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San Antonio, Texas 78216 (United States)

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Positive bestgrass
San Antonio, TX
(1 review)
August 26, 2016
Are experience was very professional . We recently purchased some exotic grass from them a hybrid Zoysia which was not easy to find anywhere. The turf consultants they had available where very knowledgeable and helped us make the right decision with the shade and animals we have. The delivery came and placed it in are yard were we asked them to. Very simple and professional.
Negative taylo154
Round Rock, TX
(1 review)
July 1, 2016
This is the most poorly running & customer unfriendly company I have every dealt with EVER!!!! If you are reading & are questioning whether I am a disgruntled unique case, let me explain why you should never deal with them. By the way, if you read other reviews they have very similar experiences also:
- I have been waiting over 1 month for my shipment. Originally , when I place the order on the tracking number it was supposed to be shipped the following. During that month, they have continued to promise me new delivery dates & every time, that date passes & no sod delivered. I receive no call or email to apologize for the delay & let me know when it will be delivered. As a result, I have had to chase them down & call them to find out what is going on.
- Every time I call them they provide countless excuses as to why it is taking longer then expected. Sometimes the excuse is weather & ran delays to harvest. More recently, in the last three times I have called it is a broken down delivery truck or fork truck. I have never seen a truck take almost 14+ days to be fixed. Assuming it were true, if you were running a business, you would be all over the mechanic to get that truck back on the road so that you could get the sod delivered. Nope, not them, they do not seem to care that the sod "In my area" is on back order because the truck is broken.
- No customer should have to continue to chase down the company to find out the status of an overdue delivery, but yet they seem to think it is ok for the customer to have to chase them down to find out why the promised delivery date continues to get postponed.
- On a few occasions when I have called to find out the status of the delivery the customer rep tells me they need to look into it & that they will "call me back when they have the details from Shipping". On three separate occasions they told me or my wife that & then they never call you back.
- I finally have had enough of the lies & empty promises on when they will delivery or why it is taking so long, so I tried to cancel the order. When I spoke to a manager, he got very aggressive with me when I told him it was unacceptable to have to wait over a month, or the fact that they continue to provide empty promises, or that when I call I do not get a call back or the fact that their excuses for the delay are all just convenient lies to not deliver the sod. The manager started yelling at me on the phone, started swearing & call me distruptful names including call me a fag & other foul language.

If I were you, regardless of the "better price" they promise on their website, I would encourage you to run as fast as you can so you do not have to experience what I went through. This is the worst business & customer experience I have every experienced.

Negative BrettC5
Phoenix, AZ
(1 review)
May 5, 2016
I ordered 120 St Augustine plugs from these people. Plugs were thrown into two boxes. They were not in containers and the end result was smashed plugs. Looked like they threw some grass and dirt in a box. They said they would ship on a Monday to avoid delays in transit. When i found out on Tuesday morning they did not ship Monday, i cancelled my order. Too bad, plugs already shipped, you can not cancel they said. Lie Lie Lie! Order shipped out Wednesday evening. Plugs sat at UPS over the weekend! Just what they said they would avoid by shipping on a Monday. Majority of the plugs were dead or smashed! Couldn't even tell if i got 120 plugs. Don't order from these crooks.
Negative RayPR
Atlanta, GA
(1 review)
August 20, 2015
I ordered sod to be delivered and installed at my house in Sandy Springs GA. It was deliverd late and I was charged $2849.48 instead of $2410.90. A refund of $ 438.58 is due and despite several reminders Company does not pay.

Further, after installation by Grass4sSale, the sod died in a few months. I had paid for the extended warranty and the Company refuses to replace it as per the warranty. I have sent many reminders by phone and email but to no avail.

Grass4Sale DOES NOT honor thier commitments and it is the WORST customer service that I have ever experienced.
Negative EzgeneEsq
Irving, TX
(1 review)
July 7, 2015
Grass4sale delivered grass to a house my son was rehabbing. In the process, they ran over a neighbor's mailbox. They said that would fix it promptly, but a month went by with no action. I emailed them yesterday, identifying myself as my son's attorney and asking for a commitment by return email that the repairs would be completed by the end of the week. 23 hours later I have no such commitment, only a standard form email saying they would get back to me. This is not a responsible company.
Negative Miasria
Kaufman, TX
(1 review)
July 4, 2015
Negative, Negative, Negative! Buyer Beware.

It's Saturday, July the 4th and my grass was not delivered yesterday as guaranteed.

On Wednesday I contacted the company and spoke with Barbara regarding where to put the pallets. I was on hold for several minutes before she picked up the phone. She was in the process of sending me a form to note where I wanted the pallets delivered. I was not aware that the pallets were to be dropped off in the street.

Before she could complete my request she told me to bare with her as she was finishing up on an order, which was important. I said ok while she was on the line. Then she put me on hold.... I was on hold for 30 minutes before I realized what she was doing. She put me on hold while she took sales calls. I picked up my land line and called their sales line. I was on hold... 5th inline. She still hadn't picked up my original line. By the time she picked up my land line I had been on hold with my cell phone for 45 minutes.

I was livid. I confronted her, to which she told me that she had picked up the line to call me back. These people are liars. I felt terrible about confronting her, as she seemed to be a nice lady. With this sort of customer service I told her to cancel my order. She said she couldn't do that since my order had already shipped. That is not what their website says! They cut the grass and ship out. This was on Wednesday, July 1st. My grass was to be delivered on the 3rd.

