positive to negative and added the following: I can now speak about the one reamaining item on my order the Pink Reblooming Iris It did bloom this year and not only is it not pink it's a muddy kind of a peach tinted beige color. Ugly. So not one item on my order performed as expected. The worst products I've ever received from any gardening supplier.
Company representative comment on September 2, 2016:
On Sep 2, 2016 10:02 AM, Easy to Grow Bulbs responded with:

We are so very sorry for the poor experience here! We contacted this customer within 2 hours of this review being posted. We sent the following email, and then telephoned the next day and left a message. We have not heard back, though I do hope we will... The refund for the crocosmia has been processed, and we would very much like to work on the other items to ensure the customer is fully satisfied.
This is the email we sent:
Dear [Removed for customer's privacy],

I have just read your negative review on Daves Garden. I am so terribly sorry for such a frustrating experience! My sincere apologies!

As you have noted - we have an excellent reputation in the industry for fast and personal customer service - and that reputation has been years in the making, and having customers like you essentially be ignored is not the way to keep that reputation.

A number of issues came together to create a "perfect storm" of sorts that had simply buried our Customer Service representative. Sadly, before we were able to bring on additional help, some e-mails and phone calls went unanswered for crazy long times. This should never have happened to a single customer, and I am sorry that it did. And so sorry you were caught up in it.

I understand that you will not be shopping with us again, but I do want to at least handle this last transaction the way it should have been handled from the beginning.

If your reblooming bearded iris is healthy and well rooted in, I am sure you will enjoy multiple blooms throughout the seasons for years to come. However, like many long-lived plants, they do need that settling in time before they begin to bloom well. Please be sure to have the top of the rhizome exposed above the soil to ensure best blooming.

I am terribly sorry to hear the crocosmia were in poor condition when they were sent to you. Sadly, at this late date, I do not have replacements to send to you. Did yours never grow, or have they not yet bloomed? They should all be growing well for you given the time they have had. It sounds like we should provide a refund for you on these.

The cannas – have they grown, but no blooms? That is odd – I would love to help you to trouble shoot them, but it sounds like they were a gift for a neighbor? I can well appreciate your frustration!

The colocasia sounds like we should discuss – while that is a tropical, you should be able to dig and store and re-plant it for a beautiful display every year. If you have a brightly lit location indoors – it can be a magnificent house plant for the fall and winter. I am wondering if you have had excessive heat this summer? Or possibly excessive rain? I am just trying to understand your atypical experiences with these plants. Is the colocasia in a container or in the ground? I would love to help you with this, so you can enjoy this lovely plant.

[Removed], I would like to have our customer service representative call you tomorrow – will that work for you? And I would like to follow up with you to be certain this is handled for you. Please feel free to contact me directly with any questions or concerns.

I am embarrassed by the way this was not handled for you, and I honestly appreciate your bringing this to our attention.

Please let me know how I can assist you with the colocasia and any information you can provide would be appreciated!

Kathleen McCarthy
We remain hopeful the customer will reply so that we can better assist with this very disappointing situation.

On May 18, 2017, avlgal (3 reviews) from Asheville, NC

Some of the bulbs were quite small and definitely not 'clumps' as stated. When called about the issue, it took me 3 times to get it resolved with my own suggestion of a credit, when they could have easily done that in the first call in 5 minutes. I had to send photos too. A hassle, won't be ordering from them again.

On Apr 16, 2017, Shane_Wilson09 (1 reviews) from Waxahachie, TX

I am a beginning gardener. I bought ~$100 in bulbs from Easytogrowbulbs in two orders. Orders were shipped fairly fast. Quality: So far so good. Crocosmia, Guernsey, Crinum, Peacock Orchid, Dwarf Glads all have 90-100% sprouting. Only 1 Oxblood has a sprout, but they are supposed to be dormant during summer so thats ok. The Rain Lilys are not coming up very well. I planted them along a large bed edge and have ~10/60 up so far. Price: I wished i had looked around because this company is not very competitive. The week after i got my order i bought a bag of 28 Peacock Orchid from Lowes for $6.95. Compare that to 10 for $5.95 that i bought from ETGB. The bulbs from Lowes had a few smaller bulbs but still had 18-20 the size of ETGB. Glads were cheaper at Lowes as well.

