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2103 Perrot Boulevard,
N.D. Ile Perrot, Quebec J7V 8P4 (Canada)
(514) 453-9757



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On Jun 18, 2014, glenn10 (4 reviews) from salisbury,

I had a great deal of trouble dealing with these people (green barn nursery). Back in August 2012 they (green barn) had a fall sale on all their stock for fall planting. I ordered 10 different varieties of grapes and specifically wanted September shipping....the end of September came and I contacted them and Spoke to Robyn, she said that the order got misplaced and that they were being shipped out right away. I asked for a tracking number but was not given one. Two weeks past and I contacted them again, oops order got mixed up again! She said it is getting a little late for fall planting now can you wait until spring? I said O.K I want them shipped out first of April. Well the end of April came and I contacted them again and this time they had no record of my purchase!!!! I said well I have a VISA bill here in my hand that tells different! They said they would look into it and would call me back.They actually called me back the next day and had it figured out, said they would ship the order once they got it altogether...Great! Well then the end of May came so I called them again , apparently they were waiting for their shipment of stock from the "propagator". At that point I was very frustrated thinking how can a company make a sale on stock which they do not have ,take payment and then make up excuses and give the customer the runaround for 9 months????? Bahahahahaha I finally got my plants mid June OMG that was a joke! only 2 grapes had actual roots on them the rest , 8 in total were cuttings leafed out and wilting, ranging from one month primordial white shoots to nothing at all!!!!! I babied them all summer but in the end only 5 survived out of 10 plants.I have had a lot of dealings with various nurseries from the USA and Canada and have never had an issue. I even got good healthy plants when they sat in customs for almost 3 weeks!(thank you Hartmanns ) I have been growing grapes for years and have over twenty varieties in my vineyard starting most from cuttings and those of you out there that grow grapes know how hard it is kill a grape. I am not the only one as there are several forums on the web with people having the same experiences with these people. I would be very wary about dealing with green barn nursery or anyone affiliated with them. Consider yourself warned

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