I demanded that my order be cancelled. She said she would speak with her supervisor. I didn't hear back from her. I sent them emails demanding that my order be cancelled. On Friday, July 3rd I received an email with the form I was to sign telling them to drop the pallets in the driveway. I called her back asking why I wasn't notified. At this point I'm thinking that my grass is in route. It's the holiday and I have no means of printing off this form I am to sign. I have her on the phone while I reply to her email, using my email as my signature. I'm in a bad position since I'm of the belief that my order is in route. I wait on the line while she checks her email to confirm that she received my email. She did. I asked her when she was going to contact the driver. She said as soon as she got off the phone with me. I hung up the phone and went to move my car onto the street so that the delivery person could put the pallets in my driveway.

I waited all day. They never showed. It's the holiday weekend now. I called and emailed them demanding that they not deliver this order. I went online to check out the reviews on this company and am shocked that they are in business. Absolutely shocked. I contacted my credit card company and they have started a complaint, dispute on my behalf. I will not accept any deliveries from them.

From reading what others have said, once they get your money it's almost impossible to get it back. This was a large purchase for me. I have a hard time believing that this company stands behind their guarantee. Their customer service was dirty at best. Very bad business practices.

I will update the status for the public. It's sights like this that are helpful to the public.

I'll buy my grass from someone else. Joanne
Negative whosdenny
Wills Point, TX
(1 review)
May 28, 2015
Horrible, horrible experience. I paid for expedited shipping and was given a choice of delivery dates. I chose one - and they didn't show up. I contacted them asking for an update, it took 2 days for them to respond, and gave me a delivery date 2 days from then. Again, they did not show up. They did arrive late in the evening on the following day. The driver tore up a good portion of the sod by incorrectly loading the pallets on the forklift. I sent an email requesting that I be reimbursed the difference in standard and expedited shipping but received no reply. I began installing the sod and found that it was not "fresh cut the day it's delivered" had been on the pallet for some time and most of it was not only yellow, it was dry and dead. I contacted them again asking about the shipping refund AND the poor quality of the grass AND the damaged portion. I even sent pictures. After a few days they replied "the grass is fine" and to submit a warranty claim after 5 weeks if the grass didn't green up. They did not address the shipping question or the damaged squares. I contacted them 3 more times and was unable to get any response whatsoever. Do not use this company!
Negative jhill024
Norcross, GA
(1 review)
May 12, 2015
First I re-scheduled an order because of weather. The delivery showed up anyways despite 5 days notice on my part. After that I was weary of their organization. So the week of my new delivery date I called several times to make sure everything was on track. I was assured everything was fine the day before and the day of delivery. I had a crew waiting all day until I was told at 4:30pm that the grass was set to be delivered the following Tuesday. Besides the fact I had to pay a crew for nothing, I work Tuesdays! I asked that they cover the install. After several follow up calls they determined that they would not meet with me half way and they cancelled my order without asking. So I was left with a dirt lawn prepped and ready to go that needed grass before the next rain. The Zoysia I wanted was sold out in Georgia so I ended up installing something less ideal after spending thousands including money lost on pointless labor!!! Anyone want to start a class action?
Negative gigi7577
Houston, TX
(1 review)
April 27, 2015
Posted on April 27, 2015, updated April 27, 2015
this customer does not pay their employees on time
they dont even return calls in disputes
they dont pay the employees money owed
they play little childish games
they dont have long term employees because of the way they are treated.

i used to work for them and all we did was tell lies.
On April 27th, 2015, gigi7577 added the following:

this company does not care about what the customer needs or wants. they will deliver to you when they feel like it. the ceo is a schmuck. when does anyone ever receive a call from the owner, never because he pays ppl to do his dirty work. they take your money and leave you on the back burner until they feel like it. they are the middle man. they arent accredited by the bbb. they owe many vendors a couple of employees. they are unorganized and very evil. the ceo is hardly ever in the office ..he is always in new york. nothing ever gets done and he always claims, but its his business. they never have enough drivers or they have some messed up drivers. if it isnt one thing its another with this company...when i first started with this company i did not know what hell hole i got myself into, as days went by i realized what a huge mistake i made to have joined such an ill company.
Negative Newyard2015
Houston, TX
(1 review)
April 16, 2015
Do not use this company! The only positive is that they grass delivered was very high quality. But the rest of the ordeal takes away from any positive of the actual grass.

The lies, broken commitments and poor workmanship make this the WORST company I have ever hired to do any work. 1) The delivery was delayed 4 times. 2) The installation was delayed 3 times. 3) The "professional installation team" had never laid grass before that day. 4) I completed the job because they would not return to complete it as promised. 5) They offered no refund on installation and only threaten lawyers.

They apparently focus on hiring lawyers instead of customer service reps and installation professionals.