On Apr 4, 2017, zimjess (2 reviews) from Marianna, FL

Posted on March 31, 2017, updated April 4, 2017 My only experience here is with passiflora. For the price you pay here, you would expect to get stronger looking plants. If I have the choice, I will order passiflora from AlmostEden first and foremost. Those were the healthiest looking passiflora I have gotten, strong, thick vines. The ones from EasyToGrowBulbs come spindly with spotted, holes leaves that look to be dying. I made two orders, first as a test order, a Betty Myles Young and Lambiekins, with standard shipping. When they came in looking awful, I sent an e-mail to the company explaining this, and was told this happens with shipment. Well, the 2nd order I paid for 2-day shipping to see if it made any change. Nope, the same. The plants don't just become so pitiful with a couple of days in a box because I have received other passiflora that looked fantastic from other companies through the mail. The health of the plants to begin with comes into question. Aside from this, none of these plants have come packed well - bent and torn leaves, bent and broken vines, soil tossed around. When they are pulled out, there is an appearance of them being mashed together. Some of them look like they will recover enough to quickly put out new growth, but a few of them have such thin vines that most of the growth has broken off and looks like it will be very slow to come back. One of these, passiflora 'Aragorn' has such a cracked base that it most likely will never be healthy even if it manages to live - it already has yellowed leaves and lack of vibrance. Another, Constance Elliot was bent and split from the packing. I did e-mail photos to the company but have heard nothing back. Initially, I was shocked to see online prices of passiflora, and yes this company has competitive prices with the others out there, as well as more variety. But I do expect healthy plants and overall I have not experienced that from this company.

On April 4th, 2017, zimjess changed the rating from negative to positive and added the following: The owner of EasyToGrowBulbs, Jim just gave me a very gracious call wanting to fix the issues I had with my order. Because of this, I have changed my rating from negative to positive and will consider ordering from them in the future. Jim was very concerned that he do whatever he could to make me a happy customer, which definitely leaves an impression on me. We agreed on a partial refund that was very satisfactory to me.

On Apr 1, 2017, PixilationZone (1 reviews) from West Grove, PA

I ordered a small number of Allium Bulgaricum bulbs from Easy to Grow Bulbs though Amazon.com this past February. Less than a week later I received a package of narcissus bulbs from ETGB. I thought it was odd, as I didn't remember ordering any narcissus bulbs, and (I hate to admit it, but) I hadn't noticed that the bulbs I ordered from Amazon were sold by ETGB. I had received a gift of ETGB bulbs from a friend a few months previously, and I thought maybe she had sent me another lovely gift out of the blue. I put them aside, still in the opened box, thinking I'd save them for Easter time. A day or so after that, I began to wonder when my allium bulbs were going to arrive. Then it clicked. Sort of. I checked the ETGB box again and actually read the invoice. It had someone else's name and address! So, I hadn't received a gift from my friend. Well, hmmmm...I'd ordered from ETGB a few years ago. Maybe there was a glitch in their computer system and my name & address had been accidentally plucked from the archives and substituted on the address label for that of the rightful purchaser of the narcissus bulbs. I contacted the company to let them know they'd sent me an order meant for someone else. I still had not figured it out! A very pleasant ETGB CS rep replied within 24 hours, thanking me for letting them know. She then asked me if I had placed an order and if I'd received it. Wow--only then did it really click! I checked my Amazon order and confirmed the connection. ETGB told me to keep the narcissus bulbs and said they'd get my order out to me right away. Two days later my allium bulbs arrived. OK, so, yes, they screwed up. I assume the other customer received my order and invoice, as well. But ETGB fixed the problem in a professional manner and ASAP. After checking to make sure there was no credit card info on the invoice, I figured all's well that ends well. I decided not to wait for Easter. The narcissus bulbs are blooming beautifully and fragrantly now, which is what made me think to write this review.

