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On Mar 12, 2017, fodderty16 (1 reviews) from Dingwall,
United Kingdom

After repairing a garden lawn mower petrol operated, was advised replacement part as it was still under guarantee would be about 100 pounds. Actual cost was 200+ pounds. The fitter whom had a white beard had fitted incorrectly the piece & deliberately appeared to have sliced off two small screw pieces so would be impossible to attach a lever for height positioning. I think this was just nasty and strongly suggest others to boycott this store.

On Oct 18, 2008, BlissfulGarden (51 reviews) from Baton Rouge, LA

Lovely company to work with! This is my first year to order iris rhizomes via mail, and Nicholls was simply a pleasure. They offer quality plants that arrive healthy and packaged well. Their selection is quite nice. Their ordering process is smooth and easy. I will definitely order from them again in the future. A++++ =)

On Sep 30, 2006, gdionelli (31 reviews) from Huntington, WV (Zone 6a)

Just received my first box from Nicholls and was quite pleased with the quality of the rhizomes. Included were good planting/culture instructions. I really like the way the website is organized -- they focus on reblooming iris, and are very specific about which ones rebloom the most in their area, which is not so far from where I live. I was a bit surprised not to receive any email acknowledgement of my order (probably partially my fault, because I mailed my order in, rather than ordering through the website), and there was no invoice in the box. I like to have an official record of my order, so I would request that in the future. But overall I'm very pleased with Nicholls.

On Jul 18, 2004, a2zmom (2 reviews) from Randolph, NJ

I ordered Siberian Iris from this company 3 years ago, late in the summer. Each year, my plants have bloomed bigger and they are filling in nicely. High quality merchandise with an excellent selection.

On Sep 2, 2003, mcr83290 (4 reviews)

Nicholls has very much exceeded my expectations both times I have ordered reblooming iris and daylillies from this company. The plants were in excellent shape when they arrived (during mid-August, no less) and took off like a shot when I put them in the ground. The plants were clearly labelled with helpful notes ("Hurry - still in bloom" was written on one) and packed with a great instruction sheet. The customer service is outstanding.

On Aug 19, 2003, critterologist (14 reviews) from Frederick, MD (Zone 6b)

I loved their website -- easy to navigate, with concise and informative descriptions plus good photos for most plants. There's even a useful code to indicate their experience with a particular variety's blooming or reblooming. Their prices are competative, better than some of the big mail order firms, and the selection is nothing short of amazing. I ordered 10 reblooming bearded iris as a gift for my mother. The bare root divisions were carefully packaged and arrived in great condition, clean and healthy. They included a nice bonus selection, and all seem to be surving well (I don't think they are supposed to put on new growth this year). These were the first iris I've ever bought, and while the division size seemed small in comparison to the clumps I've received or passed along, I suspect they compare favorably to those from other sources. Dianna Nicholls was more than helpful and patient via phone and email, first with advice on varieties, then with my changing the entire order after Mom got a good look at the website, and finally with timing the delivery during a visit so I could plant them. I would recommend them highly. In fact, I recently left their web address in the margin of a magazine article on irises, in an office waiting area. I will definitely be ordering from them again!

On Feb 1, 2002, StephenMicha (3 reviews)

I have ordered daylilies from Nicholls Gardens and I am very pleased with their prices and the plants I received. I viewed their web catalog and communicated strictly by e-mail. Their business is well run and they provide highest quality plants at good prices.

On Jan 16, 2002, bmuller (19 reviews) from Albuquerque, NM (Zone 7a)

My experience with this company, from whom I've ordered several times over the past four or five years, has been completely positive. My first experience was finding seed for salvia viridis (aka annual clary--now available from many sources, but hard to find at that time) at Nicholls Gardens after seeing a beautiful planting of it in the Chicago Botanical Gardens and having a difficult time finding a seed source. Since that time, I've ordered quite a bit of seed from these folks (herb, vegetable, and flower), and have had both high rates of germination and prompt service.

On January 26th, 2002, bmuller changed the rating from positive to neutral and added the following: Oops. Sorry. I inadvertently posted this to the Nicholls comment site when it should have been posted to the Nichols site, from Albany, OR. Please disregard; I've never traded with this company, so I have nothing on which to base an assessment.
On January 26th, 2002, bmuller added the following: Oops. Sorry. I inadvertently posted this to the Nicholls comment site when it should have been posted to the Nichols site, from Albany, OR. Please disregard; I've never traded with this company, so I have nothing on which to base an assessment.

On Nov 1, 2001, KarenAndrews (2 reviews)

I discovered Nicholls Gardens through your website, and recently ordered a variety of iris from them, including bearded, Siberian, Louisiana, and species. They have Iris tectorum, which I've been wanting for a while, but have been unable to find elsewhere. Dianne Nicholls was extremely pleasant and accommodating on the phone. My order arrived promptly, was well packaged, and included clear planting instructions. All the plants were clearly labeled, and they all look extremely healthy. The iris look far better than anything I've ever seen in local nurseries. I can't wait till the spring, so I can see how they look in bloom! I am very pleased with Nicholls Gardens and will very likely order from them again in the future.

On Jun 1, 1996, heathermccun (2 reviews)

They deal mainly in iris, and have a very nice variety of bearded, non-bearded (Japanese, Siberian and Louisiana) and species iris. They also have peonies, daylilies, hostas, and some additional perennials. Although I haven't ordered from them yet (and YET is the operative word here.) Their prices seem pretty reasonable, particularly on the Siberians, Louisianas and species iris and they also seem to be extremely nice people (my husband and I visited their garden). The other impression I had was that they had extremely good quality plants and were more than willing to give good, honest advice about their plants. This is a family owned business--flower lovers turned flower sellers, and their home page is delightful (full of good pictures and descriptions.)

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