Hire at your own risk. Check elsewhere for reviews and you will see common threads.
Negative RAWDOC
Dallas, TX
(1 review)
October 19, 2014
I will write a complaint to the Better Business Bureau as this company is way out of order! I ordered thousand of dollars of zoysia grass about a year ago. They sent a young man and his girlfriend with a dog to put in my new grass.It was obvious he had little to no experience. He didn't remove the underlying growth (which I paid to have done) leaving it to grow though the uneven and poorly placed new grass, planted grass I paid for over bricks and resulted in much of the grass I purchased dying. Due to his miscalculations, I had to order 2 more times to get the right amount and I ended up with a half pallet I had to throw away after it was paid for. It took me at least 20 telephone calls and a lot of bugging them over 6 months for to them to honor their "guarantee" to replace all of the dead grass and said I'd have to pay someone to put it in. They would only give me enough to replace 3/4 of what died and wanted to sell me the rest!
Don't believe the 100% positive reviews on their website. You can't put one there yourself and they're likely all made up! Pull up all the reviews on Google and Believe them! If I had done this myself, I would never have hired them. I paid the price in $, aggravation and an uneven lawn that would take thouisands of $ to repair. Don't make my mistake.
Negative mstergardener
Schertz, TX
(1 review)
September 15, 2014
How is this company still in business? They are liars, thieves, and unethical. They lied to me many times about the delivery of my grass. I never asked a time...I asked a DATE. It is living and will die if I cannot lay it down, I paid for a specific date but they lie.
James is the manager and he will never take a call. He tells his poor employees to tell customers what they want to hear to make them go away. the customer service person-i think they only have three people in the whole company-is weak and worthless when it comes to getting information...the boss is a liar. from the looks of it this has been going on for years. who can stop the theft? they never refunded my money!!!! This is a travesty of American commerce and I will not stop until I am refunded every penny!
Positive Wingnut2014
Desoto, TX
(1 review)
September 3, 2014
I recently moved out of a rental house but needed to replace some grass that my three dogs completely destroyed while I was living there. I searched and searched because I was on a budget and finally came across It was very simple to order and they allowed for a specific delivery day. Well, it seems I selected Aug 26th instead of Aug 29th and was in a bind. I contacted them about what had happened and while they confirmed I did select the 26th by mistake, they agreed to pick up the first pallet and place an order to be delivered on the 29th. They saved my butt and more than took care of me. I will certainly be recommending them to everyone I know who needs to buy sod.
Negative tundra4444
Arlington, TX
(1 review)
August 11, 2014
I wish I'd seen this blog before attempting to do business with grass4sale.
Their business practice of making deliveries whenever they feel like it shows that they have no regard for customer service.
They refuse to issue refunds anytime after they ship, regardless if the delivery is days late or the grass is not usable.
They'll keep your money and blame the driver.

Risky company to do business with, Good luck.

Negative chrisjd7
Schertz, TX
(1 review)
July 12, 2014
If you use Grass4Sale in San Antonio, be prepared for the worst. Two recent orders I placed with them were delivered days later than scheduled due to 'mechanical problems' and after going back to count the delivered sod I found I was shorted on both deliveries. Attempting to resolve issues with the company will result in their continued lies and total disregard for customer satisfaction. As others have stated -- Stay Away!!!
Negative meganash85
Villa Rica, GA
(1 review)
May 23, 2014
We ordered sod from this company on 5/19/14 (we called the company prior to placing online order to ensure that the grass could be delivered when we expected - we were told it could definitely be delivered at that time). We requested the order be delivered on Saturday May 24th. We then received another call on Wednesday 5/21/14 - we were told the grass was not ready to be harvested and we would have to change our delivery date to the following week. When we called back to inquire about this, we were placed on a "brief" hold by Barbara who answers the phones, the hold turned into 10 minutes until she picked up and answered the phone as if it had just rang. She took my husbands information again and said she was transferring him to someone - she hung up on him during this transfer. My husband finally got in touch with someone and he spoke with "Val" - she again told my husband the grass was not ready - he questioned how she knew on a Wednesday that the grass was not ready when their website says they do not harvest the grass until the day of delivery. Finally after questioning her, she finally pulled up our order (after speaking with him for sometime w/o pulling up the order) and she then told him it was an error on their part, they were confused and thought we had order a Zoysia sod instead of the Bermuda Sod. She then told my husband that she was sorry and the grass would be delivered on Saturday afterall. My husband received another call on Thursday 5/22/14, and the caller left him a voicemail stating that our sod was not ready and we would need to change the delivery date to a week later. My husband was at work, so I attempted to call, Barbara answered the phone, asked me my name and then asked me if she could put me on a "brief hold." I was on hold for 13 minutes before getting frustrated and hanging up. At this point, I went online to and started a chat session with the company. After waiting 10-15 minutes, the chat finally connected to "Val" and we began our conversation. There were no apologies - she just stated that the grass was not ready and that they call the farmers every day to check on the status of the grass. I asked her how they can guarantee delivery dates if they are checking with the farmers everyday and why dont they advertise this on their website. It took her several minutes to respond to my questions and I had to ask questions mulitple times to get a straight answer. I then asked her if there was a guarantee on delivery, or if they could call us every week and tell us the grass was not ready yet. She could not answer this question, but told me that their guarantee was this " One Year Guarantee We stand behind our product! If, in any way you are not satisfied with the quality of your lawn, simply call us within one full year of your delivery date and we will send you as much fresh replacement sod as needed to repair your lawn absolutely free.* * Some restrictions apply - see details below One Year Guarantee Details To qualify for replacement sod, the new lawn must demonstrate that: •Proper ground preparation, installation, watering and care were applied. •A permanent underground irrigation system was installed and that sprinkler coverage is complete and uniform. •Sod was installed on the day of arrival. Late afternoon delivery was installed no later than noon following day. •Sod was not planted in more than 50 % shade. •Sod was not damaged by animals. •Sod was not burned by chemical application (Fertilizer, insecticide, etc.). •Suggestions to fix the problem were attempted correctly. •Sod was not previously replaced under this guarantee. •Guarantee detail form was filled out and returned to us. •Not applicable for orders placed June - August without extended guarantee. I asked her at that time that if we received the sod delivered outside our home, and it was destroyed, dead or we were otherwise unhappy with it before installing it, was their a guarentee? She told me no, the grass had to be installed for it to be covered. I then asked her why would I install grass that was dead or destroyed. She told me they harvested the sod the same day and they only delivered good quality sod. She told me buying sod was not like buying something off of a shelf and I couldn't just return it if I wasnt happy. While I was trying to talk with her via chat, my husband called the company b/c at this time we were going to cancel the order but he wanted to speak with a supervisor first. He spoke with a supervisor - jennifer, who he stated was very rude, condesending and sarcastic. At one point she told my husband "You and your wife keep calling and emailing and taking up customer service time." I have never heard someone tell their customer that they were taking up the companies time? How does this business run w/o their customers time? My husband also asked about refunding the money as it was charged to my credit card and not his so he wasn't aware that we had not yet been charged and she said "we haven't charged you yet, maybe you should check your bank account." This companies customer service is appalling. I will make sure everyone I know knows how terrible they are. The reviews online match up to this and show how shoddy this company is. Other people stated they had liens put on their property for refusing to pay for terrible sod or services. I am thankful we got out before we were stuck with a terrible product, but something needs to be done about this company before they screw up someone elses order. Buying sod and installing it costs several thousand dollars and for them to act like it is no big deal is not acceptable.
Negative Jim0921
Fort Worth, TX
(1 review)
April 21, 2014
Grass delivered without notice. Driver dropped on street and left, where anyone could steal it. A courtesy of ringing doorbell and saying your grass is here where would you like it. Landscaping crews in neighborhood driving buy all day and evening checking out the unguarded grass sitting on the street. Next day instead of a install crew of 10 valerie promised 1 guy shows up at 2 in the afternoon to till and prep my entire back yard , and lay 4 pallets of sod the roll it.