On Feb 24, 2017, no_regrets (7 reviews) from San Diego, CA

Posted on March 17, 2008, updated February 24, 2017 As a resident of North/inland San Diego, it's not always easy to know which bulbs will grow in my climate. I ran across easytogrowbulbs.com and thought, "perfect, someone who's local!" I've placed 3 orders to date with this company and have always been happy. Their bulbs are definitely bigger than anything you could ever find in a big box store, and the prices you pay are low considering what you get. Place an order of $50 or more and they'll even throw in an adventure pack to appeal to your risk-taking side. Shipping is very affordable -- especially in this day and age when you can easily pay more on shipping than an order -- and everything always arrives in good condition with instructions. There was one time when my order didn't ship when I expected and my email was answered very promptly with an explanation on the delay, and the box arrived without fail within a few weeks. I've only ordered bulbs so far, but just placed an order for some potted reblooming iris and have nothing but high expectations. Some of my bulbs have been chomped by gophers, but of those that haven't, everything is growing beautifully. An all-white bed I planted last fall with calla lilies, anemone, and Leucojum is now going insane. I have never had such success with any planting before.

On February 24th, 2017, no_regrets changed the rating from positive to neutral and added the following: I am a very faithful customer of Easy to Grow Bulbs, and place an order of ~$100 at least twice a year. Over time, I've noticed their prices have gone up, the quality of their products has declined slightly, and shipping costs are no longer competitive. I understand the cost of shipping is beyond their control, but somehow, it seems that there are many other bulb companies out there who are managing somehow. Longfield, for example, offers free shipping with a $50 order (even though their product prices are a bit higher). Easy to Grow Bulbs offers free shipping with a $125+ order, and I remember it used to be less. I used to be bowled over by the diversity and quality of Easy to Grow Bulbs, but not so much anymore; it is still very good, vastly better than the big box stores, but just not as great as it used to be. Sometimes the bulbs arrive a little old, already sprouting and sometimes mushy; the bearded iris rhizomes used to be the size of softballs, with 3+ fans, and are now more like a piece of ginger root. And the prices are up. Not by a ton, but between the combination of the more mediocre product, higher prices, and shipping rates, I've found myself diversifying a bit more when it comes to my bulb purchases.

On Dec 17, 2016, nitzi1944 (12 reviews) from Kings Park, NY (Zone 7a)

A great company to deal with. Fast shipping and well packaged bulbs!

On Dec 2, 2016, GardenManDonald (8 reviews) from GLENSHAW, PA (Zone 5a)

Something has changed with this company and not for the better. This year's cannas didn't look good when received and performed poorly. Other items were similarly disappointing. Emails to company produced no response. Will not order from them again.

Company representative comment on December 3, 2016:
On Dec 3, 2016 5:36 PM, Easy to Grow Bulbs responded with:

We are so sorry to hear of this terrible experience. I have searched our records for a customer in this city and state with cannas and have been unable to locate the order or customer here. So within 2 hours of the negative review being posted, we reached out to the reviewer with the following email:


My name is Kathleen, and I work for Easy to Grow Bulbs.

I was so sorry to learn of your very poor experience with our cannas this season, and with the customer support! While we always want the bulbs and plants to flourish for our customers, I can accept that occasionally something goes awry with the plant. But there is simply no excuse for a lack of response from Customer Service.

I have brought your review to the attention of the head of our Customer Service, Dena, and she has hunted through our orders and her email correspondence to try to locate a trace of what you have described, and we have not been able to track it down. Would you please provide your name or your email address or order number? I would like to look into this further and have Dena contact you about this issue.

I do understand that you won't be doing business with us again - and I respect that. But I would greatly appreciate the opportunity to at least make this last experience right for you in any way that we can. As much as I hate to hear there was a problem, I am so grateful that you took the time to provide the feedback so that we can make it right and learn to provide better service in the future.

Thanks so much for your time. I do hope I will hear back from you!

Have a lovely weekend!

Easy to Grow Bulbs


I very much hope the customer will contact us so we can make this right.
Easy to Grow Bulbs

On Aug 25, 2016, 4015PLM (1 reviews) from Vincentown, NJ

Early in June, I placed an order with Easy Grow Bulbs for a Passiflora Hybrid "Betty Miles Young". When I placed my order, I asked what would be the best way to plant this Passion Flower and Christina told me to get a large pot to plant it in because of the zone in which I live The plant arrived in great condition. I planted it and placed the pot near a fence. The plant has gown beautifully and I now have 38 buds on it in various stages of development. I also purchased a "Chicago Fig Tree" which produced delicious figs this year. I am so pleased with Easy Grow bulbs their quality plants, service and the information provided by Christina. I will definitely be placing orders again.

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