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On May 5, 2009, bellacat (1 reviews) from Anderson, CA

The site is nice, but this is how Marc answered my question, seems curt..... We do not grow zone 9 plants. Cheers-Marc On 5/4/2009 9:35:29 PM, Judy Darting ([email protected]) wrote: > Hello Marc HIlt, > > An email has been sent from Judy Darting. Here's the message: > > I've > got three Mexican Fan Palms growing about 10 ft. apart and want to add > something tropical looking and lower growing in the middle. They are > about 40 ft. tall. We are in zone 9 with cool wet winters, some morning > frosts and it snows about one day a year. Summers are very hot and dry, > but there is an automatic drip system set up. Our soil is rocky red clay. > It can be very windy here, especially in the winter. > > All the research > I've done indicates our seasons are too extreme for tropical plants. The plants that can take cool wet winters don't > like hot dry summers and vice-versa. Also wind can be a problem and of > course rocky red clay soil is not a favorite of tropicals. > > Any ideas Marc Hilt Bamboo is at www.bambu-u.com Hardy tropical foliage is at www.hardytropicals.com Phone: 360.531.0804

On Aug 10, 2005, sylvainyang (8 reviews) from Edmond, OK

Marc Hiltz replys me on e-mail very fast. He is the only hardy palm comapany who does USPS shiping. Since my palms are hardy, it will be fine to get them from the normal mail. Unlike other Nurseries make you wait for a year. He has different sizes of palms available all year round. I will put more feed back on this company after the palm grow

On August 16th, 2005, sylvainyang added the following: I ordered my two Takils on Sunday night. They got shiped Monday before noon. That is such nice feeling that when you got back home on Friday and your favorate Palms are waiting on you. The best packaging, bare foot, but better than poted to me, the way they wraped just like antique treated. Nothing was damaged. Marc did not make a cent on the shiping. The one gallon size Takils are the same size of my two gallons that I got from the other nursery. They are unharmed, energertic, Just like just pick it up from the Farmer's market this morning. I like Marc's personality, he finished the project at the same time of he made the statement. He got my business.

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