Installer attempted to take pallets across a gravel area he was told would not support a truck and 2000 pond pallet of grass. Of course it got stuck and could not be moved.......destroyed the gravel bed and will have to be redone. Installer recruited neighbors daughter and her boyfriend to help him with the install, they had no idea what to do and installer left them there at least 4 times to go to Home depot or lunch or get money and had to go rent a roller cause he didnt bring one with him.

1 complete pallet of sod is practically dead and crumbles into tiny pieces when you try to pick it up. Paid for fresh sod not near dead and at least a quarter to half completely dead. Only to be told oh just water it it will be fine.

I have seen enough St Augustine and laid it myself to know when its dead.....even installer told James apparent owner this is bad grass whole pallet dead......James could be heard over speaker saying well thats to bad were not going to do anything about it. Tell him to water the hell out of it.

At 7.5 hours installer leaves again to rent a roller. Asked him how he planned on rolling the grass in the dark. No lights in back area and its pitch dark. He returns with roller to give to neighbor to use and leaves again cause hes lost the lights on his trailer. At 8.5 hours and 10:30 at night i make them all stop and leave property. Job is still unfinished at that time and no cleanup has begun.

Mud is packed onto deck area of pool, walkways and driveway.......flower beds destroyed and plants broken from being run over or stepped on. Keep being told Oh dont worry just water it and havent heard a peep from this so called owner.

I have never received such poor service, courtesy and just out right incompetence and disregard for a customer than i have with this purchase. This has to be the worst company i have ever dealt with. All i asked is for them to deliver fresh grass as promised and have it installed professionally as promised. I paid for the grass, soil cultivation, and installation. With those extras i expected a professional job. I got none of that for $ 1300.00
Negative james52
Arlington, TX
(1 review)
April 19, 2014
March 17, 2014: I contacted grass4sale to get information on grass. Spoke with Valerie. She asked me not to order online, but to call her directly as she would receive commission on the order.
March 19, 2014: I contacted Valerie and placed an order #86326 and provided my credit card #. Valerie informed that someone would be by my residence on Tuesday, March 26th, to do prep work which includes; soil cultivation (tilling) and vegetation removal. Cost for this work is $520 + tax of the total amount invoiced of $2,224.80.
March 20, 2014: I called grass4sale to confirm my delivery and installation dates. They lost my order. I ended the call informing that I may not be calling back to replace the order.
March 20, 2014: I received an email from Valerie that they found my order. They proceeded to create a new order with a dummy credit card number. New order placed without my prior consent; #86403. I called Valerie and agreed to the order.
March 25, 2014: Without prior notice, a young man arrived at my residence to do soil cultivation and vegetation removal. I allowed him to begin work. During the course of less than 2 hours, the young man tilled the back yard. I claim about 2 hours because the young man left the premises without informing me that he was leaving. He probably worked less than that. The work was sub-par and I took many photos. The young man was accompanied by his wife or girlfriend as they were quite friendly with each other on my back porch. Additionally, the young man had a chihuahua dog running around my back yard that I did not authorize.
March 25, 2014: Due to inferior work and work ethic, I called grass4sale to cancel the order. Barbara would not take the cancel via telephone. Barbara would not let me speak to a supervisor.
March 25, 2014: Due to inferior work and work ethic and now bad customer service, I sent an email to cancel my order. March 25, 2014: Valerie called me and explained that the young man, Jesus, was not yet finished with the work and to please give him a chance to come out and complete it. Due to his activity with his wife/girlfriend, his chihuahua running around my yard, and his terrible work ethic....I declined and asked for a full refund.
March 25, 2014: grass4sale/Valerie sent me an email wishing to charge me $562.90. I responded that I deserved a full refund.
March 25, 2014: I disputed the $2,224.80 charge with my credit card company.
April 7, 2014: Another local landscape company performed correct soil cultivation and vegetation removal on my back yard at my expense. This company will be installing sod as well.
April 10, 2014: I receive an email from grass4sale threatening to process a property lien if I do not settle my account "within the next two weeks".
April 10, 2014: I responded to grass4sale requesting a detailed invoice of charges. NOTE: The young man did not do any vegetation removal and I had to contract another company to re-till the soil and perform the vegetation removal.
April 18, 2014: Valerie sent an email outlining terms & conditions that she NEVER mentioned to me previously. Additionally, she mistakenly included an internal email to James, apparent owner, citing me as "he caused a big problem". In this email it clearly states, "send the whole amount" to a debt collector.
BUYER BEWARE. Unethical business practices. I am willing to pay for the work actually completed at my residence, yet grass4sale refuses to provide a corrected invoice reflecting the same.
Negative Sonnysocks
McKinney, TX
(1 review)
April 10, 2014
Upon delivering the grass, the driver drove over our water meter in front of our home with the forklift. Water flooded the area and we called the city to shut the water off. The city had to repair their side of the meter. I had to hire a plumber for the home owner side. Cost $529. The company refused to reimburse, the owner James Walker, hides behind the manager Valerie. I supplied photos and plumbing invoice. I left numerous voice mails with James Walker and no response. Just google them and see what people are saying. I plan to suit and file a lien.
Positive Jana_Grocer
Grand Prairie, TX
(1 review)
November 7, 2013
The representative I ordered from was rally patient and tried to help me. she told me that they have new management. I am out of town and needed an expert to look at the yard and then install everything. Jennifer helped me get it all taken care of. She scheduled everything for me without any problems. If I need grass at another rental property, I will absolutely call them again. They were the least expensive and the sod is gorgeous.
Negative ATXhomeowner
Austin, TX
(1 review)
October 25, 2013
I ordered 3 pallets of St. Augustine Raleigh over the phone and was upsold 3 bags of fertilizer to be "shipped with the sod." My experience has been this fertilizer only really works when placed below the sod. Sod arrived and after waiting an additional day, I installed the sod without the fertilizer and called grassforsale, who explained they were shipped separately and the fertilizer would work fine on top of the grass. I asked for a return authorization and refund on my card. They "do not accept returns" and would not issue a refund. Inmstead they offered to sell me an additional 3 pallets of Raleigh for $30 off the entire order. Seemed acceptable at the time.
What arrived was 3 pallets of a dark grass and when I say grass I mean mostly without any soil attached. While the first 3 pallets had reasonable rectangles of grass/soil-sod, the second 3 pallets of 'mystery grass' had dozens of large weeds, crabgrass, and other mixes. There was possibly 1/2 pallet of usable grass between the 3 pallets and one really had to dig down 3 layers of sod at a time to keep these from completely crumbling.

I would NEVER do business again with this company!!
Negative spymeg
Cumming, GA
(1 review)
October 15, 2013
If you order from this company, expect to get a lien filed on your property! Yep, that's exactly what they've done to me. They delivered my sod in the middle of the night in our street, for which we were fined by our HOA for more than the price of the sod. The sod was dead but they would not come take it back. They told us to get a wheelbarrow and get to work. We asked for a refund on the delivery charge but they wouldn't budge. We filed complaints with the BBB but because they aren't a member, nothing was done. Our last resort was to contest the charge on our credit card and their response? A lien on our property!! This company is a disaster and the positive reviews on here are obviously paid for by grass4sale. STAY AWAY!!!
Positive eve_s_garden
Alamo Heights, TX
(1 review)
September 20, 2013
I ordered from them in April. Had a few issues during the order process because they had to reschedule me a couple of times when it rained the whole week. Other than that, all of the staff helped me and told me the right ways to do the work. I know that this office has some bad reviews but I really had no complaints.

4/5 stars, thanks guys!
Negative Texasrunnergal
Redwood, TX
(1 review)
September 13, 2013
The customer service is DEPLORABLE. I was remiss and didn’t do my homework. I only looked at the reviews on their webpage. Stupid me. There are other websites that are inundated with reviews of their incompetence and unwillingness to work with customers. Here is my experience.

1. An ad ran in late August advertising a sale. It claimed that shipping was free if you ordered before August 31. We ordered before the 31st.

2. The week before the grass was to come I got a call saying the grass would be delivered on the upcoming Friday. I said that was not convenient because we would not be at home and I was afraid someone might take it while we were gone. Jennifer told me they had never had any delivered grass stolen. I didn’t believe it and requested it to be delivered on Saturday. Jennifer told me that it would cost $45 to change the request time and if I wanted it to be delivered within a 4 hour specified period it would cost @125. I opted for the $45 option.

3. Since my driveway is a quarter of a mile long, I requested that it be delivered to the top of the driveway. She said I would have to fill out and sign a special form. She emailed the form to me, I signed it, scanned it and returned it immediately.

4. The grass was delivered in the wee hours of FRIDAY morning, not the Saturday that I had requested and paid for and delivered to the bottom of the driveway, not the top as we agreed. As we had anticipated, someone tried to steal the grass. My husband spent the night in the car at the bottom of the driveway and at 1:30 a.m. two pickups with trailers pull up to take the grass. Thank goodness he was there.

5. I was charged for the delivery fee $35, plus an additional fee of $45 for having it delivered on my requested date.

6. I called and requested a refund for the additional the delivery fee. I was told that I was charged the delivery fee because the ad specified that I had to be within 30 miles of the delivery site. I told them that their website said that my delivery would be coming from Austin. Jennifer told me that they no longer had an Austin distributer and the grass would be coming from Baytown. She apologized and said that the website had not been updated. This is a Grass4sale problem, not mine. This is false advertising. I also requested the $45 be refunded since it wasn’t delivered on the date I requested. The company REFUSED to waive either fee. Clearly, the fault is theirs. I was asking very little considering the price of my order.

7. I cannot believe a company is not interested in customer service. I have more grass to order but would have a lawn with no grass rather than give them one more penny of my money.
Positive Meghan2008
Dallas, TX
(1 review)
July 30, 2013
After some extended discussion and misunderstandings, they installed the sod and did a good job. Their office people are a little inflexible and need some serious customer service intervention, but overall it was a good result.
Negative theRicke
Alpharetta, GA
(1 review)
May 31, 2013
Miserable customer experience.

I ordered and paid for a shipment of three pallets of Zoysia Emerald sod at the first of the week to be delivered to my home on Friday. I rented a tiller to work the yard and had a load of compost material dumped in the driveway. At 7:30PM Thursday evening I got a call saying it would be delivered on Tuesday. I explained that I was out of town for the week. The answer was "sorry- it happens." Let's see if my credit card credit shows back anytime soon.

BTW- found another supplier to deliver on Saturday for less money.
Negative janakaysaxton
(1 review)
May 4, 2013
To start on a positive note -Firstly, let me say that the both the installers and the transporter working for this company did an excellent job. I can not say the same about corporate office located in San Antonio, too much to mention in full!
I truly can not explain the lack of professionalism from the home office. It is surely the absolute worst experience I have had with a service provider. After endless phone calls, I requested a specific delivery/install date and paid an additional amount for that to occur. It did not. All day long I waited and heard a different version of why the delivery wasn't there. (In actual fact, there had been rain the day prior and the grass was too wet to cut.) Did the company tell me this? No, they lied. First it was broken truck lights, then it was broken fork lift, and finally after waiting from 7am until 6 pm I was told I was not going to get delivery and either I could cancel or wait until the following day. My back yard was completely tilled but no grass. If they just were honest it would have been alright but dishonesty is unacceptable. The fact is I found out the truth from another company employee- who told me that the delivery was never going to be brought on the day ordered and the home office was well aware. To make matters worse, I received a riduculous email from the home office contact who claimed that they were afraid that the rain would hit the grass farm and upset all deliveries, but thank God it hadn't rained and everything was okay... What kind of nonsense is that? Extremely disappointed and like other reviews I have read, wish I had researched bad reports before purchase. Although the installers did a fantastic job and were really polite, the aggravation of dealing for an entire week with the corporate office leads me to writing this review in warning to others! Pay a little extra for better customer service, it will be worth not having a migraine dealing with the management.
Positive jdysthe1
Peoria, AZ
(1 review)
May 3, 2013
Valerie was awesome I needed the grass asap for my granddaughters birthday and she got it shipped for the next day without charging me an arm and a leg! WHAT AMAZING CUSTOMER SERVICE!!!!!!!!!! THANK YOU GUYS FOR ALL YOUR HELP!!!
Negative grass4saleRIPOF
Allen, TX
(1 review)
April 18, 2013
Grass4sale has the worst customer service I have ever experienced in America. I used to live in a Communist country and the customer service there was better. Here are the bullet points:
*Their website and advertisements on their call waiting system are making false claims. (i.e. they are lying) They do not have the capacity to deliver on time even if you pay the extra. Google search even leads you to believe that they are BBB approved but they are not.
*The product delivered was already dying by the time it arrived a day late.
*The installers never showed up. Two days and waiting after ridiculous false promises from inept reps.
*Customer service is so bad it is laughable. No one answers for hours on hold. When they finally do, they are so incompetent that they cannot answer simple, ordinary questions.
* There is clearly no plan in place to deal with customers or any plan in place that involves thinking ahead.
I 100% regret ordering from them and wished I was not STUCK with pallets of dying sod blocking my driveway that hopefully they will pick up and remove and then reimburse me without having to go to court. I sincerely wish I had never heard of this unscrupulous company. I can only imagine that any positive reviews are falsified by them to try and sucker others like me into disregarding the hundreds of warnings against them.
Positive DearTexas
Austin, TX
(1 review)
January 10, 2013
Last summer, I purchased six pallets of zoysia from Grass4Sale and I had a quick, and timely delivery despite the weather saying it was going to rain. My phone calls of concern were returned, and I was even notified when the grass was on it's way on the truck! I don't know why there are so many ill reviews, I was recommend by a neighbor here in Austin who had used them and also had a superb experience. If you have your doubts, ignore the online reviews, who I am sure is just some jealous company wanting their business. I highly recommend!
Negative slingblade1177
(1 review)
October 3, 2012
This Company is terrible. I'm almost positive it is a shell company. I'm pretty sure they take orders and then subcontract through someone else to deliver the grass. They have no control. I wish I had done more research online before buying from them.

I ordered 9 and a half pallets of grass and they only delivered 9 pallets. They claimed that the extra grass was stacked up on the the 9 pallets that they delivered. However, I measured the area of grass that I laid out and it comes to just under 9 pallets or just under 4050 square feet (which is what they advertise 9 pallets to be).

I also purchased the extra shipping so that it would be delivered on a specific day. I was out of town and told them I needed it on a specific day. I did not want it delivered early or late. However, they delivered it a day early and it was sitting out in the 95 degree heat for an entire day.

After calling James about my problem, he proceeded to belittle me and tell me that I was wrong. Even after I told him I measured the square footage of the grass that I laid, he told me I was wrong. He told me that they did a good thing by delivering my grass a day early as well.

This company is the worst I have ever dealt with. I strongly recommend not doing business with them to anyone who is considering it.
Negative kat2479
Phoenix, AZ
(1 review)
May 31, 2012
This is my worst experience with a company ever!!! I am making it my business to end this business!!!

I ordered my sod on a Tuesday for a Thursday morning delivery between 7 am and 10 am I waited patiently on Thursday with my landscape crew and no sod I call this comapny and I speak with Valerie who informs me that Arizona never gets morning deliveries only over night!! I am told she has no access to the computer system but that she would let James know that we are waiting on the sod! I send home my crew to return on Friday morning because valerie assures me if I have an email stating delivery confirmation my sod is coming Thursday night, I let this go and wait for the sod delivery that night, well once again I have no sod on Friday and a crew ready to install it, I call again and I get Valerie again who all of a sudden has access to the computer and tells me my sod has been delivered, I tell her there is no sod in front of my house she tells me she will contact James and have him call me, I wait and wait and wait, no call from James I call back take another message this goes on for hours, finally I decide to place complaint with BBB not a half hour later Valerie calls me tells me my delivery never made it on truck that I could have a refund, and reorder for delivery in one to two weeks, I take refund go with another company!!

Finally TUESDAY James emails me and says my sod has been found at someone elses house and I could haver it moved from there to my house, I tell him no I want a refund and he tells me I am crazy, I fight with him a little threw the BBB and finally six days later get my refund!! Meanwhile I paid for 2 days with that landscape crew and had to cancel my memorial day party because my back yard was all mud!! Crazy company no communication and they just do not care!! I went with Greenvalley Sod and it was awesome delivered exactly on time driver made sure all was good and was polite would use them again and again!!

Negative bethstvns
Spring, TX
(1 review)
May 30, 2012
We purchased Zoysia grass from this company over a month ago. They have yet to make delivery! When we call they keep changing the delivery date. These delivery dates have been 05/18, 05/22, 05/23, 05/24, 05/26, 05/29, and 06/01/2012. We have hired a crew to unload and plant the grass on 4 of these scheduled dates and it has cost us $315 thus far, not including the original cost of the grass purchase of $680 to I've had ENOUGH already!!!

The headquarters for this company is locate in San Antonio,Texas, so feel free to use the following info to file your complaint, as we did!

We have now filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau at 713-868-9500 or go online at The Texas State Attorney General Office 713-223-5886 or online at

We also filed a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) at 877-382-4357 or online at, and with Consumer Affairs at 800-629-0508 or online at to file a complaint as well.

Good Luck!
Negative Cruiserman
Boerne, TX (Zone 8b)
(1 review)
May 20, 2012
I have not had this poor of an experience with any company in many years. I ordered and paid for 6 pallets of Zoysia Cavalier. They delivered 4 pallets and explained that there were 6 pallets worth of sod on those 4 pallets. After laying the first couple of pallets of sod it was obvious that the quality of the sod was extremely poor and at least 20% of the sod was weed filled, ragged, scalped or questionable as to whether it would take. To top it off, guess how many pallets worth of sod were on the 4 pallets, you guessed it, 4 pallets. After calling Michael Zuniga(the sales guy we ordered from) at Grass4Sale and telling him the situation, he said that he would have to come out and measure the sod(obviously I was lying), to which I said, the sooner the better. After over 3 weeks and Mr. Zuniga actually finally coming out and measuring and confirming that I was right he initially scheduled the remainder of the sod to be delivered and then called me back the next day to say that they could not find any more Zoysia Cavalier sod to send. I know it will be no surprise to find out that there is plenty of that sod available in this area.
If you value your time, your money or the quality of the product you purchase DO NOT DEAL WITH THIS COMPANY.
Negative 76cutlass
Marshall Creek, TX
(1 review)
May 19, 2012
Making it my personal mission to put this firm out of business. Michael the phone sales guy is useless after the sale. Supervisor non responsive.

Here is my order: North Texas
Zoysia (Cavalier) 450sqft
(Extd. Guarantee: No; Starter Fertilizer: Yes (+ $19.99); Soil Cultivation: Yes (+ $60.00); Vegetation Rmvl.: Yes (+ $65.00); Grass Installation (per pallet): Yes (+ $70.50))

I payed for EVERYTHING as you can see. Grass showed up with 3 installers in tow. First their "Bluebird" broke down. (Machine to remove old lawn) I assisted them by providing "bolts and nuts" out of my garage to help them. I then found them an hour later laying the sod directly over the half ass job of "Vegetation Removal" and not tilling the soil. I asked the lead why they were not tilling. He said, "We never do that in Texas." I told him I paid for the soil cultivation. He suggested getting my money back. I was refunded the $240 but now the old Bermuda lawn is growing through the new Zoysia and looks like crap. I'm so pissed! I called, emailed Michael, James and left messages for them to fix this and do it right. They could care less. This could have been an easy fix before the grass established, but nobody cared once installer came. DO NOT BUY FROM THIS ORGANIZATION. NO CUSTOMER SERVICE AFTER THE SALE AND HALF WIT INSTALLERS. GAURANTEE is MEANINGLESS
Negative jaswolf
San Antonio, TX
(1 review)
April 30, 2012
Ordered 8 pallets of zeon zoysia for delivery between 7-10AM on a Saturday. Nothing at 10:30. Called grass4sale asking for a status and he said they were having problems "getting the sod on the truck" and it would be 1- 1.5 hour delay. I asked why they didn't inform me and he said the guys at the sod farm didn't do that. He obviously knew, so they could have told me. Sod showed up @ 12:30 (which turned a 1-day project into 2 days). Delivery guy was great. However, sod was not. Had to toss almost a whole pallet total from the 8 because of weeds and poor cuts (many pieces simply fell apart just trying to pick them up), good thing I ordered extra or I would have been screwed. Very poor overall experience and would not recommend this company.
Negative glenc
Lodi, NJ
(1 review)
April 3, 2012
Where do you start.Order was suppose to arrive between 7 am and 10.and installed by them.Well every hour the installer called and said he would be there in an hour.Up until 5pm they finally showed up.I went with the install option they said it would be a seamless installation and would be rolled after installed.Well i could have had my ten year old daughter in tall it better.I hired them to install it to save myself time.But they keep me waiting around all day anyway.When I called customer service to see if I can get someone back to fix the sod they installed .James was very rude and said if you don't like it I will send someone there in the morning to roll it up and take it to another job.He said they have know body that could install it better.There are two inch strips sloppy install and you can see every seam.also it was never rolled.Looks like I must have gotten an order that was ripped up from another job.I will be contacting the bob if they even charge me a penny for there unprofessional work and customer service.That guy James is just a rude person.

Positive losdubes
Garland, TX
(1 review)
March 26, 2012
I ordered 2 pallets of Emerald Green Zoyzia on Friday afternoon. Made the mistake of checking for reviews after placing the order and nearly panicked when I saw several bad reviews. After reading several of of them over the weekend, I concluded that almost all were related to just a few Grass4sale locations, not all. Well I'm glad I ignored all the bad reviews because I picked up the grass today and everything went smoothly. Great product, price, and service. I was so pleased, I thought I at least owed this vendor my positive review.
Negative lakehighlands
Dallas, TX
(1 review)
July 4, 2011
I wish I had seen this site before trying to order sod from This company is horrible. Do NOT let the half professional website trick you like it did me. I am currently on hold waiting paitently for someone at grass4sale to pick up the phone, but do not expect these people to answer. I ordered sod for delivery yesterday morning. I cleared my schedule to be able to meet their delivery schedule. Well....... 24 hrs later, no sod. Their 24/7 live chat is more like 5/4. I couldn't get anyone on the "live chat" after many attempts. I can't get in touch with anyone. It is not worth the risk or time in dealing with these people. I would pay twice the amount not to deal with them. I am still on hold.... listening to their lies. They claim, "fastest turnaround time, quick response, 24/7 live chat, same or next day delivery, etc." ALL LIES. TRUST ME ON THIS RIPOFF. Now I'm just trying to cancel my order so I can pay a professional outfit to sod my yard. Order #43927
Negative lovemydoxies
Newport, PA
(1 review)
June 7, 2011
On 5/18/11, I had a live chat conversation with I asked if placed an order for sod on 5/20/11 to be delivered on 6/4/11 between 1-4pm, would there be any problem with that. I was told, "no". I placed my order on 5/20/11. 6/4/11 came and went and no sod delivery. No phone call, no email, no contact from whatsoever. I could not reach anyone at the company until Monday morning at 10am, after being on hold for over 1/2 hr. I talked to James. James clearly had the order information available, but offered no apology or explanation as to what happened. He stated he would call me back within 2 hours. No call. After 3 hours, I called him back. No information whatsoever. Again said he would call me back within 2 hours. This went on all day. He promised he would have an answer by the end of the day. He promised he would call me back by the end of the day. No call. It's now a full 24 hours later and never got a call from the company with any explanation. This company is a total fraud and waste of time. Fortunately, they did not charge my credit card, however, to be safe, I have cancelled my credit card so they can't charge it. Very disappointed. Don't waste your time with this company.

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